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Sonic Bloom 2017

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Rye, Colorado - 06/19/2017
Solo rider with gas money and good vibes
Boulder, Colorado - 06/18/2017
Need a ride to denver. 2 people, 1 bag. Thanks.
Colorado, United States - 06/18/2017
Good morning bloomers! Looking for a ride for 2 to Denver:) can help out with gas and Sunday vibes:)


Traveling light!
Walsenburg, Colorado - 06/18/2017
Need a ride for three back to Denver tonight traveling light win money for gas
Walsenburg, Colorado - 06/17/2017
Our friends decided to leave the festival on Sunday night. My boyfriend and I need a ride back to the Denver/Capitol hill area. Please help us!!
Zip: 80302 - 06/17/2017
Hello lovely people!!! My car just broke and I have no way of getting to Sonic Bloom now, nooooo! Today is Saturday and I would ideally like to be able to go today if anyone has an extra seat they don't mind sharing with a happy, friendly and nice smelling chica!!! :) Willing to meet you anywhere I have to!
Boulder, CO - 06/16/2017
To sonic bloom!
Zip: 80304 - 06/16/2017
perhaps a magical connect-I am headed now to the Denver airport to drop off a sister, I will be swooping by there around 2 (friday).... if you want to hop in to go Sonic ! Brings some sounds to share, gas money and positivity !
Park City, Utah - 06/16/2017
Lookin to cruise in at your convenience! Listen to good music & Vibe!
Zip: 80304 - 06/16/2017
I am leaving Boulder Area this Am Friday morning ,

I have room for one person , without a lot of gear, has gas money, good vibes, being able to drive is a plus, and is an independent kind person.

Bless up!!
Denver - 06/16/2017
I have 1 extra seat in my car leaving from Denver around 3pm Friday!! Willing to drive someone in exchange for a 3 day parking pass
Littleton, Colorado - 06/16/2017
Get off work at 1 in Littleton on Friday, need a ride sometime after that! Only going for Friday night.. already have a ride back to Denver just need to get there!
Fort Collins, Colorado - 06/15/2017
Hello! I am coming from Fort Collins (but can also come down to Denver) and am in need of a ride either Friday night or Saturday morning to the festival. I have beer and gas money for you :) Thanks!
Colorado, United States - 06/15/2017
Ride to and from for Thursday
Glenwood Springs, Colorado - 06/15/2017
On the Road from Glenwood Springs now, Thursday @noon. I have room for some more ppl that need to get Bloomin, if your time works with my time I will pick you up!
Denver, Colorado - 06/15/2017
Looking for a ride to the bloom Friday morning! Let's Pre Vibe to the Best day of the Fest!
Denver, Colorado - 06/15/2017
Hi there! My name is Tyler. I fly into Denver tonight for bloom. Im still looking for a ride to get there if you are leaving sometime tonight. Also, if you're still looking for a ride, I'd be willing to rent a car for us for the weekend to get to and from if you were willing to pitch on the bill. Let me know if you are interested!
Denver - 06/15/2017
Leaving To festival Friday. Room for 1-2 on way there but won't be returning to Denver after festival. 1 way ride. Asking for help with gas or camping pass
Aurora, Colorado - 06/15/2017
My ride bailed I have food and gas money if anyone possibly has 2 extra seats. It would mean the world!! Please message me at 7203275660
Aurora, Colorado - 06/15/2017
Two girls, three bags. Thanks!
Colorado Springs, Colorado - 06/15/2017
Cant get off work till friday afternoon and in need of a ride. Can help with gas and everything. Providing loads of smiles and laughs
Denver - 06/15/2017
Happy Bloom!!

Looking for a ride SATURDAY anytime or Friday evening!

Will definitely have $ for gas or cash:)


Denver - 06/15/2017
Happy Bloom!!

Looking for a ride SATURDAY anytime or Friday evening!

Will definitely have $ for gas or cash:)


Wheat Ridge, Colorado - 06/15/2017
Looking for a ride to the Bloom, can chip in on gas, and food for the journey & whatever else may be necessary for the weekend. Cheers!
Coppell, Texas - 06/15/2017
Ride home late Sunday night to catch a early morning Monday plane! For three traveling very very very light. Will compensate and keep you laughing
Denver, Colorado - 06/15/2017
Two people. With gas and high fives. Traveling super light. (: looking for a ride this early morning got in early and lost our ride
Denver, Colorado - 06/15/2017
We have room for 1 maybe 2 people for a 1 way ride to the fest. Will not be headed back to Denver . Asking for pitch on car camping/gas
Colorado Springs, Colorado - 06/15/2017
Looking for a ride for two from Colorado Springs anytime thursday. Have cash for gas and can meet you anywhere convenient.
Aurora, Colorado - 06/15/2017
1 seat in my truck leaving Thursday morning pitch would be appreciated Good company is required.
Aurora, Colorado - 06/14/2017
Going to sonic bloom on Friday morning around 6 & making a pit stop in Colorado Springs at Walmart for supples. I'm leaving Sunday afternoon tho. Pitch in for gas money.
Denver, Colorado - 06/14/2017
Need a ride for 2 from denver airport. Have money for gas !
Glendale, Colorado - 06/14/2017
Friday morning

