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Sonic Bloom 2018

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Denver, Colorado - 08/08/2018
Leaving tonight to go to Albuquerque nm va hospital to say goodbye to my uncle. I can pick up and drop off anywhere along I25 in between Thornton co and Albuquerque nm. I drive a 2015 Acadia Denali, very spacious 6 passenger seats. If u have a question contact me and ask.
Denver - 06/15/2018
Hey bloomers!! We’re offering a cozy ride in our Van leaving Denver Friday night around 7-8pm. Got plenty of space holla if u need a ride!


Trinidad, Colorado - 06/15/2018
Hi I'm reaching Trinidad from Albuquerque around 6:30am on the 16th, and am looking for an onward ride to the festival. Anyone willing to give a girl and her backpack a ride?

Boulder, Colorado - 06/15/2018
Leaving for Sonic early tomorrow morning (Saturday!) Have room for 1 - possibly more - anyone just going for the weekend!
Denver - 06/15/2018
Hi! I’m flying in from Utah and missed my flight to Pueblo out of Denver.
Denver, Colorado - 06/15/2018
Leaving for Bloom this afternoon around 3pm. I have room for 1-2. Bonus points if you can help with car/camping pass
Denver, Colorado - 06/15/2018
Soanish peaks county
Zip: 87106 - 06/15/2018
Hi all, I need a ride to the festival. If anyone has space for one and is leaving Friday (06/15) evening or Saturday (06/16) morning, please let me know. In return you'll get my awesome company and a couple beers as a token of appreciation :) Thanks!
Denver, Colorado - 06/15/2018
Hey fam I can really use a ride currently at Denver Airport if you're not far from there I can take an Uber to you if that's easier I can help with gas great vibes thanks fam let me know if you have room
Denver - 06/15/2018
Getting in to the airport at 9am, got gas $$$ and I'm vending at a booth and will hook you up with some swag also great car vibes and also all I have is a medium size backpack :) let me know I can connect with you where ever you need
Aurora, Colorado - 06/14/2018
Please fam im in Need of a ride from Denver or Denver airport currently at denver airport looking for a ride. Any help would be amazing fam.
Denver, Colorado - 06/14/2018
Ride to sonic bloom
Denver, Colorado - 06/14/2018
Ayyy trying to get to Bloom tonight (Thursday). Have gas moneys and other cool trades. Call me please! 72o4359581
Zip: 80303 - 06/14/2018
Headed down from Boulder around 10pm tonight (Thursday) - returning Sat am! Can take 1-3 people.
Denver, Colorado - 06/14/2018
i got 3 open seats, no ticket anddd FOMO.

ill be returning either early sunday or monday depending on how my ticket situation goesss.

$$ or tickets welcome, wanted and accepted :)
Lombard, Illinois - 06/14/2018
Need a ride from Colorado Springs airport Friday at noon! can cover gas or anything needed
Pueblo, Colorado - 06/14/2018
I just booked my greyhound from Denver to Pueblo but from there I'm either gonna need a ride or to bring my bike. Lemme know, can throw some gas money, weed , beer, whatever
Zip: 80223 - 06/14/2018
my original ride fell through so I am in need of a ride asap from Denver, my bags are packed and ready 9132849521
Denver, Colorado - 06/14/2018
Leaving thursday from Denver at 4pm. Have room for about 3 people. Coming back monday at 10am.
Penryn, California - 06/14/2018
Help me get to sonic bloom. My name is casey i got gas and herb, 9169473758
Greeley, Colorado - 06/13/2018
Need a ride tomorrow, I can meet in Ft. Collins. I have gas money and party supplies :)
Aurora, Colorado - 06/13/2018
Leaving Friday morning and coming back Sunday let me know if you want some cool people to ride with.
Denver - 06/13/2018
Hey I'm looking for a ride from Denver there and back looking to leave Wednesday I'm ready now to leave if anyone has a spot available.. hit me up asap! 8183842775
Fort Collins, CO - 06/13/2018
Have room for one and some stuff (I have 3 bags and a tent) leaving tomo sometime around noon. Please email tonight to setup, confirm!
Aurora, Colorado - 06/13/2018
Working a food truck trying to get there tonight
Denver - 06/13/2018
We have 3 and a little bit of camping gear! We have money to Pay but our ride is no longer available to come anymore so we need help getting there SOS
Zip: 80218 - 06/13/2018
Driving to sonic bloom from Denver sometime relatively early tommorow ! Looking to fill the car atleast a little bit ! Lemme know ! Bonus points if you have parking or car camping pass
Denver, Colorado - 06/13/2018
My ride cancelled and Im supposed to be working tomorrow morning :( Looking for a ride to Bloom tonight, Wednesday the 13th!
Zip: 80305 - 06/13/2018
Hey BLOOMERS! Looking for a ride for one tiny girl with a small backpack any day to Sonic Bloom from Boulder or I can meet you anywhere in Denver that RTD can take me to. Dealing with auto issues and just trying to get there to meet fam who can take me back to Florida. Please helo #forevergrateful
Yuma, Arizona - 06/13/2018
In Denver by airport. Any kind souls able to take in a couple of good people?
Colorado Springs, Colorado - 06/13/2018
My ride bailed... Due to the hail from last night's stork both windshields were shattered..

