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Spirit Weavers 2020 - Moon Session

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Zip: 11205 - 05/24/2021
Hello there,

My name is Larissa, my friend Daniela and I are looking for a ride from Medford (downtown or airport area) on June 2nd. We are more than happy to help with the gas money and snacks on the ride.

Looking forward to this beautiful experience!

Medford, Oregon - 04/14/2020
hello Sisters, my name is Wahida and i'm looking for rides to and/or from the Gathering from the Medford airport. would gratefully help with gas. my arrival flight lands on Thursday 9/24 at 11:04 am, and my departure flight is Monday 9/28 at 1:05 pm. i live on Dakota and Ojibwe lands in Minneapolis, Minnesota. this will be my first Spirit Weavers Gathering. i'm deeply grateful and incredibly excited. see you there, one way or another. love to you all!
Portland, Oregon - 03/01/2020
I'm happy to bring snacks and ship in on gas money.
Salt Lake City, Utah - 02/23/2020
could ride with up to 3 more in my vehicle or i can ride with you!
Zip: 94609 - 02/17/2020
Hi all!

I live in North Oakland and am looking for a potential carpool mate (or two!) I have a Honda Fit (small but mighty) and a bunch of camping equipment, so my plan was to drive and see if anyone wanted to join. Let me know if you'd like a ride and we can coordinate.
Las Vegas, Nevada - 01/15/2020
My name is Ambra. I have room for 3. Let me know if you would like to ride with me or if I can ride with you.

Love and blessings.
Saint Paul, Minnesota - 01/15/2020
Hello Earth sistars! Looking for a ride from Medford airport to the camp on Thursday June 11th around 12:45pm. Can pitch in for gas or even pay a stipend, its just that the $100 shuttles are sold out and I'm having difficulty getting an uber!
Zip: 94110 - 01/14/2020

My name is Kara A. I live in Bernal Heights in San Francisco. I have a small Toyota Matrix that I can drive up but looking for more community with Bay Area SW folks.

Please message me if you'd like to ride with me up to Oregon or if I can ride with you.