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What The Festival 2017

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Las Vegas, Nevada - 08/13/2018
To LA to see ATB at academy this Saturday 8/18
Fort Lauderdale, Florida - 11/14/2017
2 23 year old girls looking for a ride to Zen festival
Jacksonville, Florida - 08/30/2017
Destination Key West Sept 7th to the 10th
Dufur, Oregon - 06/19/2017
Me +1. We'll take a ride to Portland or Seattle
Dufur, Oregon - 06/17/2017
I need a ride. Portland or Seattle is fine.
Zip: 97021 - 06/16/2017
Looking for a ride back on Saturday or Sunday. Unexpected work emergency. More than happy to cover gas costs. I have very little gear, just a 50L hiking pack.
Gladstone, Oregon - 06/16/2017
I am leaving to WTF from Oregon City around 2pm Friday, returning, monday-ish... have room for 1 or 2 people with minimal Gear, 2015 Subaru Outback Wagon. Good vibes ONRY!
New York, United States - 06/16/2017
I am looking for someone who has one spot in a car to Firefly Music Festival this weekend. Saturday would be best but also early would work. I could pay of gas. Thank you :)
Portland - 06/16/2017
Heading to what the festival by myself this weekend, so I have plenty of room in my car. Can fit 2 comfortably. I am not in a huge rush to get there today, my only time goal is to beat afternoon rush hour
Dufur, Oregon - 06/15/2017
Looking for a ride from WTFest to Portland on Sunday morning. Will pay for gas and more, plz reach out. Thanks!
Zip: 97266 - 06/15/2017
Honda Civic, I don't have much space for other peoples gear but if I can find a couple bodies that need to get there that'd be cool. I live in SE PDX and leave sometime in the morning.
Portland, Oregon - 06/15/2017
Leaving Portland Saturday morning. Looking for someone (females only) who needs a ride at 8 am or earlier. We have a truck so plenty of room for gear.
The Dalles, Oregon - 06/15/2017
AaAah help!!!! Stranded in The Dalles Oregon!!! Car broke down! Friend and I are stranded!!!
Zip: 97202 - 06/15/2017
hello my name is Blake and I am trying to catch a ride out of Portland this Morning to Volunteer at What the Fest, can contribute cool things like gas money and navigation skills and tech and conversation, thanks!!
Portland, Oregon - 06/15/2017
I am desperately in need of a ride back to Portland on Sunday morning by about 10

am for my college graduation. Totally down to give some money for gas as well.
Milwaukie, Oregon - 06/15/2017
Room for 1-2 to WTF leaving early Friday. Good vibes only
Ashland - 06/15/2017
Hey I can pick peeps up in PDX that want early entry, I will be passing through there around 12-1om tomorrow
Portland, Oregon - 06/14/2017
I have a car pass for what the festival but had to fly instead, I would love to trade the pass for a ride from the airport to the fest. I'm trying to leave Thursday afternoon or early Friday morning
Zip: 98105 - 06/14/2017
Looking for a ride down on Friday. The rest of my group is doing early admission, so I just need a ride there. I'm just bringing a backpack, so I won't take up much space :)
Portland, Oregon - 06/14/2017
Hi lovely people I need a ride home from the festival Sunday day or early night. Would be forever thankful I've wanted to go to this for a long time now and would be super sad to miss it cause early work on Monday
Troutdale, Oregon - 06/14/2017
My partner and I need a third for our what the fest travels!! We have a small truck with small fold down back seats. We are leaving 12:30 pm at the latest on Thursday.
Dufur, Oregon - 06/14/2017
Looking for a ride back to Portland or Seattle area on Sunday early afternoon if anyone is leaving around then...will split the gas and bring snacks/drinks.
Portland, Oregon - 06/13/2017
Need a ride from portland to what the fest anytime Friday(preferably earlier in the day), willing to meet anywhere convenient in portland for pickup :)
Portland - 06/13/2017
Need a ride for two Friday to WTF. Staying till Monday. We can help out with gas. Any help would be very much appreciated.
Corvallis, Oregon - 06/13/2017
Corvallis to WTF leaving 12:00pm Friday heading back Monday morning, room for three
Portland, Oregon - 06/13/2017
Will arrive in Portland at 3:30pm Thursday and i have an early bird pass. Need a ride
Zip: 97702 - 06/13/2017
Looking for a ride from Bend, OR to the festival. I have flexible times of when I can leave and am volunteering.
Zip: 97214 - 06/13/2017
I am looking for a ride leaving to WTF from Portland after 6pm Friday. Will help with gas and I won't need a ride back.
Portland, Oregon - 06/12/2017
3 seats available in the back of our subaru. Flexible departure time on Friday but likely before noon. Driving back Monday morning...ish
Portland, Oregon - 06/12/2017
Heading out to WTF on Friday morning from Portland. Offering one seat on the way there and back.
Zip: 97202 - 06/12/2017
Heading out to WTF Friday, planning early afternoon, then back to pdx Monday. Hoping to cut down on my footprint by carpooling!
Portland, Oregon - 06/11/2017
Heading to What the Fest and going there on Thursday. I Three seat. Would enjoy the company and need a navigator.
Zip: 97021 - 06/11/2017
I'm looking for a ride from WTFest on Monday (any time) back to Portland. I'm volunteering, have shuttle there on Friday but it's sold out for Monday. Thanks for letting me know if you have space :)
Portomaggiore, Emilia-Romagna - 06/11/2017
Hey! I need a ride from WTFest on Monday back to Portland. I'm volunteering, have shuttle there on Friday but it's sold out for Monday :( Thanks!
Zip: 97215 - 06/10/2017
Heading up to work prefest for what the festival. Leaving Portland In the after noon Sunday 6/11

