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NAFCMC Forest Convergence 2019

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Zip: 49120 - 09/16/2019
Room for one. Going to the entire conference, moderately flexible about time.
Birmingham, Alabama - 09/12/2019
Prius-v room for up to three, may leave earlier for pre-event setup.
winnipeg manitoba - 08/30/2019
Spot for one to convergence.

Can pick you up along the route.

Share driving and fuel.

Lewes, Delaware - 08/28/2019
Journey starts in Lewes, DE. Should have space for 3-4 riders.
White Hall, West Virginia - 07/05/2019
Congress, Ohio - 06/11/2019
Leaving from Ashland, in NE Ohio and will return to the same. Will have room for 2-3 riders along the way.