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Symbiosis Gathering 2013

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Zip: 94621 - 09/22/2016
Offering rides from Bay Area for symbiosis 2016 on Friday around noon :)
San Diego, California - 09/14/2015
I am looking for ride TO the SYMBIOSIS- Only

Working The Silk Roads Stage- I have some gear- Boomerangs and Clothing etc. Arriving Wednesday would be optimum- Anytime is good tho! Expenses / Driving / Good ENERGY!
Austin, Texas - 09/09/2015
Looking for people to fill up my car to go to Symbiosis on the 18th of September to the 21st (monday), Round trip (50-70 in gas both ways) Straight shot, no motel stays. I drive for a living and very good at it. Hit me up, Laid Back 32 year old electronic music producer from Hawaii, California, and Austin, Multi-pass!
San Francisco, California - 09/06/2015
Hell there: NEED A RIDE to Symbiosis on Friday Sept 18th. will pay for gas! please make contact.
Seminole, Florida - 05/19/2015
Heading to Californiaa for symbiosis from the bay area. Can pick up any where ik between. Looking for gas riders. High vibes and good times.
oakdale - 09/23/2013
hi need a ride to san fransisco,today 23rd, single person willing to pay for the gas!
Zip: 95203 - 09/22/2013
I'm stuck in Stockton and need to get to symbiosis ASAP! Please help :) can chip in cash!
Oakland, CA - 09/21/2013
Hi Lovely lovelies. Looking for a last-minute ride to go with my last minute ticket to join friends and lover at the Osis. Would like to get there at 10/11am Sunday morning. Likely all set on the ride back. Can pay $15-$20. Can be amusing company and conversation or totally chill window-gazer. Make my week! 516 946 2747.
San Francisco, California, United States - 09/21/2013
Hi im estelle im looking for a ride leaving as soon as possible to symbiosis from san fran / oakland or berkley (saturday or sunday morning veryy early) me on my phone to meet up 646 257 0240. ready to go and share all costs :) x
Oakland - 09/21/2013
Looking for the ride to symbiosis, Saturday any time from Oakland. Just arrived from Moscow, share petrol and so on. 5109907519
Zip: 94542 - 09/21/2013
Would love a lift today, anytime but the earlier the better. Will help pay for gas and demonstrate my awesome powers of conversation :)
Zip: 94108 - 09/21/2013
Hi! Looking for a ride to the Symbiosis Sunday and ride back Monday anytime. I will help you for gas and If you are a traveller host you at my place to stay. I live near Union Square. Text me 415-860-5919 Raz
San Francisco, California - 09/21/2013
Want to leave early Saturday morning. Anyone got a ride?
San Francisco, California - 09/20/2013
Looking for a ride to the festival tonight. Just flew in from Ireland. I will fill your gas tank. Thanks!
san fran - 09/20/2013
i need 2 spaces for frid evening please johnny
Zip: 91355 - 09/20/2013
Hi, leaving early morning Sat and returning any time Mon. I'm taking a Tundra Crewmax so plenty of space just chip in for gas
Zip: 98125 - 09/20/2013
I can't afford gas completely, but I do have a rig that can be used, just want this to work out.
San Fransisco, California - 09/20/2013
hello! I am a single female looking for a ride to Symbiosis on Saturday from Los Angeles or Sunday from San Fransisco! I have $30 for gas and would love to give you some good wholesome company. i am cute and fun
Los Angeles, California - 09/20/2013
Haloo! mellow female looking for ride from LA to symbiosis. leaving anytime. 40$ gas. 50$ if u pick me up in marvista/marina del rey so I can leave my car behind. Please, no loud dubstep. i can offer conversation, gentle musings, earplug independence or anything inbetween
san fransisco - 09/20/2013
Hi I fly in from Canada tomorrow at SFO at 930pm and am looking for a ride! Please text me? 778-668-4230 Nani
Zip: 90005 - 09/20/2013
Offering ride for up to 3 people from Los Angeles on Friday around noon! Let's start an adventure!
San Francisco, California - 09/19/2013
Hello, i'm french guy who need a ride on friday afternoon or saturday from San Francisco to Symbiosis Gathering. I participate to all the expenses. Goods Vibes for sure!
