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Lucidity Festival 2017

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Santa Barbara, California - 04/12/2017
Seeking a ride back to OC area (OC, LA, SD). Ready to get back home and in some clean warm sheets. Gas and organnabis available for donations.
Santa Barbara, California - 04/09/2017
Rider Wanted - leaving Lucidity Monday, driving all the way to north of Seattle.Text 360-966-4683 Share gas. approx $150 plus 1 overnight.
Santa Barbara, California - 04/09/2017
Hey I'm headed up to Lucidity today around 2pm and will return around midnight as it ends. I'd love to split the parking pass! Ethan 805 570 9439
Zip: 91367 - 04/09/2017
Leaving Sunday morning, between nine and 9:30 AM let me know if you need a ride I am not asking for any gas money or any parking costs
San Francisco, California - 04/09/2017
Looking for a ride to San Francisco from Lucidity. Last minute change of plans!
Berkeley, California - 04/08/2017
hi---i am seeking a ride to lucidity festival asap---i am packed and ready to go---i do not smoke nor talk too much---its just me and my relatively small amount of gear---i am willing to pay all of the gas money----please call or text me at -- 415-684-6539---thnx------jesse
Santa Barbara, California - 04/07/2017
I need a ride tomorrow morning from Santa Barbara to the festival's location

Goleta, California - 04/07/2017
Single girl with a bag & small tent. Can pitch for gas & I have some "fun" Alice in wonderland stuff to share. :)
Zip: 91303 - 04/07/2017
Have room for 1 passenger. Passenger might be subjected to a variety of bass tunez and topics of conversation. Take-off time is between 10:00-10:30. Split parking and a few bux for fuel would be appreciated.
Zip: 93101 - 04/07/2017
I am getting in on a greyhound bus on Saturday night at 8pm and am looking for a ride up to lucidity festival please! I already have my ticket and wrist band, I just had to run up to San Francisco for Friday. Thank you!
Santa Cruz, CA - 04/07/2017
Leaving around 3-4 for Lucidity from Santa Cruz, 805 280 6082
Los Angeles, California - 04/07/2017
Space for 3 people in car riding to lucidity from LaX airport around 10 ish -11ish on Friday the 7th and can swoop people on the Santa Barbara

Gas money contribution is super duper!
Camarillo, California - 04/07/2017
Wanting to leave Friday any time after 11am. I can meet up with you anywhere within 15 minutes from my posted location.
Zip: 93101 - 04/07/2017
Hi! I have space for one person, heading to lucidity festival. I plan to get there as the gates open, so planning to leave Santa Barbara by 9am.
Zip: 93101 - 04/06/2017
Hey fam! Looking for a ride up to the festi tomorrow (friday) morning/ afternoon if anyone can help a sister out! x

Santa Barbara, California - 04/06/2017
Need to be at lax by 10am on Tuesday, I work until midnight on Monday night so hopefully looking for a morning ride
Zip: 93117 - 04/06/2017
Leaving SB for lucidity Fri. Have room for 2 more. I can pick anyone up around SB or Goleta.
Santa Barbara, California - 04/06/2017
Hi! Looking for a ride up on Friday and hoping to find one down on Sunday. Packing super light!
Zip: 93117 - 04/06/2017
9:15am arrival at SBA on Saturday morning. Would love to carpool! Will chip in gas + snacks and good vibes :)
Goleta, California - 04/06/2017
Looking for a ride on Saturday :)
Rancho Palos Verdes, California - 04/06/2017
Hi! I am a 24 yr old chill female, seeking a rideshare to Lucidity :) I am willing to pitch in for gas and snacks. Good vibes only!
Los Angeles, California - 04/06/2017
Going from Culver City/West Adams area right to Lucidity Festival! I have room for 1 person and their stuff.

