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The Untz Festival 2017

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Los Angeles, California - 04/21/2017
Seeing if I can find a ride from LAX on June 1st! This is my 21st birthday and also the fest of me dreams, If we can make it happen I would be so stoked. Thank you all! Hope to see you there.
Denver, Colorado - 04/19/2017
Looking for a ride for two!! Can pitch in gas food ect!
San Diego, California - 04/17/2017
I have a car, but would prefer to use someone else's as mines ac is broke :( but I'd love to head up with someone else!
Zip: 94128 - 04/10/2017
Renting a car between 2 people. Would like to rent it between 4! Lmk : ) Leaving Friday afternoon to make early arrival
Zip: 11238 - 04/10/2017
My brother and I are going to leave Friday afternoon to get there in time for Early Arrival. Will be renting a car. Please message if you're down to split/pay for gas :) would be awesome to have some company too!
San Francisco, California - 04/03/2017
Flying into SFO on Thursday. I would love to be able to tag along vs take a Greyhound. I've got $$ and smiles!
Roseville, California - 03/15/2017
To the untz fesival, have gas and parking pass money unless you want to cat camp with me on my site then let me know as well.

Friendly, open for any ideas.
Pinole, California - 02/22/2017
Gas, grass, and good vibes. Hoping to carpool to the Untz Festival to save money, time, and ourselves from boredom.
San Jose, California - 02/16/2017
Looking for a ride to the festival will help with gas and snacks
San Francisco, California - 02/07/2017
2 Females looking for a ride from SAn Francisco airport to the campgrounds. Will pitch in for gas! Any help will be much appreciated :)
Las Vegas, Nevada - 02/04/2017
I'm looking for a ride to the untz festival from Las Vegas, I'll contribute on gas and whatever else. Email me for phone number so we can work out the details. Thx
San Francisco, California - 01/11/2017
2 Gals late 20's heading to the Untz Fest. Can help with gas and snackage. 420 friendly and not picky about radio stations.