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Lucidity Festival 2018

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Ciudad de México, Mexico - 04/08/2018
Woke up later than I should have to make it early this morning. So I've fallen behind but I'm trying to get a ride back out there whoever can help!
Zip: 93101 - 04/07/2018
Hey! I live in downtown SB and my car is currently not working! I just need a ride there on sunday since I'm only going sunday! I dont want to miss out on this!!
Zip: 93105 - 04/07/2018
Looking for a ride from the festival to LA Monday after the festival.

Los Angeles, California - 04/07/2018
Is anybody driving up to Lucidity Festival that could give me a ride? I can help with gas expenses , & can go anytime time today Saturday 4/7 . I have a small tent, sleeping bag, back pack sleeping pad, small cooler bag, & bag of food.

If you can help please Text me or call me at +15104231843 . Thank you
Los Angeles, California - 04/06/2018
Lexus ES 350 2017 to Coachella 100$ person
Santa Barbara - 04/06/2018
Need a ride asap
Los Angeles, California - 04/06/2018
Hi my name is Atasiea


I need a ride from EchoPark to Santa Barbara for the lucidity festival. I have my tent and sleeping bag and large sleeping pad, a cooler bag of food, plus backpack that I’m traveling with. I can contribute to gas expenses, and help drive. 510-423-1843
Ojai, California - 04/06/2018
Leaving Tomorrow, Saturday 04/07/18, passing by Carpinteria, and Santa Barbara. If you want to Carpool I'll be leaving around 8:30 am. contact me if you are near the area and need a lift, I can take 2 people and their belongings. 3 if not bringing much. contact
California, United States - 04/05/2018
I can leave at 3pm to lucidity. I would love to ride with you!!!
Eugene, Oregon - 04/05/2018
Looking for a ride from Eugene to Santa Barbara. If you are driving to SoCal past Santa Barbara a drop off there is greatly appreciated. Expenses can be split.

Los Angeles, California - 04/05/2018
I will be leaving Sat morning. I have a small car, so I can accommodate two other persons.
Zip: 95959 - 04/05/2018
Just a ride there! Super friendly, have gas money, musician.
Isla Vista, California - 04/05/2018
Hi, we have room for 1-2 people who might need a ride to (and from) the festival from Isla Vista.

Cannot pick anyone up that isn't in IV or Goleta. You can contact me at 83123995O4

Departing Friday 3pm, Returning
Camarillo, California - 04/05/2018
Hello, I have 2-3 seats for a ride Friday afternoon around 3pm and will be leaving the fest late Sunday night. I live in downtown Ventura, but will be leaving straight from work from Camarillo
Jackson, California - 04/05/2018
Got a last minute ticket to lucidity festival!

seeking ride there

can help with gas

El Segundo, California - 04/05/2018
I’ll be driving a 7 passenger mini van
Los Angeles, California - 04/05/2018
Hey loves! My name's Jhinna, I'm leaving Friday morning and coming back Sunday. I would love to have you join me on the trip up! I have room for 3 with minimal luggage.
Zip: 93105 - 04/05/2018
Have room for one, have car camping

805 448 9393

Zip: 92780 - 04/05/2018
Would love to ride up early Friday morning and split gas and parking. Packing light with just my tent, sleeping bag and back pack. Love and good vibes to you~
Zip: 93105 - 04/05/2018
Hello! I am currently stuck at the Dennys on State st. seeking a ride to the festival grounds as soon as possible. Gates open at 10am. If anyone is leaving around 9-9:30 and has a extra seat and room for minimal gear please hit me up! Got cash, grass, or ass.
Zip: 93105 - 04/05/2018
Hello! I am currently stuck at the Dennys on State st. seeking a ride to the festival grounds as soon as possible. Gates open at 10am. If anyone is leaving around 9-9:30 and has a extra seat and room for minimal gear please hit me up! Got cash, grass, or ass.
Zip: 93105 - 04/05/2018
Hello! I am currently stuck at the Dennys on State st. seeking a ride to the festival grounds as soon as possible. Gates open at 10am. If anyone is leaving around 9-9:30 and has a extra seat and room for minimal gear please hit me up! Got cash, grass, or ass.
Zip: 93105 - 04/05/2018
Hello! I am currently stuck at the Dennys on State st. seeking a ride to the festival grounds as soon as possible. Gates open at 10am. If anyone is leaving around 9-9:30 and has a extra seat and room for minimal gear please hit me up! Got cash, grass, or ass.
Zip: 95616 - 04/04/2018
Looking for a ride for 1 down to festival and/or back!