Zip: 90278 - 09/19/2013
Hello! Looking to give a ride to 4 beautiful people to Symbiosis from Los Angeles. I plan to leave Saturday morning early to be at the festie by 11am! Let's co-create! yeea!
94110 San Fran Mission District - 09/19/2013
I am looking for a ride Friday evening at 8 pm. I have to teach until 7:30 but can leave directly afterwards. I am a performer and my ride just flacked. I must get there! Please help? Elizabeth
san fransisco - 09/19/2013
Hi there! I am looking for a ride from SF area, and willing to share cost or gas.
Zip: 96150 - 09/19/2013
Hi, I'm looking for a ride from Symbiosis Sunday night or early Monday morning to South Lake Tahoe or anywhere near South Lake. I have gas money and willing to drive. I will only have 1 small suitcase. Thank you! 203.257.8908 - Bryan
Zip: 93305 - 09/19/2013
Hello , looking for a ride, will pitch in gas $ I live in kern county. Anyone leaving Los Angeles would be passing through my city please contact me 661-852-8654
Zip: 94606 - 09/19/2013
Hi name is Josué, I live east Oakland and got all my stuff ready to go. Will gladly cooperate w gas money. Thank you so much!
Zip: 91740 - 09/19/2013
Looking for a ride out to this magical place :) Feel free to call directly, 626 703 1088. Cheers, Ameen.
Zip: 90401 - 09/19/2013
2 artists performing at symbiosis car broke down and need a ride to festival!
Zip: 94117 - 09/19/2013
Hi friends! we have a car and we would love some company for the ride, leaving SF Thursday around 6PM
Petaluma, CA 94954 - 09/19/2013
Hello everyone! I'm lookin for a ride from Sonoma County to symbiosis on Friday...I can offer gas money, treats, and trade. Call (707) 364-8738
Zip: 94114 - 09/19/2013
Looking for a ride from San Francisco / Bay Area on Thursday. Returning on Monday. Times are flexible. We are a couple with little gear, pay for gas, super easy going! Please txt me at 512 825 6773. Many thanks
Zip: 95525 - 09/18/2013
offering a ride from arcata ca or anywhere along the way!
Zip: 94103 - 09/18/2013
Zip: 95060 - 09/18/2013
Me and my lovely friend Casey are headin to the gathering tonight from Santa Cruz, let us know if you need a ride! call me at 8057101830, were tryna leave by 6
Zip: 98125 - 09/18/2013
Yo! My name be Hollis, I need a ride from seattle! Gas scrilla + me = AWESOME EPIC ROAD TRIP TO SYMBIOSIS!!! Please let me know, I can't miss this! Much love and light, Namaste :D
bayview - 09/18/2013
Hi there! Solo Canadian lady hoping to make it to the festy grounds today or early tomorrow to help with setup! Friendly, easy going and not much baggage. Much love.
Santa Rosa, California - 09/18/2013
Hello! I'm looking for a ride on Thursday evening (my flight arrives at 4pm at Santa Rosa Airport) to Symbiosis gathering. Can help with gas, music and entertainment.
Zip: 91724 - 09/18/2013
Looking to leave this afternoon from LA/SGV area and would be happy to give a ride to share gas expense. 626 674 62one9 Mikeeee
Zip: 94550 - 09/18/2013
hello, looking for ride from Livermore early thursday morning. not sure if i need a ride back. but im easy going and not awkward :)
SFO airport - 09/18/2013
I am looking for a ride tonight!... I will be landing approx. 9:40pm into the International San Francisco airport on West Jet flight 1776. I offer gas money, great conversation, so many laughs, and several interesting stories from my novel I am writing. Hoping to connect with you soon friend! :)
Zip: 93110 - 09/18/2013
Hey, I would need a ride from santa barbara to Gathering on the 22nd . I will share the gas price for sure! Let me know!
Zip: 95063 - 09/18/2013
Offering a ride from Santa Cruz leaving Thursday early afternoon and returning late Sunday or early Monday based upon riders needs. Super cool chick with a mini van and lots of space. Space for 1-2 people
Vancouver - 09/18/2013
Hey Im a bit late but im from montreal travelling BC right now in vancouver, a ride to symbiosis would be a magnificient gift ! And I sure can share gaz!