Be ready to leave by 10am on 4/7

Shoot me a text at 310-849-1077
Mission Canyon, California - 04/06/2017
Have a truck and room for 2 more
San Diego, California - 04/06/2017
Heading to Lucidity can pick you up on the way!
Zip: 97405 - 04/06/2017
Heading to Lucidity from Eugene today! Have room for one, possibly two. Hopefully will travel to San Francisco area tonight and leave early Friday am!
Isla Vista, California - 04/06/2017
Hey fam, I need a ride Saturday! Is anyone headed up late morning? Please let me know! Much appreciated!
San Luis Obispo, California - 04/06/2017
Minimal room for gear. Can fit one person. Leaving 12pm 4/6
Santa Barbara - 04/06/2017
Looking for a ride from the train station in Santa Barbara. I arrive today via amtrak around 1030, feel free text or call me at 6193622162 if you happen to have room for one more on your way in! Gas funds or healing exchange offered if needed :) thanks!
Los Angeles, California - 04/06/2017
Hey I'm heading out from Mission Hill 91345 within the hour if anyone is looking at this last minute (9am Thursday morning) can pick anyone up along the way or within like 30 mins distance or so I don't mind drivin a lil to help out some homies. Shoot me a text 5052496670
San Luis Obispo - 04/06/2017
Hello! My friend and I are looking for a ride to Lucidity from San Luis Obispo on Friday afternoon and returning Sunday. We are fun people and we will contribute gas money and snacks! Please help us out!
Berkeley - 04/06/2017
Leaving Thursday before noon! Hit me up !!
Santa Barbara, California - 04/05/2017
Hi there! Willing to help with gas, polite and respectful, and friendly :) l
Santa Barbara, California - 04/05/2017
My name is Maurice, I will fly from Charleston, SC to Santa Barbara Airport on Thursday 6th for my first Lucidity festival. My flight arrives at Santa Barbara Airport at 4pm , I will like to share a ride to campground and I will pay for gas.


San Francisco, California - 04/05/2017

I'm driving my pickup truck alone to Lucidity. Leaving SF Friday morning at 5am. I have a general parking pass. I have room for 3 more people to ride with me comfortably. I'd like to spit gas equally, however many people end up in the vehicle. I'm wrapping up some probation and do not want anything illegal stashed in belongings. That is my stipulation. Ganja is fine if you have your recommendation. My truck is very nice and clean. I'll probably leave the festival Sunday afternoon. I do not expect or want anyone to share the driving responsibilities. I'm a 30 make, well experienced with festivals, and responsible.


Zip: 93105 - 04/05/2017
Leaving uptown SB for Lucidity at noon on Thursday (4/6). I have space in my little car for one person (without too much stuff). La Cumbre Plaza, Whole Foods, or the bottom of 154 would be perfect spots for me to pick you up. Heading back to SB on Sunday, not sure of time yet.
Tuolumne, California - 04/05/2017
Heading down around 9am on Friday in sonora, ca. Near Modesto,ca If your on the way I'll happily pick you up for the adventure! All I ask is good vibes and contribute towards the gas.
Olympia, Washington - 04/05/2017
2003 hyundai accent
La Honda, California - 04/05/2017
hey dudes!

i guess i'll be renting a car one way from sfo to santa barbara airport. i leave Friday evening 4/7/17 around 6pm. let me know if you still need a ride.
Yucca Valley, California - 04/05/2017
Ride needed from yucca valley or JT area tonight or tmw morning. I have gas money! Much appreciated! :)
Zip: 94117 - 04/05/2017
Driving down to Lucidity festival on Friday around 5am.

Retuning either Sunday night or Monday morning.

Zip: 94607 - 04/05/2017
Need a ride Thursday for me and small, well behaved dog. (she isn't going to festival, will be puppysat in SB)

