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Lucidity Festival 2019 Moon's Eye View

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Glendale, California - 03/18/2019

I am going early and looking for someone that can pick my brother up from the Burbank airport or my apartment in Glendale. He has a 3-day ticket, trying to get there on Friday at any time.

Best way to contact me is through text 602-451-9262

Can provide gas $$
Zip: 93117 - 03/16/2019
Will be arriving on sunday the 7th at 10am, working pre-fest! Can split any gas fees with you if you can pick me up from the airport! I can also arrange a lyft to take me to you if need be. May change my flight to the 8th, haven't decided yet.
Williams, Oregon - 03/15/2019
I just need a ride north to southern Oregon After the event, Ideally Tuesday night, or Wednesday after strike. Let me know if you've got room for me! one backpack and one tool bag.
Zip: 94109 - 03/15/2019
I am looking for a ride from San Francisco or Oakland to Lucidity festival on April 10th or 11th. I am willing to share fuel costs, good music and good vibes
San Francisco, California - 03/15/2019

I can leave from San Francisco or Oakland (near BART) on Monday morning April 15th for post event volunteer shift. Thanks.
Zip: 90006 - 03/15/2019
Hello Leaving Koreatown in LA after 8pm on Thursday April 11. Safe driver 2017 Toyota Corolla Room for one person traveling light. $ 75
sacramento - 03/14/2019
Hey lookin for a ride from Sacramento! Will have gas money of course (:
Santa Barbara - 03/14/2019
Good day, I am flying into Santa Barbara airport and looking for a ride to Lucidity early in the day on Thursday April 11.
Zip: 97008 - 03/12/2019
Blessings I'm a single woman traveling for courseweek, will gas ride and will be packing light. I need to arrive by the 8th .
Newark, California - 03/10/2019
Driving from the bay area to the event on possible 12/11 or 12/12 -12/14 or 15 for 1. I am the SF Bay area and helping at the event so am finding out schedule soon
Newark, California - 03/10/2019
I am looking for a ride from the bay area to the event on possible 12/11 or 12/12 -12/14 or 15 for 1. I am the SF Bay area and helping at the event so am finding out schedule soon.
California, United States - 03/07/2019
2002 Toyota Tundra. I will have some room in the cab and a lot of room in the truck bed
San Luis Obispo, California - 03/05/2019
San Luis Obispo, California - 03/05/2019
To Lucidity Festival
Danville, California - 03/04/2019
Working pre festival, need to arrive April 8th. Would love to carpool with someone since I don’t want to pay the $40 for parking fees. Also would love extra gas money. Good tunes, good convo, good snacks!
San Diego, California - 02/27/2019
I have a Subaru station wagon and just myself in it for now. Not totally set on when I'm leaving/returning. Potentially departing late Friday morning and returning late Sunday night but I'm flexible.
Berkeley - 02/13/2019
Volunteering with a friend and we're both looking for a ride down. Down to pitch on gas or whateva ya need! We can meet you anywhere in the Bay Area.
Zip: 95949 - 02/09/2019
Hey, looking to share a ride.
sacramento - 02/06/2019
Hey friends! Got a volunteer spot for Lucidity but don’t have my own wheels, so I’m sincerely hoping I can get a ride from Sac if my friend doesn’t end up going.

Can contribute to gas of course :)
Troutdale, Oregon - 02/04/2019
Hello! I’m in need of a ride to and from lucidity from Portland, OR, I won’t have to much to pack and would help out with gas and share my delicious food ;) I need to be there by 4/8 thank you!
Zip: 53703 - 01/28/2019
Hi friends! I'm looking for a ride for my friend and I from the festival on Monday morning to the Santa Barbara airport. We'd like to leave at a decent time, but not like at the butt crack o dawn XD a happy medium. Haven't booked our flights yet but they will most likely be sometime after noon. Let me know if you can help two sisters out! Thank you in advance!