Westminster,ca - 09/18/2013
Hi I need a ride up to symbiosis I can leave anytime after 8 on Thursday night, thank you
Zip: 95521 - 09/17/2013
Leaving ARCATA Thursday at 0900 going straight to the festy. Return: Leave the party looking like a wet dog with post festy bad mood around late morning. Drive straight back to ARCATA
Aptos, California - 09/17/2013
We are a family with a 2 year old venturing to Symbiosis on Thursday in the morning. Room for 1... possibly 2. asking $20
Zip: 92673 - 09/17/2013
Needs ride from OC! will help pitch in for gas :)
Zip: 95472 - 09/17/2013
Rider (possibly two) wanted from Sebastopol/Petaluma/Cotati to Symbiosis leaving Friday about 1 or 2; returning Monday at noon. Prefer valid drivers license holder, to share driving, gas $ and symbiotic conversation :) No smoking (at least in car)
Emeryville, California - 09/17/2013
International traveler, carrying 2 bags, good vibes~
San Francisco, California - 09/17/2013
South African Burner after one more wiggle before jetting home. Working the Symbiosis event on Saturday night. Looking for a ride in Thursday/Friday returning Sunday/early Monday to catch flight out of SF airport. Monday evening. Lubbly Jubbly !!!
Zip: 95618 - 09/17/2013
need to be at symbiosis gathering to make money as a pedicab driver at the gathering. i need to be there on thursday night at the earliest and latest because i can't leave earlier than that because i have school. also i need to be back in davis by sunday night at the latest because i have class on monday. thank you money will be given.
Zip: 94115 - 09/17/2013
Looking for a passenger that might also want to car camp with me, cuz my homie bailed.I have a car camping pass. I leave thurdsay morning, come back Monday.
Oakland Airport - 09/17/2013
Hello, Need a ride from Oakland airport Friday afternoon to Symbiosis. Need a ride back to the airport sometime Tuesday morning, or Monday night.
Zip: 95060 - 09/17/2013
Leaving for Symbiosis on Thursday morning (9/19/13) from Santa Cruz CA. Three seats available, $20/person.
San Francisco, California - 09/17/2013
hello fellow festival lovers !!The space caravane is going to symbiosis and have 6 PLACES AVAILABLE FROM SAN FRANCISCO , 45$ with music ,awesome people and very good vibe,we provide the goods for the ride :) leaving from san francisco on sathurday around noon.
Zip: 90028 - 09/17/2013
greetings to my friends!! im all by myself travelling from hollywood or los angeles can help on the expenses! looking forward to connect with u all!! bye bye
San Diego, California - 09/17/2013
So last minute posting, friend had to bail because she has to go to a funeral. Leaving SD at 1:00 Wednesday and already reserved a site at Limekiln state park up in big sur. Always wanted to camp in a redwood forest, got the gear so figure why not. Plan on a hike up to the Limekiln Falls after breakfast and then finish the trek up to Oakdale. Looking for chill easy going person to share gas costs and driving duties. I'm pretty good company, so hope you are too. thanks!
San Francisco, San Jose or Oakland airport - 09/17/2013
Need a ride from any Bay Area airport. Still need to purchase my flight, so I can meet you at any airport in the Bay Area. More then willing to pay gas and extra for the ride. I'll have to bags. Looking to leave Thursday late night or early Friday morning.
Bakersfield, CA - 09/16/2013
Room for 1 med/light packer for anyone close to the 99. Im leaving about 5-6 am thursday and hope to leave by 8 or 9 Monday.
Berkeley - 09/16/2013
Hey, Canadian traveler on my journey . I am chill and will bring chocolate, my travel bag and cooler bag, maybe my bike if there is a rack. No problem paying my share.
Zip: 97404 - 09/16/2013
Aloha! My name is Elena, my friend Kalinda and I are traveling from Hawaii. We are in Eugene visiting family and are hoping to get a ride down to Symbiosis either late wednesday or early thursday. We have gas money, smiles :) , and both have drivers liscenses. we each have one backpack. 720-335-8045. look forward to meeting you!
Zip: 97211 - 09/16/2013
Hi. Lets road trip to Symbiosis! I have snacks, yerba mate, gas money and good vibes. I like driving- I am bringing my pack, yoga mat, and a hammock.
