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SYMBIOSIS GATHERING 2012 Pyramid Eclipse

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Cheswick, Pennsylvania - 09/03/2015
I am flying in to San Fran on Saturday Sept 12th and need a ride to the festival grounds by Sunday the 13th to work at the festival. I have gas money to contribute and lots of smiles and love! If anybody is driving up to work one of those days and has room for one please call or text 724 980 9096... much love!
19390 - 12/04/2012
I'm from PA, I only need space for one and I would give gas money. thanks!
Zip: 89703 - 05/20/2012
HEading up to the symbiosis festival hit me up.
Reno, Nevada - 05/20/2012
I finally found a way to Reno. Someone help me with this last stretch :) its almost midnight on Saturday.
Zip: 95959 - 05/19/2012
Going frome nevada city living around 8 am space for one
Reno - 05/18/2012
Arriving to Reno airport at 3:25pm Saturday. Looking for a ride to festival. Can participate in gas and parking permit $.
Berkeley - 05/18/2012
looking for a ride to and from Symbiosis anytime Saturday. packed light.gas$. return flexible. easygoing and friendly.please help manifest.thank u.
North Oakland / Berkeley - 05/18/2012
Looking to head up to Symbiosis sometime this evening (Friday) and looking for someone (or 2 people) who can split costs and provide some good tunes for the ride up :) 214-356-6668. Alex
Zip: 95959 - 05/18/2012
am trying to go aroun 7 pm frome nevadacity area just me and i have space for 1
Reno Airport - 05/18/2012
hi!!! i'm getting in to reno airport at 8:30 am on saturday morning and wanting to catch a ride to symbiosis, please holla if you can help! Down to throw down $$ to rent a car or pay for gas..!!! :-)
Zip: 94107 - 05/18/2012
Las Vegas, Nevada - 05/18/2012
looking for a ride asap from vegas, my flights getting in at midnight and i dont want to have to hotel or rent car i want to get thereeeee :)
Zip: 94530 - 05/17/2012
looking for a ride from berkeley sometime Friday. please help manifest and call 510 299 0756. flexible,Ga$, chef.Namaste.
San Francisco, California - 05/17/2012
Hi. Still looking for a ride? I am leaving San Francisco on Friday morning at 8:30 or 9 am. Returning Monday noonish. I have room for 2 on the way out and 1 on the way back. We will share gas, good vibes, and a quick trip. Give me a call/text asap! Thanks Emily
East Bay - 05/17/2012
Headed out Saturday. Got room for one, two if someone wants to squeeze.
Zip: 95949 - 05/17/2012
yo yo ! just found a house sitter so im heading up on saturday morning or even tomorrow nite. going in an empty mini van lots of room if anyone needs a ride. headed out from the grass valley area. Holla if anyones in need. 530-263-9251
96150/ South Lake Tahoe - 05/17/2012
I have gas money and goodies to share and I am ready to leave ASAP
Zip: 94577 - 05/17/2012
Hey there! We're a couple heading up to Symbiosis tomorrow (Friday) morning as early as we can get our eyes open and coffee in our hands. :) Planning to return on Monday. In our late 20s/early 30s, we're both open-minded, easygoing students, in the health field and civil engineering, with many interests in between. Looking to split round-trip cost of gas and car pass with up to two others. We're responsible drivers and will be taking our large pick-up truck. Let me know if this might work for you! Thanks :)
Los Angeles, California - 05/17/2012
Ride offered: LA to Symbiosis now! Driving north up the 405, 5, 14, 395, 80 etc. Gas efficient, safe, loprofile Odyssey minivan with air conditioning. Stereo not working is sort of a bonus. Im on my walkman, enjoying the scene in quiet repose. Bed in back to sleep on! and room for your gear. Fair warning: Not assuring a ride back.
94040 / Mountain View, CA - 05/17/2012
Leaving Mountain View early morning, Friday, May 18. Returning Monday evening or Tuesday morning. Room for one or maybe two people. Honda accord. Not much space or luggage.
Zip: 94134 - 05/17/2012
Okay it's 11 AM and I am leaving hopefully around noon. I would prefer not to show up by myself in a car to an event that is supposed to be about being conscious. I'm very chill but I like to listen to trance but I can be flexible and I also like silence. I'm not into chatter conversations or petty gossip but I like to be a fool and make stupid jokes at times. Not to sound too particular but just communicating where I'm at. Here's my facebook is you know me through a friend. Peace.
Zip: 95060 - 05/17/2012
I found out about this at the last minute. I can leave from Santa Cruz on Friday. I can also pick people up along the way. I just don't want to drive myself alone and waste the carbon.
Zip: 95060 - 05/17/2012
I found out about this at the last minute. I would love a ride from Santa Cruz or somewhere nearby on Friday. I have a car and can drive to you, I just don't want to drive myself alone and waste the carbon.
Zip: 94612 - 05/17/2012
I'm a dooder.I have space for one person in my vehicle, maybe 2. Leaving Friday after work, around 3/4. Coming back Sunday night. I'm easy going, laid back and friendly. My favourite animals are the mantis shrimp, birds of paradise, trilobites, fossa, and... ah hell...I like them all. 808-854-6965. Please text, I'll call back, I'm at work and busy trying to get work done before I leave early on Friday. thanks!
Zip: 94116 - 05/17/2012
My ride bailed on me last minute! I would love a ride out today (5/17/12) I have to work in the Marina until 12 (not the zip code I put) but I will have all my stuff with me and can meet up with you somewhere. Able to help with gas and such! 978-500-2082, call me!
Zip: 94116 - 05/17/2012
My ride bailed on me last minute! I would love a ride out today (5/17/12) I have to work in the Marina until 12 (not the zip code I put) but I will have all my stuff with me and can meet up with you somewhere. Able to help with gas and such!