small amount of luggage

can pay for gas

can share driving duties
Bradley, California - 04/05/2017
I would like a ride back from Lucidity to south bay area (Mountain View) on Saturday to get back Saturday night/morning.
Los Angeles, California - 04/05/2017
Seeking ride on Thursday. Can furnish early entry and car pass. Also assist in travel expences.
Laguna Niguel, California - 04/05/2017
I am leaving from a friends house in Laguna Niguel sometime tomorrow early afternoon (12 or 1) to get to Lucidity at some point in the afternoon!! I am renting a car but would love company and good vibes for the drive!
Zip: 90028 - 04/05/2017
Leaving Los Feliz area for SB on Friday likely around 12. Can probably fit two more people and their gear. Will be leaving Lucidity on Sunday before the gates close at 6pm, so just be aware of that if you'd like a ride back as well.
Zip: 92064 - 04/05/2017
Hey everyone! I have room for one person going to Lucidity. I am leaving from North County San Diego tomorrow (4/6) either from Poway or La Jolla. I am leaving around 6:30-7:00pm so I will be arriving after the gate closes on Thursday night. Going to stay in Santa Barbara and get there when gate opens on Friday morning. Only looking for good vibes, good conversation and a contribution towards gas :)
Los Angeles, California - 04/05/2017
I am leaving from Los Angeles on Friday to go to Lucidity. Not exactly sure when I will leave I have work but the schedule can be variable. It will most likely be before 2pm.
San Luis Obispo - 04/05/2017
I will be just north of the event. Willing to give monies and joints to the cause!
California, United States - 04/05/2017
I have a volunteer shift at 11 am Thursday.

Planing on leaving Wednesday night or early Thrusday morning.

Room for 3!

Lets get lucid!
San Diego, California - 04/05/2017
UPDATE-Leaving San Diego Thursday at 9:00am for LA. Leaving LA after traffic at approx 8pm for the Festival. Space for one person with a small amount of luggage. Coming back Monday am.
Zip: 93101 - 04/05/2017
I'm heading up Saturday morning, returning either late Sunday or maybe Monday morning.

Room for 2-3 more!
Zip: 92107 - 04/05/2017
Ride to and from lucidity on Friday
Carlsbad, California - 04/05/2017
Leaving San Diego at 9am. Have business in LA 1-5pm.

Leave Downtown LA at 7pm for the Festival
Ventura, California - 04/05/2017
Greetings Coming into this at the last moment Looking for some chillax lovers to travel with

Verena Sage
Berkeley - 04/04/2017
Leaving Late Thursday/Early Friday from Berkeley
Zip: 90028 - 04/04/2017
I'll be hitting the road through Santa Barbara at friday 7th early as possible from Hollywood.

I'll have extra seat and some trunk space.

Please let me know if you need a ride.

Much Love
Watsonville, California - 04/04/2017
I would need a ride to the festival either Saturday or Sunday morning.
Oregon House, California - 04/04/2017
I need a ride for myself and space for tent and bag.
Santa Barbara, California - 04/04/2017
Hi there!

My name is Amira-Lee, and I'm flying in to Santa Barbara from Vancouver, BC :) I won't have much but the necessities with me, and offer help with the gas or could help with something else you need? :) I'm good company :)
Zip: 91740 - 04/04/2017
Heading to lucidity SATURDAY from Glendora area around 8 am :) can pick up 3 people on the way.
Zip: 92780 - 04/04/2017
Greetings! Looking to depart either Thursday or Friday. Packing light and willing to pitch in for gas with cash, or a trade for bodywork [licensed massage therapist]
Los Angeles, California - 04/04/2017
Have room for 1-2 people in my Prius. Leaving 7:30am Thursday, coming back Sunday night late or Monday morning.
Eugene, Oregon - 04/04/2017
large 4 door car
Santa Barbara, California - 04/04/2017
I only need a return ride home to the Bay Area, South San Francisco Area. I will be traveling with backpack only. Can pitch in for gas. Please let me know if you can help a local artist out. Leaving Monday.
California, United States - 04/04/2017
Gas money is appreciated. Light travelers, and I have space for 3 people!

Leaving Thursday 4/6 at 10am.
Zip: 94118 - 04/04/2017
I am heading down to Lucidity festival on Thursday at 3pm. I have a prius and some room for gear, I love to meet new people and would love some help with the driving too :) I need to return from the festival on Sunday AM, so you could either come 1 way or return on sunday with me
Zip: 90403 - 04/03/2017
Have room for 1-2 ppl with minimal gear in my prius. Heading up Wed afternoon for volunteer shift, leaving Sun btw 12-2. Hit me up if you want a ride Wednesday or get swooped up on the way. Goleta, Carpinteria, SB all good. Pace.
Santa Barbara - 04/03/2017
Need a ride from Goleta to Lucidity Friday after 5pm and back to Goleta on Monday!

