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Summer Camp Music Festival 2018

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Chicago, Illinois - 05/26/2018
Need a ride to Summer Camp on Sunday and a ride back to Chicago on Monday. Have $ for gas and beers.
Normal, Illinois - 05/24/2018
Hey! Landing at the Bloomington Normal airport at 930pm Thursday, May 24 and would love to share a ride to Scamp. I got some gas money!
Saint Louis, Missouri - 05/22/2018
I just need a ride to summer camp. I’ll be in Ballwin, but can probably make it to STL metro if needed. I have a ride with friends for the way back so it’s just a one way trip, but I’ll offer gas money and funny stories. Thanks in advance!
Saint Paul, Minnesota - 05/22/2018
I need a ride to and from Scamp. Preferably arriving early on Thursday! I have gas money, I’m responsible, and I wear deodorant.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin - 05/22/2018
It's just me and my hunny. We work at summer camp Friday at 12 pm and are looking for a ride early Friday or late Thursday. We have gas and goodies!!!! Please help a squirrel out LOCATED ON THE EAST SIDE BY THE MIRIMAR THEATRE
Springfield, Illinois - 05/22/2018
I'm in springfield, this will be my first music fest ever, I'm looking foward to embracing more of the culture with an open mind, I feel I need this spiritually, and that it will help me on my journey! Please help
St. Louis, Missouri - 05/21/2018
Small truck with extended cab
Mableton, Georgia - 05/21/2018
Needing a ride to the festival and back home. Can of course provide funds for gas.
New York, United States - 05/21/2018
Looking to split gas and drive
Bemus Point, New York - 05/21/2018
I have a car and can drive, but I would prefer to find someone coming along I90 or I86 that I could snag a ride with. I will pay for my share of travel expenses and I'll have a cooler with food!!
Zip: 53711 - 05/21/2018
Trying to get to Summer Camp this Wednesday or Thursday for my first year! I am clean and can sport some gas money as well as stories!! Hit me up fam!
Chicago, Illinois - 05/20/2018
My ride ditched me last minute and just trying to find a way up to Summer Camp! Preferably Thursday or Friday. Will split gas moneys
North Manchester, Indiana - 05/17/2018
Looking for a ride from the Fort Wayne area. Will have gas funds snacks and Ill be packing light!
St. Louis, Missouri - 05/17/2018
Ride fell through, could use someone cool to carpool with
Milford, Connecticut - 05/15/2018
Heading out from CT on Wednesday with my sister. We have room for a few: looking to carpool, split some fares & add some company to the car! shoot me a message if your interested/ for more info
Sneedville, Tennessee - 05/15/2018
Round trip ride from TN. Coming from Kinnection camp out, going to Bonnaroo. One seat + gear in my truck.
Bangor, Wisconsin - 05/08/2018
Northbrook, Illinois - 04/27/2018
Hey.. We are getting close to Summer Camp. I am planning on leaving Northbrook, IL. on either Thursday or Friday depending on once they post the schedule. Are you looking for a ride to camp ? I also have use of a hotel for showers etc.... Hit me up if you are interested....!