Hoping to leave Friday am

Return Sunday am

Prefer to leave from/return to Davis, but can come to the bay if needed

Super grateful! Will chip in for gas :)
Santa Barbara - 04/04/2018
Ride for two plus bags to Lucidity on Thursday, hoping for early afternoon-ish! Love love thanks:)
Zip: 94609 - 04/04/2018
Hi looking for a ride down Friday morning 4/6! Down to leave early if you are. Don’t need a ride back up.
Santa Clarita, California - 04/04/2018
Anyone need a ride?

Won’t make you pay gas but splitting the parking fee would be nice! ;)
Los Angeles - 04/04/2018
hi! Can give a ride to 2 people in my car leaving Thursday from LA. Must have an early entry pass :)
Zip: 91602 - 04/04/2018
Leaving Friday Morning at 6:30AM from LA to get there before gates open, gonna be parking in parking lot.
Zip: 90029 - 04/04/2018
I can fit 2-3 people total (van) with minimal luggage. Driving from Silverlake leaving town at 7am Friday. Returning Monday but possibly Sunday night, so rather not offer ride to/from.
Meiners Oaks, California - 04/04/2018
Offering a ride to the festival on Friday. Leaving Meiners Oaks in Ojai at around 2. I can pick up in Ojai, Carpenteria,, or Santa Barbara.
Moorpark, California - 04/04/2018
I'll be heading to Lucidity on Friday 4/6, leaving Moorpark at noon. If anybody on the way needs a ride, hit me up.I have room for 2-3 + personal stuff.
Carpinteria, California - 04/04/2018
Looking for a ride to Lucidity. It's just me and one duffle bag. Can meet in SB if more convenient.


Santa Monica, California - 04/04/2018
I'm driving from Santa Monica to Lucidity on Saturday morning (4/7). I have room for up to 3.
San Luis Obispo - 04/04/2018
hi, this is the same guy from other post in SLO, please email me at DIRECTLY, i am not able to reply to you if you send me a message through this website, thanks!
Zip: 94702 - 04/03/2018
Leaving from Berkeley early Thursday morning and returning Sunday 5pm ish. Can pick up anywhere en route. I have a car, so probably just room for one more or maybe two light packers. :)
Palo Alto, California - 04/03/2018
Going to Lucidity Tuesday night/Wednesday Morning from the Palo Alto Area.

Also offering a ride back from Lucidity to Palo Alto area on Monday after Lucidity.

For rides to Lucidity please be a volunteer/staff that has permission to be on grounds Wednesday.

For rides going back, I'm open to all.

Will be driving a 2018 Kia Optima Sedan with room for 1/2 people (or 3 if no one has luggage needed to transport with them)
Zip: 95945 - 04/03/2018
leaving from Grass Valley down the 5 on Friday morning. there's a possibility I'll drive from SF instead down the 101. leaving the festival Sunday afternoon.
Redondo Beach, California - 04/03/2018
7 passenger mini van
San Luis Obispo, California - 04/03/2018
Hi, need to get to Lucidity and see the fam again! I have early arrival pass for thurs. I travel light. thanks!
California, United States - 04/03/2018
Cross over SUV. I will have plenty of room, as my husband is going in on Thursday with all of our stuff.

I plan on leaving Friday morning around 10 and then plan on returning home Sunday mid day, after I help our camp pack up.
Zip: 90024 - 04/03/2018
Hi!!! I’m an Oracle reader for Lcisity and need to be at the festival before 5pm Thursday- is anyone else planning on going early?
Palo Alto, California - 04/03/2018
Leaving south bay through Santa Cruz Friday morning. Coming back Monday morning.

Have room for 2 in my wagon
Zip: 90815 - 04/03/2018
Hey beautiful people, heading up from Long Beach/LA area Friday morning and heading back Monday with no rush. I’ll be riding solo as of now so if anyone needs a ride or would like to join me on this journey up to the amazing Lucidity lmk ~
Camarillo, California - 04/03/2018
Easy going female from Camarillo looking for a ride Wednesday morning. I could drive but I’d rather meet new people :)

