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Plantpower Way Italia May 2018

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Florence, Tuscany - 04/19/2018
My wife Elyse and I will be in Florence on May 19 and need a ride. We arrive a couple days before so will not be at the airport but are happy to find a way to connect with those who are. Feel free to text me at 617-233-3773. Cheers, Matt
Florence, Tuscany - 04/16/2018
Hey! I'll be arriving in Florence on Lufthansa Flight 310 (from Frankfurt) at 12:55pm Saturday 5/19. Anyone else on that flight who wants to share a ride? Message me and we'll figure it out.
437871 Singapore - 04/14/2018
Hi I am landing at Pisa at 1;40pm with Qatar Airlines. Is anyone else?
Florence, Tuscany - 04/12/2018
I am looking to share a ride from Florence airport to Borgo Iesolana Villa 5/19 and my flight gets in at 11am. I would also like to share a ride back to Florence on May 26.
Florence, Tuscany - 04/04/2018

I am looking to share a ride from Florence airport to Borga Iesolana on 5/19. My flight arrives at 2 pm.

Ira, Iowa - 04/03/2018
I am looking to share a ride if possible to Borgo Iesolana on May 19. My flight arrives at 11:25am. Please let me know! -Kathy