Venice, CA - 09/16/2013
Leaving very early Thursday morning for Symbiosis. Have room for 1-2 people.
Zip: 95570 - 09/16/2013
Thinking about going to Symbiosis for a 3 day day pass if i can find a ride! hit me up, let me know :)
Zip: 90291 - 09/16/2013
Venice Beach Burner looking for ride to symbiosis. Traveling light. Prefer to get there as early as possible.
Zip: 90034 - 09/16/2013
I am going to Symbiosis with my wife and 2 kids. I would like to fly back to LA bc we have a party that we cannot be late for. I am hoping to get 1-3 peeps to drive the minivan back to Los Angeles,CA on the 23rd.
Zip: 95490 - 09/16/2013
hello i am looking for a ride either thursday or friday morning. i am in willits and would like to return there. i can throw down 40 round trip for gas and i am willing to drive too, as well as share godo company :)
Zip: 94117 - 09/16/2013
Leaving from SF Friday at around 3pm. Back either Sunday or Monday, anytime. Rooms for three.
san fransisco - 09/16/2013
Zip: 92078 - 09/16/2013
This will be my first Symbiosis and I know no one. Heading up Friday, returning Monday after the festival. Room for 2 more :)
san Jose - 09/15/2013
Hello! I need a ride to and from the site of Symbiosis (Woodward Reservoir) on the 18th from San Jose; leave ~11:30am and get back ~5pm at the latest. I would really appreciate it. Thank you! :) (925)321-3818
Portland - 09/15/2013
Easy going non-smoking Aussie looking for a ride to symbiosis. Happy to share gas/driving/music making/cooking... leaving whenever.
grants pass, OR - 09/15/2013
aloha fellow symbiosis-ers! i just moved to oregon from maui and am hoping to get a ride from symbiosis to grants pass leaving the festival the 21st or 22nd. i don't have much stuff with me so won't take up much space and i am an excellent passenger :-P thanks everyone! hope to see you there
Zip: 95521 - 09/14/2013
Greetings beautiful spirits! i'm hopping to find a ride from Arcata to the festival and the way back, you have space for me? please let me know, i'm willing to contribute with expenses, i'm going by myself and i already have my ticket, so please let me know if you have space or if you know someone that has, love to you all ***( (
Los Angeles - 09/13/2013
Hi ! We are 2 fun people Ashkan from Iran and Cha from France voluntering at the Symbiosis and need to be there on Tuesday ! Cooperation for the gas and the smiles !!!
90019 Los Angeles - 09/13/2013
Ola;) im 32, I just got back from South America travels, & live in Hawaii. I'm working symbiosis & super chill fun musician needing a ride up. Happy to pitch in with good vibes & gas $. Need to be there by Thurs 19 AM at latest. Drop a line;) happy to carpool w other peeps if they've found rides too...
Zip: 90292 - 09/12/2013
I'm working at Symbiosis and need a lift for my friend and I from the Venice area. Fun Aussie girl and silly CA dude. Happy to chip in for gas costs and driving. We can be super quiet or entertain you to no end!
San Francisco, California - 09/12/2013
Willing to split cost of gas, provide you with some excellent company ;)
Zip: 98105 - 09/12/2013
I have transport there, but I need a ride home back to Seattle from Symbiosis Gathering by the 25th. Have gas money, driving skills, love & food to contribute!
Zip: 94526 - 09/12/2013
Trying to get to symbiosis for volunteer work on the evening of Friday. I'm in the Danville area. Can help with gas.
Zip: 91301 - 09/12/2013
Hey, I'm looking for a ride for myself and my best friend, I live in Agoura Hills, he lives in Camarillo. We don't have much money but we can offer something for gas pitch-ins, and even though we'd love to ride together, we'll ride separately if that's what it takes.
fort bragg california - 09/12/2013
leaving to the gathering on the 17th and will return on the 23rd. 20 dollar contribution for passengers. 420 friendly if you have a card and carry it in your luggage (i'm not from the states so can't drive with any)
Zip: 98105 - 09/12/2013
cash, gas and grass no ass, sorry :P
Canada - 09/12/2013
I will be arriving in Sacramento on Wednesday the 18th in the early morning and am looking from a ride out to symbiosis that very same day.
