Summer Camp Music Festival 2015

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Ward, Arkansas - 04/30/2016
Leaving Thursday from little Rock, returning Monday. Back seat is empty, so if you are on the way, we can swoop you up!
Northbrook, Illinois - 04/26/2016
Hi, I am leaving for Summer Camp early on Friday.. I am looking for some company if you need a ride.. I also have a hotel room if you are not camping and are looking for a place to stay....
Grand Forks, North Dakota - 04/10/2016
From Grand Forks, would like to arrive wednesday night. I am a Camp Counselor so it's possible I can get whoever gives me a ride in early. :)
Springfield, Missouri - 04/08/2016
Need a ride lost mine. Anyone from like Arkansas passing threw springfield or living close to springfield mo. I'm a light packer very light! Please help!!
Phoenix, Arizona - 02/20/2016
Hey guys, I'm a 24 yo guy that's going to be driving from Phoenix to Scamp.I'll be leaving Tuesday to arrive for the Thursday Pre party. I've got room for 2-3 chill people who are willing to help out in some way. I'll be crossing a fairly big part of the country so if you need a ride and are between Phoenix and the festival hit me up.
Phoenix, Arizona - 02/20/2016
Hey guys, I'm 24 yo guy going to be driving from Phoenix to scamp. I'll be leaving Monday or Tuesday and arriving for the Thursday pre party. I'm looking for someone chill to share the ride with and help out a little with gas or whatever.
Bel Air, Maryland - 12/09/2015
If anybody is going to summer camp coming from the east coast DMV area I'll be willing to provide lots of gas, smiles, and food !
Chicago, Illinois - 05/23/2015
My ride to Summercamp bailed, although I have a car and am looking for some company! Hit me up!
Crystal Lake, Illinois - 05/23/2015
Nice couple looking for a ride from the NW Suburbs Sunday morning! We are happy to throw down for gas, snacks, ect.
Chicago, Illinois - 05/22/2015
Looking for a ride Sunday Morning. Will throw down for gas, etc..
Cincinnati, Ohio - 05/21/2015
I need a ride from Cincinnati. I can meet you anytime on Friday from downtown, Clifton, Northside, wherever you need me to be I can find a way to meet you there. I am willing to pay for all of the gas there if you need help affording it and I am willing to drive. I can also drive a stick-shift.

I have a service dog that will be coming with me. She is 10 years old and very well behaved. If her hair is a concern I can bring something to cover your seat.

My number: 513-655-6 one two 3
Los Angeles, California - 05/21/2015
Hey Everyone! I'm looking for a ride from the Peoria Bus Station to SummerCamp!! :D :D

I can compensate and only will have two small hoops and my person as all my stuff is already there and set up with my friends who got their early to work.

Love & Light,

Jackson, New Jersey - 05/21/2015
UPDATED WRONG EMAIL.. .SPUNION PROBLEMS UGH Me and my girl just got our ride bailed on....we have so much love, good vibes and whateveramount of money it takes.....our traveling family is meeting us there we don't need a ride back....please if any can help it would me super appreciation....much love family
Jackson, New Jersey - 05/21/2015
Me and my girl just got our ride bailed on....we have so much love, good vibes and whateveramount of money it takes.....our traveling family is meeting us there we don't need a ride back....please if any can help it would me super appreciation....much love family
Glen Ellyn, Illinois - 05/20/2015
I have a ride for anyone who needs one from the western suburbs. $50 bucksss
Oregon, Illinois - 05/20/2015
Hey folks! One friend and I are looking for a ride to the fest from Oregon, IL! Only 1 30 min away, right South of Rockford! We are ready to leave 5pm Friday. We travel light- no baggage here! Can offer gas money, jokes of all tastes, snacks, "crazy stories", fun times and so much more. We will be eternally grateful for your vehiclilar hospitality!
Chicago, Illinois - 05/20/2015
Looking for a ride with someone else with a one day Sunday pass! I live in Lincoln Park in Chicago and could take the train to you if necessary because I'll be carrying very little.
Little Chute, Wisconsin - 05/20/2015
Looking for a ride to Summercamp. I am right off Hwy 41 and will only have a bag small tent and a cooler. I am a non smoker as well. Will throw down $20 for gas.
Chicago, Illinois - 05/20/2015
I am flying into Ohare at 10pm Friday night and am trying to find a ride to scamp that night! If not Saturday morning! I have gas money and party favors once we get in there!! Help a sista out!
Owensboro, Kentucky - 05/20/2015
Our car blew up today so if anyone is going through western ky or southern Indiana, my girlfriend and I would be so grateful! Have cash pack light!
Chicago, Illinois - 05/20/2015
Will be flying into O'hare airport early on Friday morning and need a ride to Summercamp festival grounds! I have money for gas.
Chicago, Illinois - 05/20/2015
Hello, I am looking for a ride for me and my wife from Chicago to the festival on Sunday AM. Will pay for gas. Great people needing some help. thank you in advance

