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Portland - 07/30/2013
Looking for a ride to the Bay today from Portland. My number is 415.260.7667. I've got a a couple bags. I've got gas money and can drive. Thanks ! Shawna
Portland - 07/30/2013
Leaving N Portland Tuesday night or Wednesday morning up to bass coast in Canada. May stop in Sunshine Coast first. Have an RV. 323 823 3527
Portland - 07/30/2013
Zip: 97211 - 07/27/2013
leaving from ne portland around 12pm-1.have space for two and gear.(310)465-6718.split gas.i can park for free if we are three!
Zip: 97701 - 07/26/2013
Leaving Bend, OR at 7:00 or 8:00. Returning Sunday eve. Holla: 541.325.6514
Zip: 97214 - 07/26/2013
Hello. Planning to drive up Friday afternoon around 1-2pm and drive back Monday. If you can pitch in, or have two people to get free parking, let me know. Thanks. 7one6-697-8161
97214, SE Portland - 07/26/2013
Hey! I'm a solo traveler right now headed out to the festival around 5pm today after work. Would love help with gas. I am planning on getting back to Portland Sunday late evening. Let me know if you are interested
Portland, Oregon - 07/26/2013
Leaving Saturday morning around 10 am to get to WTF by lunch time. Room for 1-2 more people. Split gas money one way there. Free parking for all. Yay!!!
96160/Truckee-Lake Tahoe - 07/26/2013
I am one mellow guy looking for a ride anytime Friday up to WTF from the Truckee-Tahoe area. I will pitch on gas both ways and pack lightly. I just got surgery on my collar bone so if you could help me set up my tent that would be wonderful :)
Zip: 97008 - 07/26/2013
I have room for one to two people in my van. Leaving Friday morning hopefully no later than 9am. I ask for gas money and help on parking pass. Please email to get text digits. Thank you in advance :)
Zip: 97215 - 07/26/2013
Do you want a ride... on my WTF... please call after ten am 503-708-5583
Zip: 97214 - 07/25/2013
My boyfriend and I are leaving Portland tomorrow 7/26/13 at 2pm sharp so we would like to load up a little earlier. We have one open seat and enough room for a practical amount of camping gear. we were hoping to get about $20 gas money or some coconut water
Zip: 99336 - 07/25/2013
Hey there, LEaving to WTF tomorrow, I have extra room in the car, let me know if you need a ride and have money for gas.
Zip: 97021 - 07/25/2013
RIDE OFFERED TO Salt Lake City!!! We have a crew of 2 and three open seats. best team ever. We guarantee dance party-satisfaction and existential fulfillment. And we won't stop at macdonald's for you. Hoping to be in SLC by Monday night. LOVE, laiken + Alex. CALL 928-525-4433
salt lake city - 07/25/2013
RIDE OFFERED TO SLC!!! We have a crew of 2 and three open seats. best team ever. We guarantee dance party-satisfaction and existential fulfillment. And we won't stop at macdonald's for you. Hoping to be in SLC by Monday night. LOVE, laiken + Alex. CALL 928-525-4433
Seattle, Washington - 07/25/2013
206 327 8505 (call is best as I wont be around a computer) Around Seattle area looking for a ride so I can make it for my for my volunteer shift tomorrow afternoon! If anyone can help I would be soooo appreciative! Have gas money and all that jazz. Me+1 backpack. thanks people. Gus B :]
Zip: 97211 - 07/25/2013
Offering rideshare to WTF?! Friday, early starts are good! Plenty of cargo space, Volvo wagon with roof rack and box; I might bring a dolly to cart supplies into the site. Holler! 2-3 spaces available. I posted on or text me 815.228.1672 :-) Cheers! -Paulo
Zip: 97211 - 07/25/2013
I am leaving at 8:00am sharp Friday the 26th and have room for 1 person with a small amount of stuff. 503-381-0782 -Chuck
redmond wa 98074 - 07/25/2013
i have an extra spot planning to leave friday early/mid afternoon, shoot me an email if you need a ride! really need some help with gas money / camping if possible....whatever you can do is understandable, can't wait to see you wonderful people !!!
redmond 98074 - 07/25/2013
have an extra spot planning to leave friday early/mid afternoon, shoot me an email if you need a ride! really need some help with gas money / camping if possible....whatever you can do is understandable, can't wait to see you wonderful people !!!
