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Summer Camp Music Festival 2014

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Amherst, Ohio - 04/17/2017
Have room in my car for another person. Traveling solo. I'm a 28 year old female. Must have good vibes and gas $. Willing to give ride there and back. 420 friendly and I don't smoke cigs but that's fine as long as you don't burn anything.
Lincoln, Nebraska - 05/19/2015
Solo male, leaving thursday, good vibes all around, just asking for gas money to help.
New Baltimore, Michigan - 05/19/2015
In real need of a ride! Willing to help with gas!
Berlin, Maryland - 05/17/2015
are you still looking for a ride. i am a single male with a jeep wrangler. i have room for one. i am 45 and i been to summer camp before, i have many female friends at the festival. i am a full time cross dresser, i will have pink hair and i wear mostly pink too. you are safe with me, i believe all women are superior to me, i would love to have you as a friend too. i always help the girls, i have a big hand truck i use to assist them to the camping areas, everything i do is pink, so my friends can find me at any festival.i am a VIP so i will arrive early thursday morning and wait in line. daisy
Wenatchee, Washington - 12/14/2014
Looking for a ride. 21 year old guy. super chill and friendly . not a thief or anything like that. get ahold of me please:)
New Lenox, Illinois - 05/23/2014
can help with gas or food. whatever my ride bailed im only going sunday. here is my facebook ian mulder (manbearpig)
Chicago, Illinois - 05/23/2014
Description of the Ride: I live in Logan Square in Chicago and I am looking for a ride to Summercamp Music Fest on Sunday morning. If you are driving down on Sunday let me know. I will definitely give you gas money. This will be my fifth time at Summercamp. Thanks!!!
Zip: 60607 - 05/23/2014
I have gas $ and smiles! One large backpack and one school bag. Call me at 4064078389. I am at the greyhound station
Morton, Illinois - 05/22/2014
Need ride from Morton to summercamp on sunday
Chicago, Illinois - 05/22/2014
Looking for a ride from Chicago to Summer Camp Music festival on SUNDAY!

Trying to make it to Chillicothe to see BASSNECTAR (mainly) :) i'm laid back and can contribute good conversation, gas money and/or greens!
Milwaukee, Wisconsin - 05/22/2014
Got a sunday pass looking for a ride for two there, have one back! Let me know!
Lake Zurich, Illinois - 05/22/2014
I'm stranded in Lake Zurich with a Sunday ticket and no way to get there! I feel like I might be the only person who's only going Sunday. Send help, I have gas money!
Milwaukee, Wisconsin - 05/22/2014
Need a ride to summercamp! Thursday or possibly friday from milwaukee. We (my boyfriend and I) have plenty of money for gas and food. email me or call me at 4143915641
Peoria, Illinois - 05/22/2014
Looking for a ride from the peoria bus station today (thursday 5/22) @ 4:30pm (or any time after)

pack super light and I work for one of the installations! please help!!
Chicago, Illinois - 05/22/2014
Hey happy scammpers, I'm looking for a ride from the Chicago Midway airport to camp, my flight come in today, Thursday around one, please let me know if you can help a fellow friend out, I will pay for gas and do not need a ride back, thanks! Funk on!!! Evana 7164803944
Boyne City, Michigan - 05/22/2014
Leaving Tonight sometime (thursday) and willing to pick anyone up on the way who wants to split gas. Message me telling where you are and who you are.
Zip: 60563 - 05/21/2014
Need a ride to camp and back again. Will split gas money.
Naperville, Illinois - 05/21/2014
HI! Looking for a ride to beautiful Summercamp tonight (Wednesday) or tomorrow morning (Thursday). Offering loot for gas and lots of love. I'm also willing to buy a Thursday pre-party pass for the driver! Mad love... -Victoria (630) 299 6309
Moline, Illinois - 05/21/2014
Howdy fellow SCAMPERS. Im looking for a ride from Moline IL. I need to be there Thursday. I supposed to help a food vender. 309 230 5391 THANKS A BUNCH
Chicago, Illinois - 05/21/2014
hey friends! My girlfriend and I are flying into Chicago-Midway at 2 p.m. on Thursday afternoon. Our ride just bailed on us and now were looking to pitch in some gas $$ and good vibes so we can be sharin' in the groove by Thursday night. Cheers!

