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Lucidity Festival 2018

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El Sobrante, California - 03/21/2018
hey loves! I'm driving down from berkeley area on the 4th and have a few seats available in my car. let me know if ya need a ride :)
Zip: 95062 - 03/19/2018
Leaving from Santa Cruz early Friday morning!
Los Angeles - 03/18/2018
Unsure of where in LA I will be, at the moment, but can confirm where/meet up where convenient.

Working as part of the media team at the festival, coming in from NYC.
Arroyo Grande, California - 03/18/2018
Hi all! I’m hoping to catch a ride down Friday afternoon/evening. I’m happy to help with gas and parking. I should have everything in my backpack so I shouldn’t take up too much room. Thanks!
Zip: 90016 - 03/17/2018
Anybody working pre-event? I would love to carpool. I need to be on festival grounds on April 1st & can definitely pitch in on gas. Let me know!
Hemet, California - 03/16/2018
Hey! Looking for a carpool that’s going to course week. Will definitely chip in for gas, etc. If you’re coming up from SD or leaving from nearby areas I can meet somewhere convenient to your route. Thanks!
Temecula, California - 03/15/2018
Driving a hatch back with some stuff so have room for 1- 2 people depending on what everyone brings. I'm volunteering so I'll be leaving April 5th- 6th not exact on the time.

I'll keep it updated as I find out more info.

- Beans
San Diego, California - 03/14/2018
looking for a ride from as south as possible (I live in Tijuana, MX ) but open to crossing and meeting in San Diego. part of the healing sanctuary so I will be bringing a table but can offer gas $ and healing work :)
Zip: 94601 - 03/14/2018
Driving to Oakland from Lucidity on Monday the 9th in the morning before 11am. Let me know if you wanna ride.
Upland, California - 03/14/2018
Driving from Upland on April 2nd in the am for Courseweek. Can pick up anywhere along the way (Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank, Woodland Hills, Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, Ventura, etc... )
LA - 03/13/2018
Going to Lucidity University for the Big Art Construction Course...needing a ride from LA area to Live Oak Campground on the 1st...will definitely pay for 1/2 of gas and provide interesting conversation! :)
San Diego, California - 03/12/2018
I have room for one more person in my hatchback, two if you don't have too much stuff. I'll be leaving Friday morning, returning Sunday evening.
Pomona, California - 03/12/2018
Carpool to Lucidity !
Zip: 90024 - 03/10/2018
I am living in West LA I need a ride for the festival for Friday and also for going back. I would be happy to share the gas and parking pass.
Zip: 97403 - 03/08/2018
Hey, you! Have some extra room? Two lovely ladies (and our gear) looking for a ride to Lucidity Festival! Working the fest starting on the 5th.
Ridgefield, Washington - 03/04/2018
Hi!! I'm open to taking my subaru Forester and have room for 2 people and their things. I'm shooting to be there Wednesday night or early Thursday morning for a volunteer shift on Thursday. I can pitch gas, just looking to save and conserve energy!
Eureka, California - 03/04/2018
1 passenger looking for a ride from Eureka/Arcata area. I travel light. Just my backpack, tent, sleeping bag, and inflatable sleeping pad. I can help with part of the gas $. Thanks!
Ojai, California - 03/03/2018
Hey there everyone! Just looking for a ride up to lucidity for two! If anyone can help out just let know, thanks!
California, United States - 03/03/2018
Going to the Innovation Course. First week of April. I can chip in for gas and parking pass
San Bruno, California - 03/03/2018
We leave on Thursday, I’m staying at my friends place Thursday night, we go into the festival Friday ! Let me know what you need
Portland, Oregon - 02/27/2018
I would LOVE LOVE just a ride for me and my stuff (not more than a couple bags) to Lucidity, arriving Friday (I do not have early arrival pass). Will contribute gas money, energy work, etc. I would be SO grateful!
Yucca Valley, California - 02/27/2018
Hello, I'm Shyama-Chandra (a Solo-Traveler) I'm a male Monk in my mid-40's. I can give $10/ each way towards gas money, but I'm disabled (I'm 100% self-reliant) and attending on a reduced price ticket and I'll be volunteering all three days too. I am a laid back person and quiet. But I do like stimulating conversation's on the Bhagavad-Gita. I have a bag, a sleeping bag, a pad and a 5 gal. bottle of water. I would really appreciate your help and look forward to pleasant trip together.
Santa Barbara - 02/19/2018
I'm looking for a ride from the airport to Lucidity on Sunday, April 1st to attend courseweek and back to the airport on Monday, April 9th. I could also fly into a different airport if it's more convenient! I just figured since that's the closest airport it would be easiest. I'll bring the biggest smile, warmest energy, and of course compensate for gas and the trouble! :)
Los Angeles, California - 02/17/2018
Im from Co ill be flying into LAX looking for somone going to the course week that could pick me up please!! Will help with gas
Zip: 85034 - 02/07/2018
I have a mazda 3 hatchback with room for 4 more passengers at the moment. I'm looking for someone who has a car camping pass that we would be able to use at the festival because they're all sold out now :( . If anyone has either an RV camping pass or car camping pass they would like to sell please contact me at
San Francisco, California - 02/07/2018
Love to help with gas up and back —and driving if needed
Zip: 93101 - 02/02/2018
Room for three others. I live in SB and I would love to bring those who are want to join. Hint hint This is a blessed ride. If you truly want to experience this will be an epic love joy way to get there!!
Hollister, California - 02/01/2018
Got plenty of room in my car, im will to go a little bit out of my way if i have to.
Los Angeles - 01/10/2018
I'm looking for a ride from lax on Thursday to lucidity and a ride back to the airport on Monday. I'll gladly pay for gas and fill your car with great cheer! I'm flying in from Portland, haven't bought plane tix yet. I was thinking to get flights in times that would be most convenient for you. Thank you in advanced and I'm looking forward to connecting and dancing it up with you!!