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MEC Calgary Sprint Triathlon 2018

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Canmore, Alberta - 08/17/2018

I am without a vehicle and would love to be able to attend the race if anyone is headed from Canmore or Banff that I could hop in with.
Calgary, Alberta - 08/14/2018
I'm driving by myself so would have room for one or two people.

I don't want to be backtracking so you have to either be on my way or get yourself to my house (or somewhere on the way).
Calgary, Alberta - 08/05/2018

Would love to share a ride if you have room for me and my bike. With gratitude, Cindy-Diane
Calgary, Alberta - 06/12/2018

I need a ride from Calgary to Turner Valley and back for August 19th Triathlon. Also, I have a bike to bring along. I can definitely contribute for the gas.

Please let me know if there is a space :)