Zip: 97403 - 07/25/2013
have space for one in my subaroooo...hit me up at 518-354-0201 (Don't text, it won't work)... I'm leaving eugene @ 5-ish and will be going through pdx on the way out. WTF!!!!!
Zip: 97223 - 07/25/2013
Hoping to find a ride out Friday around 5 p.m. and back either late Sunday or early Monday. Can pitch in for gas, can meet you around the Portland metro area.
Eugene, Oregon - 07/25/2013
Going up to WTF tonight!(Thursday). Will be leaving on Sunday around 1-3. Friendly vibes and some gas pitchins are cool. Want to leave around 8pm tonight. Hit me up!! 509-540-2853
Portland - 07/25/2013
Looking for a ride out sometime today (thurs). Have pitch of all sorts. If you have a parking pass taking my car is also an option. Thanks
Zip: 94103 - 07/25/2013
Looking for a ride up, willing to throw down $100 for gas, can leave anytime. Thanks everyone!
Zip: 94117 - 07/25/2013
Leaving super early morning Friday to get there by Friday afternoon from SF. Have room for one more. Asking for driving help and $40 each way for gas, otherwise you can sleep or chill the whole time.
97021, Dufur, OR - 07/25/2013
We're going to be leaving WTF Tuesday evening at the latest (hopefully Monday evening)- If anyone needs a ride to Portland or Eugene- be in touch! 9072308243 See you there!
north bay California - 07/25/2013
My boyfriend and i are coming from northern California and have room for one. Can generally stop to pick someone up almost anywhere along the way. The only thing is we are not able to leave until friday morning. We are going to try to leave as early as possible (6 or 7am) but being so far away will probably not get to wtf untill around 7 or 8 in the evening. So if your ok with being a little late hit us up we'd love to carpool with you :)
97520 ashland OR - 07/24/2013
Im looking for a ride from ashland, i have gas money. Thanks:))
Zip: 97211 - 07/24/2013
'Ello, 'ello. Two dudes here with room for a third person to get in on that free parking business. We both have to work Friday so we wouldn't be leaving (alberta arts area) until 5pm. Any of y'all looking to snag a ride with us? Gas money preferred of course. Cheers, Sam
Zip: 97203 - 07/24/2013
Hey, we are leaving Friday morning from NE Portland, Oregon at approx. 11:00am. Looking for one more person so we can park for free! :) Let me know if you need a ride!!
Zip: 97219 - 07/24/2013
Trying to get to the festival Saturday night (leaving portland ideally around 8pm) or perhaps Sunday. My brother (Worth) is performing Saturday night and it would be so special to be able to get up there to see him.
Zip: 97238 - 07/24/2013
Hi WTF peeps, I have a CAR CAMPING pass that I don't need and happy to comp whomever can give me a ride. I'm flying to Portland 5:40pm tomorrow and looking for a ride to the festival Thurs night or possibly Fri morning at the latest. Hit me at 917.903.0054 if interested. Thx, Steve
Zip: 95060 - 07/24/2013
Myself and my lovely housemate just landed volunteering spots at What the Fest and we would be so pleased to take some joyous folks up with us, share laughs, ponder life and bump some tunes. We are planning on leaving Santa Cruz around 6PM Thursday. Room for 2 comfortably or we can squeeze 3 people into my trusty steed - a volvo named eva! We've had a transformational couple weeks leading up to this experience and couldn't be more filled with excitement to embark on this journey, are you in? text or call brent 805.710.1830
Hood river/mosier 97040 - 07/24/2013
2 people need a ride from mosier!! Right off the 84 on the way from Portland. Will give gas money. Have some stuff but not a lot. Trying to go as early as possible Friday morning.