Super light packer!

Thanks :)
Zip: 94607 - 04/03/2017
Need ride south Thursday for me and small, good dog, and small amount of gear (Dog will not be going to festival, will be puppysat in SB) Can pitch in for gas!
Zip: 94607 - 04/03/2017
Need ride for small amount of gear and my small, good dog. (Dog is not going to festival, will be puppysat in Santa Barbara) I can pitch in for gas.
Los Angeles, California - 04/03/2017

Flying in from hawaii and would love to carpool, split gas, dj, massage your shoulders on the 7th please and thank you.
Chattanooga, Tennessee - 04/03/2017
Me and all my gear! I'll be performing for the weekend. Looking to come back Monday. I can take my car if I need to but thought I would put some feelers out. If you have room let me know. :) I live in Topanga, CA.
Santa Barbara, California - 04/03/2017
Hello! I'm looking for a ride up (and possibly back to SB) for Lucidity on Friday! I'm a light packer, and a fire spinner, and I'm happy to help out in any way necessary!
Los Angeles, California - 04/03/2017
I will have my camping gear, two backpacks, medium and small cooler. I'm looking to depart around 11am or so
San Diego, California - 04/03/2017
I will have camping gear, two backpacks and a medium and small cooler. Just myself and I'm happy to throw down some $ for gas. Mahalo
Santa Barbara, California - 04/03/2017
Hi, I am in need of a ride this morning to Lucidity. Today is Monday and I have a volunteer shift at 2. I came in on a late bus last night and couldn't afford a room. Instead I attempted to sleep under a bridge where I had to scare away rats trying to eat my food. I have had a rough, sleepless night, and I'm looking for a silver lining, or somebody to be my hero and give me a ride. I will pay for gas and I don't smoke. I have a big bag and a medium sized bag. My phone number is 4133463864, please help.
Zip: 95062 - 04/02/2017
Leaving Santa Cruz around 10am Friday and coming back Monday. Looking for someone chill and awesome. Taking the shuttle into the festival so pack light!
Santa Barbara, California - 04/02/2017
I am looking for a ride to Lucidity from downtown Santa Barbara. Monday morning around 10am
Calgary, Alberta - 04/02/2017
Hi there, Looking for a ride from Santa Barbara airport to the festival grounds for Thursday April 6th. My partner and I will be arriving at the airport at 2 pm, so any time after that would be great! Will have a large backpack each and are willing to pitch for gas. Thanks in advance :)
Morro Bay, California - 04/02/2017
Leaving on Wednesday, returning Sunday. Offering rides to any who need :-)
Zip: 93023 - 04/01/2017
Family friendly ride to Lucidity from Ojai. Leaving Friday at 11 or 11:30AM. I have space for 2 people. I will be heading back to Ojai either Tuesday evening or Wednesday early afternoon. No tobacco please.
Albuquerque, New Mexico - 04/01/2017
Driving from Abq. Can pick up anyone along the way
Zip: 90005 - 04/01/2017
I'm leaving on Thursday morning to get there around noon or possibly a little after. Thinking maybe I'll leave around 9-9:30. I will either be coming back on Monday morning or late on Sunday. I can take 1 other person or 2 people traveling together, as my car won't be able to fit too much camping gear beyond what I'm bringing.
Zip: 93023 - 04/01/2017
Fun, family friendly ride from Ojai to Lucidity. Leaving Friday late afternoon/early evening. 2 seats available. No cigarettes/tobacco please.
Lakewood, California - 04/01/2017
Looking for one person to give a ride to. Let me know asap. I'm going to university week. So I am looking to leave sun April 2 in afternoon time.
Zip: 90005 - 04/01/2017
I'm leaving on Thursday morning to get there around noon or possibly a little after. Thinking maybe I'll leave around 9-9:30. I will either be coming back on Monday morning or late on Sunday. I can take 1 other person or 2 people traveling together, as my car won't be able to fit too much camping gear beyond what I'm bringing.
Modesto, California - 04/01/2017
Would love to attend and experience this and also meet people haven't yet found someone willing to attend with me so I'm considering experiencing it by go by myself !:)
Novato, California - 04/01/2017
Seeking ride down either Wednesday or early Thursday.