Zip: 07821 - 09/12/2013
Hello lovely people, I'm volunteering at Symbiosis and need to be there by Tuesday the 17th to start Wednesday the 18th. I'll be in the SF Bay area. I can contribute money for gas, driving, snacks and whatever else is needed. I'm a happy, friendly, easy-going gal with a positive attitude and love meeting new people! Cheers to a great Symbiosis for everyone!
Zip: 89703 - 09/11/2013
My best friend and I need a ride to from the Reno area!! We can chip in good laughs, hugs, and some gas money! NO RAPISTS PLEASE! :))
94901, San Rafael, Ca - 09/11/2013
my cousin and I are looking for a ride to Symbiosis gathering we are going from thursday to monday so we would need a ride back as well, we offer good vibes, smoke outs, and laughter!
San Francisco, California - 09/11/2013
Need a ride from the Bay Area on Wednesday the 18th. And possibly a ride back! I offer great conversation, snacks and gas money!
97080 portland - 09/11/2013
willing to put up on gas and have little baggage.
Zip: 94128 - 09/11/2013
Hi, there are two of us and we are seeking a ride from the airport to the festival on the 18th. We arrive at the SAN FRAN airport around 2pm. We would love to catch a ride with great people. We would love to contribute gas and would be grateful for the lift.
Zip: 94525 - 09/11/2013
Have nice RV looking for a few people to share expense either just riders or people who want to camp in RV I have 3 open sleeping areas $50 gas and $135 for 3 nights in RV
Zip: 94525 - 09/11/2013
Have nice RV looking for a few people to share expense either just riders or people who want to camp in RV I have 3 open sleeping areas
Emeryville, California - 09/11/2013
we are a couple in our early 20s in need of a ride to symbiosis on the 19th. Will contribute to gas. Thanks, see you all there
Zip: 94618 - 09/11/2013
Hi, I am looking for a ride from the bay area to Symbiosis the Gathering! I am working pre-fest so I need to be there the night of sept. 13th so I start work on the 14th. Woo Woo! I cannot wait for this festival!
Zip: 94606 - 09/10/2013
I'm 28, a live painter at the festival (, I practice massage and study neuroscience... I am awesome company and would love a ride! Can contribute towards funds and drive anything with wheels!
Zip: 95959 - 09/10/2013
I am leaving next mondayish to go down to Symbiosis from grass valley nevada city area....Have a small bus can fit multiple people...>>> monetary contribution for gas are great!`~ + lots of laughs> Thanks! Abby 530 412 3535
Los Angeles Area - 09/10/2013
I'm looking to ride to Symbiosis anytime Sept. 19th one-way and will contribute $! I'm fun loving and full of good conversations too :-)
Zip: 97202 - 09/10/2013
Katie Rose and me (Jordan) need a ride from our temple in NE PDX. We're awesome. Got bones for gas. Just us and two packs. Bless it...
Santa Cruz, CA 95060 - 09/09/2013
Volunteering pre-festival; first shift is on the 16th though I'm told I'm able to arrive the 15th for setup. I can contribute gas $$, help drive (as long as its not stick), good conversation and enthusiasm. Hoping to hear from someone soon.
Berkeley - 09/08/2013
hi there! An australian girl wanting to find a REALLY EARLY ride from Berkeley or San Francisco..... I need to be at the site by SATURDAY THE 13TH to help with build.... Any rides or ride info will be appreciated soooo much! I have gas money. Thanks very much!! Blessings Monica 310-593-1499
Zip: 94704 - 09/08/2013
looking for a ride share to the pre festival permi class to arrive the 13th or the morning of the 14th! Josh (619) 630-4507
Zip: 94114 - 09/08/2013
hi! I am hopeful to find a REALLY EARLY ride from SanFrancisco..... I need to be at the site by SATURDAY THE 13TH to help with build.... Any rides or ride info will be appreciated soooo much! I have gas money and am a more-than-pleasant rider. Thanks!! :)
Sacramento Airport - 09/07/2013
Offering a ride from Sacramento/Sacramento Airport area around noon on Tuesday 17th (pre-event), you'll need early arrival. Hit me up if you are interested. Have room for potentially up to 2-3 people.
