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Sonic Bloom 2019

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Colorado Springs, Colorado - 06/24/2019
Hoping to get to Denver with my girlfriend. We made it from Sonic Bloom to Colorado Springs already, but need to get up to Denver this afternoon and could meet you right off I-25 at Woodman. We're friendly people, would be happy to pay for gas, and would be so very grateful! Thanks!
Walsenburg, Colorado - 06/23/2019
Ford fiesta, can take 2 riders with limited baggage. One Rider with baggage. Will be heading East with stops in Iowa, Wisconsin, points East with final destination in Washington DC. I am Male 42 non smoker.

Retired Military.
Colorado Springs, Colorado - 06/22/2019
If someone is leaving the festival at noon on Sunday and can give me a ride back to the Springs, I can help with gas.
Colorado Springs, Colorado - 06/22/2019
Need a ride back to the Springs Sunday afternoon
Zip: 80302 - 06/21/2019
Need a Ride to Sonic Bloom today anytime someone's heading from Boulder. I would like to chip in for gas.
Denver - 06/21/2019
flying into DIA tonight around 9pm and am actively looking for a ride from the airport or downtown.. good vibes and gas money will surely be provided
Denver, Colorado - 06/21/2019
Will pay for gas food and anything else needed to get to sonic bloom
Zip: 80206 - 06/20/2019
Looking for a ride up Friday and a ride back satuday :)
Aurora, Colorado - 06/20/2019
I need a ride on Friday and I can contribute $$
Denver - 06/20/2019
Room for 2 in suv. Leaving Friday 530pm coming back Monday early am. I work at 10am Monday and it’s a 2.5 hour drive back so keep that in mind. Thx!
Zip: 80516 - 06/20/2019
Looking for a ride to Sonic Bloom on Friday morning. Due to unfortunate circumstances I had to leave a day later than planned and the rest of my crew already headed that way. Can meet wherever is convenient. All I will have is my backpack!
Denver, Colorado - 06/20/2019
Super short notice, but writers just bailed on me. Hoping to be on the road by for at the latest leaving from downtown. Text me 3ohthree. 9nine5. ninety5 fifty4
Fort Collins, Colorado - 06/20/2019
Any ride is fine, if course I’ll oitch in gas and won’t take up much room cuz my buddy already went there and took up all my stuff. Please give me a call guys!

Fort Collins, Colorado - 06/20/2019
I was supposed to go last night (Wednesday so I could get there today but I let my buddy use my car and he wrecked it. Now I’m stranded IN foco with no access to the festival. Please hit me up via email or my number if it’s easier to talk directly(I think it does). I’ll help with gas and will have planets of goodies waiting for you at the campsite, which my buddy is already holding down for me.

So really I just need to be dropped off. Thanks

My direct cell is (970)) 286-4373
Boulder, Colorado - 06/20/2019
Leaving boulder today around 5:30. Let me know if you need a ride. I have a pick up with hard shell on it so bring all the gear you want
Denver, Colorado - 06/20/2019
We have room for 1 maybe 2 from Denver. Leaving Saturday midday, coming back Sunday morning. Message me if you're down for a single day of shenanigans.
Zip: 80205 - 06/20/2019
HAVE gas pitch for ride for 1 to event
Denver, Colorado - 06/20/2019
I need a ride from Denver airport to the festival on Friday. I arrive at 10am is trying to find a way to get to the festival.
Englewood, Colorado - 06/19/2019
Leaving thirsday morning at 10am. Will arrive around 2:00pm thirsday afternoon. Have room for one person, maybe two depending on how much stuff you have. I have a pickup truck with room. Leaving back to denver Monday at 10am
Walsenburg, Colorado - 06/19/2019
I need a ride back to Denver, from the festival, on Sunday night! If anyone is leaving a little early or even late Sunday night, please please hit me up. I have an early flight on Monday!
Denver, Colorado - 06/19/2019
Passing through Denver, have room for one and supplies. The names Sam, 22 y/o guy.
Independence, Kansas - 06/19/2019
Need ride for two cool people from union station to the show can offer gas and laughs also have a car camping pass!
Pueblo, Colorado - 06/19/2019
Looking for a ride from Pueblo to Sonic Bloom Friday afternoon around 2pm. Will give you $$

OR, looking for a ride back to Denver on Sunday.

All I have is a small backpack, so I just need a seat :)

My number is 715 410 6523
Denver, Colorado - 06/18/2019
Need a ride to the event. I have a GA pass which allows entry @noon on Thurs. I'm willing to buy an early entry pass if it means I'll have a ride. Happy to share gas $$ etc.