Have a volunteer shift that starts at 11 on Thursday so trying to get there to meet that obligation. Have plenty of gas fade, can assist with driving, and endless good vibes!
Santa Barbara - 04/01/2017
Driving up sometime sunday to set up campsite and start volunteer work monday - could give ride to 1 or maybe 2 others... :)
Los Angeles, California - 04/01/2017
Flying into LAX at 1030am Sunday April 2nd looking for a ride or someone to share a car rental with! :)

Zip: 90277 - 04/01/2017
Hi, I will drive up Tuesday some time to volunteer for one day before starting my shifts as a healer. Will have 3 spots available in A/C car. Looking forward to meeting you!

(I arrive from Europe Monday night. My US phone is 337.254.4038)
Buena Park, California - 04/01/2017
Needing a ride up Wednesday 4/5 (or arrival by 6AM Thursday) for my first shift of volunteering.

Separate: Im looking for a ride back Tuesday afternoon 4/11 or sometime shortly after that.

Please let me know if you can help with either!

Abundant with silly loving raw organics to offer. As well as that green paper called money, to pay for that fossil oil called gasoline.
Zip: 93117 - 03/31/2017
I need to get to the campgrounds on Monday at 12pm. I am working my first shift on Tuesday, and will trade some trail mix for a ride. (:
Huntington Beach, California - 03/31/2017
Need a ride to the most besutiful place to be with the most beautiful people, LUCIDITY!!!! Its me and my girlfriend we have gas money good vibes, music, food and whatever else your lil heart might desire! Love and light my peeples i love u all
Santa Barbara, California - 03/31/2017
I am a current city college student new to the area. Have no way to Lucidity, looking for fun kind people, willing to pitch on snacks/gas.

Much love
Zip: 94121 - 03/31/2017
Needing a Thursday or early Friday ride! Can help with gas :) won't take up too much space!!
Zip: 91505 - 03/31/2017
Small suv, room for one, share gas and laughs, leaving on April 6 early afternoon, returning Sunday, April 9. Take care!
California, United States - 03/31/2017
I'm volunteering until tuesday afternoon so looking for a ride back to LA sometime after that.
Ashland, Oregon - 03/30/2017
Early entry on the 5th

Subaru Wagon 2003

Friendly gal working the elixir bar!
Santa Barbara, California - 03/30/2017
Need to get there Wed. night in time for 6am Thursday volunteer!
Goleta, California - 03/30/2017
I a man flying from Costa Rica to LAX on the 5th (I arrive 7 am) and need a ride either from LA or Santa Barbara to the festival early on the 6th or late on the 5th...lots of stories to tell and pitch in for gas
Chino, California - 03/29/2017
I'll be leaving for Lucidity at 12 noon on Friday (need to check in for media). Looking for one or two festies to help with gas and travel banter.
Mesa, Arizona - 03/29/2017
I am volunteering for lucidity on the 11th after the festival and I won't be able to make my shift unless Somebody can help me with a ride on the 10th or the 11th. Please let me know if you might also be heading that way after the event. Thank you!
San Francisco, California - 03/29/2017

I just bought my two day pass for Lucidity. I'll be driving down after work on Friday (6pm ish) and returning Sunday afternoon (4-5pm ish).

Women and LBGT preferred, since I am part of both of those groups.
California, United States - 03/29/2017

I need a ride! Willing to contribute gas money and buy a meal or two :) Easy going, good company and can meet anywhere around the Bay Area for easy lift off. Thanks for looking!

