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WildFire Retreat Spring 2019

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East Meadow, New York - 05/22/2019
Leaving Friday morning around 5am to beat traffic to get there for my volunteer shifts. Have room for 1, possibly even 2 if they pack light.
New York, United States - 05/22/2019
I am flexible and able to travel to meet anybody leave NYC on Friday or Saturday. Thank you!
Brookline, Massachusetts - 05/20/2019
Leaving Friday maybe 3:30ish and returning Monday afternoon. Room for one or two more humans.
Cambridge, Massachusetts - 05/18/2019
I'm hoping to ride up sometime Friday afternoon/early evening from the Boston/Cambridge/Somerville area. I have a ride home planned.
Hartford, CT - 05/18/2019
If you need a ride from public transit in Hartford on Thursday, I can come pick you up.
Asbury Park, New Jersey - 05/15/2019
I have a little yaris with a fair amount of gear, but if you're solo and need a ride and don't have much I'm willing to help out. Planning on heading out from NJ Friday afternoon and coming home after clean up Monday.
Brockton, Massachusetts - 05/15/2019
Leaving from Brockton around 3pm on Friday. Returning to Boston on Monday afternoon.

I have room for one person definitely. Bring snacks.
Hartford, Connecticut - 05/15/2019
If you're arriving at a public transit station in Hartford on Friday, Jess can bring you the rest of the way Home.