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Lucidity Festival 2023

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Los Angeles - 03/30/2023
Looking for a ride to the festival don’t mind pitching in for gas and cooking cleaning up!
Santa Barbara - 03/30/2023
Hi,my name Justin first time can make it to Santa Barbra just need a ride to the campground don’t mind throwing down and cooking cleaning up to pitch in
Santa Barbara - 03/30/2023
Hey everybody! My name is Aaron Flitsch (Flitschy_Glass). I am a glassblower hoping to make it to lucidity this year for my first time. I will be flying into santa barbara at 10am solo and was hoping to find a ride from santa barbara to the camp grounds! Happy to pitch gas money, and cook ya a nice meal! Im really excited to meet everybody
Oceanside, California - 03/27/2023
I am one of the artists performing, and need a ride from Oceanside SD or the Amtrak station in Santa Barbra. I need to arrive at the festival grounds by noon on April 5th to set up. I also need a ride back to Oceanside or the Amtrak station in Santa Barbra the morning of April 10th. Thank you!
Los Angeles - 03/24/2023
My girlfriend and I are looking to share a ride to Lucidity Campgrounds from Los Angeles on Thursday, April 6th.
Los Angeles, California - 03/24/2023
I need a ride 4/7/23 from LAX airport. My flight lands at 7:45am so hopefully would like to be picked up around 8ish!!
Los Angeles, California - 03/21/2023
Looking for a ride from LAX to Lucidity Festival on 4/7/23.

I'm one of the artists playing on 4/8/23
Encinitas, California - 03/20/2023
I'd love a ride to Lucidity and back. Leaving from Encinitas on Friday :) I've got good vibes and a voice for song.
Zip: 92054 - 03/19/2023
Needing a ride there and back— or at-least from the Santa Barbara Amtrak Train station on Thursday the 6th, and then to the Santa Barbara Amtrak Station early morning (before 8:30am) on Monday the 10th.
Salt Lake City, Utah - 03/17/2023
Fairy Godmother heading from UT and looking for a buddy to share gas and snack costs. Will park and take the shuttle in once we arrive.
Zip: 94710 - 01/25/2023
Leaving from Berkeley, CA with room for two riders. Its about a 6 hour drive on the 101 so it could go two ways: leave before rush hour on Friday morning and return on Monday. Or leave Thurs in the evening after work and drive down for a few hours and then find a place to crash/ camp for the night. Then get their earlier on Friday.

I have been to Lucidity before and if this sounds good get in touch!
Ventura, California - 12/11/2022
Im part of the pre event team so I will need to leave April 2nd! Will bring snacks;)