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Lucidity Festival 2020

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Los Angeles, California - 02/17/2020
Hey there! I’m a solo traveler looking for a ride from Venice to Lucidity on Friday. :) I will be traveling very light as my campmates are arriving on Thursday to set camp up. It will just be me (a 25 year old well traveled, friendly female) and my backpack (40L, also well traveled). I can contribute gas money, good company and lunch! :) Thanks!
Zip: 94601 - 02/12/2020
I have room for 2 plus gear leaving from Oakland (Fruitvale). Arriving Wednesday, leaving Sunday afternoon/evening
Zip: 97266 - 02/10/2020
I am a Dream Maker working this event so I need to be there Thurs at the latest, but can arrive Wednesday. Can leave Sun or Mon. I am a calm respectful person and can offer help with gas and food!
Zip: 94010 - 01/30/2020
A dream maker looking for a ride to lucidity! Will bring lots of healthy, yummy snacks and can sing you songs if you’d like!
Zip: 98109 - 01/28/2020
I will arrive on Wednesday morning for the action day and leave on Monday. There's room for 1 person in my car and probably some belongings.
sacramento - 01/22/2020
Looking for a ride (just me) leaving Sacramento Wednesday the 8th for Lucidity, and ideally someone also returning Sunday :) I’ll provide gas money$, good company, treats, parking pass, etc.
Perris, California - 01/21/2020
Two potential early arrival dream makers looking for ride to/from Lucidity festival.

Will pay for all gas used to/from and back to pick up agreement location.
California, United States - 01/19/2020
I am traveling solo to Lucidity early Thursday morning or potentially being a Dream Maker and arriving earlier! I have room for up to three playful, beautiful people and their belongings.
Thousand Oaks, California - 01/14/2020
I need a ride for early arrival on April 8th for the regenerative action day.
Zip: 91335 - 11/11/2019