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MEC Calgary Trail Race FOUR 2018

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Calgary, Alberta - 09/29/2018
Heading to Canmore Nordic Center for MEC trail run.
Calgary, Alberta - 09/27/2018
I am a volunteer for the trail race four and would appreciate a ride to and from the event. I am a 17year old student. Thank you
Calgary, Alberta - 09/25/2018
Running in the 12km race. I am ok with waiting for the 24km race finish.
Calgary, Alberta - 09/18/2018
Hi, I'll be driving from the south end of Calgary to Canmore, and I will welcome some company. I'm doing the 12k, but I'll wait until the 24k is done, as needed. Cheers, Francois
Calgary - 09/18/2018
Looking for a lift to the Trail Race.

Looking to complete the half marathon so will hitch hike home if you would like to leave earlier.

Will happily provide petrol money and some snacks.

Cheers in advance!

Eliot - Student in Calgary from the UK