I'm in SE Colorado springs off zebulon.

I don't have much to offer ATM.. I'm volunteering and dropping a collaboration painting not to a fellow artist.

Please let me know last time for check in for volunteering is 9pm and I need to arrive sooner than later today Wednesday..

If you have room and can help a brother out please shoot me a email

Avon, Colorado - 06/13/2018
I have a truck Chevy s10, I can take 1 more person.
Aurora, Colorado - 06/13/2018
Need a ride Wednesday down to Bloom as i work thursday morning front gate!
Aurora, Colorado - 06/12/2018
need a ride to bloom on Thursday, and a ride back Sunday or monday for me and my roommate
Zip: 80302 - 06/12/2018
Hey! I’m a 28 yo womyn driving my light green subaru down for the festival. I’ll be leaving from Boulder around 2 pm on Thursday and am happy to pick you up along the way - aka at the Denver airport! It’ll be a lovely drive! I love to chat and look forward to learning some more about you! Cheers!
Colorado Springs, Colorado - 06/12/2018
Denver - 06/12/2018
Flying into Denver Wednesday night with one action packer and a carry on. Looking for a ride from Denver Thursday morning to the event. Can provide gas money and good company :)
Durango, Colorado - 06/12/2018
Leaving Thursday. Room for 1-2
Zip: 80302 - 06/12/2018
Hello! Looking for a ride from Boulder, Denver, or anywhere in between the two to Sonic Bloom. It will be me and a friend plus a little gear for each of us - keeping it minimal as possible. Will supply gas $$, snacks, jokes, and good company :) Trying to leave Thursday morning
Denver, Colorado - 06/12/2018
Plan to leave around noon Friday June 15. Have space for 1-2. One-Way. :)
Zip: 80021 - 06/12/2018
I have my tent, cooler, suitcase and little bag of appliances. Wont take up much space and will happily compensate for helping me get to and from :)
Colorado Springs, Colorado - 06/11/2018
Need just one spot to the festival from co springs
Denver - 06/11/2018
I’m leaving Tuesday the 12th to get there early! Let me know if you need a ride! 7204513887
Colorado Springs, Colorado - 06/11/2018
I have an RV that I'd love to fill with wonderful souls! I'm leaving tomorrow June 12th, so any early goers that would like to travel from the Springs with us, let me know. Looking for gas contributions. We have a safe place you can leave your car as well.
Denver, Colorado - 06/11/2018
Need a ride one way on Saturday from Denver... have gas and good vibes thanks fam
Zip: 72701 - 06/11/2018
I have a ride to the fest, but my crewmates couldn't get Monday off and I've never been to Bloom, so I really want to catch Digital Rust and the Orchestra! Looking for a ride back to Fayetteville, if anyone's passing through on the way out. Will gladly pitch in on fuel, and have a valid DL!
Zip: 80401 - 06/09/2018
Looking to go tmr (Monday) to arrive for the art and ableton intensives

2 people

Topeka, Kansas - 06/09/2018
Solo to bloom. Room for one maybe two to ride with. 4 door truck.
Oakland, California - 06/09/2018
Hey there!

We’re offering a ride from northern Cali to sonic bloom! Hoping to leave by Tuesday st the latest. We’re two nomadic artists and we’ll be leaving from either Oakland or Santa Cruz. Looking for like minded folk to cruise there with. Get in Touch if you need a ride from the area. Much love!!


Zip: 80524 - 06/09/2018
Hey I am volunteering. My name is turtle. Im from fort Collins but can get to denver no problem. Im Trying to a ride to the event. Everyone I know is full. I am very zen. Buddhist practitioners. I love music and art, peace and love, earth. Me and my gf both dj'd in Berlin. We have a clothing line

