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Nature Printing Society 2019 Workshop

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Portland - 07/14/2019
Two NPS participants need transportation from Portland to OIMB on Sunday, September 8. We are arriving at PDX late afternoon on Saturday 9/7 and will be staying in a hotel that evening. We are pretty flexible.
Eugene, Oregon - 06/21/2019
Amtrak arriving in Eugene 12:30 Saturday 9/8 and departing 5:10 Sat 9/14 - there is a bus that connects Eugene Amtrak station and Coos Bay, but it arrives late and departs early, so would be happy to have a lift and share expenses. CL
Seattle, Washington - 06/05/2019
Can meet you anywhere in the Seattle area.
Portland - 04/20/2019
North Bend, Oregon - 04/13/2019
OIMB Participants: A shuttle will be arranged by the organizers for rides from North Bend airport and Coos Bay bus station -- this app isn't needed for those short trips. Thanks! -Sharron
North Bend, Washington - 04/11/2019
North Bend to OIMB ,Coos Bay on Sunday 8 September at about 13.30 .

Maybe back again following Saturday at about 10.30.

Thanks SB