Summer Camp Music Festival 2014

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Reno, Nevada - 04/19/2014

I will be arriving at O'Hare airport from Reno on Friday around 12 am and would love to catch a ride to the festival!

Iron Mountain, Michigan - 04/18/2014

Driving down from Iron Mountain, will have 2-3 open seats.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - 04/18/2014

Room for 1 Jeep Wrangler style! - Split gas to SCAMP! Msg me! Looking to leave on Thursday and travel back to OK on Monday.

Boyertown, Pennsylvania - 04/16/2014

Girlfriend and I (23 years old) headed to Scamp. Our 2 friends bailed today so looking for 1-2 people to split the gas with. Headed out early Wednesday morning to get there for the pre-party. Returning Monday. Would prefer if you rode back with us too (for gas $$ reasons). But if only looking for a one way that's cool too.

Avon, Colorado - 04/16/2014

Hey just lookin for a ride to Scamp!! Ill help with gas, even buy u a meal, and my awesome vibes!

East Northport, New York - 04/16/2014

yoyo! lookin for a ride for 2 people from long island/nyc. happy to split gas money and driving and share any fun things we have with you!! we will be eternally grateful =]

Chicago, Illinois - 04/14/2014

Hey! Need a ride for 1 on Thursday morning from downtown Chicago.

Gas and breakfast on me.

Bristol, Connecticut - 04/13/2014

Hey guys looking for room for 2. We can meet anywhere close within like 3 hours. We have plenty of gas money, and are looking to go for the thursday pre party. Shoot me a text or call me at 8603728735

Madison, Wisconsin - 04/12/2014

I am going solo to the event, leaving on 5/22/14 for pre-party. room for 2-3 folks.

Missoula, Montana - 04/09/2014

24 year old man child seeking ride to scamp by the pre party. Have gas moneys and crunchy tunes galore!

Chicago - 04/09/2014

I'm flying into Chicago on Wednesday the 21st and I'll be looking for a ride on the morning of the 22nd to the festival. I can throw down for gas. just one person with a decent sized pack and smiles for days :)

Boulder, Colorado - 04/09/2014

Looking for a ride for 2 people a few days before the pre-party. We have a ride from Arlington Heights, IL, just need to get to the northwest suburbs preferably a day or two before Thursday pre-party. If anyone has any plans of heading out from the west a few days before scamp please give me a call. 8473378834, will gladly give extra gas money if anything gets a bit off route

Groveland, Massachusetts - 04/08/2014

Hello my beautiful festy folk!

I will be driving from MA to Scamp and I'm pretty positive i'll be alone for the ride. Would love to pick up some excellent people to share gas and good vibes with. Unfortunately, I can only offer a one-way ride, as I will be continuing on to Wakarusa, a flow festival in KT, and then the Rainbow Gathering. Get at me if you need a ride to Scamp/from Scamp to Waka or to kentucky or rainbow or whatever!! Much love :)

Galesburg, Illinois - 04/06/2014

25yr old male. I Need ride to and or from show please. I only have a moped and it would be insane tying to travel with all supplies for the weekend.

Zip: 22046 - 04/03/2014

My friend and I are coming from Northern VA. Will have space for 1 or 2 to split the costs

Fenton, Missouri - 03/30/2014

me and a bud of mine are looking for a ride up and back. we are two males

Jamestown, California - 03/30/2014

I am one female passenger, flying in to O'Hare Intl Airprt in Chicago and will be looking for a ride to the festival from there. Shoot me an email if you're feeling generous XO

Zip: 43201 - 03/30/2014

My boyfriend and I are trying to get a ride and we are planning on working it. Not 100% sure if we are able to leave thursday or friday morning. Depends on my class schedule.

Hoffman Estates, Illinois - 03/29/2014

Looking for a ride either early thursday or friday morning to summercamp for me and my boyfriend. we need room for our tent but we shouldnt require much room. willing to help with gas fare.

Lockport, New York - 03/28/2014

Description of the Ride: I live in Lockport but can be dropped off where ever. Im trying to get back to the yard folks haha! Awesome vibes. I will throw in cash for the ride. I don't do drugs or drink.

Zip: 80205 - 03/28/2014

Would some caring soul like to help me out with a ride to my home called Summercamp?! I just moved to Denver from Chicago and I would be overly grateful for someones help. Gas money and great vibes will be included as well

Bridgeport, Connecticut - 03/26/2014

In CT...My friends and I are looking for a ride and have gas money! Our first Summer Camp experience! Can meet anywhere around CT to leave. Let us know!