Sacramento area - 05/17/2012
Looking to get into Reno by 8:30am this morning - Thursday. Have room for 1 maybe 2 ppl. Willing to swoop by airport or somewhere along my route from Sacramento. I have room for stuff as well. Call me because I'll be driving soon. 408-420-8041
Nevada City/Grass Valley 95959 - 05/17/2012
Leaving NC/GV on Fri have space for 2-3 people with gear please contact five three zero nine one three seven five six one
Zip: 94618 - 05/17/2012
I'm driving from SF & will be picking up a passenger in Oakland around 12-1pm on Thursday. I have room for 1 more passenger who can help in splitting the cost of gas & parking. Email me with your number & I will give you a ring by 11:00am, or hopefully sooner. - Rico :)
Zip: 94110 - 05/17/2012
Planning on driving up to Symbiosis early Friday morning (probably crack of dawn ~6am). Room for 1, maybe 2 depending on gear. Coming back probably late Sun night or super early Mon morning.
Zip: 91710 - 05/17/2012
Leaving Thursday morning-noon. have room. hit me up.
Zip: 94103 - 05/17/2012
Trying to leave for Symbiosis from SF Thursday. I'm super chill and have money. 26/m. Hit me up on here..or 415-248-6604
Zip: 94110 - 05/17/2012
Need a ride to Symbiosis from Bay Area, leaving on Thursday after 3pm or on Friday. Very willing to share interesting stories and to help with teh gas.
San Francisco, California - 05/17/2012
Leaving san francisco downtown on Thursday the 17th at 11am. Please call me on 415 999 8330 if you need a ride and can meet us around this area about this time. Got room for 2 people
Zip: 94134 - 05/17/2012
Leaving tomorrow morning. Room for one.
Santa Rosa, CA - 05/17/2012
Got a Truck & Ticket, Need Help pulling together Fuel Money. Can Leave Anytime, room for 1 comfortably, additional room with gear in truck bed / extended cab. (707) 939-5433
Reno Airport - 05/16/2012
I'm flying into Reno at 3:50 on thurs/may 17 and would be eternally grateful for a ride out to the gathering. i'm willing to wait a few hours and will pay anyone $50 straight up plus a little more if absolutely needed. much love
Zip: 94609 - 05/16/2012
happy fun girl looking for a ride on saturday, from Oakland. Traveling light....
Zip: 95542 - 05/16/2012
hi driving from southern humboldt, have space for one more person in the car, leaving tomorrow in the morning. could pick up if on the way somehere
Zip: 94704 - 05/16/2012
Hello I am Darius, a multimedia designer living in downtown Berkeley near the campus. Looking for a rideshare up to Symbiosis leaving sometime Friday morning. Return Monday but strong possibility I will ride back with a friend. I am great company / great vibes. Interests in genuine transformation, partying without drugs, movement meditation, film/media, authentic connection. Happily provide gas money. Can BART to locations in the East Bay for departure.
Zip: 95501 - 05/16/2012
I am looking for a ride from Eureka to the festival grounds. I have two tickets but only need one of them. If anyone is interested in sharing a ride for a ticket or gas money please let me know.
Zip: 91377 - 05/16/2012
Leaving tonight around 10 pm, stopping in grass valley to get on RV, then group of us are RVing into festi, we have room for 2 more awesome people, help us lower carbon footprint and lower gas money!!! join the fun! We will be at the festival tomorrow morning! :D
Zip: 91316 - 05/16/2012
Need a ride to Symbiosis? We've got room for one more person to join us as we head north from LA tonight around 9pm (wednesday). Come along, we'd love to have another join us for the drive!
San Francisco 94131 - 05/16/2012
Hi! I am offering a ride for 1 from San Francisco. Leaving Thursday around 6 and returning on Monday noonish. There will be 3 in the car, so please pack fairly lightly. My number is 404 731 7167. Please be prepared to pitch in for gas and car pass. Looking forward to riding with you!
Zip: 94590 - 05/16/2012
I have an RV fridge that needs to be picked up at the shop. It is 1.6 miles from I-80 in Vallejo, CA. It is 24" x 24" x 50" and weighs approx 70lbs. It can be laid on its side no problem. Truck, SUV, or hatchback best. Crane's RV Refrigeration, 25 California St. $50. Call/text Bob 509-290-0040.
95959 nevada city, CA - 05/16/2012
i am an artist, film-maker (middle age male) - have a 26' TiOGA motorhome; room for 3-4 people to share the gas; looking to leave tomorrow, thursday - looking forward to sharing the love and good conversation, etc... please feel free to call: cell: 949 767 7128 h: 276 6988 namaste, andras
95959 nevada city, CA - 05/16/2012
i am an artist, film-maker (middle age male) - looking for a ride either tonight, wed. or tomorrow, thursday - happy to share gas, good conversation, etc... please feel free to call: cell: 949 767 7128 h: 276 6988
Zip: 94704 - 05/16/2012
I'm late 20's year old guy, just finished a degree in environmental science & policy at UC Berkeley on Monday and celebrating by going to Symbiosis before moving from the bay. Got a subaru outback with tons of room. Just asking to split gas. Leaving Thurs morning coming back Mon midday. Let me know!
Zip: 94121 - 05/16/2012
Hi, I just decided last minute that I'm going. Hoping to depart SF as early as 9am, or as late as 3pm depending on packing on Thursday. Or, leave Friday by 10am on Friday. I'm a 5 year burner, dancer/clubber/stilt walker & festival goer. Looking for 2 friendly, no drama & happy peeps to split the cost to get there, and possibly back.. returning on Monday. ~ Rico :)
Grass Valley/Reno/Truckee - 05/16/2012
My best friend(29 male) and I (23 female) have room on our 22 ft RV. Leaving early on thursday morning by 6:00 at latest. Asking for gas money. We also have an extra bed if you are looking and are down to throw in a bit more cash. Leaving from Grass Valley, passing through Truckeebsummersbe and Reno and some other spots on the way, we can pick you up! Hope to be enjoying the journey with you soon! Love and light
Zip: 95945 - 05/16/2012
Got room for 1 or 2 people in my Ridgeline. Leaving GV @ 10;30am after Briar-Patch coop food run. Would just like a few $ for gas. No worries though.