If you need a ride I have plenty of room in my van. Hoping to get two people so as to get a free parking pass. If your volunteering and need a ride, let me know. A little gas money is appreciated but not mandatory
Zip: 98115 - 06/09/2017
Hi there! Looking for a ride for me and my friend to return back to Seattle from the fest on Sunday night or early Monday morning. We'll have gas money! Let me know if anyone has a space!
Portland - 06/08/2017
Party of two looking for a ride either Thursday late afternoon or early Friday.

Will chip in for gas and have a temporary handicap parking pass for closer entry.
Zip: 97219 - 06/07/2017
I am going to wtf festival but have ni ride. I'll have the camping basics and my duffle bag . Tent, small cooler, +bag. I live in Oregon City so would be cool to leave from home, but can be flexible as to where we meet.
Mountain View, California - 06/06/2017
Need a ride there and back to What the Festival :).
Fort Mill, South Carolina - 06/05/2017
Need a ride to k-ha for 2!! We'll help pay for driving costs of course!
Zip: 97402 - 06/03/2017
Space for one maybe two small people in the back seat of my truck for thursday (early bird pass) thru monday.

plenty of room for camping equipment in the truck
Richland, Washington - 05/31/2017
Two of us are heading out from Richland WA on Friday morning. Coming back monday morning. We have room for 1 or two if along the way or want to join up in the tri cities WA before we head out.
Zip: 98103 - 05/30/2017
Hi! I have one seat open in my car. The plan is to leave Thursday evening and grab a hotel room somewhere along the way (i.e near Portland or Yakima). We would then leave from the hotel first thing Friday morning and make it to the festival late morning/early afternoon. Alternatively, if you would like a ride from Portland, we could do this and pick you up Friday morning. We'd all be splitting gas :) Thanks!
Zip: 98155 - 05/22/2017
Looking for a ride to WTF. I am volunteering so hopefully looking for people who are doing the same either before or after. Hmu on insta @tylergood.doc and we can figure out our carpool!!!!
PDX AIRPORT - 05/18/2017
Hey! I'm working and won't be able to make it out to Portland until midday Saturday if anyone is going to the festival late I'd love to be able to hitch a ride. Can compensate!
Portland, Oregon - 05/18/2017
Needing a ride to WTFest friday night! I have an obligation during the day and would like to carpool if possible! Will help with gas and parking fee.
Portland - 05/15/2017
Can fit at least 3 people who are also volunteering or have an early entry pass for the 15th!
Zip: 95060 - 05/07/2017
Female/California/Santa Cruz: I have a car and valid drivers license but my car isn't reliable enough to make the drive to Oregon and I really don't want to fly! Anyone with a reliable vehicle (within an hour or so of Santa Cuz/Monterey/San Jose/San Francisco) going to "What the Festival" in Oregon & looking for someone to split gas cost? I can drive as well if you want. I bought my ticket over a month ago but my friend here flaked. I have the early bird ticket so prefer to arrive by Wednesday June 14th but June 16th at the latest is ok as long as we get there early. Meeting other early bird friends there.
Portland, Oregon - 04/19/2017
I have one spot in my car, leaving at 7 am on June 16th to What the Festival
Spokane, Washington - 04/11/2017
I have two-3 spots depending how much stuff you have, leaving Thursday morning, driving back Monday morning. Gas money is appreciated
Tallahassee, Florida - 02/27/2017
need ride to okeechobee
Zip: 32789 - 02/17/2017
looking for a ride to Okeechobee Music festival. flight lands at 7:15 P.M. March 2 have money for gas.
Portland, Oregon - 12/08/2016
Ride from airport to What the Festival
Nashville, Tennessee - 10/23/2016
Krazy Red in America Looking for a ride to Fantasy Fest in Key West Florida! Got cash for gas and food and what ever. need to get there by Halloween weekend.
Nashville, Tennessee - 10/23/2016
Need ride to Key West for Fantasy Fest