She isnt coming. Only me I got good vibes and gas $!
Denver - 06/09/2018
Need a ride on Monday! Working the event. Please help! Vouchers are being offered.
Wichita, Kansas - 06/07/2018
Two adults one toddler and a tent
Longmont, Colorado - 06/06/2018
Looking to carpool to sonic bloom and back. Will have gas money. Just my fiance and I and our gear.
Denver, Colorado - 06/06/2018
Volunteering for prefest and need to check in on the 11th between 6-8 pm! : ) Packing light and sending love! thank you
Denver, Colorado - 06/06/2018
Howdy! I'm working build/festival setup and need to be there on Tuesday the 12. It's just me and minimal gear, actual party gear will be arriving during the festival! Live in central downtown Denver, very close to the light rail hub. Would appreciate and compensate for a ride! Staying for strike afterwards so I can figure something else out for the way back if necessary!
Rye, Colorado - 06/06/2018
Hi all! I have a flight out of Denver on Monday 6/18 at 12:30 and need a ride to Denver. Anyone planning to head back that early? Thanks :)
Albuquerque, New Mexico - 06/05/2018
I need a ride to Colorado Springs or Denver from the festival by 2PM on Sunday to make the Red Rocks show! Is anyone going?
Zip: 80461 - 06/05/2018
Leaving from Leadville after 5pm on the 13th. Can give 2 people a ride.
Calhan, Colorado - 06/05/2018
Volunteering so I have to be there on the 13th, leaving Monday morning as early as I can (9ish?). Will be passing thru Colorado Springs on my way down. I have a truck and can fit 1-2 people. You may need to contact me directly (text) at 7 zero 6 - 5 7 zero - zero 8 zero 3 as communication via this site hasn't worked well for me in the past.
Pueblo, Colorado - 06/05/2018
I'm in Pueblo! Just curious if any plur family is doing the same. I've never carpooled and want to try it!
Denver, Colorado - 06/05/2018
looking for a ride down to event on Saturday. i know its late but only going one day. if anyones driving down than id love to pitch in. contact me at
Carleton, Michigan - 06/04/2018
My boyfriend and I need a ride to Sonic Bloom! We will have a 10-person tent and a cooler and 2 chairs and some bags of necessities we will need to bring.
Santa Barbara, California - 06/04/2018
Large glamper high top van, 420 friendly and rad tunes all the way...can pick up in la or northern az etc but could use drive help bc I get tired two small service dogs aka festival pups will be with us too! Major fun. Hmu! No creeps;)
Zip: 80304 - 06/03/2018
Whats up homies! I'm looking for a one way ride to the Bloom on Thursday. I'll pitch in for gas, provide psyched vibez and snacks
Gallatin, Tennessee - 06/02/2018
I'm traveling to Sonic Bloom, leaving the 11th. I have a camaro, so I have room for up to one large person and two smaller people in the back. I'm new to the festival scene and think the drive and experience would be better if I knew someone else there.
San Francisco, California - 06/02/2018
Hello beautiful people ! I just got off build site at LIB and need to make my way back to Colorado for sonic bloom. I’d like to get there sooner rather than later, so if anyone is heading that way this week please contact me !
Colorado, United States - 06/02/2018
Manifesting ride to Bloom so I can park all our patrons safely and be sure they have a great time! Working with Squared Away parking and just need a ride into the festy, thanks everyone.
Grayson, Georgia - 05/31/2018
One chica with a suitcase and some camping gear. I can pitch on gas. I’m super excited to be going back to Bloom!!!! ^_^
Zip: 87106 - 05/31/2018
I am leaving Thursday evening (probably around 5:30pm) for the Bloom. I have space for maybe 1-2 intrepid companions. If you're interested, send me an email with your name, a brief intro, and your favorite documentary or book!
Gallatin, Tennessee - 05/30/2018
I'm flying in for Sonic Bloom VIP. If anyone else is headed toward the festival I would be greatly appreciative of a ride. I'll just have one suitcase and a tent in a bag. I'm a young professional traveling alone.
Superior, Wisconsin - 05/30/2018
Single person looking for a ride to and from Bloom, if possible! Even just a ride there would be of great help. Will likely just have a backpack, tent, and dufflebag along.
Arcata, California - 05/26/2018
Any beautiful souls out there leaving from the Arcata/ Humboldt area? It would warm me to find a ride sharing stories and petrol costs. I am An Australian on her first Sonic adventure.
Newport, Kentucky - 05/23/2018
Hello y’all! I will be driving from Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area. I have extra space in my car if anyone needs a ride.
Sandy, Utah - 05/22/2018
Heading to Sonic Bloom alone and looking for a friendly stranger or two to ride up with. :) I haven't decided on a departure date/time yet but I'm thinking of leaving on Wednesday 6/18. Hoping to be back in SLC by the early evening of Monday 6/18.
Seattle, Washington - 05/22/2018
1 person to Bloom, minimal gear
Denver, Colorado - 05/19/2018
Flying in and I need a ride. I'm small and won't have much. I am open to any times.
Denver, Colorado - 05/18/2018
Hello! Looking to catch a ride with someone with 2 extra seats! Will help pay for gas or car parking. :)
Las Animas, Colorado - 05/17/2018
An hour away from bloom and will have to come back and forth a few times prolly Thursday and Friday due to work so anyone heading threw my neck of the woods Need a ride Hmu maybe we can help each other out.
Asheville, North Carolina - 05/15/2018
Hello lovelies!