Zip: 94610 - 05/16/2012
Late 20s female looking for a ride on Thursday noon. I am in Oakland. Return Sunday or Monday would be great, but not necessary. Happy to pitch in my share of gas and entry pass cost. I have minimal gear (backpacking packpack, water container, tent, etc.) I would like to stop somewhere before arriving to get water. I do have a car, which is having starting problems. If it turns out that it is simply a battery drain, then I will be driving and have 2-3 spots open, negating my need for a ride. But I'll put up another post if that happens. Please email.
Los Angeles, California - 05/16/2012
Hey people. I'm Pat. I can offer a ride TO symbiosis from West LA. On the way back, I've got to go to San Jose for work on Monday. I'm leaving early tomorrow morning (Thursday ~6am). I'd rather take my time with the drive, but still get there to set up before sunset. Plan on stopping in Mammoth Lakes for a lunch and maybe a quick skate. I've got room for 2 (3 minus 1 pending invite). Any help with gas is appreciated but not necessary. About me... 26, web designer, photographer, skateboarder, couchsurfer.
Santa Cruz - 05/16/2012
Hello, I'm a young man with a small backpack and big dreams of eclipses and lush sonic landscapes. I have gas money:) three one zero nine seven seven zero five five four
Zip: 90005 - 05/16/2012
I would not be leaving till friday night or saturday morning..... i can drive or if you have a car i will pitch in for gas. I just fixed my car toyota (rav4), but it has not done a long road trip yet since new transmission.... we should be good though... i'm an afterschool teacher/filmmaker... entirely in love with good music, and good philosophy.
san Jose - 05/16/2012
I need a ride Friday morning to the event... I'm willing to drive up to San Francisco or across the bay no problem.
Zip: 93401 - 05/16/2012
Need a ride up Thursday afternoon, Thursday evening or on Friday whenever! I have class on Thursday I can't miss. Will pay towards gas + provide good vibes and conversation.
Zip: 94563 - 05/16/2012
I'm renting a car from Oakland International, I'm a guy in his late 20s, kind of a computer nerd, not the hipster or socially awkward kind, but rather the "let's talk about the origins of the universe" kind. A psychedelic nerd? I love psytrance. If you like psytrance, we will probably get along great :) If you hate psytrance, we will probably still get along, but the ride may not be that enjoyable because I will insist we listen to at least a few psytrance tracks. Heed this warning! :D Picking up the car Thursday @ 9am at Oakland International Airport. Making a stop in Orinda on the 24 to pick up my gear, then continuing on the 24 to the 680 and onward, so this might add ~30 min. to the trip FYI.
Santa Cruz - 05/15/2012
Hi! myself and one friend are planning on volunteering at symbiosis and need a ride! Can throw some money on gas and//or share food & goodies
Zip: 89510 - 05/15/2012
Hey all! Decided to go to festival super last minute (!) and looking for ride from Reno airport Thursday night.. Flight from Seattle gets in around 10 pm. If you are passing that way around that time, would be much appreciated..
94707 berkeley - 05/15/2012
i need a ride to the gathering and back
Zip: 95050 - 05/15/2012
I have early an early entry ticket for Symbiosis. I'd like to be there Wednesday morning. I plan on leaving tonight, Tuesday, and camping closer to the festival. I might make a trip into Reno and check out the city for a bit. I might just camp and relax, i'm just out to enjoy the journey and have a good time. I'm down for whatever. Let me know if I can help you out with a ride. I'd be asking for a bit of gas money but it's not that big of a deal. 408-761-3258
San Francisco Airport - 05/15/2012
I'm arriving early at San Francisco Airport on Thursday (5/17) and was looking for a ride from there to Symbiosis. I might need to stop somewhere very quick to pick up somewater since I can't fly with it. I don't have much just a small backpack and a rolling luggage that's not to large. I also might need a ride on Monday but that's flexible. I will totally help with gas. Compensation can be negotiable to make it more fair. I'm a very friendly guy with good vibes. I don't smoke but it also dosn't bother me.
32nd and MLK, Oakland - 05/15/2012
I need to get out Symbiosis in time for my first volunteer slot at 4am, Thursday, so I can leave anytime Wednesday. I'm happy to split gas, help with driving, and share an adventure. =) Namaste -Noah (415) 236-0-632
Zip: 95050 - 05/15/2012
It's a bit short notice but I'm leaving for Symbiosis this afternoon (Tuesday). I plan on camping closer to the festival, maybe checking out Reno tonight. I have an early entry ticket to the festival and want to arrive at the gate in the morning. If this works for anyone let me know, I'm happy to offer a ride.
LA 90077 - 05/15/2012
Leaving tomorrow 5/16. HEading to Sonoma, CA first to pick up my friend and then heading to Symbiosis early Thursday morning. Call me if you want to join. 970 274 1617. I only have room for one person but I have lots of good music and would love to share this journey with someone else!
Zip: 93023 - 05/15/2012
I'm driving to Symbiosis from the bay area Friday afternoon around 4:00pm with one passenger. I can fit one more for sure, maybe two if you both travel lightly. Email me if you're interested.
San Francisco, California - 05/15/2012
I am renting a car and can offer a ride to 1 or 2 people from San Francisco to Symbiosis. Leaving Thurs night from the Sunset around 6.30pm. Email me if you are interested.
