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Stagecoach 2012

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San Diego, California - 04/26/2012
Couldn't get off work on Friday, meeting friends there. Need a ride for me and a friend from Pacific beach where i live or La Jolla where I work (could do either whatever is most convenient). I have a companion parking pass that I will give you, since I won't need it if I don't drive. Can't leave until 4:00 Friday afternoon when I get off work. Would just need some room for a cooler that I am bringing. Email if interested :)
Zip: 90277 - 04/25/2012
Driving an RV from Redondo Beach. Most friends are driving on Friday. So there is a lot of space in the RV for the drive up and back, which seems like a waste. I kno its last minute, but anyone who wants to car pool send me a message. Leaving Thursday evening and coming back early Monday. Just asking to split gas.
Zip: 92107 - 04/25/2012
I am looking for a ride back to San Diego from Stagecoach Sunday night. My friends are staying until Monday and I need to get back early
Zip: 91722 - 04/24/2012
I'm offering a ride from Covina to Indio. Leaving April 26th returning April 30th. Heading to Stagecoach on Thursday afternoon. I drive a 2 seater car so space is limited.