Julian- 303-653-6584
Chicago, Illinois - 05/21/2014
I'm looking for a ride from Chicago to scamp. I only have myself and a backpack, as well as cash and grass for gas compensation. Friendly New Englander who can hold long conversations and 420 friendly :) (ideal for a road trip, right?)
Zip: 63102 - 05/21/2014
I need a ride back from Summer Camp to St. Louis
Bloomington, Illinois - 05/21/2014
309 530 0808 My first year at SCAMP if I can get a ride!
Warren, Vermont - 05/20/2014
I'm leaving Warren VT tomorrow morning. I'm taking 90 down to Cleveland stopping for the night then on to SumCamp

I'm taking my 1987 Travel Master RV

(its the exact same RV for SpaceBalls and Breaking Bad)

gas money will help and we have plenty of room

let me know if i can help

I have an extra Tix too if you need one
Lombard, Illinois - 05/20/2014
Leaving early Friday morning from western suburbs, Lombard
Fredonia, New York - 05/20/2014
driving up to summer camp with an empty car, 420 friendly and good vibesss
Flint, Michigan - 05/20/2014
2 spots open for whoever needs it!
Chicago, Illinois - 05/20/2014
Hey! Laid back and sane guy needing a one-way ride to scamp on Friday anytime of the day. I'll throw $20 on gas and provide interesting conversation on the way there.


Zip: 60622 - 05/20/2014
Looking for a ride to Summer Camp. Want to leave Friday. Thanks!!

Conyers, Georgia - 05/20/2014
Looking for ride to scamp i am from illinois live in atlanta now been to scamp b4 deffanitly 420 friendly can throw down for gas
Towson, Maryland - 05/20/2014
Coming from MD driving myself with 2 friends coming later. Just looking to not ride it totally solo. I'm taking 70 W basically the whole way. Through PA, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. If anyone is still in need of a ride, perhaps I can help. Definitely room for one, probably 2. I just have to wait and see how to pack the car.
Chicago, Illinois - 05/20/2014
Aloha! Looking for a ride either Wednesday evening or Thursday morning.

I fly into Chicago around 5:30pm, and plan to stay around Wicker Park that night (if I don't find a ride for Wednesday). Can help on gas!

Laid back lady flying in from Big Island ready to make friends and dance all weekend:)

Chicago, Illinois - 05/19/2014
Hey! I am flying in on Thursday at 1pm and I need to catch a ride to Summer Camp from O'Hare. I'm flying solo with 1 bag and would love a ride! I'll pitch in $$ and good vibes.
McHenry, Illinois - 05/19/2014
I'll be heading down by myself early friday morning. My friend is taking a different car cause of a work conflict so I have a ton of room! I'll be willing to give a ride to anyone that needs one and will chip in with gas just let me know!
Chicago, Illinois - 05/19/2014
I can leave thursday or friday also would need a ride back! I could be picked up in Logan or Uptown, which ever would work best.


Zip: 63130 - 05/19/2014
Will be leaving thursday night after i get off work (7:30)

i can give ya a ride back on monday too! i have room for 3 on the way up and 2 on the way back cuz my boyfriend will ride home with us
Zip: 60622 - 05/19/2014
Riding the megabus in from east Lansing Wednesday and staying at a buddies. Looking for a ride to scamp either Thursday or Friday I'm not picky. Will have gas money and good vibes.
Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh - 05/19/2014
Anybody going from summer camp to Wakarusa ???
Indianapolis, Indiana - 05/19/2014
Lookin for a one way ride over on friday morning. Got that gas money.
Elmore, Ohio - 05/19/2014
Leaving late Thursday night, sleeping at a hotel in Peru and heading in to SCamp early Friday. Backseat is completely empty.
Marthasville, Missouri - 05/19/2014
Hi, I haven't been able to find a ride and therefore have decided to drive myself. I've got room for 2 more people in my car..this is so everyone's got enough space for their stuff. I work with one of the installations for scamp, so I need to be at the park by 9 am Thursday. I drive a 2011 nissan cube so it looks goofy but its reliable and pretty good on gas.

