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Saskatoon Circle Skills Gathering 2018

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Port Townsend, Washington - 06/16/2018
Hey there, I am looking to head to Saskatoon Circle on the morning of the 17th. I can drive to meet with you if your on the 101 or I-5 corridors, just don't want to take my car over the mountains. Thanks so much! 360-420-2764
Bellingham, Washington - 06/14/2018
Leaving from bellingham Saturday morning. I could pick u up in mount Vernon if taking the bus from Seattle. Should be a good ride. I have a dog and will probably want to take a short bike at some point. Gas money and good jokes much appreciated

Missoula, Montana - 06/12/2018
Likely leaving the Missoula Montana area Friday the 16th and arriving at Saskatoon Friday evening. I have room for a couple passengers and gear. I would love some help with gas. If someone else is driving from Montana I am also happy to hop in, be a rider and pitch in for gas, but I am teaching and will have willows with me, so need room for them too. Happy summer time! ~ Callie
Zip: 97202 - 06/11/2018
I'm coming from Southeast Portland. I have a Subaru Forester. I'm looking for someone that can split the gas in half so that I can make it up there. I was hoping to leave the 15th or 16th and I have a place nearby that we can stay the night before the event. Thanks! Monica

Portland, Oregon - 06/04/2018
Hi! I am going to be driving up to Saskatoon June 16th (a day early for work trade in the kitchen) I have a small Prius C that is gas efficient but will want to split the cost of gas. Willing to bring one other person. We'll listen to good music and have a mellow ride up!


Bayside, California - 06/04/2018
I am running MASHH Clinic/medical for the event, departing Humboldt on the eve of the 13th to Cave Junction, then hope to make the 10-hour bounce to Twisp through Bend in one long day, to arrive on the evening on the 14th so I can set up the clinic scene on the 15th. I'd love a rider who can help with the driving chore and maybe some unpacking and setting up.
Portland - 05/30/2018
I have a van with just the 2 seats in front....lots of room in the back if you don't mind sitting on the floor. I'll be leaving the 16th and coming back on the 23rd...Call or text me for more details--thanks! Kima (503) 249-6343
Bellingham, Washington - 05/28/2018
I will be driving the mid morning of the 17th and leaving mid morning on the 24th. I have room for 1-2 people. No dogs please.
Seattle - 05/26/2018
I´m looking for a ride from seattle, I need to arrive on the 12th . Thanks
Kirkland, Washington - 05/22/2018
I am a weaver coming from Oaxaca, Mexico. I will be teaching, so I need to arrive on the 16th. Space for two suitcases and a carry on luggage is needed. It will be nice to get a ride back to Seattle too--either on the 23rd or 24th. Thank you :-)
Bellingham, WA - 05/21/2018
We'll head out from Bellingham on the morning of the 17th and back to Bellingham on the 24th.

We have room for one extra person both ways.
Vancouver, British Columbia - 05/18/2018

Im looking for a ride form Vancouver BC canada or i could make it to the border or even seattle.

Thank yoU!

Seattle - 05/18/2018
Need to arrive on 6/16 and also need a ride back to Seattle on 6/24. Thank you!
Portland, Oregon - 05/17/2018
I am leaving portland saturday the 16th... Probably mid day. I have room for a few riders and would love help paying for gas. I have a minivan with plenty of space. Although I only have one seat.. but space in the back if anyone wants to sit back there. Also I will want to camp somewhere close to the gathering saturday night and arrive on site in the morning on sunday. Call or text if thats easier. Katie 503 839 5550
Edmonds, Washington - 05/17/2018
My friend and I are looking for a ride from the Seattle/Everett area as early as June 14th...of course willing to pay for some gas, share food and stories and songs! thank u!
Carmel Valley, California - 05/17/2018
I’m starting my journey from central California on June 13th. Planning to drive up on route 5 through Ashland, etc. Could have room for 1 or 2 folks depending on gear. Give me a holler! Sarah
Lewiston, Idaho - 05/16/2018
Heading out from Lewsiton, ID. If you are around and want a ride, let me know! Looking forward to meeting y'all! Cheers, David