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The Hudson Project 2014

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New York, United States - 07/08/2014
I have room for 4 people

$300 roundtrip for the group

Good Vibes

Good Music

Good Ride

We can stop for snacks and to use the rest room whenever need be

Meeting/Drop-Off Point: North Jersey TBD

Jamestown, Rhode Island - 07/07/2014
Looking for 2-4 seats, will throw in big $ for gas
Little Falls, New Jersey - 07/07/2014
Willing to drive in exchange for a weekend pass preferably with camping. Coming from North Jersey NYC Area. Would like to start heading up on either Thursday or Friday and return on Monday. Must meet in NJ just outside the city. To hard to pick up and drop off in NYC. So meeting and drop off point will be in NJ
New York, United States - 07/06/2014
Need rides (preferably for 3) leaving NYC thursday evening or friday morning and returning on monday morning!
New York, United States - 07/05/2014
Seeking round-trip, full weekend ride for two leaving NYC Thursday night or Friday morning, and getting back to NYC Monday morning/early afternoon! Will happily cover the gas cost of the 2 hr journey to/from Saugerties, plus some, out of gratitude. We will be very light on luggage as we are first bussing it from Pittsburgh
Omro, Wisconsin - 07/05/2014
I have room for two or three leaving from Milwaukee Wisconsin. I can only take you to the festival as I am staying on the East Cost for work.
Boulder, Colorado - 07/05/2014
Me and my gf need a ride I would appreciate it :)
Brattleboro, Vermont - 07/04/2014
1-2 spots open in my Ford Edge from Southern VT to THP. Leaving Thursday night and returning Monday morning. $$$ towards gas would be appreciated.
boston - 07/03/2014
Ride needed for two people to Hudson Project Friday morning. Return needed as well but looking mainly for the way there (but either is appreciated and both would be ideal!)

we bring snacks and gas money
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 07/02/2014
Need a ride for two from Pittsburgh (or beyond, passing through Pittsburgh) to the fest! Will chip in SUPER generously for gas!
Zip: 11211 - 07/01/2014
I need two seats for a round trip to The Hudson Project.
Chicopee, Massachusetts - 06/26/2014
Back seat to my 05 Toyota Avalon open.. getting dropped off o.o want to leave Thursday afternoon, need to see if I have work to see if that is possible, of not, as early as possible
Zip: 02072 - 06/25/2014
3 spots open! only staying for friday and leaving that morning.