(805) 743 7472
Oakland - 04/03/2018
Hey beautiful people! Ride available on Thursday AM from Oakland - we would leave super early in the day because we have a mid Thursday shift (plus traffic is not our friend)!
Portland - 04/03/2018
2 seats open in my forester
Zip: 93401 - 04/03/2018
Heading down Wednesday night. My first voulenteer shift is Thursday. Back Monday afternoon (final shift)
Penryn, California - 04/02/2018
To lucidity
Zip: 93105 - 04/02/2018
Can give a ride for up to 3 people from Upper State in SB after 1pm Friday! I have one morning shift then am heading up :)
Zip: 93105 - 04/02/2018
Looking for a ride from Santa Barbara (Upper State street) anytime Friday after 1pm.
San Luis Obispo - 04/02/2018
Heading to the venue either on Thursday afternoon or early Friday morning since I'm volunteering! I have space for 2 more people :) Let me know if you're on the way and in need of a ride!
Ventura, California - 04/02/2018
I am leaving Ventura, at around 8:30 AM on Friday morning. I will have room for one more traveler, in my FJ Cruiser, and some personal gear of course. I am a laid back, chill, open minded 420 friendly guy, and vibe well with similar peeps....Heading back to Ventura, either Sunday afternoon, or probably early on Monday AM, I am flexible...Feel free to text me, or email me..



Richmond, California - 04/02/2018
One Needs a Ride to lucidity please ^^
Flagstaff, Arizona - 04/02/2018
2 Firetenders with gear in Flagstaff that are asked to be onsite by Thursday. we could get to Phoenix also and get picked up there.
San Francisco, California - 04/02/2018
I only have a cooler and a large luggage with all my camping gear inside of it :) looking forward to the ride! And meeting new people :)
Zip: 94606 - 04/02/2018
Ride one way from Oakland! i’m not coming back up till week after
California, United States - 04/02/2018
Leaving for Lucidity early Wednesday morning to volunteer. I'll be heading out sometime on Monday. Let me know if you need a ride
Zip: 90024 - 04/01/2018
Hi angels! :) I am flying in from Miami, FL to offer healings and Oracle readings at lovely lucidity! I am so deeply grateful for this opportunity but have no ride- if anyone has an extra spot I will pay for gas and give u goodies
Mountain View, California - 04/01/2018
Going down Friday afternoon, then further south afterwards! Let me know your needs!
Santa Barbara, California - 04/01/2018
I need a ride back from the festival on Monday! Anyone going to Los Angeles, Long Beach or further!
Zip: 95945 - 03/31/2018
hello! I need to be on site for work preferably Monday or Tuesday but can do Wednesday at latest. I just got to the country, have a car but couldn't book my test in time and only have a permit so if there is anyone out there with a cali driving license and wants to split the driving that would be amazing!
Zip: 95945 - 03/31/2018
Hello! Is anyone doing work during the week before the festival and coming from grass valley/sacramento area on monday/tuesday? i really need a ride , and or if someone has a cali driving license and needs a ride i have a car and a permit and can help drive! long story but i just got to the country and haven't had a chance to book my test. Thanks all!
Zip: 93446 - 03/31/2018
Leaving from Paso Robles Thursday morning. Stopping through SLO and Lompoc. Can take 2 more people in my (dirty) truck. Returning Monday.
Camarillo, California - 03/31/2018
One seat available, leaving Saturday March 31 around 3pm. No car camping pass, so I could use some help hauling some stuff to camp and to split parking fees.
Mission Viejo, California - 03/31/2018
I’m planning arrive to Santa Barbara on Thursday by noon. Who wanna a ride!? :)
Zip: 90501 - 03/31/2018
Room for two who pack modestly. Leaving early Thursday and coming back Monday. Can pick up and drop off in long beach/ west la/ downtown/ the valley. See you there
Seaside, California - 03/30/2018
Friday - Sunday: I'm heading down from Monterey at 3:15 p.m. on Friday and coming back Sunday. I have a nice car and room for three.
Zip: 90007 - 03/30/2018
Hello beautiful humans! I'm looking for a ride to the campground either late Wednesday night or early early Thursday morning. Much love!
Zip: 90504 - 03/30/2018
Hi there! I am seeking a ride to Lucidity sometime on Thursday. Happy to share in gas and snacks :) I can be reached at (310) 594-4655 ~ Dominique
San Francisco, California - 03/30/2018
Rented a car heading down on Thursday morning.
Santa Cruz - 03/30/2018
Hello Dear Friends,