I'm a super chill and fun circus artist/clown.
Wheat Ridge, Colorado - 06/18/2019
Looking for ride to Sonic Bloom from Denver.. have gas $ and good vibes!
Denver, Colorado - 06/18/2019
Leaving the airport in a rental, landing at 948 am FRIDAY and grabbing my car to head out! Would love some company for the drive. Very high energy so be prepared
Zip: 80223 - 06/18/2019
Leaving Boulder around 7:30pm FRIDAY (meet at Boulder Humane Society if possible) OR early on Saturday morning (up to you, my friends). Could pick people up in Denver/Golden/I-25 along the way. Asking $15 to cover parking pass. We just got a brand-new sound system and will have snacks. :)
Colorado City, Colorado - 06/18/2019
Need a ride back to Denver Saturday. Will pay for gas!
Denver, Colorado - 06/17/2019
I'm arriving at DEN 6/19 AM, thinking about getting a rental if anyone needing a ride can chip on on gas?

I'm leaving the fest back to Denver to fly out 6/25

-Cher 224four360955
Zip: 60622 - 06/17/2019
ISO Rides: (will chip in for gas)

from Denver to the fest

Weds 6/19 AM


From fest to Denver

Tues 6/25 PM

Considering getting a rental if anyone else wants to share and chip in

Denver, Colorado - 06/17/2019
Driving my RV down from Denver. Looking for 1 or 2 to ride down and pitch on gas. Leaving early Wednesday evening, coming back Monday. Suuuper comfy ride.
Denver - 06/17/2019
Need ride 2 red rocks for Zedd and then sonic bloom!

Lets rage!
Denver, Colorado - 06/17/2019
3 spots for anyone with good energy and fun spirits. Leaving Denver at 2pm Wednesday for Sonic Bloom VIP early entry.
Salida, Colorado - 06/17/2019
Nissan Exterra, room for 2-3 plus gear.
Denver - 06/17/2019
Leaving today to arrive for volunteer camping, my volunteer shifts are before the show which is why I'm taking off so early. I hope this reaches someone, as of right now it is just myself!
Zip: 80403 - 06/17/2019
I need a ride down to Sonic Bloom on Friday. Can pitch in for gas
I70 & peoria - 06/17/2019
Leaving Wednesday 730am pronto, to be there by 10am.

Got 2 seats in the back with my son

Able to fit decent amount

Gas moola would definitely help
Leadville, Colorado - 06/15/2019
I have a truck with space for 2-3 peeps and all your gear. Leaving Thursday morn
Denver - 06/15/2019
hello my name is matt romero ,i am looking for a ride to sonic bloom ,i was the best voulenteer last year and on the media team i would love to go back
Denver, Colorado - 06/14/2019
I need a ride for myself and my gear from denver airport to the venue on the 18th
Bakersfield, CA - 06/14/2019
I have a small Mitsubishi mirage. My car is pretty much full with my stuff, however I can fit a person in the passenger seat and the back can fit a minimal amount of stuff. I will be driving from Bakersfield to Flagstaff and Alberqerque.
Pueblo, Colorado - 06/13/2019
Hi there! My name is Stephanie and I am looking to share a ride to sonic bloom with an amazing soul(s)! It would be great if we could ride back together as well?! So excited to share in this incredible, joyous journey with you all so soon!!

Wednesday, 6/19 at 4:30pm is when I will be arriving! Thank you so much! Blessings to you always!

Much love, Stephanie 310-866-0720
Zip: 80204 - 06/13/2019
Heyyy there! My boyfriend Ray needs a ride from Pueblo airport Friday around 430pm


He can also leave from Denver Friday at 3pm!
Austin, Texas - 06/13/2019
I will provide gas money, along with other perks.
Zip: 80204 - 06/13/2019
Looking for a ride for me and a friend from Denver on Wednesday 6/19. Gas and good vibez included :)
Washington, New Jersey - 06/12/2019
Driving out to Bloom from Jersey. 22 y/o guy. Looking for person(s?) to pass the time with and share the costs.
Zip: 33602 - 06/12/2019
For anyone interested, I fly into Denver from Tampa on June 19 at 1pm. Taking Uber to pick up rental SUV, that can seat 5 more people, from Lakewood (cheapest place to rent). Plan on hitting dispensary and store for odds and ends. Then off to SB for 4:20 entry. The cost of rental is $353.80 and anticipate $75 for gas. If anyone wants to split costs by the amount of people we get feel free to text 813-451-1333 and we can set it up (Joe). my flight leaves on Monday at 5pm so have to be back by early afternoon to turn in rental and Uber back to airport.
Loveland, Colorado - 06/12/2019
Looking for a ride for two on Thursday to the show! One is in Loveland and the other gets off a plane around 10:30am and will be waiting at union station until picked up. Can definitely contribute gas and good vibes, but also have a car camping pass to sweeten the deal. Pick us up and you camp with us and your car!!!
Zip: 98225 - 06/12/2019
Have gas money and jokes
Denver, Colorado - 06/11/2019
Myself, my lady, our camping stuff, we have extra equipment if someone is in need.

