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Pueblo, Colorado - 06/16/2022
Need a ride from Pueblo to the show. Any shuttles or anything out there?
Denver, Colorado - 06/16/2022
Landing at Denver International Airport at 7. I can meet anywhere in Denver between 7-8, would love to make it there tonight before gates close at 11:11. Can compensate accordingly.
Castle Rock, Colorado - 06/16/2022
Need a ride to bloom Thursday afternoon I got cash and whatever else you need let’s gooo hit me up 321-262-6658

1 guy with two bags I will make it worth your while
Denver - 06/16/2022
Looking for a ride down today, my original ride backed out last minute
Denver, Colorado - 06/16/2022
Flying in 5 pm Thursday! Would need a ride for 2 to bloom from airport!
Colorado, United States - 06/15/2022
I am looking for a ride down to sonic boom, will help pay gas!
Englewood, Colorado - 06/15/2022
Iso ride for one person to bloom on Thurs. Traveling light, can chip in for gas
Zip: 80205 - 06/14/2022
im working as a food vendor and i need to get there tomorrow morning for load in and set up
Denver, Colorado - 06/14/2022
Hey everyone, my name is Pele Seraphina and I’m flying from CA to Denver. ISO a ride on Thursday from Denver to Sonic Bloom! Hoping to hit a grocery store first to grab some snacks :) I can definitely throw down on gas!!
Rye, Colorado - 06/14/2022
Hey! Will be doing a quick trip for Bloom I think I already have a ride to the event I am looking for a ride back to DIA on Monday I can def help with gas and such.
Colorado Springs, Colorado - 06/14/2022
Got a jeep can take two people need help with gas..
Zip: 81008 - 06/13/2022
My girlfriend and I are looking for a ride in to the festival on WEDNESDAY (early arrival) we have minimal items and can pitch on gas. Thanks in advance!
Denver - 06/13/2022
Have space in my car leaving from Denver! Looking for someone interested in helping out during permaculture action day. I will leave wed night or Thursday morning to participate in the Permaculture action day!
orlando - 06/13/2022
Looking for a ride from Orlando!
Boise, Idaho - 06/12/2022
Riding out to Sonic Bloom Wednesday sometime before 11 am. If you got extra gas $ that would help the journey
Boise, Idaho - 06/12/2022
Looking for a ride to and from Sonic Bloom. Can afford to help gas but can only afford $400 round trip. 1 3’ pack to bring all my camping gear, air mattress and clothing
Rye, Colorado - 06/12/2022
Hello all! I need a ride back to the Denver-ish area on Sunday!! I can bring gas money, good vibes, and good conversation. I would be so grateful!
Denver - 06/12/2022
Need ride to bloom from Denver. Have gas money !!!please come meet me need ride hit me up 208.738.6921

Love snowflake
Denver, Colorado - 06/12/2022
Coming down to to Denver from steamboat looking for a ride and to makec friends to the show and back to Denver.

I'm a chef so i could be camp chef.

Thanks! Duran
Denver, Colorado - 06/11/2022
Hi! I need a ride to Bloom for just myself, limited camping gear, my bag, and my cooler. Looking to leave Thursday anytime and return Monday. Can contribute gas money :)
Littleton, Colorado - 06/10/2022
I am heading down to Sonic Bloom on Thursday afternoon and only going from Denver but not returning back that way. If you want to share a car camping pass or need a ride down let me know. I wouldn't be able to drive you back to Denver however since I'm extending on another direction on Sunday.
Crested Butte, Colorado - 06/10/2022
I'm looking to carpool or share a car camping pass with Crested Butte folks going to Sonic Bloom. I have a truck so we could use that to consolidate to one vehicle if needed.
Denver, Colorado - 06/09/2022
I'll be leaving either Wednesday night or Thrusday morning and driving from downtown denver. Planning to stay through Sunday I think. Have 3 open seats in my 4runner
Colorado Springs, Colorado - 06/09/2022
Need a ride to Bloom!!

I’m landing at Colorado Springs airport around 4:45 pm Thursday night. Will help with gas :)
Rye, Colorado - 06/08/2022
Hi! I'm in need of a ride Sunday June 19th around 7:30am out of hummingbird ranch (for sonic bloom) to the denver union station or the denver airport. My flight takes off at 1230 so i need to be at the airport around 11/1130. Please let me know! :D I'm willing to pay 200$ for a ride or share gas money if someone is leaving sonic bloom around the same time!
Albuquerque, New Mexico - 06/08/2022

I am offering a ride to Sonic Bloom. I am flying into Albuquerque, NM around 1 pm, and getting a midsize SUV rental (already pre-paid for) so I am going to have extra room...

