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Tantra Festival Holland 2017

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Amsterdam, North Holland - 08/11/2017
I arrive at 1810 (from Berlin) to Amstetdam Sloterdijk.

Be happy to share petrol with someone who has a car.


Meppel, Drenthe - 08/09/2017

excitedly and openhearted I come from Scotland. I arrive at 8.40am on Thursday at Schipohl. Are you riding from Amsterdam to the Festival on Thursday? Or could you pick me up from Meppel in the afternoon. Or would you like to share a train ride and co-organize a taxi from Meppel?

With Love

amsterdam - 08/08/2017
Hey friƩnds, we are two, coming with open hearts and fun energy from angsbacka tantra fest. We are landing in schiphol on wed 9th at 6.15 pm, and are ready to either go that evening, or the next day. Can you share your space for this next journey?
's-Hertogenbosch, Noord-Brabant - 08/08/2017
Hi, I'm looking for a ride to the Tantra Festival from the South. Because of work I can't leave before 2. If you'd like company and want to share fuel costs, let me know, it would make me really happy!
Meppel, Drenthe - 08/03/2017
Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone might have two spaces available to drive my partner and I from Meppel station to our lovely Tantra venue?

We'll probably arrive at the station around 2-3pm.
Baldwyn, Mississippi - 08/01/2017

I'm arriving at Amsterdam Airport at 1330. Is anyone available to give me a lift? Happy to pay towards petrol, etc.


groningen - 07/31/2017
My flight comes in at 10am. I'd love to share a cab or a ride with anyone going to the Festival. I guess I'll be through customs by somewhere between 10.30-11am.
Rotterdam, South Holland - 07/31/2017
Dear Lovers,

Can I join a car-ride from Rotterdam (or Amsterdam, Den Haag or Utrecht) to the tantra fest in Havelte?!
amsterdam - 07/28/2017
I d love to come one or two days early, hang out with you in Amsterdam, and ride together and I m totally flexible
Hettlingen, Zurich - 07/27/2017
Grom Heerenveen tot te festival
England, United Kingdom - 07/27/2017
Would need a ride on Monday afternoon to go back to Amsterdam. Happy to share the petrol costs and bring some fun to the journey ;)
amsterdam - 07/04/2017
2 people need a ride to Meeuwenveen (between Meppel and Assen).