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Spirit Weavers 2020 - Moon Session

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Las Vegas, Nevada - 01/15/2020
My name is Ambra. I have room for 3. Let me know if you would like to ride with me or if I can ride with you.

Love and blessings.
Saint Paul, Minnesota - 01/15/2020
Hello Earth sistars! Looking for a ride from Medford airport to the camp on Thursday June 11th around 12:45pm. Can pitch in for gas or even pay a stipend, its just that the $100 shuttles are sold out and I'm having difficulty getting an uber!
Zip: 94110 - 01/14/2020

My name is Kara A. I live in Bernal Heights in San Francisco. I have a small Toyota Matrix that I can drive up but looking for more community with Bay Area SW folks.

Please message me if you'd like to ride with me up to Oregon or if I can ride with you.