Returning noon on Saturday

3 spots

I'm going for Friday only!
Nashville - 06/14/2017
Need a ride to sonic bloom for two or three! Have gas money, smiles, and great vibes. Please help me out ! 423-605-6487
Denver, Colorado - 06/14/2017
I'm a 24 year old Sonic Portal expert I'm looking for a cosmic wind to swoop me up at 11am from the Denver bus station on Thursday! I have money and one backpack and a pillow and eternal love and friendship. Email me
Vail, Colorado - 06/14/2017
Hello friends, I am seeking a ride for some of my artwork to Bloom. I'm heading in early & have a new shipment of prints that I would really love to have there! I will shower you gifts (artwork and otherwise), or I can offer $ if you prefer. Either way, if you do me this favor, you will forever have the spirit of the gnarwhal on your side.


Alec Falle Hamilton
Zip: 80304 - 06/14/2017
Hello lovelies! Leaving Boulder after work on Friday around 3:30pm-ish. Heading back Sunday 9/10pm-ish. Driving a VW Jetta. I won't have too much stuff, could fit 3 people if every one is traveling fairly light. Have one seat already taken for the ride home Sunday. Holla at!
Aurora, Colorado - 06/14/2017
I'm leaving at 9:00 pm Saturday. I am leaving sonic bloom at 9pm Sunday. I have 2 seats in my truck. One of the back seats have a subwoofer filling it. It's a small Mazda pickup with limited space in the back seat. Gas pitch would be appreciated but not required. Will not go super out of the way for no gas pitch. im leaving from school Thursday by Dayton and 6th ave. Can't wait for bloom!
Zip: 80204 - 06/14/2017
We're leaving with a bus Thursday morning. Got plenty plenty of room and good company. Hit us up if you got gas money
Denver, Colorado - 06/14/2017
Got plenty of room. Gas grass or ass
San Francisco, California - 06/14/2017
Good vibez :)
Denver, Colorado - 06/14/2017
Me and my boyfriend trevor Kentopp need a ride to bloom! Our ride backed out last minute!
Wendover, Utah - 06/14/2017
Missed our bus due to the time being different at our hotel across the street from the bus stop.... silly, I know! Just looking to catch a ride from Wendover to Denver today with room for 2 people and a couple bags.
Denver, Colorado - 06/13/2017
Looking for a ride up to Sonic bloom Wednesday night or Thursday morning I has to work Wednesday morning and my ride needed to be there by noon so need to ride a down there have gas money and or grass and good vibes ^.^ hit me up at 720 233 6117 much love to everyone
Denver, Colorado - 06/13/2017
planning to leave around 6-7pm on Thursday from Denver. But willing to leave Friday morning instead if someone needs a lift.
Colorado Springs, Colorado - 06/13/2017
Just need a lift to fest I have VIP tik and would like to get their tomorrow Wednesday
Austin, Texas - 06/13/2017
Two vendors looking for a ride to the fest! We are roaming vending, and our Rv is having issues last minute! There are two of ud, and we have gas cash. You can call or text us at 503 539 2020
Zip: 80301 - 06/13/2017
Hey guys, my friend is looking for a last minute ride to sonic bloom. He was supposed to have one but his ex left him. He'll be flying into Denver with me Wednesday morning and coming back to Longmont with me for the night. He can meet you either in Denver or boulder the next day. Any help would be greatly appreciated so my friend doesn't have to miss his first sonic bloom:)
Zip: 80524 - 06/13/2017
Need a rode to sonic bloom! With two others and gear. Will provide gas, food and jokes. Please, my cae just broke down.
Paonia, Colorado - 06/13/2017
I am looking for a ride from Paonia, western slope of Colorado. Will pay gas!
Saint Louis, Missouri - 06/13/2017
I need a lift I'm a 24 year old employee of sonic portal an amazing experience with gongs! I really would appreciate a ride from St. Louis to sonic bloom grounds
Zip: 80206 - 06/13/2017
Hey family I'm looking for a ride out to bloom!

I have pitch for gas and anything else we may need.