Happy scampin'!
Denver, Colorado - 05/18/2014
Need a ride to the Denver area post scamp, hit me up 402.317.0390
Rockford, Illinois - 05/18/2014
I will be arriving to Chicago /Rockford airport Wednesday evening. Would lik to make it too the PreParty. Anybody driving from that way want to help out with a ride? Obviously gas and positive thoughts included.
Brentwood, Tennessee - 05/18/2014
21 yr old male, trying to figure out a ride situation, can throw gas money and good vibes. looking to leave friday
La Grange, Illinois - 05/17/2014
I live in LaGrange, IL. Willing to split gas and other provisions with some friendly festival folks! I packed pretty light and I'm very easy going. I can meet you somewhere more convenient for you if need be! My ride bailed, so I'm trying to get my scamp plans back on track!
Hanover Park, Illinois - 05/17/2014
I can offer one person a seat in my PT Cruiser (there and back). Would like a person who can help out on gas.

I am NOT going Thursday.

I will be leaving EARLY Friday planning on 5AM latest maybe earlier. I don't want to hit morning rush hour.
Chicago, Illinois - 05/17/2014
getting into midway airport thursday night, need a ride to scamp!
O'Fallon, Illinois - 05/17/2014
I'll be heading up Thursday morning (after a tasty breakfast at Benton Park). I'll be heading back Monday morning (need to be back for Cards game). I should be able to fit one or two if you're light packers.
Zip: 46225 - 05/16/2014
I need a ride to and from summer camp

I'm real easy to get along with

Have gas money and provisions
Chicago, Illinois - 05/16/2014
I'm looking to make an early flight (8:30am) on Monday out of Midway after Summer Camp. If you're in a similar situation let me know and I'll join you!
Zip: 40203 - 05/16/2014
I am willing to do anything and everything to be at this festival! I live in Louisville Kentucky, I have a preparty pass, let's hook up! I am willing to pay for half the gas and some other things. I have smiles for miles, good vibes. We'd all rather be truckin than hithin, so let's do ettt!!!

Cody g. 5027956160
Denver - 05/16/2014
Description of the Ride: Hey my girlfriend and I need a ride, willing to pitch as much gas as you want, looking to make it for Thursday pre party! Only need a ride there, got a ride back. let me know please! I'm in Boulder but can make it to Denver and pretty much anywhere around Boulder!


Chicago, Illinois - 05/16/2014
I am arriving at the Union Station train stop at 4pm on Thursday 5/22 and am lookin to get to Summer Camp that night. I have gas and pins to fuel yer tank. Hit me up please!!
Murfreesboro, Tennessee - 05/16/2014
Leaving for SCamp next Friday morning, and I'm looking for someone to ride with and throw in on gas! I'm a female, so pretty please no creepers or heroine addicts =). Good vibes and fun times please. Summer Camp is less than a week away!!!!!
Illinois, United States - 05/14/2014
Hi me and my buddy zac need a ride to scamp our ride bailed on us we have gas money and only alittle stuf good vibes good people we live in east dundee il about 2 hours from scamp plz contact me ASAP 8479912222 or 8473121095 call or text me ask for Craig thanks
Atlanta, Georgia - 05/14/2014
Coming from Atlanta game looking for.a.ride up on the festival. Signed up to volunteer if I miss this I lose money and a show. Ride ended up bailing on me. Have no way to get there..
Keystone, Colorado - 05/14/2014
4 seats open in my Jeep Cherokee to and from SCAMP. I have a pre-party pass so it would be best if you did too.

looking for good people with postive vibes to split gas and have a damn good time!
East Dundee, Illinois - 05/14/2014
Hi my names Craig me and my buddy need a ride to scamp our ride need up not being able to go we have gas money/ toll and are chill relaxed people just looking to attend another year of scamp plz contact me at 8473121095 ask for Craig thank u very much Wednesday or Thursday before event would be perfect
Zip: 13502 - 05/14/2014
have gas and toll money to throw in, unfortunately cant take the wheel during trip ( lost my liscence in the fall) good company and good buds :)
Batesville, Indiana - 05/13/2014
Hey there! I'm looking for a ride to Scamp on wednesday or thursday. I have gas money and lots of love for all!! Willing to meet anyone driving through Indiana relatively close to me, 1-2 hours. \mm/


