Summer Camp Music Festival 2015

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Churchville, New York - 01/20/2015

Live in Rochester previously drove last year feel I need to go this year lost my license and am looking for a driver to get me there I'm alone would help with expensives and a three day pass and Thursday early that's the way to do it let me know who's down and can make it happen with me so I can get the tickets!

Jamestown, Rhode Island - 01/08/2015

Offering ride from Boston/Providence area to festival. Two of us are renting a car and leaving Wednesday night around 8-9pm and then leaving festival either late Sunday night (after last good band performs) or very early Monday Morning. We both get out of work at 5pm on Wednesday and have to return to work for 6:30am the following Tuesday. Pitch for gas and $50/pp for car rental and you are in!

Toronto, Ontario - 01/04/2015

Hey everyone :D

Looking for a ride from Toronto to the Festy!!! Will of course pitch for gas and have some good tunes!

Let me know if anyone is headed from that general area!



Mahomet, Illinois - 01/01/2015

Hey there! I am an 18 year old female, names Julie, from the Mahomet/Champaign-Urbana area needing a ride to the festival on Thursday. Feel free to e-mail me to help a girl out :D Thank you for your time!