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National Bioneers Conference 2018

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Berkeley - 10/20/2018
Mill Valley, California - 10/19/2018
I need a ride from MV to the conference tomorrow (10/20) if anyone would be able to offer one!
Zip: 94110 - 10/19/2018
Hello all - I'm on a panel on Saturday and in need of a ride that morning. With appreciation and gas money...Ellen
Berkeley - 10/19/2018
I need a ride each way.
San Anselmo, California - 10/19/2018
4 college students looking for a ride to

the conference!

San Anselmo, California - 10/18/2018
Hi, looking for a lift from San Anselmo to San Rafael Fri, Sat, Sun.
Zip: 94107 - 10/18/2018
I live off the Gilman exit in Berkeley—would love a ride to the venue on Saturday and Sunday morning, if possible please! Thank you!
Zip: 94121 - 10/18/2018
Looking for a ride from SF Saturday and/or Sunday. There and back or just one way would be great. Pls text 831-236-9958. Thanks!
Zip: 94703 - 10/17/2018
I'm looking for a ride/carpool to/from the conference on Saturday and Sunday. I'm quite flexible about departure times, etc. Would love to carpool if anyone wants to split for gas and reduce emissions!
Sebastopol, California - 10/17/2018
I can drive or catch a ride. Going Friday, Sat, and Sun and planning on going back and forth each day.
Piedmont, California - 10/16/2018
Looking for a ride for Saturday of the conference. Any time of day.
San Francisco, California - 10/16/2018
Need as ride to the confernece (no need for a ride back) on Saturday morning! Willing to leave early!

Feel free to text me 415-260-5935

Ojai, California - 10/15/2018
Hi, I live in Ojai and could meet you in Ventura to share the ride to the Bioneers Conference.
Zip: 94112 - 10/15/2018
Hello! I'm looking for a ride on Friday and Sunday to and from Bioneers from a San Francisco BART stop. Thank you!
Mill Valley, California - 10/15/2018
Hello, I need a ride to/from Bioneers, starting Friday morning.

Thank you in advance! Mark Nedleman
Zip: 94703 - 10/14/2018
Looking for a ride to/from conference on Friday-Sunday. Also looking for a room share near conference Friday and Saturday night, which would adjust my needs for rides to only Friday AM and Sunday PM. Please let me know if you are interested in any of these options! With Gratitude, L (She/They)
Zip: 94114 - 10/13/2018
Hi, if you're planning on driving to Bioneers on Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday, and have room in your car, please shoot me an email. Would love to coordinate!
Zip: 94104 - 10/12/2018
Sold my Prius!

Happy to buy you half a tank of fuel in exchange for a lift on Saturday 10/20. Can take BART to meet you. (I'm on a panel so you can be the first to hear my presentation..)
Zip: 94619 - 10/11/2018
I will leave Oakland (near High Street) on Friday morning and will return Sunday afternoon.
Zip: 94611 - 10/04/2018
Looking for a ride from the east bay the morning of Oct. 19th! please let me know and the pick-up location im flexible with! I am speaking at this year's conference!

San Francisco, California - 10/04/2018
Looking for a ride on the 18th at 8 am in the morning out to Marin County from San Fran, and back around 5 pm. Thanks!
Zip: 94611 - 10/02/2018
Have 3 day pass. Looking for a ride Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Richmond, California - 10/02/2018
Need a ride to conference. I will be staying by a friend that live close to the bridge to entrance to Marin
Zip: 80526 - 09/27/2018
Hello Bioneer Friends,

I'm looking to share a car from the airport to San Rafael, and am also interested in sharing a room/place.

I'm coming from Denver.
San Francisco, California - 09/26/2018

I love Bioneers and am volunteering this year. I no longer have a car, but can be a car buddy to someone coming from San Francisco. Let me know if you are coming from SF (or further South) and would be able and willing to give me a ride there and back daily. You can text me at 805-798-7318.

Thank you!

Virginia, United States - 07/30/2018
Sprinter van can accommodate 4+. Driving across country to Bioneers. Dates TBD depending on who rides.
Virginia, United States - 07/30/2018
Two attendees, Kristin and Tommy, seeking cross-country ride to Bioneers. Will contribute to driving and gas.
Washington DC - 07/30/2018
Two attendees, Kristin and Tommy, seeking cross-country ride to Bioneers. May also offer a ride, see separate post.
San Diego, California - 06/22/2018