Lake in the Hills, Illinois - 05/13/2014
My names Michelle. I'm 18 years old, looking to a ride for summer camp. My ride bailed on my last min and everyone's car is full. If you can help me out that'd be great. If you're in Chicago or somewhere close to a train station I'll be more than willing to meet you by a close stop. I have a Thursday pass so if you're going then that'd be dope!! Help a sista out! Please text me if you have room for more good vibes :) (224) 639.6519
Chicago, Illinois - 05/13/2014
Looking for a ride on Sunday morning and coming back late the same night.
Washington, District of Columbia - 05/13/2014
Were leaving Wednesday morning and coming back Monday afternoon!!! Hit me up dudee :)
Zip: 53715 - 05/13/2014
I'm leaving either Wednesday night or early Thursday morning, coming back Monday morning. I have room for one person and their gear. Split gas (should be about $80 in gas, so $40).
Madison, Wisconsin - 05/12/2014
Leaving Thursday coming back Monday. I live right off UW campus and have cash for gas!
Westchester, Illinois - 05/12/2014
Driving done from Westchester as soon as I can get out of work Friday. Probably around 2/3. I'll have room for three or four depending on how much stuff you're bringing
Chicago, Illinois - 05/11/2014
Female breakdancer looking for ride to Summer Camp. Can't leave til Friday. Return date open. Can pitch in on gas and/or rental.
Los Angeles - 05/11/2014
Looking for rides to and from Summer Camp in IL. No specific date requirements, other than those of the festival. Im super flexible in my schedule! If youre headed down, lets get in touch!
Youngstown, Ohio - 05/11/2014
looking for a seat to and/or from SCamp. I can throw in on ANY expenses, of course. I promise i'm not a murderer.
Knoxville, Tennessee - 05/11/2014
Hello! I hope all is well. I live in Knoxville, TN and am currently a student at The University of Tennessee at Knoxville. I really want to go to the festival, but all of my friends are bailing. I am looking for either a ride or a passenger (s). Let me know, thanks!

I can drive somewhere to meet up if needed.
Woodstock, Illinois - 05/09/2014
Description of the Ride: So I got a sob story behind my situation me and my girlfriend got 3 day pass's and Thursday pre-party pass's aaaand you guessed it we broke up. I'm 24 very laid back dude looking for a ride Thursday and returning Monday. I live in Woodstock, IL but would be willing to meet up with anyone in the Chicagoland area and suburbs via train.

I don't drive otherwise I wouldn't be in this situation. I have a tent and clothes that will all fit in one large hiking back pack.

willing to contribute to gas for the ride.

if there's room I will pack a cooler full of goodies I am a great festi cook btw. my favorite thing to bring is marinated chicken and beef kabobs with veggies. If there's no room for food I will pack light food for myself. I also have a 42 inch extendable flag pole that extends to eleven feet so I will be easy to find at all times ha ha a great buy I must say.

contact me if you can help at 312-504-1943 the names Andrew. thank you
Columbus, Ohio - 05/09/2014
I'm looking for a ride for 1 to and from Scamp leaving anytime after 7ish Thursday night and staying until Monday. Definitely have gas $$$ and good vibes.
Minneapolis, Minnesota - 05/09/2014
Hello there, looking for a ride to Summer Camp Music Festival, willing to pay for part of the gas and other traveling expenses. Help this dready girl out!!!! Able to meet in Minneapolis!
Zip: 61761 - 05/09/2014
Looking for a ride from Bloomington/Normal on Thursday! Will help with gas/money. Please email me, Thanks! Can't wait for Camp!
Washington, Missouri - 05/09/2014
Description of the Ride: 1 male looking for ride to summer camp late Thursday night or Friday morning. Light packer, come with laughs, goodies, and good vibes. Always grateful
Highwood, Illinois - 05/08/2014
I have room for two or three people depending on the amount of stuff you have, I will be leaving Thursday morning
Zip: 40203 - 05/07/2014
I need a ride on Thursday to summercamp from Louisville! I am willing to pay for gas or someone's pre-party ticket for a ride to and from scamp!

I've got smiles for miles and good vibes!!

Hit me up!!!

Chicago, Illinois - 05/07/2014
I need a ride Friday morning to Summer Camp, willing to pitch in $$$ for gas or split a car rental if necessary. Will also need a ride back! :) Thanks.
Colorado Springs, Colorado - 05/07/2014
I am looking for 2-3 people who are VIP or at least have the thursday pre pass. I will be leaving Wednesday evening. Pretty flexible and laid back all around. Text 7204159031 with a little about yourself and I'm sure we can work something out. Not looking for people trying to rush out of the festival grounds immediately either. Thanks
Zip: 60634 - 05/07/2014
2 females looking for a ride to and hopefully from! We will be packing light, however were traveling with collapsable hoops! They shouldn't take much space. Will split gas & tolls !