If anyone needs a ride around Albuquerque or even in Colorado - I don't mind driving extra since I am getting there a day early. Gas is appreciated or if anyone has a car camping, that would work better (I need to buy one soon, I didn't realize that car camping wasn't included until now)...

This is my first time at Sonic Bloom and I'm wicked excited for Tipper ;) I haven't seen him live since Hula 2018 so a tipper set is LONG overdue and Bloom looks like an amazing fest and vibes so I am wicked excited!!

I am going solo but I go solo to all my fests so it's no biggie at this point... Let me know if anyone is looking
Portland - 06/07/2022
working with a food cart and need to be there ~wednesday~ :)
Basalt, Colorado - 06/07/2022
Looking for a ride on Friday afternoon (after 11am), can look to take the bus somewhere to meet if it's helpful!
Denver, Colorado - 06/07/2022
Looking for a ride for 2! Arriving at DEN Airport 6/16 at 2:30. If possible would need a ride back to the airport on Sunday
Minneapolis, Minnesota - 06/07/2022
Hello :) looking for a ride from MN to sonic bloom! Would throw down on gas etc!
Boulder, Colorado - 06/07/2022
Leaving Saturday morning and staying Saturday night but returning Sunday morning.
Tempe, Arizona - 06/07/2022
Leaving from Phx through Albuquerque. Have 2 spots for the whole back seat
Grass Valley, California - 06/06/2022
Subaru Outback XT, chill bassy vybz the whole way
Larkfield-Wikiup, California - 06/06/2022
2008 Chrysler Town & Country. I'm solo and need a co=pilot to help afford GAS! Halp!!
Chandler, Arizona - 06/04/2022
I have a small Ford Fiesta. Loooking for someone who wants to carpool. I’m open to driving or if you wanna drive, I’m down with that too!
Zip: 87501 - 06/04/2022
Leaving Thursday morning from Sante Fe. Also will be driving back. If you are interested, please be responsible and on time.
Lakewood, California - 06/04/2022
Flying to Denver Wednesday, hanging out with family, then looking for a ride Thursday morning/afternoon. I would like to not miss music :)
Bloomfield, New Mexico - 06/03/2022
Willing to pay share of gas. 60 year old man, first time bloomer
Denver, Colorado - 06/03/2022
Hi, I'm looking for a ride to Bloom from the airport or union station Thursday night. I'll have a backpack, carry on, and single checked bag. Can def contribute cash and good vibes. Working the fest, so def coming thru with clean and courteous vibes.
Fort Collins, Colorado - 06/03/2022
Leaving Wednesday the 15th. Looking to meet some rad humans and split costs. It’s my 5th year at Bloom, I will be Volunteering. Can fit 2 maybe 3 depending on gear. Holler at me 719-238-7096
Denver, Colorado - 06/03/2022
Looking for a ride from denver for my boyfriend and i, or can meet you in any close surrounding towns if that’s easier! We pack super light and will obviously provide cash and good vibes :)
Denver, Colorado - 06/02/2022
Looking for a ride to the grounds I land Thursday morning at 8:43 will help on the cost to make it there and hopefully make some new friends along the way
Longview, Texas - 06/02/2022
Not looking to share a car. But looking for carpool buddies from Texas that are heading that way Tuesday the 14th and want to follow each other. Make friends along the way!
Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado - 06/01/2022
Have at least 1 seat available, possibly more. Have 3 routes I can take, either through silverthorne to Buena Vista to westcliff, silverthorne to canon city to pueblo, or through Denver heading down 25. I will be towing quite a large camper so will need to be an easily accessible place for pick up. Have early arrival on Wednesday, staying til Monday.
Rye, Colorado - 06/01/2022
Me and another person need a ride either late Sunday night or super early Monday morning! 5am flight to catch at DIA :( would be greatly appreciated and would love to chip in! We both have a hiking backpack and 1 decent sized luggage
Rye, Colorado - 06/01/2022
I am working strike on the Monday and Tuesday following the festival. I need a ride to denver on Tuesday night, or Wednesday morning. Thank you!
Denver, Colorado - 05/31/2022
2 lovely people need a ride from the airport to hummingbird ranch! Both will have hiking backpacks with 1 big luggage
England, United Kingdom - 05/31/2022
I need a ride leaving bloom either later Sunday night or super early Monday morning to catch a 5am flight :(
Greenbelt, Maryland - 05/31/2022
Grateful to take a journey with somebody heading to Sonic Bloom! I'll buy the food, gas, accomodations, and anything else desired. I enjoy sharing life and all of its experiences. I bring compassion, understanding, and laughter as my traveling companions! Only side effect is smiling
Denver, Colorado - 05/26/2022
I'm arriving at the DEN airport on Weds, June 15th at Noon. I'll have just a backpack and maybe one other small bag. I'd like to catch a ride with someone.
Lake tahowe, ca - 05/26/2022
Vibes up all the way
Denver - 05/25/2022
I fly into Denver 1 AM Thursday. I am looking for a ride to Hummingbird Ranch Thursday morning.
Arlington, Texas - 05/24/2022
I'm driving there however after the festival i am driving to San Diego CA
Broomfield, Colorado - 05/24/2022
Round trip to Sonic Bloom 30$ per head room for approximately 4-5 people and there belongings.
Denver - 05/21/2022