Zip: 84010 - 05/15/2012
I cannot offer a ride to symbiosis but I can offer one at the end of the festival to SLC
Zip: 95404 - 05/15/2012
Hi I'm looking for a ride to symbiosis from Santa Rosa. Just got back from Emissions to find out i have no ride to this magical gathering :( Please be that beautiful soul that helps me manifest this ride... (and of course I got gas fades.)
Zip: 94109 - 05/15/2012
becoming desperate for a ride to symbiosis music festival. i only need a ride there. i am really laid back and easy going. we will get along and have a good time. i also have cash for gas :)
Pyramid Lake - 05/15/2012
Is anyone leaving the festival on Monday and heading towards Bay Area?
Zip: 94702 - 05/15/2012
have space in my SUV for someone who can drive! Recently injured and cannot drive myself, I'm offering super cheap gas if you can do the driving! prefer to leave Thursday, return Monday.
LA - 05/15/2012
lvg wed nite or thurs am room for 1 or 2 in pickup w luggage room. help w gas and driving stickshift. 310 570 0017
Zip: 94703 - 05/15/2012
The journey is as important as the destination! Seeking joyful creatures to travel with on Friday to the gathering!
Zip: 94703 - 05/15/2012
Berkeley on Friday!
Zip: 95472 - 05/15/2012
Hi looking for a ride to Symbiosis from Sebastapol, CA. I only need a ride there, I have gas money:) Thanks
Lafayette, California - 05/15/2012
37 year old ecstatic dancer/ piano teacher is driving from Contra Costa county (40 min. east SF bay – yellow BART) after sunrise Friday for Symbiosis, returning early Monday. Seeking a passenger in both directiona to pitch in w/ some gas whilst providing pleasant company. Pickup location is negotiable. Please text Colleen (925) 323-2288 or call (925) 947-0470…Bless!
Reno, Nevada - 05/15/2012
Hello, Looking for a ride Thursday afternoon. I have a cooler, tent, backpack and a duffle bag. Can pitch in for gas!
Zip: 95608 - 05/15/2012
Leaving from Fair Oaks (near Sacramento) I can fit two more people. You will be traveling with a mom and a 3 yo boy. Please only respond if you are drug-free and enjoy children. Thanks.
Reno, Nevada - 05/15/2012
Flying Into REno at 10:40 am on WED. Need a ride to the lake from the AIrport or whatever grocery store we can make it to . Any time during the day would be great. We are flying in from NC... just me, my awesome girl, and 2 backpacks! We got you on some gas!
Zip: 95405 - 05/15/2012
Leaving wed morning from Santa Rosa (707} 205,7864
Reno Airport - 05/15/2012
My bf and I are flying into Reno at 9:10am on Thursday, need a ride to get groceries and to Symbiosis, but we already have a ride out afterward. We'll have a duffel bag and backpack each, and we're pretty flexible on time. We'll of course pay our share in gas! Thanks!
S Lake Tahoe - 05/15/2012
Leaving for early arrival around midday to mid afternoon on Wednesday from S lake stop......Symbiosis............Throw in gas money..........planning on returning Monday am, but not positive on the return time.
Zip: 91710 - 05/15/2012
Looking to either get a ride or I can drive with the help of gas and switch drive. Looking to leave Thursday and leave Sunday night to be back by Monday morning.
Zip: 94939 - 05/15/2012
Looking for a ride from the bay area I am in Marin and have an early bird ticket. I would love to split gas and make the journey with happy folks contact me
LA - 05/15/2012
lvg wed nite, driving thru the night. room for 1 or 2 in pickup w luggage room. help w gas and driving stickshift. 310 570 0017
Zip: 94103 - 05/15/2012
Hi everyone :) My name is Sun and I need a ride from Sf to Symbiosis. I just decided at the last moment to go. If you are from the scene, I am the Asian girl that always has a flower in her hair, rides a motorcycle with a pink flower on the helmet and generally wears a lot of hot pink and almost always in a good mood dancing. Call me: 415-225-7700
Zip: 91301 - 05/14/2012
ride offered : from LA to Sacramento (that is as far as I can go in this car, but it will get you closer) Wednesday Night 5/16, leaving at 8 pm
95472/Sebastopol - 05/14/2012
Hello! I'm in Sebastopol, looking for a ride from this area or Santa Rosa to Symbiosis on the 19th...I can ride back with friends who are already there.
Zip: 85705 - 05/14/2012
Im headed up to Pyramid lake from Tucson, AZ. (possible break in Phoenix) I plan on leaving Wednesday, early afternoon. I intend to arrive at Symbiosis on Thursday, late morning. I will head back south on Monday afternoon. I have room for at least one more, maybe two depending on luggage... real talk, also enjoy silence, ebb and flow. cheers, -Zal.
Reno, Nevada - 05/14/2012
for people offering rides from the Reno airport, is there any way you could stop by the Greyhound station, its 8 minutes away according to Mapquest. Thanks, Peace!!
Reno - 05/14/2012
Arriving in Reno on Tuesday, need a ride to the grounds, have funds for fuel and food, plus....convo or meditative silence, your choice!!
Zip: 94619 - 05/14/2012
Hello I have room for one, possibly two depending on how much gear you have. Planning to leave Oakland on Wednesday night and come back Monday Morning to noonish. Call me at 650-305-1016 if you still need a ride, asap. Thanks. Rez
Buffalo - 05/14/2012
Human looking for a ride
reno international airport - 05/14/2012
Can pick up a couple people from Reno airport Thursday before 1pm. I need help paying for the car entrance fee. I can also drop you off at a grocery store and let your get your much needed food and alcohol. If i get one person the fee would be 20 dollars, if i can get 2 people the fee would be 13 dollars. Ciao
Zip: 94609 - 05/14/2012
Hi I'm jessica how are you beautiful people!? I am looking for a round-trip ride for me and my friend from the eastbay. Please contact me ASAP if possible. 510 213 2283 thank you to all.