Chicago, Illinois - 05/20/2015
I'm flying into O'Hare at 11:30pm on Thursday night and need a ride to SCAMP. I'd like to leave by Friday morning if possible and can meet you in the metro area if bus will allow it. I have gas money and am traveling light (only a backpack). Feel free to call or text me (720)917-8090. Thanks so much!
Bourbonnais, Illinois - 05/20/2015
Hi! Third year to scamp and looking for someone to ride with me there. I have room for 2 more people. I'm leaving Thursday around 7pm for the pre-party.
Chicago, Illinois - 05/19/2015
My wife and I are looking for a ride to scamp on Wednesday night late or Thursday morning. We have two large backpacks and a tent. Please let us know if you have availability! Thanks
Denver - 05/19/2015
21 year old guy looking for a ride to denver after scamp is over. Willing to help with driving and gas. Let me know if we can make this happen and happy scamping!
Zip: 48104 - 05/19/2015
Hey my name is Jay I'm a student in ann arbor. Last minute deciding to go. i have class until 3 15 on thursday, if that works with your schedule and you're still down for some good vibes please hit me up. I'm also down for throwing on gas $$
Zip: 53703 - 05/19/2015
Leaving Madison around midnight Wednesday night. Still have room for a couple more. Let's get to Scampin'!
Chicago, Illinois - 05/19/2015
Need ride from Chicago O'Hare airport to Summer Camp - Thursday at 9:30am. Please :) Have cash!!! Thank you so much!
Arlington Heights, Illinois - 05/19/2015
Hi ! I am getting excited for this weekend, my friend who was going with me had to cancel.. I am probably leaving Friday Morning and have a hotel room too.. Anybody interested ?
Hudson, Michigan - 05/19/2015
Me and wife trying to get there!
Saint Louis, Missouri - 05/19/2015
23 yr old chick. 1st time camper, driving up solo to meet with friends. Plenty of room for more!
Northbrook, Illinois - 05/19/2015
Hi, I am leaving from the North Burbs of Chicago probably on Friday morning...I am driving alone and would like for somebody to join me for the few hour ride.. I am male and 43 years old, have a nice comfortable car and a hotel room all weekend.. Anybody interested... Let me know!
Kalamazoo, Michigan - 05/19/2015
Leaving Kalamazoo area early friday morning- We have room for another person, or two depending on how much room our things take up.
Davenport, Iowa - 05/19/2015
I have room for one more to go from QC to Scamp on 5/23 and/or 5/24.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin - 05/19/2015
Leaving Milwaukee around 8-9 am Thursday morning. Have room for one, possibly two but might be tight with stuff. Minimal gas needed basically just want copilot. Nothing illegal!
Lafayette, Indiana - 05/19/2015
Leaving Lafayette Friday morning. Have room for a couple more ppl. Will be driving to hotel with shuttle to scamp
Chicago - 05/18/2015
Halp me out here please. My ride bailed on me and I have no other way of getting to Scamp. I've exhausted all my resources and this was supposed to be my first music festival and it was supposed to be awesome and everything I dreamed of. I already got my ticket and I just need a break this once. From south loop Chicago willing to meet fairly close to Chicago. Will pay for gas and be the coolest person you will ever meet.
Zip: 60613 - 05/18/2015
Hey! Living in Wrigley, looking for a ride on Friday (preferably a little on the early side, but I'm flexible). Only bringing a backpack and a sleeping bag. More than happy to throw down on gas!
Chicago, Illinois - 05/18/2015
Hi! I am driving to summercamp on Friday around 2:30 PM. I will be living from the northern side of Chicago if anyone in that area needs a ride!
Indianapolis, Indiana - 05/18/2015
Leaving Thursday morning 10am
Zip: 60115 - 05/18/2015
Ill be driving down Friday night after i get off work. I'd leave early but unfortunately i have to adult so i wont be heading out till 9 or 10ish depending how busy work is. to have some company would be great.
Harrisonburg, Virginia - 05/17/2015
Two looking for a ride to or from scamp. If you can give me a ride there, I can get you into the campground on Wednesday as i'm volunteering. I also need a ride back to VA for work on the 27th. Of course i'll help with gas.
Chicago, Illinois - 05/17/2015
I need help getting to or throwing in on a rental to get to peoria, I have a ride from peoria if thats the option. Arriving late Thursday night and want to leave right away if possible
Zip: 60613 - 05/17/2015
I need a ride from Chicago, I live in lakeview. Would love to leave as early as possible on Thursday. Will pay for gas.