I am looking for a ride from Asheville, NC area to Sonic Bloom and back! I can potentially come meet up in a surrounding state or location too! I am teaching a mycology workshop at Sonic Bloom this year and would be ever so appreciative to whoever helps make this a reality! I can compensate with gas $ / dank trades! Hit me up if you can help a faerie out! Mush love!
Fairplay, Colorado - 05/15/2018
Hiii babys, my names Katana. In need of a ride to and from sonic bloom, have a GA ticket so Thursday would be prime. I live in hartsel, fairplay is the closest town to me and I would also be willing to work with you to meet you a little closer if needed:)
Kendallville, Indiana - 05/12/2018
I have the entire month of June off so I plan on leaving early and staying later... And want to see some sites song the way. Don't mind going out of my way to pick some folks up, just would be nice to have some company song the way.
Albuquerque, NM - 05/11/2018
Hey folks! Looking for someone driving up from NM. This will be my first Bloom so I don't want to miss a step - any help is wholly appreciated! Just the one of I.
Zip: 87106 - 05/11/2018
Hey folks! Just looking for someone to come up with - from down south in NM.
Zip: 80461 - 05/09/2018
I need a ride on the night of the 12th or the morning of the 13th from Leadville and then back on the 16th anytime.

Denver, Colorado - 05/07/2018
Coming from overseas and can't drive. I can offer gas money and my VIP parking pass for starters for a ride from Denver.
Calera, Alabama - 05/04/2018
Flying into CO springs, need a ride to the fest from the airport/surrounding areas if that's easier!

Also down to split an uber to the fest with a couple people! would roughly estimate to be about 30$ a person if split 3 ways.
Walsenburg, Colorado - 04/30/2018
Hi Everyone! Super excited about the Sonic Bloom! I need a ride from the festival TO the Denver Airport on Monday 6/18 and wondering if anyone will be heading there and what time. I need to book my return flight. Thanks :) Rachael
Denver, Colorado - 04/25/2018
I also have a post in SLC but could easily get a flight into Denver if there are any kind souls willing to take on a +1 : )
Salt Lake City, Utah - 04/25/2018
I'm open to driving or tagging along with another crew!
Sacramento, California - 04/25/2018
I have a car . I’m looking to split the drive with someone as it will be a little crazy for me to drive it alone . I can pick you up along the way . Or if your local to norther California we can make arrangements !
Denver - 04/25/2018
curious if any late arrivals, looking for a ride from Denver airport or nearby location if that's easier, arriving 4:30am on the 15th (Friday)!
Denver - 04/15/2018
helllo sonic bloomers! 3 of us need a ride to the sonic! Will supply laughter and gas money:)
Eugene, Oregon - 04/14/2018
In search of a ride for two people located in Eugene :)
Denver, Colorado - 04/11/2018
We need a ride from here to the festival and back, pick up and drop off as close to the airport as possible! Will give lots of love and hugs as well as gas money for your troubles!
Minneapolis, Minnesota - 04/06/2018
Need a ride from Minneapolis! Will help out with gas money and cool conversations :)
Dallas, Wisconsin - 03/26/2018
Offering ride to and from, providing it's somewhat on the way. Gas money always welcome. I only have room for 1 person as of now. I have a single cab ranger.
Pueblo, Colorado - 03/24/2018
Needing a ride for 2 from the west side of Pueblo to Sonic Bloom. Good vibes, cheesy humour, and gas money included! My girlfriend and I are getting early entry, so anybody who is also getting early entry preferred but not necessary. Find me on Facebook (Silk Montel) if you would like to get in contact before hand.
Zip: 66044 - 03/22/2018
1 to 2 people. Smallish car, but reliable. I have GA+Car Camping Pass. Currently going by myself and was hoping to find good company to tag along. (Must have your own tickets on hand on departure. Having your own tent/sleeping place is needed. Help with gas would be appreciated.) To meet up and see how we match up and feel about spending some time in a car together for 16 hours, hit me up.
Aurora, Colorado - 03/22/2018
Offroad ready 4door Jeep wrangler going down Wednesday for VIP early entry. Camping in car/by car
Colorado Springs, Colorado - 03/22/2018
Will need a ride from the Colorado Springs airport to the festival June 13th or 14th!

Also looking for a ride from the festival back to the airport once the festival is over
Lawrence, Kansas - 03/20/2018
I just need to get a ride from Lawrence to sonic bloom and back
Zip: 78758 - 03/15/2018
Trying to get from Austin up to Colorado for the festival. Got gas, food, whatever.
Tucson, Arizona - 03/05/2018
Looking for a ride to sonic bloom!