Zip: 98201 - 07/24/2013
I'm driving down from Everett! Going solo, so I have plenty of room. I have a car camping spot too. Accepting gas money or other trades!
Zip: 97214 - 07/24/2013
My girlfriend and I are driving to WTF Friday at 2pm from Portland and we have space for another person. not too heavy of a traveler because we have a good amount of stuff. there is still room for a reasonable amount of stuff for one person. always accepting of gas money or maybe other trades. WTF this year is going to be a blast, getting there with potentially new friends is always a good start.
Zip: 94611 - 07/24/2013
Hey NEED A RIDE?? We leave from OAKLAND BAY AREA on thursday morning 8 AM for WTF Festival , nice funny ppl in a comfortable Van, 2 seat avaiable!!! Join us!!! write me or call me @ 510 2131839
Zip: 97202 - 07/24/2013
Leaving Friday 7/26 in the morning for a pretty early arrival at WTF. I have room in my Subi and would love to transport you and your gear! I can comfortably fit 3 more people. Let me know! Thanks!
Zip: 99336 - 07/24/2013
Hey there! There's two or one of us trying to go make it down to WTF! WE have gas money. Please, let me know.
Portland Oregon - 07/24/2013
Hey everyone, I'm volunteering on Monday and Tuesday (post fest), so I won't be headed back until Wednesday (could head back Tuesday night if need be). I would like to head out to the festival on Thursday night but could wait until Friday morning. It would be great if I could get some other chill people to catch a ride with me who are also working post-festival, or if I could catch a ride with you if you are driving and on the same schedule. Let me know if you are in the same situation as I am and we can work something out! Cheers, Tyler
Zip: 97116 - 07/24/2013
Hey This is my first time going to WTF and I bought two tickets for WTF but my friend cant come anymore and I don't want to go alone. Im up to drive or hitch a ride either way. I don't have a camping pass so we would just be doing walk in camping. Trying to find a buddy to rage with! let me know if you are interested.
Zip: 97206 - 07/24/2013
I am weighing driving or not. I have a car camp pass but might sell it depending on the demand. I have three open seats and will be leaving sometime Friday morning from SE Portland. Hit me up if you want a ride!
Zip: 97702 - 07/24/2013
I have room for ONE person leaving from BEND. We are leaving early morning on Friday. Free ride as we'll save on parking fee. Email me by Thursday at 4:00pm if you want the ride!!
PDX AIRPORT - 07/24/2013
ohai! i have room for 2 people. my plane arrives at pdx at 3pm thurs then im going straight to the fest. would love to help some stranded party people! 2 days!!!!
Zip: 94611 - 07/24/2013
Hey NEED A RIDE?? We leave from OAKLAND BAY AREA on thursday morning 8 AM for WTF Festival , nice funny ppl in a comfortable Van, 4 seat avaiable!!! Join us!!! write me or call me @ 510 2131839
Zip: 98499 - 07/24/2013
Currently I'm riding solo because the person I bought the second ticket for cannot attend. I'm willing to work something out with my extra ticket if that sounds interesting to anyone. I'm down to drive people down or join in with a group. My truck is equipped with plenty of space and bass so it would definitely be a comfortable drive. I won't be able to leave until 4pm on Friday but I'm flexible on the return Sunday/Monday.
Portland OR - 07/24/2013
I will be driving from McMinnville/Portland area on Friday and have 2 seats if anyone needs them. $10 per seat.
Denver, Colorado - 07/24/2013
Sup ya'll! I'm leaving from the great state o' Colorado, heading thru Utah, Idaho, and into Oregon.....hoping to reach OR by Thurs afternoon, bout 2pm-ish...if u need a ride either once i'm in OR or straight from CO, hit me up! This is gonna be epic!
