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West Coast Balkan Camp 2019

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Fort Bragg, California - 06/19/2019
I am staying one night at balkan camp (on this Saturday) so I am looking for a ride back to SF or to a BART station so I can get back home to SF on this Sunday 6/23. Please let me know if anyone is going back to SF! Thanks, Alex
Zip: 87108 - 06/13/2019
Greetings from ABQ. Need a one-way ride from Berkeley to camp on 6/22. Thank you.
San Francisco, California - 06/10/2019
I am in San Fransisco(Sunset District), visiting from New Orleans. I am looking for a ride to camp on June 22nd and also back on the eve of the 26th. My haul should be fairly light as I am not bringing any instruments... mostly just bedding and basics. Happy to pay for gas and drive!
Zip: 94131 - 06/10/2019
Char here again ... phone # 505 930 1194
Zip: 94131 - 06/10/2019
Hi! I need a ride to and from camp from San Francisco. Would like to go up to Mendo the morning of 6/22 and return to Bay Area on 6/29. Happy to chip in for gas etc. I'll be working as stage manager this year. I have a large duffel bag, trumpet and accordion.

Oakland, California - 06/08/2019

Looking for a one way ride from Oakland to Balkan camp. I am part of the dish crew this year so ideally I need to be there by 3pm. I have my camping gear as well as 2 accordions with me. I am happy to pitch in on gas money as well as breakfast and share stories and good conversation along the way
San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato - 06/08/2019
Hello, Kathleen here again. My email address is
San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato - 06/08/2019
Hello, I'm on dishcrew and desperately need a ride to Balkan camp. I plan to stay at the Downtown Berkeley YMCA on June 21st (Friday night). I can share gas expenses, etc. I have a Mexican cell phone which only receives texts in the USA. My number is 001 52 415 168 0677. Thanks!!!! Kathleen Mazurek
San Francisco, California - 06/08/2019
Hi , I need a ride to & from camp

*arriving at Sfo airport 6/22@8am (on dish crew )

*departing frm Sfo airport 6/29@6pm

1 person traveling w/backpack & violin, thank you! I can pitch in $ for gas
Seattle, Washington - 06/06/2019
Hey! I'm flying into Oakland on June 22nd, arriving at 7:45am. I'm returning on June 29th at 7:30pm. I would love a ride both ways! :)

I have one suitcase and 1 bouzouki :)
Mendocino, California - 06/05/2019
I can give a ride from camp to points south. We will be driving home to San Diego. I have a vanagon and could fit 2 riders with modest luggage.
Emeryville, California - 06/04/2019
I am looking for a ride for one person from Oakland to the camp both ways. I want to arrive at the camp on June 22 and leave on June 27.

My luggage includes 1 medium-size suitcase, 1 guitar case, 1 bag of bedding items.

My phone number: 415-859-8599