Were trying to leave WEDNESDAY to arrive for the parking lot party.

However were DEFFINITELY open to leaving Thursday. Thanks :)
Zip: 49505 - 05/06/2014
Need a ride to, and maybe from. Gas money, dabs, and some more surprises. :)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 05/06/2014
My homegirl and I have 2 more spots in our car. If anyone is looking for a ride outside of Philly, let me know!
Dallas, Texas - 05/06/2014
Hi! I'm Kandi Queen from Dallas, TX. Is there anyone else leaving out from Texas? Or that could pick up from the MegaBus stop in Champaign? If so, I'd love to link up for a ride! Gas & goods offered :)
Denver - 05/05/2014
Hey, I am driving from Kentucky to Colorado and stopping by SCAMP. I would be happy (thankful) to take someone back to Colorado from SCAMP.
Lansing, Michigan - 05/05/2014
Need a ride to and from. Willing to throw down gas, dabs and good vibes
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 05/05/2014

I'll have two spaces from SCAMP to Pittsburgh AFTER FEST ONLY. Please let me know if you'll need a ride back and i'd be happy to help you out!



Grinnell, Iowa - 05/05/2014
I need a ride back from Summer Camp to Grinnell, IA. It's just off the I-80 and I'd be happy to chip in like 30$ gas! Let me know!
Mansfield, Pennsylvania - 05/05/2014
My girlfriend and I are leaving from northern Pennsylvania we have room for two. most likely leaving wed. the 21st maybe the 20th and leaving scamp Monday the 26th for home. Looking for some chill people to ride along and rage at scamp!!!!
Urbana, Illinois - 05/05/2014
Hi! I am an 18 year female living in Champaign County. I need a ride to summer camp music festival in Chillicothe. Let me know if you can help me out and I am willing to pay for gas or whatever else you'll need. Thanks!
Denver, Colorado - 05/04/2014
I really really really wanna make it to summer camp without having to pay for the bus. I will pay for you gallons of gas to atleast get there! please text me. 303-917-8039
Peoria, Illinois - 05/02/2014
1 Cheerful gentleman looking for a ride from the Peoria Airport to Camp on Thursday, returning to Peoria Airport on Monday!

I may end up getting a taxi so any others flying solo maybe we could group up and save some cash!
North Manchester, Indiana - 05/01/2014
Looking for a ride from around Fort Wayne Indiana. I will just have a pack (Shall be stuffed though). will pitch in for gas. Help a sista out! SMILES!
St. Louis, Missouri - 05/01/2014
I have room for probably 1 or 2 other people leaving from St. Louis really late Wednesday night (plan on meeting a friend in Peoria around 5am on Thursday). Can offer rides back as well!
Rock Falls, Illinois - 04/29/2014
room for 1, truck bed for cargo
Zip: 53703 - 04/29/2014
Hey guys,

Looking for a ride to Summer Camp from Friday-Monday. Would split gas and we can talk about other things too. Thanks
Bismarck, North Dakota - 04/29/2014
Hey! I'll be in Bismarck the week before Summer Camp and would really love to split gas with some people. I'd be willing to drive to Fargo or even Minneapolis to meet up, but after that I'm not sure I'd trust my car to get me all the way to IL without problems :) I am 25, about to graduate college and in serious need of getting back to SCamp. Email me to learn more. Hope to hear from someone. Peace and love, all!
Urbana, Illinois - 04/29/2014
Hi! I'm an 18 year old female who lives in Champaign, IL. I just got my license suspended so I need a ride to and from summer camp. I can pay for gas and anything else you need. Thanks!
Newbury, New Hampshire - 04/28/2014
Looking for a ride, Me and possibly one friend. definitely will split gas and could meet so you don't have to go out of your way.
California, United States - 04/28/2014
I have a car with 2 extra seats going to Summer Camp! A rack on top for luggage and a sweet stereo system! Its an 86 Honda Civic and gets good mileage. I need to be at the festival the morning of the 22nd. I work for the festival apart of their Camp Counselor Program! Of course I will take you back to Cali if need be!
California, United States - 04/28/2014
Looking for a ride to Summer Camp and back! 23 male, very minimum luggage. Need to be there early 22nd. I work for the festival as a Camp Counselor!
Denver, Colorado - 04/28/2014
I have my Summer Camp ticket, and have recently been debating if I'm still going to go or not.