Zip: 97206 - 07/23/2013
Hi. I'm James and I'm looking for a ride to, and hopefully from, the festival. I went last year and it was rad to the Nth. We're in for a treat! I worked last year and I'm also working this year. I'd like to leave Thursday evening or early Friday. I'm going to be working until Tuesday evening so if anyone is leaving that late and wants to do the trip there and back, that would be awesome. Otherwise, I'm covered on the ride back, but it would still be fabulous to find a ride down there. Of course I have fuel $$ and other things to share. Cheers!!!:...
Zip: 97005 - 07/23/2013
Looking forward to a great 3 days at this fest. We want to leave early Friday, get there as soon as possible and come back Sunday when it's all over. Looking for peace and company. Would love if you could pay a little towards gas. We are 2 passengers in a large SUV. Msg me
98501 - 07/23/2013
Leaving from Olympia, WA Thursday afternoon. I have room for 2 or possibly 3 if we can manage the space well (driving a Prius and shotgun is taken). Looking for any chill car/festival/camping mates that could possibly pitch a bit for gas and like to have a good time. Lemme know if you need a ride! Can pick up in Portland!
Zip: 94611 - 07/23/2013
Hey NEED A RIDE?? We leave from OAKLAND BAY AREA on thursday morning 8 AM for WTF Festival , nice funny ppl in a comfortable Van, 7 seat avaiable!!! Join us!!! write me or call me @ 510 2131839
Zip: 97211 - 07/23/2013
Leaving for WTF mid day Thursday and have room for 2-3 peeps. Gas share helpful. Coming back to PDX Sunday PM or Monday AM.
Zip: 97219 - 07/23/2013
Greetings! Myself and my partner Benjammin' are lookin for a ride out our West Portland Thursday! We both have a volunteer shift at 8am Friday morning so we'd love to get out there earlier on Thursday! Have gas $$, yummies and good vibraations.
Zip: 97215 - 07/23/2013
hey yo, looking to find a ride up early on friday, perhaps leaving town around noon? I pack compact but was hoping to bring two or even three coolers of goodies for whoever is around. Love to have fun and kick it, always have cash for gas and what not, and i stay organized and don't e'f around. let me know if you got a space
Zip: 97413 - 07/23/2013
leaving thursday, i am on thee volunteer crew, be returning sunday. I live one hour east of Eugene, Eugene peeps can ride the LDT to me and ride over the mountain through sisters and maybe Bend if any ride share calls for it. Please help share energy cost, maybe we can share a car camping pass ? Not sure of the camping lay out, butt if it's like last year, car camping was way too far a walk.
Zip: 97266 - 07/22/2013
I have a car camping pass and am going up myself. This is my first year doing this so I was a little disorganized and don't have a crew to ride up with or camp. I could fit two people in my car probably depends on how much stuff you have. If you like to rage and have fun let me know!
S.E. Portland - 07/22/2013
Looking to leave Friday, willing to split gas and parking.
Zip: 91104 - 07/22/2013
Need a ride from Pasadena/LA ASAP!
Zip: 94609 - 07/22/2013
Looking for ride from Oakland. Can leave Wednesday night, and hoping to be back by Monday night. I'm fun, drama free and more then willing to kick down for gas, also a relatively light packer....
Zip: 95602 - 07/22/2013
i live in grass valley, ca... need a ride got $$ and fun stuff volunteering willing to meet within a 50mi tryna party hit me up!!!!
Ashland, Oregon - 07/22/2013
I am leaving from ashland oregon early friday morning. I can pick up along the way north as long as its not too far out of the way. I am in a hybrid so gas will be cheaper! Let me know if you want a ride with me! :)
Zip: 95060 - 07/22/2013
We will be leaving from Santa Cruz Thursday afternoon and driving through the night and most likely arrive in Dufur in the early morning on Friday. There are two of us in the car at the moment and we can fit three others in the back. We just ask for some good conversation and a pitch in on the gas. Let me know!
Zip: 97218 - 07/22/2013
I need to be at the festival thursday mid day, can anyone accomidate? i've got gas $ and good vibes to share=) One guy, one tent, one backpack.