I'll be headed to Hummingbird Ranch on Friday morning.

Looking to help cut down on emissions and help a few people get to the festival.
Colorado Springs, Colorado - 05/20/2022
I land Thursday night at 9pm. Would love a ride to the venue :)

I’ll fill up your tank!
Louisville, Kentucky - 05/20/2022
Looking for a ride to sonic bloom wondering if anybody’s coming through Kentucky?
Junction City, Kansas - 05/19/2022

Looking for a ride to and from the Festival to anywhere in Kansas.

Can help with gas money and vibes at the ride
Ocean Springs, Mississippi - 05/19/2022
iso a ride to get there by June 15 and a ride home by the 21. can help with gas, snacks, tunes &also driving.
Denver - 05/17/2022
Flying in at 830 Thursday getting rental and heading to hummingbird ranch right after on Thursday and will be coming back to DIA Monday
Syracuse, New York - 05/17/2022
Need anyone heading to Colorado for sonic bloom festival to scoop me up along with them :)! Can offer gas money and good vibes
Denver - 05/16/2022
Will be landing at the airport at 10pm the night of the 15th. Just need a ride to the festival
Denver, Colorado - 05/13/2022
Hey everyone, I’ll be flying in to Denver from Canada at 10:20am CST and I’m flying solo for this trip! Would love to tag along with some people looking to have a great time. I’m more than happy to take care of gas and pitch in on other expenses. Let’s get wobbly!
Denver, Colorado - 05/03/2022
Coming in from NY solo will need a ride to/from the festival… happy to pay for gas and extras to share ;)
Chimney Rock, Colorado - 04/27/2022
Hey just giving this a shot. First bloom and first festival ever. Coming from Hawaii and will be in pagosa springs with my girlfriend but unfortunately she cant do bloom this year and has to leave pagosa a week before bloom so ill be stuck in pagosa springs and getting my own airbnb for a week before bloom and just trying not to do a rental car for a whole week plus the bloom dates. Happy to pay for gas and a little extra for a ride. Will just have a backpack and suitcase
Denver, Colorado - 04/07/2022
Hello! Won’t be carrying much on my person , traveling from pittsburgh and flying into Denver airport at 7am . Happy to Uber to a nearby Walmart for my supplies , but do need a ride getting to hummingbird ranch . I purchased a parking pass if youd like to use it while we are there.

Anything to save some dollars from the rental car route. Much appreciated!
Massachusetts, United States - 04/06/2022
Any New Englanders driving in? I got gas money, some treats, and can help drive if you'd like
Denver - 04/05/2022
From Denver airport to Hummingbird Ranch in Rye. Flying in solo, will have suitcase and backpack.
Denver, Colorado - 03/04/2022
Need a ride to and from Denver for Bloom. Happy to pay gas + a little extra
Colorado Springs, Colorado - 02/24/2022
I need a ride to and from the venue from the airport in Colorado springs.

Denver, Colorado - 02/11/2022
From Denver airport to Hummingbird Ranch in Rye. It is 2 people with 2-3 suitcase’s.
Denver - 02/10/2022
My fam and I will need a ride from DIA to the festival :)