Oakland - 05/14/2012
aloha aloha, Looking for a ride to share up to Symbiosis. More than happy to pitch for petrol and snacks and the such.. .. Looking forward to it! can call : 808 870 1626 or email please. Thank youuu, Serena Leilani.
Zip: 94124 - 05/14/2012
I live in san francisco's pertola district. I need a ride back (only back) on tuesday the 22nd. Let me know if we can work something out.
Reno, Nevada - 05/14/2012
Hello, I was just informed my original ride and place to stay at symbiosis is a no go:( So, I'm on a mission and need YOUR help! I live in Reno. I would need a ride to symbiosis and back. I can help with gas if need be, and can help drive.( cant drive stick though sorry) My schedule is completely open so i can go there and leave whenever is good for you:) MUCH LOVE! Bella
Reno - 05/13/2012
Hello, My friend Holly and I are flying into the Reno airport on Wednesday at 4:05 and need a ride to the event. Happy to help out w/ gas and hook up free tokens for the Oasis Bathhouse and Sauana. Much Love, ~Christina
94563/East Bay/SF - 05/13/2012
I'm looking for a one-way ride from SF or the East Bay (I'm in Orinda) Friday after 4pm. I can offer $ for gas, driving help, and/or babysitting at the festival if you have little ones (I'm a child/play therapist). Give me a shout if you have a spot. Thanks! -Karen 415-420-8610
Zip: 97206 - 05/13/2012
Hey, 'sup! I'm volunteering for the festival and looking to head out Wednesday or Thursday, coming back Monday. Looking for some kindred to share costs. Give a shoutout at five oh three eight eight eight eleven oh three. This is gonna be epic!!
Emeryville, California - 05/13/2012
Last minute decision to head up to the event and was hoping to find a person to share the ride! I will be leaving from Emeryville around 3pm Thursday and heading home on monday afternoon. Please let me know if you would like to join me and share in the gas and car pass expenses!
95356 - 05/13/2012
I'm 26 year old male looking for a ride to this magnificent gathering from Modesto, CA. I'll be working the coffee cart there and will provide a caffeine IV to anyone I can catch a lift with. I'm cool with pitching in gas money too. Looking to leave on Thursday.
Garberville, CA 95542 - 05/13/2012
Hey there festival friends, I'm seeking a ride from Garberville, CA. I need to be at the festival early Thursday morning. It would be preferable to arrive a day early. No big deal if this doesn't happen. I'm super flexible and all that really matters is that I'm there. And not late for my shift. Of course, I'll throw down for gas, share food, stories, and offer a shoulder to sleep on. Let me know if we can ride on the festival band wagon together! Bless it, Cara Jean 518-788-0768
Carson City NV - 05/13/2012
Going to be passing through Reno to get to the event Thursday Morning. I will have 1 Extra seat if you don't have a whole lot of stuff maybe two. I don't expect any gas money but if you wanted to throw down I would not object.
Reno Greyhound station - 05/13/2012
Hi Looking for a ride from the Greyhound bus station, or I can get to the airport and meet there, arriving on the 15th (i know its early but wanted some spare time to find a ride) Also need a ride back to Reno after the festival. Any help would be really great, thank you!
Zip: 95060 - 05/13/2012
Looking for a ride to symbiosis Tuesday or Wednesday for me and a friend. We can share gas costs and driving time!
San Francisco, California - 05/13/2012
My girlfriend and I are from Australia, currently travelling through the states, we're looking for a ride up on the 17th and back from the 21st. I can help with driving and we can both provide gas money. We don't need much space for our stuff. Thanks!
Zip: 98027 - 05/13/2012
I'm leaving from the Seattle area on Wednesday or Thursday. I have room for one person for company and to share in gas. I will be coming back Monday or Tuesday. I am a vivacious intense double Scorpio who drives a Ford Escape Hybrid so there will be plenty of room and good gas mileage. I have a pod for storage so we can be comfy. Jennifer 801-644-1108.
Reno Airport - 05/13/2012
Namaste - 2 chilled guys, an ukelele, and didgeridoos from Austin looking for a ride from the airport area to the festival on wednesday. we get in early so anytime after 11:30. if you are leaving the fest on Monday, only one of us needs a ride back to Reno. Can you help some brothers out? much love, Sat nam.
Reno Airport - 05/13/2012
Looking for a ride from Reno Airport area for 2 people around 5-7pm on Wednesday. I'm flying in from Germany that day and meeting up with my amazing girlfriend who's coming in from Austin. We are chilled, loving, open burner peeps. We'll help out were needed and can chip in some gas money.
Zip: 35490 - 05/13/2012
Hello all. My name is Leon, I'm looking for company and some one to contribute to the fuel fund. I can meet locally or in states along I40 Have room for 2 additional people. I can offer a ONE WAY ride only. I'm staying in the west to work for the summer. Me: 23 year old male. I tend to be a quiet guy, but I'm no creep. Very chill. Message or call 2562442239
Zip: 94705 - 05/12/2012
415 312 3873 looking for help with gas to and from the festival.
Zip: 90291 - 05/12/2012
Hey! My name's Chris Kozlowski, I'm a very active DJ/Producer/Event Promoter in the Socal underground music scene. I've been gratefully offered volunteer work after the festival so I'd only need a one way ride. However time have been extremely difficult the past few months financially and I have little to offer in terms of gas money. I have some studio equipment on craigslist which if sells by Wednesday I'll be able to pitch in on gas, otherwise I have no financial contribution (unless you take IOU's :/). I can offer you production/DJ lessons and DJ/promote events for you for free or anything else you can imagine. This is the biggest gathering of my lifetime and I dream to be there to experience the magic with all my friends and family. I pack extremely lightly (just water, a backpacking pack, and an extra blanket if room...aside from the water I can comfortably fit everything in a single seat in any car). Please let me know if you can help.