Anyway I need a ride to the festival so I can enjoy a weekend of some sweet tunes. Willing to leave Wednesday for the Preparty. Let me know what it will take for this to happen.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 04/28/2014
Hey looking for a buddy or two (no more than two though) to ride along with me to SCF! I'm just asking that you're a friendly, open minded person who's relatively down. I'm 22 and a male, but males or females are both equally welcome on my the way, my "caravan" is a Honda Civic, so we're gonna be pretty crammed in if there's three of us. But we'll make it work! Just pack light :) Oh yeah and we'll be leaving on Wednesday because I'm a volunteer, so if that's an issue for you I'm really sorry but otherwise hot on board!
Chicago, Illinois - 04/28/2014
Three free spirited friendly individuals need a ride to SCAMP and returning after the festival. Will throw down for gas and any food for the trip!
Chicago, Illinois - 04/28/2014
Need a ride to Chillicothe from Chicago and possibly back. Will throw on gas and have pins and patches as tokens of gratitude. I can leave Thurs or Fri, whenever works. Thanks!
Chicago, Illinois - 04/28/2014
Need a ride to and from the Chicago airport to the Summercamp festival and back to the airport after
nashville, tn - 04/28/2014
I drive a Chevy Cobalt... so it doesn't have a ton or room. But I am driving up to Chillicothe by myself so you're more than welcome to join. As long as your not a cereal killer rapist heroin addict I think we'll get along just swimingly.
Virginia Beach, Virginia - 04/25/2014
I have room for one person only. looking for somebody split ride cost with. coming from virginia beach. I just dont want to drive 15 hours alone :c Must be able to drive my bigass van. we will get there faster and cheaper if we go together :)
Westchester, Illinois - 04/24/2014
Looking for a ride to and from please. Can pitch in for gas. I work till mid -afternoon Friday if anyone is down to leave then!
Leesburg, Virginia - 04/23/2014
Hey me and my friend are driving up from either leesburg or harrisonburg virginia. We're both volunteers so we'll either be going up a day early or leaving a day late. We'll take anyone as long as they've got good vibes and can help drive. Gas $$ would be appreciated too.
Lansing, Michigan - 04/22/2014
Willing to split gas, and drive if needed.
Reno, Nevada - 04/19/2014
I will be arriving at O'Hare airport from Reno on Friday around 12 am and would love to catch a ride to the festival!
Iron Mountain, Michigan - 04/18/2014
Driving down from Iron Mountain, will have 2-3 open seats.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - 04/18/2014
Room for 1 Jeep Wrangler style! - Split gas to SCAMP! Msg me! Looking to leave on Thursday and travel back to OK on Monday.
Boyertown, Pennsylvania - 04/16/2014
Girlfriend and I (23 years old) headed to Scamp. Our 2 friends bailed today so looking for 1-2 people to split the gas with. Headed out early Wednesday morning to get there for the pre-party. Returning Monday. Would prefer if you rode back with us too (for gas $$ reasons). But if only looking for a one way that's cool too.
Avon, Colorado - 04/16/2014
Hey just lookin for a ride to Scamp!! Ill help with gas, even buy u a meal, and my awesome vibes!
East Northport, New York - 04/16/2014
yoyo! lookin for a ride for 2 people from long island/nyc. happy to split gas money and driving and share any fun things we have with you!! we will be eternally grateful =]
Chicago, Illinois - 04/14/2014
Hey! Need a ride for 1 on Thursday morning from downtown Chicago.