Please let me know.
Berlin, Maryland - 05/17/2015
are you still looking for a ride. i am a single male with a jeep wrangler. i have room for one. i am 45 and i been to summer camp before, i have many female friends at the festival. i am a full time cross dresser, i will have pink hair and i wear mostly pink too. you are safe with me, i believe all women are superior to me, i would love to have you as a friend too. i always help the girls, i have a big hand truck i use to assist them to the camping areas, everything i do is pink, so my friends can find me at any festival.i am a VIP so i will arrive early thursday morning and wait in line. daisy 410-598-1637
Bellevue, Kentucky - 05/16/2015
Leaving NKY/Cincy area early thurs a.m. looking for a new friend and rider ... Young spirited 58/M Chef ... Peace, Doug
Zip: 44107 - 05/16/2015
Hey guys! I'm looking for a ride from the cleveland area early Friday morning or late Friday night! I'm a 25 year old female non smoker but don't care if you do who can pack very light and split gas :)
Mount Airy, North Carolina - 05/15/2015
me and my girl needing ride... Willing to throw n on a rental...hit me or call
Zip: 64111 - 05/15/2015
Hey! 24 year old dude leaving KC on wednesday afternoon to get to summercamp on wednesday night in time for volunteer checkin. I have room for 1+ a ton of stuff, or more people if you don't mind riding in the back of an old van, facing sideways, WITHOUT seatbelts.

Good vibes and adults only please--keep the felonies out of my vehicle

Champaign, Illinois - 05/15/2015
I need a ride to Summercamp on Thursday 5/21 . I will thrown in on gas :)
Oxford, Mississippi - 05/15/2015
Ride dipped out on me. Need a ride to scamp from Oxford, MS. Will split gas!
Michigan, United States - 05/15/2015
Just decided to go and would love a riding companion. I'm a nice lady with a comfy car.
Chicago, Illinois - 05/15/2015
We have room for several people. Just ask that you are nice and have a little gas cash.

Leaving SW burbs Friday morning. We are quite close to the Orland Park 179th Metra station.
Henderson, Kentucky - 05/15/2015
24 year old female offering a ride from the evansville indiana area and those in between. Leaving Friday morning and returning Monday morning or Sunday night.

Maribyrnong, Victoria - 05/15/2015
We have room for several. Leaving Friday morning.
Chicago, Illinois - 05/15/2015
Hi! I'm flying into O'Hare and will be there by 7pm on Thursday! I'm looking for a ride from the airport to Summer Camp and possibly back for my flight at 11am on Monday. I can also meet around Chicago as I will have some time to move myself around depending on when you were planning on leaving!

My bus got cancelled last second so I'd love to find something that could get me there by Friday! Feel free to contact me at 860-878-7433 if we could hitch one together.

Asheville, North Carolina - 05/15/2015
Looking for a ride to Scamp, can pitch whatever is needed!
Zip: 60612 - 05/14/2015
Hey all! My ride dipped out on me so me and my group (3 total) are looking for a ride to scamp either Thursday night or Friday morning. We can work out compensation. I would really appreciate it! Thanks in advance!
Indiana, United States - 05/14/2015
I am a Scamper local and must make a trip to Indiana and back to Chillicothe on the first and last day of the festival. I will be driving from Indianapolis, IN on the 21st to Summer Camp Music Fest, and driving back on the 25th. I can easily stop in Danville, Champaign, or Bloomington, IL. Looking to find fellow Scampers to share in gas expenses. Please email me for any details. Safe and drug free ride. or text me at 309-264-7605
Dayton, Ohio - 05/14/2015
22yo Male. I'm looking to leave early Friday morning/late Thursday night to arrive Friday morning. Looking for company for the trip and someone to help with gas. Room for One.
Chillicothe, Illinois - 05/14/2015
I am a Scamper local and must make a trip to Indiana and back to Chillicothe on the first and last day of the festival. I will be driving from Indianapolis, IN on the 21st to Summer Camp Music Fest, and driving back on the 25th. I can easily stop in Danville, Champaign, or Bloomington, IL. Looking to find fellow Scampers to share in gas expenses. Please email me for any details or text me at 309-264-7605
Chillicothe, Illinois - 05/14/2015
I will be driving from Indianapolis, IN on the 21st to Summer Camp Music Fest, and driving back on the 25th. I can easily stop in Danville, Champaign, or Bloomington, IL. Looking to find fellow Scampers to share in gas expenses. Please email me for any details
Appleton, Wisconsin - 05/14/2015
Anyone have room for 1 chill guy in the Fox Valley?
Appleton, Wisconsin - 05/14/2015
Might have an extra spot to Summercamp. Hit me up
Saint Louis, Missouri - 05/14/2015
I'm volunteering for taco tribe at SCAMP and could really use a ride! 22/F easy going artist.
Lancaster, Pennsylvania - 05/14/2015
Have an extra seat or two. My girlfriend and I are just going. Leaving Wednesday night and leaving Monday morning. We are doing the pre-party yes. New friends and good vibes welcome. A week away! Would be awesome to get help for gas and tolls and driving. positive vibes only!
Denver, Colorado - 05/14/2015
Offering a ride to Summer camp Music Festival from Denver to Chilicothe,IL. Could use some help with the drive & gas
Athens, Ohio - 05/13/2015
Very close to Columbus and I could meet at in Columbus if easier
Oshkosh, Wisconsin - 05/11/2015
hiiiyyooo!! 23 year old girl needin a ride! anyone from the area got an extra seat?! I gots gas moneys and smiles to share :)
Grand Rapids, Michigan - 05/11/2015
Looking for a couple folks to fill up a cargo van possibly looking for about 5 people. It will cost you some money but you will get there safely!!! Also, willing to take those same people home after the festival!!! Good people, Good times and plenty of room to share!!! I have no problem stopping along the way or going a couple miles out of the way!
Chicago, Illinois - 05/11/2015
Hi! We are two, my husband and I and we are looking for a ride to Summer Camp Music Festival on Saturday, May, 23. Someone here??