Zip: 95062 - 05/12/2012
I have 4 seats available in a Suburban. I'll be leaving Wednesday night most likely, or Thursday morning at the latest. I'll be bringing some gear myself, but please get in contact me so we can coordinate getting your gear in the car as well.
95482, Ukiah, CA - 05/12/2012
Leaving Mendocino Tuesday, returning Wednesday, have room in a dolphin RV for riders and gear.
Zip: 91902 - 05/12/2012
Leaving from SD on Wednesday morning, camping in mammoth Wednesday night, headed to symbosis after a jump in June lake on Thursday morning. Have room for 2, I won't be returning to sd, but if your going Colorado ways I got you covered there too.
Zip: 97212 - 05/12/2012
looking for a ride leaving from Portland Wednesday or Thursday, Preferably with some cool ladies looking for the same to camp with :) Will be able to pitch in for gas !!!
v5l3m3 - 05/11/2012
Vancouver, Canada
Zip: 91303 - 05/11/2012
SYmbiosis bound and back please : )
Zip: 94601 - 05/11/2012
Greetings! Chill, friendly, entertaining couple looking for a ride to symbiosis from the bay area and possibly back though looking at return options. our range to leave would be from Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday. Can discuss details on phone or through email. fourone5 -5 zerofour -4zeroonefive
Zip: 98006 - 05/11/2012
Driving to Symbiosis from the Seattle area. Have room for 1 or 2 depending on the cargo (maybe even 3). Haven't quite routed the trip yet but I have no problem picking people up along the way (so long as the detour is reasonable)...six4six five4one four89two...text call or email and we can make a plan...expecting quite the adventure Cheers
Zip: 92651 - 05/11/2012
hey im looking for a ride from orange county to symbiosis, i would be traveling with my 10 month old son who is very low maintenance and super chill just like his mama. we are 215 friendly, i can help with driving, gas money, and entertainment. i can also drive stick if that helps any! thanks
San Francisco, California - 05/11/2012
I'm looking for a ride from San Francisco Thursday, my current ride is up in the air so I thought I'd post something here as backup! Friendly, easy going 25 year old male. I have a parking pass, gas money, friendly convo, and some tunes for the ride if you so desired. I have some equipment but nothing too major. Also should have my ride back taken care of.
Reno Airport - 05/11/2012
Hey Festing Family- I arrive at Reno Airport at 9:15 am on Thurs. the 17th. I'm thinking about booking a cab from the airport to Symbiosis and looking for at least 2 people to join unless one of you fine folks already has a ride that I could jump in on. My camp mate is taking all of my things in on early arrival so I will have no luggage. We are going to have an epic time!!!
Reno/Tahoe Airport - 05/11/2012
I am flying into Reno on Saturday 5/19 around 1pm and am looking for a ride to Symbiosis.
95472 Sebastopol - 05/11/2012
Looking for a ride to on the 19th...
Polk St and Pine St, San Francisco, CA - 05/11/2012
Hello, I'm looking for a ride to Symbiosis Gathering from San Francisco. I'm looking to leave on Wed May 16, or Thursday May 17, and return on either Mon May 21, or Mon May 22. I'm an easy going and friendly guy, and willing to help out with gas costs, car pass, and other reasonable traveling expenses. Thank you!
Zip: 94117 - 05/10/2012
Need a ride back early Monday morning to SF or Bay Area. Can split cost of gas. Light load. Let me know. Thanks Lindsey ;) 330.212.3616
Zip: 94114 - 05/10/2012
Hi y'all. My pal and I are looking for rides to and fro SF. We come bearing gas cash, snacks, music, stories, silence, massages...whatever flows! We are nice, considerate people. Many Thanks. -Rebecca
Colorado - 05/10/2012
My name is Mandi, Me an a friend are despretly searching for a ride to Symbiosis from Colorado or Wyoming..any where from those surrounding areas! Will Pitch in for gas. We are great company and are looking to share this experinces with new friends and cool people. Please contact me if so with a email.. or repost.
Reno Airport - 05/10/2012
Looking for a ride from Reno Airport area around 2 or 3pm Friday. Thanks!
Reno, CA - 05/10/2012
Need a ride for two awesome people to leave Symbiosis on Sunday afternoon to catch a flight in Reno. We have to be at the airport at 6pm on Sunday afternoon. Will definitely pay for gas. We're pretty lean.
94703 / Berkeley CA - 05/10/2012
Boyfriend and I are based in Berkeley, right off of Ashby BART. We'd love to leave either on the 16th or early AM on the 17th! We can totally provide gash cash, snacks and deep bass on the way up, not forgetting awesome vibes!
Zip: 49120 - 05/10/2012
Whats up! Interested in getting a ride, 21 year old female, could help pitch in on gass. Text me reply at 541 813 0786 :) Thanks, look forward to hearing from you :)
Zip: 15074 - 05/10/2012
pleaze e-mail name and # thanks
Berkeley 94704 - 05/10/2012
Im able to leave either from san francisco,Berkeley or Oakland, taking the Bart. I'd love to meet new people and to share my passions as well as discovering the ones of others. This is my last chance to go to a big spiritual gathering in USA because Im going back to france in July My name is Valentin Asmode
Zip: 94115 - 05/10/2012
I am trying to get to symbiosis tuesday the 15th. I am setting up my camp with other wonderful people. I have money for gas as well. Thanks
V5M 2M3 - 05/10/2012
Heading out of Van late Wednesday night, May 16. Must be back Monday for work Tuesday morning. Phone 604-319-9229
Zip: 81623 - 05/10/2012
traveling with my teen daughter (16). Would like to travel with another kid and parent but open to all. We are 420 friendly, however, no's allergic :) Been a Burner (BM) since '06 and my daughter has gone to our reginal Burns ever since then. So, we are very open, free, and loving peeps.