Gas and breakfast on me.
Bristol, Connecticut - 04/13/2014
Hey guys looking for room for 2. We can meet anywhere close within like 3 hours. We have plenty of gas money, and are looking to go for the thursday pre party. Shoot me a text or call me at 8603728735
Missoula, Montana - 04/09/2014
24 year old man child seeking ride to scamp by the pre party. Have gas moneys and crunchy tunes galore!
Chicago, Illinois - 04/09/2014
I'm flying into Chicago on Wednesday the 21st and I'll be looking for a ride on the morning of the 22nd to the festival. I can throw down for gas. just one person with a decent sized pack and smiles for days :)
Boulder, Colorado - 04/09/2014
Looking for a ride for 2 people a few days before the pre-party. We have a ride from Arlington Heights, IL, just need to get to the northwest suburbs preferably a day or two before Thursday pre-party. If anyone has any plans of heading out from the west a few days before scamp please give me a call. 8473378834, will gladly give extra gas money if anything gets a bit off route
Galesburg, Illinois - 04/06/2014
25yr old male. I Need ride to and or from show please. I only have a moped and it would be insane tying to travel with all supplies for the weekend.
Zip: 22046 - 04/03/2014
My friend and I are coming from Northern VA. Will have space for 1 or 2 to split the costs
Fenton, Missouri - 03/30/2014
me and a bud of mine are looking for a ride up and back. we are two males
Jamestown, California - 03/30/2014
I am one female passenger, flying in to O'Hare Intl Airprt in Chicago and will be looking for a ride to the festival from there. Shoot me an email if you're feeling generous XO
Zip: 43201 - 03/30/2014
My boyfriend and I are trying to get a ride and we are planning on working it. Not 100% sure if we are able to leave thursday or friday morning. Depends on my class schedule.
Hoffman Estates, Illinois - 03/29/2014
Looking for a ride either early thursday or friday morning to summercamp for me and my boyfriend. we need room for our tent but we shouldnt require much room. willing to help with gas fare.
Lockport, New York - 03/28/2014
Description of the Ride: I live in Lockport but can be dropped off where ever. Im trying to get back to the yard folks haha! Awesome vibes. I will throw in cash for the ride. I don't do drugs or drink.
Zip: 80205 - 03/28/2014
Would some caring soul like to help me out with a ride to my home called Summercamp?! I just moved to Denver from Chicago and I would be overly grateful for someones help. Gas money and great vibes will be included as well
Bridgeport, Connecticut - 03/26/2014
In CT...My friends and I are looking for a ride and have gas money! Our first Summer Camp experience! Can meet anywhere around CT to leave. Let us know!
San Francisco, California - 03/24/2014
need a ride to the show. Could fly or drive back
Murray, Kentucky - 03/22/2014
Forgot to mention I have the pre party pass so im looking to arrive on Thursday:)
Murray, Kentucky - 03/22/2014
Hoping to score a ride to my first Summer Camp! Ive experienced several others but this will be my first for SC:) I'm going solo for the learning experience and meeting of beautiful new people. Any help would be so so appreciated. Much love to all!
Cincinnati, Ohio - 03/21/2014
I have a sweet pop-up camper, RV ticket, and no way to tow the thing with my tiny car. If someone would be able to tow it, I have an extra ticket, gas money, and a delightful personality! Thanks! Amanda
Stanley, North Carolina - 03/19/2014
Willing to throw in with gas? Me and my boyfriend need a ride to Summer camp! Gotta get to umphrey's!! Out of charlotte, NC.
North Olmsted, Ohio - 03/12/2014
tryin to hit up summer camp this year but have no ride.. coming from the cleveland area and would be willing to put a very generous amount of gas money down if guranteed a ride back home as well. would be traveling by myself and would be very grateful to that special person to be able to help out. peace and love
Duluth, Georgia - 03/06/2014
reposting since original got deleted. i am a during show volunteer looking for a ride with other volunteers. will help with gas and other expenses.this will be my first time going to roo
New York, United States - 03/04/2014
Looking for a ride to and from Long Island for 2 people! Will have gas money, good music, and good vibes all the way!
Albany, New York - 03/03/2014
Looking for a ride friends! I'm volunteering so looking to get there thurs. More than happy to split gas $ and good times!
Denver, Colorado - 03/02/2014
Ride is needed for two awesome 19 year olds. Please help if possible! We can provide food and gas money!
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 02/27/2014
Willl provide gass $$, food, and fun. Someone help me get to camp.