I am leaving Santa Cruz on Sunday, April 1 before the box office closes to be there for my shift on Monday morning during course week! Let me know if you’d like a ride : )
Grants Pass, Oregon - 03/29/2018
Hello! I need ride from grants pass to Lucidity and back. I will be volenteering the 6-8 and will need to be there early the 6th. I can help with gas and good entertainment.
Zip: 93101 - 03/29/2018
Hey me name is Andrew Dawson. I need a ride to the Live Oak Campground (Lucidity) on Saturday 3/31 around 3. I have gas money if needed. My number is 4088769898. Peace and love
Santa Barbara - 03/29/2018
Hey y’all I’m Syd. I’ll be coming in to Santa Barbara by train on Wednesday the 4th. I’ll arriving around noon-1pm. Hoping to find a ride to Lucidity that afternoon! I am a volunteer there and my first shift is the next day. Let me know if you can help me out! I will be very grateful! Also I am looking for a ride LEAVING Lucidity on the morning of the 9th. I need to be at the Amtrak station by 10:30am. Thanks for your help
Zip: 95501 - 03/29/2018
Leaving Thursday morning and will get there Thursday evening. Driving back Monday
Isla Vista, California - 03/29/2018
I start volunteering at 10:30am on the 1st (Sunday). I live in Goleta, which is at the base of the campground. Would very much appreciate a rideee pleasee :3 Will chip in for food and gas.

Isla Vista, California - 03/29/2018
I start volunteering at 10:30am on the 1st (Sunday). I live in Goleta, which is at the base of the campground. Would very much appreciate a rideee pleasee :3 Will chip in for food and gas.

La Habra, California - 03/29/2018
Hello! I’m volunteering early and depending on when I get a ride is when I start. Anytime from the 30th to the 2nd. Can potentially get a ride to somewhere convenient. Much love!
Los Angeles, California - 03/28/2018
Leaving at 5 am Thursday morning for lucidity fest. Must have early arrival pass.
Stockton, California - 03/28/2018
Hello I am the numerology Oracle this year at Lucidity and I am looking for anyone who is interested in carpooling I'm looking for a ride to Lucidity for myself and my friend who is the intuitive Oracle for Lucidity this year.

Carpool for 2 would be awesome.
Ashland, Oregon - 03/28/2018
Hi,I am volunteering pre festival, looking for a ride from the rogue valley march 30th/April 1st. Thank you
Zip: 94102 - 03/27/2018
I'm attending courseweek and would love to ride with anyone doing the same. Happy to contribute gas money, snacks, etc...
Bellevue, Washington - 03/27/2018
Looking for a ride with a beautiful human being from Long Beach/LA area to the festival!! Much love ~~~
Glendora, California - 03/27/2018
I'm leaving from Glendora, CA around 4pm on Friday in an Impreza sedan and could pick someone (or 2) up along the westbound 210, 134 or 101.
Zip: 98122 - 03/27/2018
Hello! I can give 1-2 folks a ride from Seattle to the bay area. Once we get to the Bay, I am picking up some other friends, but it will be easy for you to find a ride from there.

Hope to meet you soon!
Los Angeles, California - 03/26/2018
Looking for a ride out of the event on Monday April 9th. I fly out of LAX at 2:45pm. I have one carry on day pack. Can be ready to leave site early morning.
Chicago, Illinois - 03/26/2018
Driving Early! Chicago, Omaha, Denver, LA. then on Monday LA, Santa Barbara, Event Site... Holler!
Tacoma, Washington - 03/24/2018
Volunteering starting the 1st. Will share gas money, food, Love. (:
Los Angeles - 03/24/2018
I'll be flying into Los Angeles airport on April 4th and I have a flight back on the 10th.

Is anyone going through LAX that might have spare room for one to drive up to Lucidity with them?? I'd forever be grateful and in your debt!!

I'm also willing to give gas money and pay for some lunch for you as well.

Thank you for your time and see you all very soon!

Los Angeles - 03/24/2018
Hey Lucidity Friends, My name is Taj and my girlfriend and I are looking for a ride from LA to the festival on Thursday or Friday and can offer gas, driving etc. Please let me know if you have space available for 2 friendly folks and we can arrange further details. Thank You Kindly.
Zip: 94609 - 03/23/2018
Looking for a ride to and from Oakland - Wed night/Thursday morning - and coming back Monday. Let me know if either ride works for you!

I’m excited to be presenting the World drumming sound bath, live drumming for my friend’s Buti yoga class, and hosting a shift at the Alter of Fire workshop zone.