94709--Berkeley, CA - 05/10/2012
Hello! My partner and I, both UC Berkeley students, are looking for a ride BACK to the Bay Area from Symbiosis. We have a ride there, but our friend is going directly to another festival from Symbiosis (Lightning in a Bottle), so we have no way to get back! If anyone would be willing to drive two fun-loving, more-than-down-to-pay-for-gas, cool peeps, we would really appreciate it! Will have two small bags, a tent, and sleeping bags.
Zip: 95616 - 05/09/2012
Hi! I am looking for a ride to the festival (and perhaps back as well) from Davis which is right outside of Sacramento. I am happy to help pay for gas and drive if needed. Thanks!
Zip: 97218 - 05/09/2012
2 guys looking for a ride to Symbiosis from Portland. We wont have much, just a couple backpacks and maybe an ice chest. Can chip in for gas too.
Zip: 98155 - 05/09/2012
hayy theree-- I'm looking for a ride back to Seattle after the gathering! I can throw down for gas, I'll have one bag and I'm suppa chill :3 Thanks much! Kyra
Zip: 94117 - 05/09/2012
I need a ride back to San Francisco on Sunday evening after the eclipse. Anyone planning on leaving Sunday night? Will share cost of gas, I travel light and have great taste in music! Thanks so much, carly.
Reno, Nevada - 05/09/2012
I am landing in Reno on the morning of 19th...Any late commers willing to share a cab that day?
94080 san francisco or somwhere in the Bay Area - 05/09/2012
Hi I'm an Indian musician/henna artist Sanxe Loveji tel 4154246516
Zip: 80218 - 05/09/2012
Hello beautiful souls, we have an RV heading from Denver, CO on Tuesday, May 15th to Symbiosis, the total cost including gas looks to be about 250 per person, looking for two to three people to fill her up! Thanks for your interest, look forward to sharing this magical gathering with you!!
Zip: 86001 - 05/09/2012
Just need beautiful company for the ride and to split gas :) Flexible with the date/time to leave. Text me directly please! 623.225.1544
Portland - 05/09/2012
Headong out on the 16th or 17th have room For 3. Would like some nice folks who can share gas cost. Driving a newer Subaru, nice n bassy, good gas mileage, no smokin in the car tho. Give a shout at 7one 9 two one 0 four nine 7 two. My service is prett hit or miss at home so if you can't get through send a text. Justin
97202 / Portland, Oregon - 05/09/2012
I'm going to Symbiosis and need a ride from Portland, OR May 17 or 16. It's just me, my tent, water, and backpack. I would also appreciate a ride back to Portland at the end of the Festival...May 22.
Zip: 89512 - 05/08/2012
I am going to Symbiosis and will need a ride from the UNR/RENO area out to Pyramid Lakes. I will need a ride on May 17th. It will just be me, my tent, and my backpack that are traveling from Colorado. I could also use a ride back to UNR/RENO area on the 22nd when the festival is over. PLEASE GET A HOLD OF A BROTHER!
Zip: 90031 - 05/08/2012
I am taking an amazing group of friends up to Pyramid Lake for Symbiosis with me in my RV. We are looking for a few great new friends that we can flow with. This is going to be a truely Epic road trip... We will be picking a meeting spot in either Burbank or LA and will also be in Rancho Cucamonga before that. Also there may be a group leaving from San Diego to meet up with us, so there are many possibilities in the SoCal area! WE require $150 round trip- plus- most importantly great vibes, love and flow!!! Who's in for adventures????
San Diego, California - 05/08/2012
Me and my sister travelled from Costa Rica to Tennessee, then road tripped from there to San Diego, unfortunately our van's transmission failed and now we're looking for a ride from San Diego to Reno for the 10th because we're volunteers. Please let us know if you can take us!!! Thanks so much,
Zip: 95454 - 05/08/2012
22f 31m 4mo boy need ride from north cali to Symbiosis and Lightning in a bottle. Have gas money and trade :) Love and Light Always!
Zip: 97442 - 05/08/2012
Leaving souther Oregon on the evening of the 15th, plan on arriving at the gates as they open on the 16th for early-bird tickets. Will head south on I-5, over to Susanville, take I-80 from Reno, I-80 to Nixon, NV.
Zip: 93551 - 05/08/2012
Hello! I really would love to make it down to Symbiosis. I will passing through Los Angeles on my way there. I have a Dodge Caravan and have space for 4 people. if anyone wants to split gas and share good vibes on the way to Symbiosis, message back
11237 Brooklyn - 05/08/2012
Ride to Symbiosis from Brooklyn, NY
Zip: 92683 - 05/08/2012
room for 1 person. Planning to leave Wednesday Evening for an early Thursday arrival. Looking for someone who is willing to pitch in on gas, willing to trade driving, capable of driving a stick shift. Comfortable, laid back ride. Returning Monday must be at work in OC Tuesday AM...
Zip: 94619 - 05/08/2012
I am going to symbiosis, the person i was gonna go up with is no longer going and so i'm offering up rides...i have a car pass and a reliable car...leaving thursday morning the 17 and coming back either monday night the 21 or tuesday morning the 22....i have space in my car for 2-3 people depending on how much stuff you have....i'm chill, u must be also...leaving from oakland... me: dance-a-holic, queer, music lover, chill, loves disco balls, geek you: totally awesome, not super smelly,able to kick down for gas and the car pass, NOT A DOUCHE (although u would think this is covered under 'totally awesome'), 420 friendly thanks
Zip: 93023 - 05/08/2012
yep....i would love to caravan with other ojai/sb/ peeps...going on Wednesday for early admission/ would love to set up camp with loving healthy others...xoxo
84103 Salt Lake City - 05/08/2012
I'm driving from Salt Lake City to the Symbiosis Gathering and then possibly directly to Lightning In A Bottle. I've got room for one friendly person. There is a chance that I will be coming back to SLC between festivals so if are looking for a round trip ride, don't hesitate to message me. I'm flexible on dates and just looking to help someone out and have some good company.
