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Spirit Weavers Sun Session 2019

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Poulsbo, Washington - 03/17/2019
Hey fellow Spirit Weavers. I am offering a ride from Poulsbo or Olympia, Washington and can pick you up if you’re on the way. Ie, Portland etc. I’ll be driving my little RV and would love a little contribution towards gas. I will most likely be arriving on the land a few days early so this would be best for another Seva sister.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Medford, Oregon - 03/07/2019
Hey! Heading to Spirit Weavers Sun Session; flying into Medford, OR from Savannah, GA or Jacksonville, FL on 6/5/19. Will chip in for gas $. Please holla if you can help. With gratitude and love :)
New York, United States - 01/29/2019

I am going to Spirit Weavers (sun session) and looking for fellow ladies riding from NY to Spirit Weavers!

Medford, Oregon - 01/29/2019
Seeking ride to Cedar Bloom Farm