Plenty to throw down on whatever is needed.
san fransisco - 06/10/2019
I have a 26 foot class C Winnebago. My schedule is wide open. Should be able to give you a ride back to the bay area too. Pitching in for gas and maybe even driving would be great
Tacoma, Washington - 06/10/2019
Looking to catch a ride from Tacoma Washington 2 sonic bloom thx!
Zip: 93546 - 06/10/2019
Heading from Mammoth June 17th to Sonic Bloom. Stopping in Zion and Four Corners Monument along the way. Would love company or a co pilot. Room for 1-2 with gas help!
Renton, Washington - 06/10/2019
Moving to Denver, I can offer a ride for one person with minimal belongings. Leaving Wednesday morning, no exceptions
Glendale, Colorado - 06/10/2019
looking for a ride down on wednesday or thursday! I am doing VIP walk-in camping, can pitch plenty on gas and good vibes! I have a shade structure, a pretty big backpack and a duffle bag
Arkansas, United States - 06/09/2019
I have a full size van if there is anyone wanting to split the cost to go to Sonic Bloom 19!!
Indianapolis in - 06/08/2019
What’s up, I’ll be leaving Indy for sonic bloom festival around Wednesday or Thursday and have some extra room in my SUV. Let me know if you are looking for a ride and we can work something out via gas money.
Denver, Colorado - 06/07/2019
Hi! My partner and I will be flying into Denver Thursday morning. We plan on taking the tram from the airport to downtown. We would so much appreciate a ride. we could cover most gas expenses and be great company. We would have minimal gear- one large backpacking backpack and two smaller bags. Thanks!
Boulder, Colorado - 06/06/2019
Looking for a ride from either Boulder or Denver to Sonic Bloom! I would consider myself laid back and easy going! I’m 23 and can pay for gas!
Nashville, Tennessee - 06/06/2019
Hey, I’m looking for a ride to the festival. I wouldn’t need a ride back, because I’m gonna visit a friend in Denver after the festival. I could definitely help with gas
Zip: 80012 - 06/05/2019
I’m heading to sonic bloom on Thursday morning, I am going solo and would love to find someone wanting to share the ride and possibly camp with me
Iowa City, Iowa - 06/05/2019
Hey, my name is Josh. Looking to go to Sonic but hoping I can lock in a ride before I buy my ticket. I'm in for my part of travel expenses.
Zip: 80206 - 06/05/2019
Any early birds to SonicBloom?

I'm talking Monday, 6/17 early.

I share gas, conversation, and experience with those around me.

I am so excited to be apart of the beginning!
Zip: 80206 - 06/05/2019
To SonicBloom PreFest on 6/17!
Zip: 80218 - 06/05/2019
Hey Everyone! Me and my partner are volunteering and need a ride down from capitol hill Wednesday afternoon. We can of course provide gas and green. *ALSO IF 2 PEOPLE WANNA SPLIT A CAR RENTAL WITH US THAT MIGHT BE COOL**
Park City, Utah - 06/05/2019
I'm driving down for early entry starting late Wed or very early Thursday morning and heading back Monday morning.

Room for 1-2 extra passengers :)

Feel free to connect with me on here or shoot me a message on Instagram: @atmotter
Zip: 97405 - 06/04/2019
I could potentially take my car but would prefer to take a different one. I'm volunteering and need to make it for pre-fest! Would love to share gas and an adventure! -love love love-
Durango, Colorado - 06/03/2019
Is anyone leaving from the Durango on Wednesday the 19th for early entry? I'm looking for a ride, have gas, goodies and more to share/contribute. And if you weren't planning to leave until Thursday, I'd be willing to buy your early entry pass for you so you could get in early. Early entry is worth it for at least a few reasons. Many thanks team! Looking forward to this year!!
Penryn, California - 06/01/2019
Yo I need a ride out to Sonic bloom let's all link up and get it! Thanks in advance good vibes and let's enjoy the road!
Denver, Colorado - 05/31/2019
Looking for a ride down on Wednesday for early entry! Can pitch on gas!
Zip: 95949 - 05/27/2019
Id love to carpool lets share an adventure. Im 28 years yound and wanting to share gas and laughs. 916 947 3758 my name is casey
California, United States - 05/21/2019
Leaving from Southern California for the festival and will have room for 3 people :) Willing to pick any one up who’s along the route or in Colorado!
Cedar City, Utah - 05/20/2019
I work at the Bryce Canyon national park lodge and can get a ride to cedar city if anyone is coming from Vegas I’m sure you’d pass through
Albuquerque, New Mexico - 05/18/2019
heading to SonicBloom on Wday we have room for 1 or 2, large SUV/cargo trailer/ dope crew
Zip: 80487 - 05/16/2019
Heading to bloom on weds or thurs morning early. Have room for 1 or 2. Looking to split cost of parking/fuel. I have a mini van
Denver, Colorado - 05/15/2019
Hi fellow Sonic Bloomers! I'm going to be flying into Colorado Airport either Tuesday June 19th or 20th, early in the AM, trying to get into the fest for early arrival.

