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National Bioneers Conference 2017

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San Rafael, California - 10/22/2017
I need a ride to SFO airport, leaving at 6:30 a.m. Monday. Anyone want to share a shuttle?
San Anselmo, California - 10/22/2017
I need a ride for tomorrow from Fairfax or San Rafael. Thank you!!!
Zip: 91104 - 10/22/2017
Looking for a ride to LA. I live in Pasadena but anywhere in lA is fine to be dropped off. I have one backpack I'll be bringing with me. I'll provide gas $$, delicious snacks and great conversation :)

Text me at 805-252-8837 if you have an extra spot.
Zip: 94115 - 10/21/2017
Hello amazing community,

I am based right in lower Pac Heights on Divisadero and Bush Sts in the city and without a car at the moment. I have been taking lyfts to and from Bioneers until learning about this great option. I would really really appreciate a ride if you have space, and more than happy to help pay for gas too if that helps? I would be ever so grateful to you! Thank you,



About me - a creative marketing and communications consultant for environmental and social impact visionary entrepreneurs!
San Rafael, California - 10/21/2017
Ride needed to Sebastopol, Sunday evening, 10/22, about 9:00pm or bit thereafter. Please call Mark 503-803-2768.
Oakland - 10/21/2017
Interested in a ride for Sunday. Will share in gas $. Coming from Alameda but can get to a BART station for easier meeting. (Fruitvale or Oakland City Center -- or wherever is more convenient to you). Thanks!
San Rafael, California - 10/21/2017
Hi! I am looking for a ride back to SF Saturday night or some time Sunday. Thank you!
San Francisco, California - 10/21/2017
Leaving sat and sun at 8:15, coming back around 7. Give me a text if you need a ride. 207.206.4634
Zip: 94702 - 10/20/2017
Looking for a ride for two people: presenter Carl C. Anthony and his assistant, Maria Elena Frias. Carl needs to arrive well in advance of his presentation; the earlier, the better. We are willing to pay for gas and will provide great conversation!
San Anselmo, California - 10/20/2017
Hi , I am looking for a ride this afternoon and tomorrow, thanks!
Emeryville, California - 10/20/2017
Looking for a ride from Oakland Area to the conference. Anyone 5105994726
Berkeley, California - 10/20/2017
Hi all! I'm looking for a ride from the university area to the conference early Saturday morning. Have a full-day pass that day. Let me know if you have an empty spot! Thanks! Liz
San Francisco, California - 10/20/2017
I am in San Francisco, flew in from Vancouver and would love a ride to the conference tomorrow morning. I can Uber to meet you wherever you are
Antioch, California - 10/19/2017
Can fit 4 people
Pacifica, California - 10/19/2017
I have a rental economy car with room for three passengers going to and from Pacifica Friday, Saturday and possibly Sunday
San Francisco, California - 10/19/2017
Hi, is anyone driving from around the mission district tomorrow? Let me know! Thanks,

Oakland, California - 10/19/2017
3 spots in my car, i'll be leaving around 8 or 9am
Zip: 94703 - 10/19/2017
I need a ride from Berkeley to Bioneers on Saturday. Planning to stay for the dinner event so the return would need to be around 9pm.
Zip: 94108 - 10/19/2017
Photographer in need of a ride to/from the conference when possible
San Francisco, California - 10/19/2017
Hi! Im in San Fran, going to farmers market today, then can go this afternoon, thanks!
Oakland - 10/19/2017
I can fit up to 4 in my blue Prius.
Oakland, California - 10/19/2017
4 door older Toyota Corolla
Zip: 94117 - 10/19/2017
Hello! I'm an artist at the conference and I'll be needing a ride there and back on Friday, there on Saturday and back on Sunday. I live in the Haight but if convenient I can take public transit closer to you. Will provide excellent company and $$ for gas if you like. Thanks! -Marie. 415-260-5935
Talent, Oregon - 10/18/2017
Driving from Ashland Oregon leaving Thursday Oct. 19 late morning and returning Monday Oct. 23 late morning. I have room for two or three people and would enjoy company on the drive. Pete
Zip: 94121 - 10/18/2017
from Richmond district to Bioneers any of the days. Happy to stay for evening's festivites or return to San Francisco...
Zip: 90046 - 10/18/2017
Hi! I'm likely renting a car in West Hollwywood and driving up to SF for Bioneers. I'll be leaving tomorrow eve and coming back to LA on Monday. Interested in sharing the expenses and go together?