San Francisco, California - 03/24/2014

need a ride to the show. Could fly or drive back

Murray, Kentucky - 03/22/2014

Forgot to mention I have the pre party pass so im looking to arrive on Thursday:)

Murray, Kentucky - 03/22/2014

Hoping to score a ride to my first Summer Camp! Ive experienced several others but this will be my first for SC:) I'm going solo for the learning experience and meeting of beautiful new people. Any help would be so so appreciated. Much love to all!

Cincinnati, Ohio - 03/21/2014

I have a sweet pop-up camper, RV ticket, and no way to tow the thing with my tiny car. If someone would be able to tow it, I have an extra ticket, gas money, and a delightful personality! Thanks! Amanda

Clarksburg, West Virginia - 03/21/2014

Should have room for 1! Get in touch ASAP!

Stanley, North Carolina - 03/19/2014

Willing to throw in with gas? Me and my boyfriend need a ride to Summer camp! Gotta get to umphrey's!! Out of charlotte, NC.

Hoffman Estates, Illinois - 03/15/2014

I will have a spot for one person with camping gear or two people with few belongings in my four seat focus! Trunk space will be filled with camping gear but there may be some wiggle room there as well. We can share gas prices and great tunes with myself and a friend from Pittsburgh.

North Olmsted, Ohio - 03/12/2014

tryin to hit up summer camp this year but have no ride.. coming from the cleveland area and would be willing to put a very generous amount of gas money down if guranteed a ride back home as well. would be traveling by myself and would be very grateful to that special person to be able to help out. peace and love

Assumption, Illinois - 03/10/2014

Description of the Ride: male and female traveling from stl. through assumption and on to summercamp. Looking for 1-2 riders male or female.

Duluth, Georgia - 03/06/2014

reposting since original got deleted. i am a during show volunteer looking for a ride with other volunteers. will help with gas and other expenses.this will be my first time going to roo

New York, United States - 03/04/2014

Looking for a ride to and from Long Island for 2 people! Will have gas money, good music, and good vibes all the way!

Albany, New York - 03/03/2014

Looking for a ride friends! I'm volunteering so looking to get there thurs. More than happy to split gas $ and good times!

Denver, Colorado - 03/02/2014

Ride is needed for two awesome 19 year olds. Please help if possible! We can provide food and gas money!

Chattanooga, Tennessee - 02/28/2014

Have a van looking to share the road trip with whoever would like to join. I did VIP so will be up there for the Thursday pre-party. Let me know if any southern folk need a ride. This is my first scamp!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 02/27/2014

Willl provide gass $$, food, and fun. Someone help me get to camp.

its been too long for my umphs

Minneapolis, Minnesota - 02/25/2014

I'm leaving on Wednesday afternoon and coming back on Monday.

Chicago, Illinois - 02/24/2014

I am coming from Buffalo by way of bus to Chicago. Looking for a ride for myself (maybe another) to the festival for the pre party. Will need a ride back this way of possible. Will throw $$$$. party on!

Raleigh, North Carolina - 02/24/2014

going to camp, looking for people who are also goin have a jeep im willing to drive but driving alone not that cool. so i guess im offering and needing a ride either way see u there

Fredericksburg, Virginia - 02/17/2014

looking for space for 1-2. Gas $$, cool stuff and great vibes.

Sheldon, Illinois - 02/17/2014

Description of the Ride: Will be traveling from Chicago early Thursday, staying until late Sunday. Have 3 empty seats.

South Windsor, Connecticut - 02/16/2014

Hi! me and a friend will be looking for a ride from CT! will throw gas money and also wonderful vibes

Johnstown, New York - 02/16/2014

Looking for a ride! More than willing to throw gas money/compensation.

Des Moines, Iowa - 02/16/2014

I am looking to tag along with someone who has any empty spots in a car, van or bus. Hell, I'll ride a scooter if it seats two. Gas money is definitely provided from my end and I'm the most easygoing person you will ever meet.

Chicopee, Massachusetts - 02/15/2014

Just would love to ride share gas expenses... may leave early if i get a volunteer spot..... muah!!!