Nevada City, California - 03/28/2017
Leaving NC area on Thursday afternoon (April 6th) and heading back on the following Monday. I can pick you up along the way! Just asking for gas contributions. Shoot me a text at 971 295 7196.
Escondido, California - 03/28/2017
Leaving Sunday 4/2 for courseweek from Escondido... picking up 1 rider from LAX at 9am. Have room for 1-2 more!
Long Beach, California - 03/28/2017
Anyone going to Lucidity. Preferably leaving early Friday Morning. I will split the gas with you.
San Francisco, California - 03/27/2017
I would so love a ride to and from lucidity. I can cover all gas and promise to be an easy going / mellow car companion for the trip. Thank you!

San Luis Obispo, California - 03/27/2017
Looking for a ride down on Saturday. I'll be packing light and won't need a ride back. Will compensate with gas money and good conversation.
San Francisco, California - 03/27/2017
My gf and I need a ride to lucidity! :)
Zip: 89502 - 03/27/2017
can offer gas money good vibes and snacks :)
Oxnard, California - 03/27/2017
A Big Truck. I have space for a few people and room in the back for some equipment.
Burbank, California - 03/27/2017
Borrowing s small suv, have one seat available, all I ask is share gas and laughs! Going early Thursday, leaving...
Los Angeles, California - 03/27/2017
Looking for a ride to Lucidity from the Los Angeles area. I'm happy to put in money for gas. Blessings.
san Jose - 03/26/2017
Leaving from San Jose Friday morning 4/7 and returning back Monday 3/10 in the morning. Happy to share gas with another passenger and give a ride down!
Sacramento, California - 03/25/2017
Leaving Friday morning from Sacramento. Need to be there by 5pm. Can pick anyone up on the way! Planning to return Tuesday after the event if anyone is staying a day extra and needs a ride.
Zip: 90291 - 03/25/2017
Is anyone driving to Lucidity on Friday April 7th?? My schedule is flexible, and I've got gas money and good vibes!
Zip: 93401 - 03/24/2017
Offering ride, free, to Lucidity event. You will need your own ticket/camp arrangement/etc.

I will not be returning to SLO from Lucidity.
Santa Rosa, California - 03/24/2017
I'm looking for a ride back from lucidity on Wednesday April 12. I'm staying longer to help strike a set.
Zip: 90210 - 03/23/2017
Looking for a ride on April 2 and also open to sharing a car rental.
Schenectady, New York - 03/23/2017
Flying in on April 2 looking for a ride and also open to sharing a car rental :)
Zip: 94118 - 03/22/2017
Hello!! I am looking for a ride to Lucidity the Thursday before from the city. Leave time is flexible. I won't have tooo much stuff but def some camp gear like a chair, tent, bags. Can pitch for gas and will be lovely company!! :) Let me know, thanks!!! much love
Santa Rosa, California - 03/22/2017
Looking for peeps to ride with to Lucidity!! Needs a little help with gas $, but message me and I can possibly arrange to come pick you up! I got a cushy cruiser (buick lesabre) with a bumpin sound system hmu:D
San Diego, California - 03/21/2017
Hello Lucid world! Currently in search of a ride from San Diego to the site for myself and a massage table (if possible) as early as Wednesday & can offer ga$, great taste in snacks and music, & healing offerings since I will be a part of the I AM Healing space this year ^_^ thanks & much gratitude
Los Angeles - 03/21/2017
Leaving April 5 in the early afternoon to arrive in SB. Will be heading up to the festival on April 6th from dt Santa Barbara. Willing to scoop anyone up from Goleta or IV!
Encinitas, California - 03/21/2017
Leaving 4/6. Excited for a mellow drive and a light time! Have room for 3 individuals. Asking for 30$ in gas each.

(Ride back = highly unlikely!) Feel free to randomly camp out with me/car sleep Thursday night if needed. I didn't buy an early pass and I'm not worried ;-)