Let me know if you can help! I'm happy to contribute, thank you :) Mario
Colorado, United States - 05/09/2019
I need a ride FROM THE FESTIVAL to the Denver airport, on Sunday, the 23rd. My flight leaves at 8 pm. I will provide compensation and will be so grateful. Please help!
Colorado, United States - 05/09/2019
I need a ride to the Denver airport on Sunday the 23rd. My flight is at 8 pm that evening. I’m happy to pay compensation and will be truly grateful!
East Longmeadow, Massachusetts - 05/07/2019
2 female passengers with minimal luggage.
Pueblo, Colorado - 04/30/2019
Im from out of state and looking for a ride from either Denver Airport or Pueblo, CO (for others convenience) to the Sonic Bloom festival. I HAVE A CAR PARKING /CAMPING PASS! Unfortunately my situation right now has let me unable to commute myself via car from the airport to the actual venue. I am willing to pitch in for gas, and obviously share my camp/parking spot (i have no car + you dont have to pay for a parking/camp pass). Please contact me ASAP.

Thank you.
Zip: 60622 - 04/04/2019
Looking for a one-way ride to Sonic Bloom 6/20– have $$, valid drivers license, and lots of snacks.
Dubuque, Iowa - 03/26/2019
Just me and my best friend, Kaylee. We have our tickets secured but our ride situation is shaky. If you’re passing through we’d appreciate the lift
Denver, Colorado - 03/21/2019
Looking for a ride down the 19th for VIP! Can pitch for gas money and good vibes!
Denver - 03/15/2019
Hey there!

I'm looking for a ride from Denver to HummingBird Ranch either on Wednesday or Thursday, before the festival. I'll be more than happy to cover any expenses for the ride! Looking forward to hearing from you!
Zionsville, Indiana - 03/15/2019
Hey there!

I'm looking for a ride from Denver to HummingBird Ranch either on Wednesday or Thursday, before the festival. I'll be more than happy to cover any expenses for the ride! Looking forward to hearing from you!
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 03/11/2019
in search of a ride, either from the airport to the ranch or from philadelphia. i will gladly match you on any expense
Greenwood, Indiana - 03/11/2019
Hello, my namn is Clint, I will be leaving Indiana for Sonic Bloom!!!! Unfortunately I will be driving by myself and would welcome the company. I am planning on leaving a few days early as I will be bringing my fishing kayak and trailer. If you have a kayak..... it will fit!!
Denver, Colorado - 03/09/2019
Looking for a ride down on the 19th for VIP!
Zip: 33602 - 03/04/2019
I'm planning on renting a car from Denver Intl on Wednesday, June 19 around 1:30pm (want to be at SB by 4:20 for early entry and will need to make a dispensary stop on the way). Will be returning to Denver Intl by 1:30pm on Monday, June 24. If anyone would like to share a ride there and back let me know. Trump supporters need not reply ;-)...Have 3 seats open at this time and will update as seats fill.
Eugene, Oregon - 03/02/2019
Couple looking for a ride to the party! All our friends are backing out and we don't k ow anybody planning on going yet!
Big Chimney, West Virginia - 03/01/2019
Unknown yet. Getting a rent a car. Wi update
Denver - 02/18/2019
Overland Park, Kansas - 02/17/2019
Looking for a ride to Springdale 72762
Durango, Colorado - 02/15/2019
I've got a SUV with room for you! Likely there will be 2-3 spots open, leaving from Durango, CO. Cost of parking pass will be split amongst riders.
Denver, Colorado - 02/13/2019
I need two seats to Sonic bloom. We can discuss pick up and I can meet you closer to your location. We can also discuss compensation one on one.
Seattle - 02/12/2019