West Hills, Portland - 07/22/2013
Seeking an intergalactic copilot for the short starflight hop to Dufur. Leaving Thursday night or Friday morning from West Portland. I have a pickup truck with a backseat so there is room for plenty of stuff.
97202 NE Portland - 07/22/2013
Tea server looking riders from NE Portland. Friday late afternoon around 4-5 is when i'm hoping to leave. I have a Toyota Rav4! Would love help with gas.
97202 NE Portland - 07/22/2013
Tea server working on Sound Cave is looking riders from NE Portland. Friday late afternoon around 4-5 is when i'm hoping to leave. I have a Toyota Rav4! Would love help with gas.
North Portland - 07/22/2013
I am leaving MONDAY night!! I am setting up and I am planning on leaving around 9-10 the night of Monday July 22, I repeat monday night haha I know it's early but I mean who wants to work during the festival, I know I don't, anyway if your on the same tip and need to get there by monday night for work on tuesday hit me up!!!!!!! Ariel 5o9-seven 68-8two23
97209 / Downtown / Oldtown - 07/22/2013
I need to leave sometime after 10pm on Wednesday. I'm working security for the event. I can help with gas money. Please let me know as soon as you can. Thank you, I appreciate your help!
Zip: 98224 - 07/21/2013
hi, my name's Andrew. i loved this event last year and will be volunteering this year. could really use some help with a ride.....can help pay whatever gas is needed, will have goodies and trinkets too.
PDX AIRPORT - 07/21/2013
hey hey hey! my friend and I arrive at pdx at 3pm. we have room for 2 people if anyone needs a ride. good company and some flow for gas is all we ask for!
Zip: 98112 - 07/20/2013
my homegirl and i are thinking of renting a car to leave seattle friday afternoon and we need to come back early monday morning to get her to work at 8 am. hit me up if you wanna throw down $30 on a rental and lets go RAAAAGEEE!
98144 / Seattle - 07/20/2013
Hey there. My new friend Trevor and I are looking for a ride. We have funds for a good one too. Trying to leave mid afternoon Friday and I gotta work Monday so anytime before 5am Monday. We'll need space for tent and a small amount of camping gear. We are looking into other options but would love to know if you can give rides from Seattle to WTF or from Portland to WTF, and vice versa for rides back. Cool. See you soon.
Zip: 84105 - 07/20/2013
Up from Salt Lake City, through Twin Falls then Boise. Leaving Thursday night**5 PM** Open Ended til Tuesday Evening
Zip: 98115 - 07/19/2013
My boyfriend and I are looking for a ride from Seattle to the festival. We have a car camping pass and would be down to let anyone who can drive us get in on this for freee! We would ideally like to leave early morning on Friday and probably leave late morning monday (this is negotiable though). Please contact me asap and I'll get back to you! We're excited to make some new festival friends on the ride down :D -Zoe
PDX - 07/19/2013
I am looking for a ride to What the Festival on Thursday morning to afternoon, or earlier. I have to be on site for a crew meeting my Thursday evening. I will be in Portland to start off. I look forward to hearing from you!!!!
Zip: 98103 - 07/19/2013
Have a great VW camper. Would prefer to be coming from Cle Elum/Ellensburg area but will be willing to zip over I-90 to the I-5 drop down and go to festi. If you are looking for camping, I have two spots for tents. :) Peace.
97206 SE Portland - 07/18/2013
I have a subaru impreza. I've got two in the car and have room for a third. Part of the back seat will be folded down to fit a canopy/shade thing. Planning on leaving Portland Friday afternoon by 1pm and returning monday by..whenever really. Gas pitch appreciated. All are welcome :-)
Zip: 98112 - 07/18/2013
Need a ride for me and possibly one other person from seattle. also looking to buy an extra ticket or trade if anyone has one. thanks
Ashland, Oregon - 07/18/2013
Looking for a ride to What the festival for 1-2. gas pitch and good times! in Ashland, Oregon. :)
Ashland, Oregon - 07/18/2013
Looking for a ride to What the festival for 1-2 riders. gas pitch and good times!
