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Anaheim, California - 09/02/2017
Heading to nashville on the 4th sometime in the flow with 2 pupies and a subaru with room for one. I Plan on driving 8 1/2 hours each day and arrive on the night of the 5th. Gas money needed. Message alekai 530 648 4021 thank u
Phoenix, Arizona - 08/31/2017
Need a ride/offering ride share.. leaving Friday night or Sat morning?:)
Denver - 08/30/2017
Looking to see if anyone will be riding back to Denver on Saturday night or early Sunday morning, I have to work Sunday afternoon and am trying to make it back. I have a ride to unify and just hoping for a miracle. Thank you!
Zip: 87106 - 08/30/2017
My partner Anahata, a musician and Permaculture workshop facilitator at Unify, is flying into Albuquerque and arriving at 5:50pm Thursday. We would be so grateful for her to be picked up and driven to the festival! She can pitch in for gas
Denver, Colorado - 08/29/2017
Leaving Thursday AM, no specific time. Looking for some friendly company for the ride as I am driving solo as of now!

number is 5168515398
Ashland - 08/29/2017
I'm Camilo from Chile-Colombia and my family hammingbird call me to go and I just arrive in Oregon for the eclipse! So I'm musician, Permaculture, positive vibration healing power!! And loving life in armory!!

Aho Pachamama please contact me if you go and also come back from UNIFY TO Ashland!!
Denver, Colorado - 08/29/2017
Looking for a ride from cap hill in Denver on Friday afternoon or evening and returning on Monday.

I'll help pay for gas +
Las Cruces, New Mexico - 08/29/2017
Happy to bring folks from Las Cruces, NM. Let me know!
Cerritos, California - 08/29/2017
Blessings beautiful ones,

I have one seat available heading out to Unify early AM Thur from Los Angeles area, and looking for an aligned soul to share driving and fuel costs with. I am teaching at the gathering and have an extra ticket and early arrival pass as my friend who was coming with was unable to last minute. I am wanting to get there with enough sunlight left to set up camp Thur evening.

Love to you all!
Orlando, Florida - 08/28/2017
Hello! Eli and Chris are looking to get a ride from orlando florida, out to santa fe for unify! We would love to hear from you if you can offer us a ride!
Ashland, Oregon - 08/26/2017
Music artist performing at unify. Need ride to and from ashland.
Crestone, Colorado - 08/26/2017
We are heading the fest to be there early on Thursday. Leaving from Crestone and all points between. Offing rides to anyone interested. Gas $ offering will be deeply felt with gratitude. We have plenty of room on our 30ft bus
Santa Fe, New Mexico - 08/25/2017
Blessings dear hearts! Happy, calm, kind woman seeks ride Friday from South Capitol area of Santa Fe. Will pay nicely and thank you!
Burnaby, British Columbia - 08/24/2017
Looking for a ride to be there optimally by Sunday the 27th.

I have to DEFINITELY be onsite by Tuesday the 29th!

I Can share driving and gas$

I can also meet you in Seattle, Portland or Eugene.

Bless and All The Best!

Joshua Lighttree
Zip: 80304 - 08/24/2017
I can offer a ride to 1-2 friendly souls, If you can pay for gas (estimated at $36) one-way. Leaving Wednesday Morning. Also we have another car going from this same area offering 1 ticket to Unify in exchange for gas to and from boulder estimated $85 (roundtrip returning on tuesday). Or if no ride is needed we have a ticket to unify for $85 available.
Georgetown, Texas - 08/23/2017
Looking for two seats, or other free spirits to go in on with a rental. excited for yet another great year! peace and love :)
Zip: 90291 - 08/23/2017
I am a single rider. I am the founder of a Oregon based non profit organization called Circle of Children. I can help long the way and offer great company and good stories.
Dallas, Texas - 08/19/2017
Hello fellow earth dwellers, hope all is well. I am stranded without a motive of transportation to this year's Unifyfest music festival. I have an spare ticket for my friend who's not going. I'd hate to go to waste. I would transfer over in your name to whom still has available car seat space, a full 3 day event ticket to compensate the ride in hopes of us attending the event together cause I'm going alone and we all know it's hard to unite around empty table. I need one-way ticket there first thing morning Friday of Sept 2st and maybe back after gates close on Mon sept 4th depends on few factors. If you'd like to get ahold of me via cell my phone it is 214-916-8155 my names David. Happy blissful day
Santa Fe, New Mexico - 08/15/2017
Recent Transplant from NYC - musician, artist, Muse, offers ride on Friday from santa fe. I will be leaving Sunday late aft. Set intwntions on the way. Share stories. Room for 2. Peace and light. Email: donations welcome.
Santa Fe, New Mexico - 08/15/2017
Recent Transplant from NYC - musician, artist, Muse, offers ride on Friday from santa fe. I will be leaving Sunday late aft. Set intwntions on the way. Share stories. Room for 2. Peace and light. Email: donations welcome.
Phoenix, AZ - 07/21/2017
Need a ride as early as possible if someone is going up to 1 month early, in early August.