Gas money and pleasant vibes aplenty ~ Peace, B
Los Angeles, California - 03/22/2018
I have a 5-seat Subaru Impreza Hatchback. I'll be going up Monday for courseweek and would like to offer a ride!
Santa Barbara - 03/22/2018
Hi all! I'm looking for a ride Thur. (and a place to stay Wed. night). I'm landing at SBA airport Wed. afternoon and hoping to meet new friends and stay on someone's floor and join a carpool on the way to Lucidity! I bring a grounded, artistic, social justice, and spiritual energy with me and hoping to connect in community there with similar folxs to learn and share together! I have rad stickers of my art and energy work to trade as well as moneys to pitch in :)
El Sobrante, California - 03/21/2018
hey loves! I'm driving down from berkeley area on the 4th and have a few seats available in my car. let me know if ya need a ride :)
Zip: 95062 - 03/19/2018
Leaving from Santa Cruz early Friday morning!
Los Angeles - 03/18/2018
Unsure of where in LA I will be, at the moment, but can confirm where/meet up where convenient.

Working as part of the media team at the festival, coming in from NYC.
Arroyo Grande, California - 03/18/2018
Hi all! I’m hoping to catch a ride down Friday afternoon/evening. I’m happy to help with gas and parking. I should have everything in my backpack so I shouldn’t take up too much room. Thanks!
Zip: 90016 - 03/17/2018
Anybody working pre-event? I would love to carpool. I need to be on festival grounds on April 1st & can definitely pitch in on gas. Let me know!
Hemet, California - 03/16/2018
Hey! Looking for a carpool that’s going to course week. Will definitely chip in for gas, etc. If you’re coming up from SD or leaving from nearby areas I can meet somewhere convenient to your route. Thanks!
Temecula, California - 03/15/2018
Driving a hatch back with some stuff so have room for 1- 2 people depending on what everyone brings. I'm volunteering so I'll be leaving April 5th- 6th not exact on the time.

I'll keep it updated as I find out more info.

- Beans
San Diego, California - 03/14/2018
looking for a ride from as south as possible (I live in Tijuana, MX ) but open to crossing and meeting in San Diego. part of the healing sanctuary so I will be bringing a table but can offer gas $ and healing work :)
Zip: 94601 - 03/14/2018
Driving to Oakland from Lucidity on Monday the 9th in the morning before 11am. Let me know if you wanna ride.
Upland, California - 03/14/2018
Driving from Upland on April 2nd in the am for Courseweek. Can pick up anywhere along the way (Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank, Woodland Hills, Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, Ventura, etc... )
LA - 03/13/2018
Going to Lucidity University for the Big Art Construction Course...needing a ride from LA area to Live Oak Campground on the 1st...will definitely pay for 1/2 of gas and provide interesting conversation! :)
Pomona, California - 03/12/2018
Carpool to Lucidity !
Zip: 90024 - 03/10/2018
I am living in West LA I need a ride for the festival for Friday and also for going back. I would be happy to share the gas and parking pass.
Ojai, California - 03/03/2018
Hey there everyone! Just looking for a ride up to lucidity for two! If anyone can help out just let know, thanks!
California, United States - 03/03/2018
Going to the Innovation Course. First week of April. I can chip in for gas and parking pass
San Bruno, California - 03/03/2018
We leave on Thursday, I’m staying at my friends place Thursday night, we go into the festival Friday ! Let me know what you need
Portland, Oregon - 02/27/2018
I would LOVE LOVE just a ride for me and my stuff (not more than a couple bags) to Lucidity, arriving Friday (I do not have early arrival pass). Will contribute gas money, energy work, etc. I would be SO grateful!
Yucca Valley, California - 02/27/2018
Hello, I'm Shyama-Chandra (a Solo-Traveler) I'm a male Monk in my mid-40's. I can give $10/ each way towards gas money, but I'm disabled (I'm 100% self-reliant) and attending on a reduced price ticket and I'll be volunteering all three days too. I am a laid back person and quiet. But I do like stimulating conversation's on the Bhagavad-Gita. I have a bag, a sleeping bag, a pad and a 5 gal. bottle of water. I would really appreciate your help and look forward to pleasant trip together.
Santa Barbara - 02/19/2018
I'm looking for a ride from the airport to Lucidity on Sunday, April 1st to attend courseweek and back to the airport on Monday, April 9th. I could also fly into a different airport if it's more convenient! I just figured since that's the closest airport it would be easiest. I'll bring the biggest smile, warmest energy, and of course compensate for gas and the trouble! :)
Los Angeles, California - 02/17/2018
Im from Co ill be flying into LAX looking for somone going to the course week that could pick me up please!! Will help with gas
Zip: 85034 - 02/07/2018
I have a mazda 3 hatchback with room for 4 more passengers at the moment. I'm looking for someone who has a car camping pass that we would be able to use at the festival because they're all sold out now :( . If anyone has either an RV camping pass or car camping pass they would like to sell please contact me at
Hollister, California - 02/01/2018
Got plenty of room in my car, im will to go a little bit out of my way if i have to.