Summer Camp Music Festival 2015

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Saint Louis, Missouri - 04/16/2015
23 year old dude looking for a ride to my first Summer Camp! Can provide gas money, good vibes, and friendship. I pack light. Just a small bag of clothes, a tent, and food. Can split drive time as well if needed.
Livonia, Michigan - 04/12/2015
I have space for one or two. I don't mind a minor detour along the way to pick you up.
Minneapolis, Minnesota - 04/08/2015
Hey what's up!! I'm Brynne, hoping to volunteer at summer camp but am in need of a ride, volunteers have to arrive either one or two days earlier so I'd understand if people who are attending as a non-volunteer aren't super down to carpool :~) if anyone is able to help- let me know I'd love to help with gas money and good times!! xo
Zip: 80302 - 04/07/2015
19 yr old girl looking for a ride with some cool fellas to my first summer camp experience :)
Chicago, Illinois - 04/06/2015
Flying into Chicago O'Hare Friday evening from Tampa, would REALLY appreciate a ride out to the fest! Will definitely pitch in for gas/foods
Kitty Hawk, North Carolina - 04/06/2015
Me and a group of friends are taking a bus to Peoria, looking for a ride or people to ride with into the venue.
Minneapolis, Minnesota - 04/04/2015

A friend and I are coming from minneapolis, looking to hitch a ride with some fun people! We will have a tent n some other goods with us.

We are two girls, 22 and 23, and down to split gas!! Email me if this could work!
Zip: 14607 - 04/03/2015
My boyfriend and I can likely take two people if you don't have a whole bunch of stuff. We drive an impala if that's gives you an idea of space. We are leaving super early Wednesday morning (1am) as we have a room at nearby the festival we are going to crash at to relax after that long drive!
Torrington, Connecticut - 03/23/2015
37 yo woman traveling from Northwestern CT to Summer Camp. Leaving Thursday night around 5:30 - 6:00 p.m. Plan is to drive straight-through to fest. Leaving Fest and driving back to CT Monday morning. Need to back in CT for work Tuesday morning at 8 a.m. Gas money would be much appreciated. Will pick up riders anywhere along route. Message if interested.
Zip: 10025 - 03/10/2015
Hi! 3F looking for a ride from either Chicago O'Hare or Peoria airport on Thursday or Friday and a possible ride back on Monday. Flexible with time.
Mobile, Alabama - 02/23/2015
Looking to hitch a ride. Possibly drive/offer a ride, depending how many can pitch in. Anywhere in the area or on the way will work!
Buffalo, NY - 02/22/2015
Traveling to Summer Camp from Buffalo NY. Looking for another rider or two to join us, will be driving in a chevy cobalt. so pack light
Fort Lauderdale, Florida - 02/20/2015
2-3 friendly peeps lookin for a ride from South Florida to the fest! Much love.
Indianapolis in - 02/16/2015
20 yo Male traveling from Indy to Scamp on Friday morning. Let me know if you are interested and we can talk details!
O'Fallon, Illinois - 02/12/2015
Leaving early Thursday morning from STL. Should have room for 1 or 2 more If you pack light.

Please note that Chicago is not on the way from STL to Chillicothe.
Wallkill, New York - 01/29/2015
Description of the Ride: Driving to SC, looking for riders to share expenses, will be there early Thursday and leave at the end. Good Vibes n good people. GF and I have room, no flakes, seriously.......
Churchville, New York - 01/20/2015
Live in Rochester previously drove last year feel I need to go this year lost my license and am looking for a driver to get me there I'm alone would help with expensives and a three day pass and Thursday early that's the way to do it let me know who's down and can make it happen with me so I can get the tickets!
Jamestown, Rhode Island - 01/08/2015
Offering ride from Boston/Providence area to festival. Two of us are renting a car and leaving Wednesday night around 8-9pm and then leaving festival either late Sunday night (after last good band performs) or very early Monday Morning. We both get out of work at 5pm on Wednesday and have to return to work for 6:30am the following Tuesday. Pitch for gas and $50/pp for car rental and you are in!
Mahomet, Illinois - 01/01/2015
Hey there! I am an 18 year old female, names Julie, from the Mahomet/Champaign-Urbana area needing a ride to the festival on Thursday. Feel free to e-mail me to help a girl out :D Thank you for your time!