Charleston, South Carolina - 02/15/2014

Looking for a ride from somewhere around Charleston, SC!

Albany, New York - 02/13/2014

Description of the Ride: Looking for a ride! Wouldn't be opposed to driving towards Camp a bit if you have a spot to leave my car. Message me and we'll figure something out!

Oshkosh, Wisconsin - 02/12/2014

Driving from Oshkosh to Summer Camp, have a truck so there is plenty of room! Leaving Thursday morning returning Monday afternoon.

St. Louis, Missouri - 02/11/2014

I plan to go to a few outdoor camping music festival's Bonnaroo, etc.

Description of the Ride:

Looking for 2 or 3 girls to pay for gas. Your on your own wants we get there.

St. Louis, Missouri - 02/07/2014

Description of the Ride: 2 or 3 girls. Pay for gas and yr on yr own.

Gilmanton, New Hampshire - 02/06/2014

hit me up

Colorado Springs, Colorado - 02/05/2014

Hello! We're leaving from Colorado Springs and have 2 extra seats in the car if you need a lift 919-594-7466 (love&music)

Charleston, South Carolina - 02/05/2014

Pretty much able to get a ride anywhere 5ish hours away such as Atlanta, anywhere in South Carolina, Asheville and other places in NC.

McHenry, Illinois - 01/30/2014

A ride there and back with some lovely people would be wonderful and I would be forever grateful :D please please please!

Des Moines, Iowa - 01/28/2014

Looking to carpool with some chill folks. I have gas money, good company and plenty of love to share.

Chico, California - 01/27/2014

Hey! 21 year old chick, planning on buying a plane ticket over from Northern California for the weekend, but if I could ride share I'd be stoked and down to share gas money, driving, laughs, and the adventure. Even if it's a one way ride either way. Let me know!

Niagara Falls, Ontario - 01/24/2014

Me and my girlfriend are in need of a ride, willing to meet over the border as we live in canada, Message me and we can talk more :)

Dallas, Texas - 01/23/2014

Driving to the show. Then headed to Chicago on Sunday night(arg) for a party. If anyone wants a one way trip for Dallas, I can fit three. Leaving Thursday.

Carlisle, Pennsylvania - 01/20/2014

Yo guys I'll be heading there from Harrisburg area South Central PA. If one or two people need a ride don't hesitate to message, I don't want to go alone and it's great to help someone out! Peace

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 01/15/2014

Hi! I'll be needing a ride from Philadelphia, PA (or anywhere close by). So if anyone has any room for one rider, I would appreciate it so much! I'll be bringing as little as possible and I'll pitch in for gas, food, and/or anything else. Thank you!

Amissville, Virginia - 01/14/2014

My boyfriend and I need a ride from Culpeper VA. We come bearing gas money and good vibes:) We wont purchase tickets until we definitely have a ride so please contact ASAP. As long as you have two seats and room for a hoop we will be appreciative !

West Chester, Pennsylvania - 01/13/2014

Hi there drivers, let me be your rider! Looking for a ride from West Chester, PA, but of course if you need me to meet you somewhere closer I can find a way; I just can't make it all the way out to the fest in my '89 Skylark. :)

Bellingham, Washington - 01/10/2014

Hey there washington friends Ill be leaving from bellingham and so far i am the only person going….so i have 3 spots available!!!

Birmingham, Alabama - 01/09/2014

My friend and I are leaving from Birmingham time is TBA but I have 2 available seats and we are super 420 friendly :)

West Chicago, Illinois - 01/09/2014

Up to 2, will leave early Friday come back Monday morning

Mansfield, Pennsylvania - 01/08/2014

My Girlfriend and I are leaving from northern PA. Not sure of the date we are leaving yet but we do have pre party passes! We have room for 1 maybe 2. Email or text 610-207-1318. Peace Love and Umphrey's!

Chesterton, Indiana - 01/08/2014

Ill have room for 1 or two people traveling with light gear. Chill mellow laid back kinda guy just looking for some a fun person/s to build the anticipation while ridin to Scamp. Help on gas would be great! Or help on others:)

Durham, New Hampshire - 01/08/2014

looking for some east coasters willing to split gas and enjoy the ride with. 2-3 spots available.. 420 friendly, however, there is a screening process..aka i make sure you're not a dingus before we leave.


West Chicago, Illinois - 01/08/2014

leaving early friday morning return monday morning room for 2