Thank you!
Chicago, Illinois - 05/11/2015
Hey I will be coming from Vancouver, arriving at the O'hare International airport on May 21st at 5:20 pm.

Looking for a ride either the 21st or the morning of the 22nd to Summer Camp Festival! or Chillicothe

~ ~ ~
Boyne City, Michigan - 05/09/2015
Leaving from Boyne area have room for one or two let me know
St. Louis, MO - 05/09/2015
Anyone have room for two? Our ride didn't work out and we would really appreciate the transportation. Have gas money, good vibes, and can share driving time if needed. If anyone can pick up along the way there that would be super awesome.
Vail, Colorado - 05/07/2015
Looking to drive my canper van from Colorado to summer camp! Can fit a couple people, and could really use the help with gas. Let me know what's up!
Charlotte, North Carolina - 05/07/2015
Hey guys, I'm both offering and requesting a ride. I'd prefer to hitch a ride with someone(as my other post states) however I may just rent a car and drive. Though this will be pricey traveling alone so I'd like to pickup some people who can help with gas. Let's go scampin!
Zip: 80302 - 05/07/2015
24yr female Desperately looking for a ride from boulder on the 20 after I get out of work at 8pm or a ride on the 21st anytime... and to leave summer camp monday am at the latest to get back to work. I can get a ride pretty much from anywhere in CO. I have gas money and smiles.
Chicago - 05/07/2015
I need a ride from Chicago to Summer Camp on Thursday - down to leave at any time of the day. I'm an easy-going, well-traveled guy with light luggage.
Dunkirk, New York - 05/06/2015
Anyone looking for a ride from Dunkirk forward and back I got room. Driving an RV solo would love company.
Chicago, Illinois - 05/06/2015
I'm looking for a ride FROM Summer Camp back to Chicago or Chicago suburbs. I have a ride there, only need this ride back to Chicago. Will shower you with gas money, party favors and love, and I'm sure we will become great friends.
New Cumberland, Pennsylvania - 05/04/2015
As of now I am driving solo. Have a local friend that may or may not be coming. If he's not coming, I would need to split driving time, gass and tolls two ways. I want to go Wednesday night to arrive Thursday, and leave Sunday.
Geneseo, New York - 05/03/2015
Me (20,m) and my friend (20, f) need a ride to scamp! We are packing light, and will throw gas and goodies:)
Zip: 53715 - 05/02/2015
Leaving from downtown Madison early Sunday AM for the last day, returning to Madison Monday. Have plenty of room (as of now I'm driving solo)...spots for 4 more and a large trunk for your things.. join me! :)
Armonk, New York - 04/29/2015
I'm looking for a ride to and from the festival. 29f going for a bachelorette party!!
Saint Charles, Missouri - 04/29/2015
Hey! I'm Shaye and I'm looking for a ride from Scamp to St. Louis after the festival? Can provide gas money, smiles, and good vibes
Baton Rouge, Louisiana - 04/28/2015
2 or 3F looking for a ride or to carpool! Can pitch in for gas and food. Much love (:
Lancaster, New York - 04/28/2015
looking for a ride to scamp for 1! 5th time scamping, i pack light, and would love to get there for the preparty.... ill pitch for gas or buy ur pre party pass or both.....
Lowell, Massachusetts - 04/28/2015
Very chill 22 year old girl looking for a ride! I can travel up to 50 miles or so to hook up with a crew. None of my homies got their act together. Looking to leave Wednesday night to be able to attend the Thursday pre-party. Got gas money and party favors! I play in the Party Band and if you want any merch in exchange for a ride I can do that too!
Norfolk, Nebraska - 04/28/2015
I'm a 25 yr old guy coming leaving from Norfolk, Ne leaving on Wednesday afternoon driving 4 hours till Des Moines staying at a friends then the next 4 hours in the morning.. Will be driving an impala so pry only enough room for 1 other person. Would prefer female but it Dont matter hmu if u need a ride
Chicago, Illinois - 04/27/2015
I am one of the painters for the festival and am looking for a ride for me and my bestfriend. We will be arriving in Chicago on Tuesday night and are looking to leave that night or Wednesday. Please let me know if anyone can help us out! Gas money and art prints are availble to trade for a ride. Thanks!
Zip: 25701 - 04/22/2015
Hi! 21F looking for a ride to my first summer camp, and I'm volunteering! Any other volunteers? I can pitch in for gas money and will gladly share snacks.
Livonia, Michigan - 04/12/2015
I have space for one or two. I don't mind a minor detour along the way to pick you up.
Minneapolis, Minnesota - 04/08/2015
Hey what's up!! I'm Brynne, hoping to volunteer at summer camp but am in need of a ride, volunteers have to arrive either one or two days earlier so I'd understand if people who are attending as a non-volunteer aren't super down to carpool :~) if anyone is able to help- let me know I'd love to help with gas money and good times!! xo
Zip: 80302 - 04/07/2015
19 yr old girl looking for a ride with some cool fellas to my first summer camp experience :)
Chicago, Illinois - 04/06/2015
Flying into Chicago O'Hare Friday evening from Tampa, would REALLY appreciate a ride out to the fest! Will definitely pitch in for gas/foods
Kitty Hawk, North Carolina - 04/06/2015
Me and a group of friends are taking a bus to Peoria, looking for a ride or people to ride with into the venue.
Minneapolis, Minnesota - 04/04/2015