I have minimal gear and I'm told I'm super fun company!

Please let me know as soon as possible so we can embrace this adventure!
Durango, Colorado - 06/13/2017
I need a ride to bloom! I need to be there by Wednesday at 2 because I'm working the box office. I will help with gas and bring snacks! Thank you!
Rochester, Minnesota - 06/12/2017
Headed out there solo minimal stuff gas money and prime aux cord material ;p
Denver, Colorado - 06/12/2017
Leaving wendsday morning from Denver area. Got a suburban with plenty room for good vibes...let's tribe up 3035626351 text me
Zip: 80465 - 06/11/2017
Just me & my boyfriend. We have very minimal stuff & can provide gas money
Asheville, NC - 06/10/2017
Respectful, Mature, Conscientious, Chill, Previous Attendee of Sonic Bloom Seeking Seat/Ride/Carpool to and from Sonic Bloom. Please be in touch at your earliest convenience. Thankyou!
Denver, Colorado - 06/10/2017
Aloha! Looking for a ride from DIA to Bloom Thurs 15th after 3pm. Happy to meet some awesome people and chip in for gas!
Denver, Colorado - 06/10/2017

I & two lovely ladies arrive in Denver on Wednesday night. After one of the buses canceling we are looking to hitch a ride from Denver!

if it vibes, let us join your tribe!
Los Angeles - 06/10/2017
We're offering a limited few seats on our magic pARTy bus. You'll be riding into Sonic Bloom in high vibes. Good music, beautiful people, and a fun ride to the festival. Plenty of cushions and space to put your stuff. Price depends on how long you are riding. Message me.
Flagstaff, Arizona - 06/09/2017
Looking for a ride from flagstaff, Az to sonic bloom!! Arriving on the 14th preferably.
Zip: 80303 - 06/08/2017
Can pay gas and feed the car!!!
Hesperia, California - 06/08/2017
I'm heading out Wednesday from the High Desert outside Los Angeles. Looking for road trip buddies! I have an SUV and a camper, so a good amount of room for stuff. Looking for help with gas and possibly a driver if you are comfortable towing a small camper.
Colorado Springs, Colorado - 06/07/2017
I am volunteering prefest and need to be there Sunday night to start work early Monday morning. I can bring food and music and gas moneyzzzzz
Phoenix, Arizona - 06/07/2017
3 chill friends looking for a ride to bloom and back from phoenix az
Denver, Colorado - 06/07/2017
Hey guys!! I'm Katie and I had some friends bail last minute on me for sonic bloom :(! Currently looking for some homies to travel with and camp with if possible! I will pitch in for gas and supplies for camping. I'm currently at Bonnaroo so please feel free to text me as I will not have a ton of service, my number is 860 986 3609
Seattle, Washington - 06/06/2017
Denver, Colorado - 06/05/2017
Needing a ride to Sonic Bloom at Hummingbird Ranch! We're flying in Thursday and would be there around 3:00. Would definitely help pay for gas!
Denver, Colorado - 06/05/2017
Needing a ride to Sonic Bloom at Hummingbird Ranch! We're flying in Thursday and would be there around 3:00. Would definitely help pay for gas!
Tampa, FL - 06/04/2017
Cool people's who want to help alil hippie out to her first Colorado fest! Has love and snacks!
Central, South Carolina - 06/03/2017
SUV with 3 seats and 2 12 subs for a banging trip!!
Denver, Colorado - 06/02/2017
Looking for a ride down to Bloom on Saturday or late Friday night! Can throw down mad ga$$!
Denver, Colorado - 05/28/2017
Hello! I need a ride to the Visionary Art academy from Denver Airport. I get in around 10 am on June 11th. Happy to pay for gas. Aloha Maria
Denver - 05/25/2017
Need a ride from Denver to Spanish Peaks Country, Colorado for Sonic Bloom! Will pay for gas and everything, thanks :)
Denver, Colorado - 05/24/2017
Hi friends! I just need a ride from Bloom to Denver on Monday:) I can trade any loves
Basalt, Colorado - 05/20/2017
I live in Basalt, CO and I'm looking for a ride to Sonic Bloom! I can come to you if you live down valley! I can help with gas, and will bring yummy goodies for all :) thanks!
Las Animas, Colorado - 05/19/2017
Me and my wife have 2 to 3 spots ( depending on your stuff) open we are about less than 2 hours away from bloom. We're cool and willing to work with most anyone.
Loveland, Colorado - 05/19/2017
Looking for a ride to the Visionary Art Academy the morning of the 11th..
Denver, Colorado - 04/14/2017
Suburban room for 5-6 going down wendsday