its been too long for my umphs
Minneapolis, Minnesota - 02/25/2014
I'm leaving on Wednesday afternoon and coming back on Monday.
Chicago, Illinois - 02/24/2014
I am coming from Buffalo by way of bus to Chicago. Looking for a ride for myself (maybe another) to the festival for the pre party. Will need a ride back this way of possible. Will throw $$$$. party on!
Raleigh, North Carolina - 02/24/2014
going to camp, looking for people who are also goin have a jeep im willing to drive but driving alone not that cool. so i guess im offering and needing a ride either way see u there
Fredericksburg, Virginia - 02/17/2014
looking for space for 1-2. Gas $$, cool stuff and great vibes.
Sheldon, Illinois - 02/17/2014
Description of the Ride: Will be traveling from Chicago early Thursday, staying until late Sunday. Have 3 empty seats.
South Windsor, Connecticut - 02/16/2014
Hi! me and a friend will be looking for a ride from CT! will throw gas money and also wonderful vibes
Johnstown, New York - 02/16/2014
Looking for a ride! More than willing to throw gas money/compensation.
Des Moines, Iowa - 02/16/2014
I am looking to tag along with someone who has any empty spots in a car, van or bus. Hell, I'll ride a scooter if it seats two. Gas money is definitely provided from my end and I'm the most easygoing person you will ever meet.
Chicopee, Massachusetts - 02/15/2014
Just would love to ride share gas expenses... may leave early if i get a volunteer spot..... muah!!!
Charleston, South Carolina - 02/15/2014
Looking for a ride from somewhere around Charleston, SC!
Albany, New York - 02/13/2014
Description of the Ride: Looking for a ride! Wouldn't be opposed to driving towards Camp a bit if you have a spot to leave my car. Message me and we'll figure something out!
St. Louis, Missouri - 02/11/2014
I plan to go to a few outdoor camping music festival's Bonnaroo, etc.

Description of the Ride:

Looking for 2 or 3 girls to pay for gas. Your on your own wants we get there.
St. Louis, Missouri - 02/07/2014
Description of the Ride: 2 or 3 girls. Pay for gas and yr on yr own.
Gilmanton, New Hampshire - 02/06/2014
hit me up
Charleston, South Carolina - 02/05/2014
Pretty much able to get a ride anywhere 5ish hours away such as Atlanta, anywhere in South Carolina, Asheville and other places in NC.
McHenry, Illinois - 01/30/2014
A ride there and back with some lovely people would be wonderful and I would be forever grateful :D please please please!
Des Moines, Iowa - 01/28/2014
Looking to carpool with some chill folks. I have gas money, good company and plenty of love to share.
Chico, California - 01/27/2014
Hey! 21 year old chick, planning on buying a plane ticket over from Northern California for the weekend, but if I could ride share I'd be stoked and down to share gas money, driving, laughs, and the adventure. Even if it's a one way ride either way. Let me know!
Niagara Falls, Ontario - 01/24/2014
Me and my girlfriend are in need of a ride, willing to meet over the border as we live in canada, Message me and we can talk more :)
Dallas, Texas - 01/23/2014
Driving to the show. Then headed to Chicago on Sunday night(arg) for a party. If anyone wants a one way trip for Dallas, I can fit three. Leaving Thursday.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 01/15/2014
Hi! I'll be needing a ride from Philadelphia, PA (or anywhere close by). So if anyone has any room for one rider, I would appreciate it so much! I'll be bringing as little as possible and I'll pitch in for gas, food, and/or anything else. Thank you!
Amissville, Virginia - 01/14/2014
My boyfriend and I need a ride from Culpeper VA. We come bearing gas money and good vibes:) We wont purchase tickets until we definitely have a ride so please contact ASAP. As long as you have two seats and room for a hoop we will be appreciative !
West Chester, Pennsylvania - 01/13/2014
Hi there drivers, let me be your rider! Looking for a ride from West Chester, PA, but of course if you need me to meet you somewhere closer I can find a way; I just can't make it all the way out to the fest in my '89 Skylark. :)
Bellingham, Washington - 01/10/2014
Hey there washington friends Ill be leaving from bellingham and so far i am the only person going….so i have 3 spots available!!!
Birmingham, Alabama - 01/09/2014
My friend and I are leaving from Birmingham time is TBA but I have 2 available seats and we are super 420 friendly :)
Mansfield, Pennsylvania - 01/08/2014
My Girlfriend and I are leaving from northern PA. Not sure of the date we are leaving yet but we do have pre party passes! We have room for 1 maybe 2. Email or text 610-207-1318. Peace Love and Umphrey's!
Chesterton, Indiana - 01/08/2014
Ill have room for 1 or two people traveling with light gear. Chill mellow laid back kinda guy just looking for some a fun person/s to build the anticipation while ridin to Scamp. Help on gas would be great! Or help on others:)
Durham, New Hampshire - 01/08/2014
looking for some east coasters willing to split gas and enjoy the ride with. 2-3 spots available.. 420 friendly, however, there is a screening process..aka i make sure you're not a dingus before we leave.