A friend and I are coming from minneapolis, looking to hitch a ride with some fun people! We will have a tent n some other goods with us.

We are two girls, 22 and 23, and down to split gas!! Email me if this could work!
Zip: 14607 - 04/03/2015
My boyfriend and I can likely take two people if you don't have a whole bunch of stuff. We drive an impala if that's gives you an idea of space. We are leaving super early Wednesday morning (1am) as we have a room at nearby the festival we are going to crash at to relax after that long drive!
Zip: 10025 - 03/10/2015
Hi! 3F looking for a ride from either Chicago O'Hare or Peoria airport on Thursday or Friday and a possible ride back on Monday. Flexible with time.
Mobile, Alabama - 02/23/2015
Looking to hitch a ride. Possibly drive/offer a ride, depending how many can pitch in. Anywhere in the area or on the way will work!
Fort Lauderdale, Florida - 02/20/2015
2-3 friendly peeps lookin for a ride from South Florida to the fest! Much love.
Indianapolis in - 02/16/2015
20 yo Male traveling from Indy to Scamp on Friday morning. Let me know if you are interested and we can talk details!
Wallkill, New York - 01/29/2015
Description of the Ride: Driving to SC, looking for riders to share expenses, will be there early Thursday and leave at the end. Good Vibes n good people. GF and I have room, no flakes, seriously.......
Churchville, New York - 01/20/2015
Live in Rochester previously drove last year feel I need to go this year lost my license and am looking for a driver to get me there I'm alone would help with expensives and a three day pass and Thursday early that's the way to do it let me know who's down and can make it happen with me so I can get the tickets!
Jamestown, Rhode Island - 01/08/2015
Offering ride from Boston/Providence area to festival. Two of us are renting a car and leaving Wednesday night around 8-9pm and then leaving festival either late Sunday night (after last good band performs) or very early Monday Morning. We both get out of work at 5pm on Wednesday and have to return to work for 6:30am the following Tuesday. Pitch for gas and $50/pp for car rental and you are in!
Mahomet, Illinois - 01/01/2015
Hey there! I am an 18 year old female, names Julie, from the Mahomet/Champaign-Urbana area needing a ride to the festival on Thursday. Feel free to e-mail me to help a girl out :D Thank you for your time!