Carlsbad, California - 03/21/2017
Seeking rideshare to course week 4/2 from North County San Diego! I can offer gas money and big love in return!
Santa Cruz, California - 03/20/2017
Leaving on Sunday April 2nd for Lucidity Courseweek and coming back on Monday April 10th in the morning. If you can chip in for gas feel free to book a seat one or both days.
Los Angeles, California - 03/19/2017
Looking for a ride up to the Festival on Sunday the 2nd, or to maybe share costs of a rental car to get there! Will pay gas and shower you in gratitude.
Visalia, California - 03/19/2017
Need ride to and from if possible.
Corte Madera, California - 03/16/2017
Hi, We are two presenters looking for a ride down from the SF Bay area, would like to get there Apr 6 if possible (apr 7 also ok)
Quincy, California - 03/15/2017
Looking for a ride from Reno/Tahoe area to Courseweek. Would love to arrive Sunday, April 2nd. I'm an instructor for the Dream Council course and can offer gas $ and dream interpretation
Santa Cruz, California - 03/15/2017
Looking for a ride from Santa Cruz area Wednesday anytime. Have a volunteer shift Thursday morning. Much love.
Zip: 94114 - 03/14/2017
Hi! Looking for a ride April 7-ish towards lucidity doesnt matter what time. Super flexible! I'm friendly and love to meet new people! I also will only have a backpack, so nothing crazy!
Running Springs, California - 03/10/2017
Looking forward to a full week! Headed up Sunday afternoon 4-2 thru Sunday afternoon 4-9. Truck have room for two with gear.
Federal Way, Washington - 03/08/2017
Hello, my name is Blake, I don't have much stuff, spare me from the merciless 33hr greyhound bus!! much love text/call8052345438
Zip: 92663 - 03/07/2017
Leaving from Newport beach around 1 to 130pm. I will have room in my car for 1-2 people. Just me and would enjoy the company.
Zip: 94114 - 03/07/2017
Looking for a ride down from san francisco area! Can pitch in for gas and snacks, petite lady, one bag. Friendly folk looking for ditto ;)
Zip: 94114 - 03/07/2017
Hiya, I'm looking for a ride down. Im a petit lady with one bag. Would love to match with friendly folk, can pitch in for gas and open to pitching in for...snacks!?
Sunnyvale, California - 03/07/2017
Looking for a ride to the event Friday 4/7/17 afternoon. I have one small bag and will have all my gear there already. Willing to drive and provide gas money!
Santa Barbara, California - 03/05/2017
Hello! I am flying in on the 2nd at 6 pm for classes and would love a ride to the festival area. I have a pretty handmade present for the person who can help me out!
Phoenix, Arizona - 03/03/2017
Looking for a ride back from Lucidity, to share costs of gas and share stories and inspiration :)

sedona or Scottsdale would work. Either way :)
Calgary, Alberta - 03/02/2017
Long Beach, California - 03/01/2017
Anyone going to Course Week, and wants to car pool? I am flying in from NY and looking to catch a ride with someone, from the long beach or LA area on the 2nd. Message me! I'd be willing to help with some gas money and some sick DJ skills
Zip: 93117 - 02/28/2017
Hello darlings! I will be flying into Santa Barbara Airport from NYC on the morning of April 7th and am in great need of a ride to Lucidity festival! Will gladly pay for gas, buy you breakfast, and shower you with gratitude xx I'm responsible and communicative & would love to make a friend along the way :)
San Diego, California - 02/25/2017
Hi Lucidity co-creators ~ I am Joyous!

I'm looking for a ride from Hillcrest San Diego area TO LUCIDITY, probably early arrival and probably home as well. I'm a Lucidity Ambassador as well as hoping to volunteer. I'll be camping (and building) with Pink Heart.

I typically travel pretty lightly to closer festivals, will have a tent, small cooler, suitcase, food bin.

Please let me know if you have room for a fellow dreamer ~ looking forward to meeting you soon!
Santa Barbara, California - 02/22/2017
Trying to get to Lucid University. Won't be able to go unless I can find a ride there on April 2nd. Willing to bring gas money and gifts
Fullerton, California - 02/20/2017
Leaving Thursday morning, around 7am to get to Lucidity before noon for setup.

Returning home Monday morning, around 9am to arrive about 1pm.

I have 1 extra seat and asking for 1/2 gas- just $30. I'll have coffee and snacks too!
Sedona, Arizona - 02/18/2017
I'm looking to rideshare and share friendship, fuels costs and all the magic along the way! I live in Sedona and would love a ride from here or the near surrounding area.