Sacramento Airport - 09/07/2013
I need a pick up from the Sacramento Airport at noon on Tuesday the 17th and a ride into the festival. I'm definitely happy to pitch in for gas :)
Reno, Nevada - 09/07/2013
Heading for pre production set up on the 16th. Playing with idea of making a weekend trip out of it. Stopping in Coloma to raft and maybe some other fun stops. Driving a large Ford Expedition so room is aplenty. Open to ideas!
Denver, Colorado - 09/07/2013
I'll be going to Symbiosis a bit earlier to enjoy the ride there and do some hikes along the way. I drive my 1987 Chevy RV and I plan to go through Arches & Canyonlands National Park in Utah next weekend and then get to the Festival area by the 18th, as I am an artis vending and need to set up the booth. It is only one way trip as I'll stay in California after. I have room for 4/5 people and I'm asking for a coolaboration of gas & driving, let me know if you're somewhere along the name is Ama form Argentina. Blessings!
Walnut Creek, CA - 09/07/2013
looking for a ride to the grounds for Sept 13th for the pre-gathering. Will offer stories and $50-$70 :)
Ashland, Oregon - 09/06/2013
looking for a ride from ashland to symbiosis. 25-30 on gas. meggase if you have room, thanks!
Zip: 95928 - 09/06/2013
Please take me from Chico to the Symbiosis Gathering! gas$, ready thursday late afternoon. Will ride with an average size pack. funnnn -Piper
Zip: 98105 - 09/06/2013
Hello all! My good friend and i(im Tashy, shes liz)are so excited to be volunteering at this years Symbiosis! We just need to be rescued from Seattle, and set free to boogie on down south!! We will share our snacks, our monies for gas and we'll be sure to make ya laugh!So if your in Seattle or surrounding areas leaving on the 18th or 19th give me a halla. Peace and Blessings Tashy!
San Fransico, CA - 09/06/2013
Hello! My name is Siarra, I'm from Victoria BC in Canada and I am looking for a ride to Symbiosis for Sept 13th for the Elemental Alchemy pre-gathering :) I'll pay whatever, I"m just looking to make some connections and avoid busses!
San Francisco, California - 09/04/2013
I just need the ride to Symbiosis and no return since I'll meet with my gf there. I'm flying into SFO at 8:20pm and I can get to wherever you are departing from. I'm definitely willing to contribute for the trip! Thanks
Seattle - 09/03/2013
Looking a ride to Symbiosis from Seattle area. PNW represent! I have gas money and I travel light. Willing to help with driving or anything else helpful I can do. (I'm a very experienced long distance driver w/perfect driving record.) Hoping I'm not the only one going from so far away! So excited for Symbiosis, it means the world to me.
Hollywood, CA - 09/02/2013
I need a ride to Symbiosis from Hollywood and back. I will pitch in on gas and I don't plan on bringing much with me!
Zip: 93023 - 08/29/2013
HOLA! looking for a ride with one of you cats up from Ojai, Ca. ventura, santa barbara, or la works too. if youre passin through here drop me a line, gas money+good vibes+smiles for days. Peace!
Zip: 89119 - 08/29/2013
Salt Lake, Utah - 08/28/2013
I was just curious to see if anyone is heading to the symbiosis festival from utah :) I can pitch in for gas of course/ drive stick/play the tasty tunes. let me know xo
antwerpen - 08/25/2013
Sacramento, CA - 08/23/2013
Looking for a ride from Sacramento or Davis. I'm flexible on departure/arrival times and days.
Zip: 94710 - 08/22/2013
Looking for a ride from Berkeley, CA. I can leave anytime on Thursday 19 and can return on Monday 23. I can go minimal gear style if necessary but ideally would like to bring a few extra things like a drum. If I don't get a ride by Sept 11th I'm going to rent a car, and in that case I would have room for riders from N.Berkeley BART early Thursday AM.
San Diego, CA - 08/21/2013
Looking for a ride from San Diego or close by to Oakdale for Symbiosis Pre-Gathering. Ride only needed to get there, flying back to the east coast after the festival. Will pay my fair share in gas and have a license, so I can help drive if needed. Wonderful company, I promise.
Zip: 95482 - 08/20/2013
I need a ride to and from symbiosis from ukiah! definitely will pitch in for gas! I can also help drive if need be. thanks :)
91343/Northridge, CA - 08/13/2013
Couple looking for a ride to and from the gathering, have all the camping supplies you'd ever need, can cover any necessities and we can split gas three ways.