Zip: 97405 - 07/17/2013
I am looking for a one-way ride to WTF on Friday. Definitely willing to chip in some gas $. I don't have a lot of stuff. I'm in Cottage Grove but can get up to Eugene to catch a ride. Any takers?
Zip: 98502 - 07/17/2013
Got a station wagon with room for about 3-4 people!!!! currently located in olympia, and I will be a post festival volunteer! If any other volunteers/during or post wanna cruise together, get at me! Looking for anyone to help with gas or help spange the way!! Since I am a post festival volunteer I will be there on monday and tuesday so leaving either tuesday or wednesday AM!!! Looking for groovy cats with good vibes to offer to kick it with during and afta WTF! les get weiiiird!!
Zip: 97223 - 07/17/2013
For all of you like me who can't take time off of work for the festival, I'm leaving after work on Friday (5ish?) from the SW PDX area and aiming to come back early Monday morning -- yes, early enough for work! I can fit at least 2 more in the car either on the way out or back. I'm also alternatively down to be a passenger if someone has a similar arrangement and is already planning on driving around those times.
Zip: 97266 - 07/17/2013
I can offer a ride up to the festival. I am thinking of buying a car pass tomorrow from someone as well. This is my first year so I don't have a camping crew, if you are interested and want a ride or camp together let me know!
Zip: 94131 - 07/16/2013
Need a ride to and from the festival, will pitch in on Gas and pay for a meal
Zip: 98115 - 07/16/2013
My friend and I had a ride secured that couldn't make it at the last minute due to an internship. I personally have never been to this event and so my friend went out of her way to secure me a ticket so that I could share the experience. We both are very open minded and love meeting new people. Can't wait to share the experience with you aswell!
Zip: 97202 - 07/15/2013
I've a subaru forester, leaving on Thursday (25th) between 3 and 4 PM from SE Portland. Plan to come back to Portland on Monday (29th) before noon. I have room for 2 people and luggage.
Zip: 97008 - 07/15/2013
I'm leaving Friday morning early. I bought my ticket months ago because i went last year and it was EPIC!!!Now i have a car and nobody to enjoy the festival with. Im looking for some passengers in my car and if we all get along post my tent next to. I have a Hyundai. i have 4 open seat belts. Shotgun and three in the back.
Portland, Oregon - 07/15/2013
I'm looking for a from NE Portland to What The Festival on Wednesday (7/24) before the Festival starts. I have money for gas and am a fun/easy going passenger.
Troutdale, Oregon - 07/15/2013
Have gas money, I am right off the old columbia hwy before troutedale, basically between portland and the festival would much appreciate anyone willing to give me a lift, was supposed to go with someone but things didnt work out as the fest came closer
98225/Bellingham Wa - 07/15/2013
425 223 8162 I need a ride to WTF and back!! I can pay gas or whatever. I am going for all of the days. I am leaving from Bellingham or anywhere in the seattle area. whatever works
Zip: 94703 - 07/14/2013
I am leaving from Oakland/East Bay on 7/24 and planning on staying a night in PDX before the Festival. There are 3 of us (1 male, 2 female) and we are looking to fit 2 more in my Subaru Forester. I have a roof rack and wagon trunk and can take approx 2-3 pieces of camping gear per person. Gas is approx $160 each way, so I am asking for $35 per person each way. Thanks!
Zip: 99203 - 07/14/2013
From spokane, south hill specifically. I can contribute gas cash. Hit me up please 509.723.9630
Zip: 83814 - 07/12/2013
Heading to WTF 2013 from the CDA/Spokane area. I have room in my vehicle for 1-3 more people depending on how much we are all bringing. I have a car camping spot as well. It would be nice to split the cost of gas with a chill road trip friends :)
Portland International Airport - 07/11/2013
My boyfriend and I are picking up a friend at the Portland airport on Friday the 26th and dropping him back off on the 29th so we have room for one, maybe two more people. We also have an RV camping pass for our trailer and can have people pitch in on that as well.