Zip: 93721 - 05/08/2012
Hi my name is Mehrdad Shawn Aminian, I am living in a town called Bass Lake in Sierra Navada foothills. I am looking forward to going to Symbiosis & meeting more like minded peeps! Please call me if you have room for me. Thanks!! #559-515-1984
95959/Nevada City or Grass Valley - 05/07/2012
Leaving from Grass Valley area early on the 17th to get to event by 10:00 am. Plenty of room on my best friends(29 male) and my(23 female) RV. Fun loving, energetic, musicians/artists. Asking for 15-20$ to throw into the gas tank. Hope to be enjoying the journey with you. Love and Light!
Reno Airport - 05/07/2012
I'm going to book a cab for the the 17th. My flight lands at 12:30 am and one other lady has agreed to ride with. If anyone is landing around that time you are more than welcome to ride with...the more people the cheaper the cost. Well worth the wait if you have to. Lets get this show on the road :)
Reno Nevada - 05/07/2012
I'm booking a cab from RENO to Nixon on the 17th probably around 12:30pm- my flight gets in at 11am so I have to wait around for an hour or so to try and collect people to fill my cab with....if you are going to be at the AP somewhere between 11-1pm and want me to reserve you a spot in this cab let me know asap.. should be 90$ divided by up to 7 people
venice beach, ca - 05/07/2012
I am looking for a ride out from Venice Beach. Flexible dates, would love to get there the first day and head out the 21st. Can pitch in for gas, am a great appreciator of your favorite music and can bring snacks!!
St. Paul, Minneapolis - 05/07/2012
I had a "friend" back out and i can barely afford to drive myself, would love if someone would ride along and help. I have a ford ranger in good condition with an extended cab so there is room for another person, but it will be more comfortable with only one.
san Jose - 05/07/2012
I need a ride out of the festical sometime the 21st to San Jose. Is anyone going back then? Thanks :)
Zip: 94610 - 05/07/2012
I am volunteering- not sure yet when arriving- but I will be able to offer a ride to the event from SF Bay Area/Sacramento/Reno. On the way back- can offer to as far as Reno. I cannot afford all the gas costs on my own and ride sharing = better in every way! Email if interested
Oakland - 05/07/2012
Aloha! Looking for a ride from Oakland Berkeley area on the 17th or 18th. Offering gas $$ and great conversation! 541.808.1377 ~ Geneva
Zip: 97402 - 05/07/2012
Leaving from Eugene.Ridin solo so far, I have one spot in my car, but would love some company. Smaller car, but i can pack like a gypsy :)
90035 Los Angeles - 05/07/2012
Aloha! I need a ride from Los Angeles to Symbiosis. I am open for the departure time and will participate in gas expense. I live on the West side, thank you for the support!
Zip: 85018 - 05/06/2012
Looking for a ride for 2 girls to pyramid eclipse! we have gas money and are not bringing very much. please feel free to contact via phone @ 602 723 5035
Reno, Nevada - 05/06/2012
Hey soul family! I'm flying in from South America after a spiritually uplifting trip, and a perfect stop off to finalize my journey is Symbo! I'll be flying in on the evening of the 15th, and am looking to catch a ride anytime on the 16th. CONNECT! mush love,
Vancouver, BC - 05/06/2012
Lookin for a ride down from Vancouver, BC...will share some sweet treats and surprises, stupid jokes, good music, or total silence staring out the window haha I'm easy.
Zip: 97405 - 05/06/2012
We have spot from Eugene, to Symbiosis, to Lightning in a Bottle and back to Eugene. Hit us up if anyone is interested.
Zip: 97402 - 05/06/2012
gas money all day
98908/ Yakima - 05/06/2012
First time hearing about this I wanna have a good time my friends told me about it but im really making an effort to go so i have $ gas herbal medicine :)) and pretty much just a laid back high school student just turned 18 Lets go but let me know.. please (really trying to go)
Reno, Nevada - 05/06/2012
A free ticket and good compay also a helpful hand to who ever can get me a ride from the reno airport
Zip: 93012 - 05/06/2012
Planning to arrive the first day, room for 1 or 2, leaving Sunday night.
Zip: 95521 - 05/06/2012
My buddy "Peace" who is a real good guy and his service dog need a ride from arcata to symbiosis pretty flexible schedule, has $ and good company. im trying to hook him up with a ride. thank you
San Francisco, California - 05/05/2012
Hi tribe ))))) lost my ride from San Franscisco airport to the festival, I arrive the day before on 16th early in the morning, can offer $ and pleasant vibes for either a ride to Sacramento or the festival..
Reno Air port - 05/02/2012
Hello all beautiful people, I am arriving at the Reno airport around midnight Thursday night. I will be traveling light and gas money to contribute. If anyone can please help me get to Symbiosis from the Reno Airport on Thursday night/ Friday morning I would greatly appreciate it !!! Thank you!!
Zip: 90026 - 04/30/2012
in LA, really want to go! Packing light, can maybe swing using my roommate's car but if not i 'll need a lift! I can drive and split ga$
Zip: 97214 - 04/11/2012
My best friend and I are volunteering at Symbiosis and need a ride! We will be packing light, just backpacks and hoops. Definitely have money on gas and can help drive! Please let me know if you can help out! Many blessings!
Vancouver, Canada - 04/10/2012
i can get to seattle! am volunteering at the eventyiosis