San Jose, CA - 08/13/2013
Hi! I'm flying in from Philly on Thrs at noon and fly out Mon 7pm. Would love a ride both ways if possible! I don't need much room...just me and a friends are setting up camp for me. Will be happy to pitch in on gas and help drive. Thanks!
Stone Bear River Camps, Stone Bear River Camps, 11820 Eagle Lakes Rd Box 38, Soda Springs, CA 95724 - 08/11/2013
need a ride from bass mtn going to symbiosis :) whose going to both love to help out can drive stick and pitch on gas
LA - 08/09/2013
Looking for a ride from symbiosis to LA. Don't need a ride from LA to the gathering. I can definitely throw gas money and will provide positive energy and smiles! :)
Zip: 97471 - 08/09/2013
would love to find a ride to symbiosis from roseburg or some surrounding area in OR. im flexible on the time frame and i will be traveling light and with lots of good vibes and smiles :) definitely willing to chip in for gas moneys
Phoenix, AZ - 08/08/2013
I have a toddler riding with me, he is my son and he is a really great kid! :)
Zip: 94970 - 08/07/2013
I am seeking the perfect synchronic ride from San Francisco Bay Area (Marin) to Symbiosis and back ... I can offer soothing energies, Ecstatic Dance soundtracks, stories from Damanhur and on the road, and of course a gas money contribution. Grazie!
Zip: 49007 - 08/07/2013
Trying to get to the festival from Kalamaoo! I'm a light packer who is willing to throw down for gas, and also chip in with a few mix CD's/playlists for the occasion :)
San Francisco, California - 08/06/2013
My boyfriend and I are coming from NYC to either San Francisco or Sacramento! We're going to the festival for my 21st birthday, and we need a ride! We haven't bought plane tickets yet, so we are flexible. We have early arrival, but September 19 arrival is fine too. We are doing the ticket package where our tent and stuff is already there for us, so we'll only have a backpack or so. Willing to pay, of course!
Zip: 95926 - 08/06/2013
hey hey! My partner and I are looking for a ride from Chico, CA. Roundtrip.
Phoenix, AZ - 08/05/2013
Hey there! Two of us planning on coming from Phoenix, AZ. We will be in Tucson, but can get a ride to Phoenix if you are leaving from there! If you have some extra room we'd love to come up with you! We can pack light and contribute gas money! Please let us know. Thanks! :D
85705 Tucson, AZ - 08/05/2013
Hey there! Two of us planning on coming from Tucson, AZ. If you're coming from Tucson and have some extra room we'd love to come up with you! We can pack light and contribute gas money! Please let us know. Thanks! :D
Maui, HI - 08/04/2013
Aloha! I am attempting to find a way to Symbiosis! I was hoping to fly into San Francisco or Sacramento from Maui and if at all possible be picked up at the airport and then a ride to the festival! I am hoping to take the Permaculture workshop while there. Also would love a ride back to the airport as well. If any of this is possible, it would be greatly appreciated and dutifully compensated. Mahalo!
san fransisco - 08/03/2013
2 girls 21&22 very chill and fun, would really love a ride and will pay our way with gas! :)
Ashland, Oregon - 07/31/2013
I drive an E420 Mercedes Sedan and with a little Jenga action, I can fit an amazing amount of shit in there.. Looking for 1 to 2 people who need a ride and are willing to split fuel costs. Round trip will be about $120 if we do not deviate...
Santa Barbara - 07/27/2013
Hey, I would need a ride from Symbiosis Gathering on the 22nd to Santa Barbara. I will share the gas price for sure! Let me know!
Zip: 94127 - 07/24/2013
Looking for a ride from San Francisco/Bay Area! I am willing to throw down gas money. It will be just myself, with lots of smiles & positive energy for the weekend!
95456 little river/ mendocino - 07/22/2013
Hoping to catch a ride I have a tent, a shade structure small suitcase and a guitar maybe a few other small items I can maybe throw down 50 on gas
Zip: 94703 - 07/16/2013
need a ride to symbiosis. flexible arrival and deptarture times. have a fair amount of gear. such as a cello.
Oakland, CA 94621 - 07/02/2013
Elemental Alchemy Permaculture Intensive @ Symbiosis!