Olympia or Seattle - 07/11/2013
HEY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! I have TWO TICKETS, and a CAMPING PASS. Coming from OLYMPIA area, possibly SEATTLE. So far it's just little 'ol me riding in the car ALL BY MYSELF :( I'm really scared I wont have enough money to have enough gas to get there and back on my own. Anyone want to possibly buy the one extra ticket I have? And what THREE/FOUR people want to fill those seats in my car and tag along with my camping pass? Only thing I would expect is for everyone in the car to chip in evenly on gas. Also prepared with tent, mattress, cooler, food, water, and all other camping needs. LET'S ALL CHAT ABOUT IT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS?! =^.^= Look me up on Facebook, Valerie Rockwell :)
Zip: 99203 - 07/10/2013
Need a ride to What the Festival have gas money and only a couple things to bring like tent cloths and sleeping bag
97202, SE Portland - 07/10/2013
Hey Everyone, I have a ride TO What The, but unfortunately my crew is going on a cross country trip afterwards whereas I am returning to Portland. Looking for someone to take this nice guy back and share awesome stories and times from the weekend. Or just a silent trip back to PDX, whichever works.
downtown seattle - 07/08/2013
looking for rides down and back--if there're any to be had--on thurs, 7/25 and sun, 7/28. i promise your car will have gas and i won't. - harry
seattle wa 98122 - 07/08/2013
live in capitol hill. My friend Cherris and I are looking for a ride, willing to split gas, food, etc. (obviously) and were great company!((: -Allie
Portland Airport - 07/01/2013
Flying in on Thursday morning. Need a ride in. Share expenses obviously. Thanks in advance.
Zip: 97214 - 07/01/2013
Hi! I am so excited about WTF. I work half day Friday and on Monday so I am missing the rides with friends going for the whole time. I have gas money and good company if anyone has extra room leaving Friday afternoon and coming back Sunday evening from Portland. Let me know!
Portland, Oregon - 07/01/2013
I will fly into Portland from Cali on Friday and need to get back to the airport Sunday night. I'd love to give this fest a shot! No problem pitching gas money ect. I"d even be game to rent a car if we had a large enough group.
Ashland - 06/29/2013
I currently have room in my car for 1-3 passengers who need rides from Ashland and would much appreciate gas money!
Zip: 97202 - 06/27/2013
I have room for 2-4 people in my sprinter van. I only have one extra seatbelt, as my bench seat will not be installed. Thinking to leave Portland Thursday afternoon/eve and camp Thursday night and scoot on in at 10 Fri morn. If you are okay with ridin' a little loose, we can link up. Hope to have help with gas$.
Zip: 97405 - 06/26/2013
Aloha I need ride from Eugene to WTF Friday, and return to Eugene Sunday night. Let me know if you can help. Mahalo, Eli Don
Zip: 94552 - 06/25/2013
we are a group of 3 girls.. if anyone has room, we are more than happy to help!
Portland - 06/23/2013
I'm bussing into Portland on the 26th from Vancouver, BC and looking for a ride out the festival for myself. I can pitch gas money and won't take up much space.
Zip: 99337 - 06/20/2013
all my friends are going theres just no room for me because I got my ticket last
Eugene, Oregon - 06/20/2013
Live in Eugene and looking for a ride up to What the Fest. I could possibly get a ride up to Portland but can't really rely on that at the moment. Anyone from Eugene have space? Will totally pitch on gas! Looking to meet new friends and have a good time! If I don't find a ride soon I will more than likely sell my ticket :(
Zip: 98103 - 06/19/2013
Live in Seattle. Driving to Wolf Run Ranch Friday morning with plenty of time for arrival, camping etc. Have room for 2, coming from Seattle. Can also pick up in PDX.
Portland, Oregon - 06/19/2013
Arriving in Portland on July 20th and staying with a friend for a few days, flexible on what day to leave but definitely before or on July 24th.
Portland, Oregon - 06/15/2013
Coming from California, Flying into Portland. Having trouble finding a reasonable ride to and from venue. In need of 2 seats for my friend and I.