Get a hold of me.


Zip: 94607 - 10/18/2017

Driving Friday morning: leaving oakland about 7:55am to ensure arrival by 8:45am. Could do pick up at McArthur BART or something along 580 / Berkeley

Returning Friday after last session of the day, I think that is 6pm? - can do drop off at BART or off highway


Driving up about 7:45am for 8:30 or 8:45am arrival

Departing: will NOT be returning to the east bay after the last session

Sunday: Not attending
Zip: 94601 - 10/17/2017
I'll be leaving Oakland early morning each day of the conference, and returning each day once it's over. Let me know if you need a ride and can pitch in for gas!
Waterford, Connecticut - 10/16/2017
Hi All!

Looking for 2 rides, for members of my group from San Francisco Airport to Embassy Suites at 101 McInnis Parkway

San Rafael, CA 94903. One lands at 2:30pm and the other at 5:40pm on October 18.


Davis, California - 10/15/2017
Looking for ride from Davis for Friday start of bioneers and returning Davis late sat night after films or early Sunday Oct 22nd.
Carlotta, California - 10/15/2017
2 seats available heading from Fortuna EARLY Friday morning
Zip: 94128 - 10/12/2017
Looking to share a ride from SF airport to Bioneers. Arriving 5:40 PM on 19th March.

Will share expenses.
Santa Barbara, California - 10/11/2017
Would love to carpool
Oakland, California - 10/10/2017
Leaving Oakland Airport for conference

on Friday morning around 8:30 or 9. Reserved rental car, but might use Uber or Lift as well. I'm flying in from ABQ.
Zip: 97218 - 10/09/2017
Anyone camping who wants to help me get from the camp site to the conference? Thanks!
Zip: 94108 - 10/09/2017
Ride for a mushroom photographer showing work at the conference. All three days. Thank you :)
Antioch, California - 10/08/2017
Anyone going from Antioch to conference? Would appreciate getting a ride for the 3 days and can help with gas. :)
Eureka, California - 10/03/2017
I am likely going to rent a car and drive down from Eureka on Wednesday. Returning either late Sunday or first thing Monday. Would love to share gas/costs.
Castro Valley, California - 09/30/2017
I have room for 3 riders (or 4 if cozy) in a Prius. I plan to go Friday and Saturday, Sunday is iffy. I would like to be there in time for most of the morning plenaries, and must stay until at least 7PM on Friday. I'm somewhat flexible with the morning schedule.
Forestville, California - 09/28/2017
I'll be driving down from Forestville each day, and would be happy to pick up 1 to 3 people along the route.
Eugene, Oregon - 09/28/2017
We are needing a ride for one person back to Eugene on Sunday 21st.
Olympia, Washington - 09/25/2017
Driving from Olympia Washington to arrive on Thursday before the conference. I welcome riders who can share driving distances and help a bit with gas. calling in mellow fun wakefulness.
Oakland, California - 09/21/2017
Minivan can seat up to 4 more passengers for THURSDAY only (Reclaiming Indigenous Worldviews). Will NOT be driving through SF, but happy to pick you up (and drop you off) along the East Bay route.
San Francisco Airport - 09/17/2017
My daughter and I are arriving at SFO Friday morning at 8:15AM from Vancouver, Canada. Would love to carpool to the event if you have room.
San Francisco, California - 09/13/2017
Anyone going to the Carbon Farming event on the 23rd? I'm looking for a ride from the San Francisco/Berklee area. I'll pitch in for gas!
San Francisco, California - 09/05/2017
I and my friend are arriving at SFO on Thursday OCT 19, around 7 p.m. We would share the cost of a ride by cab, lyft or private person.
Watsonville, California - 08/01/2017
Looking to carpool. if i dont find a ride i can drive there. if n e one wants ta meetup
Kalispell, Montana - 07/27/2017
Will be doing a leisurely drive to San Rafael from Kalispell, MT in either 97 Subaru or 2014 Honda Ridgeline. Would love company. Will probably stay at an airbnb if I can find one closeby. May deviate to Sacramento or other places depending.
Lancaster, California - 07/19/2017
Can meet in Los Angeles. Need ride to and from conference. Scope me out on Instagram: @hulababytina
San Luis Obispo, California - 05/25/2017
Need ride to and from conference.