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YOUtopia 2015

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San Diego, California - 10/10/2016
Leaving SD (Hillcrest area) on Friday around 4pm or happy to pick up from the hoods nearby - drop me a message if you'd like a ride!
San Diego, California - 10/06/2016
Greetings Youtopians! Two longtime burners heading to Youtopia for the first time. We're flying in from the east coast so we don't have a lot of luggage, but we could really use a lift into the event any time on Thursday. Happy to contribute food, tunes and gas money.
Zip: 94704 - 09/25/2016
Take me to YOUtopia! Flexible timing and minimal luggage! Just one pack, and maybe an extra bundle of tent and such. Gotta be back in Berkeley by 10/18 for class, but beyond that, I'm all yours! Let's do this!
San Diego, California - 09/09/2016
Hi there! I'm looking for a ride to Yutopia from San Diego (I live in North Park but can leave from anywhere in SD if there is a place where I can leave my car where you live) any time on Friday, Oct 14, the earlier the better. I won't have much luggage other than maybe a backpack. I am a 50-yr old male, and I'll be more than happy to share the cost of the ride. Thank you for your consideration.
Zip: 90040 - 10/16/2015
If you can pitch in gas that would be awesome. Minimal luggage necessary as I already have a good amount myself. Meet me at my work, or somewhere off the 91 east of the 605. No smoking in ma car.
Petaluma, California - 10/15/2015
Leaving the bay area either late Thursday or Friday morning. Any companions to share driving? Please text 508 479 4735
Zip: 94134 - 10/15/2015
im leaving san fran in about 2 hours going by Santa Monica to pick up ticket and then to San Diego hit me on FB robert e micallef
Zip: 92120 - 10/14/2015
Hello all!

I would LOVE a ride to the festival. I am willing to help with gas and good vibes.

Thank you all.
San Diego, California - 10/14/2015
Hello, Fellow Youtopians!

I'm Safa'. Anyone able to help with the gift of transportation to Youtopia on Thurs. 16th after 5pm?? I can meet-up in/around 92101 area. Only have a regular backpack. I am able to help with gas or time (unpacking gear). Thank you so much for your help!
Redlands, California - 10/14/2015
I am coming from Redlands, CA Thursday after 1. Happy to offer a ride! I'll be coming alone, and I will be leaving Saturday afternoon. Hope to help:)
San Diego, California - 10/12/2015
My partner and I are looking for a ride to make our first YOUtopia a reality! We are looking to leave Thursday night after 8pm and can leave any time Sunday. Have gas $ and minimal gear! THANKS!
San Diego, California - 10/11/2015
Hi ~ manifesting my lift into (and out of) YOUtopia to YOUnite with you this Thursday through Sunday. Flexible on departure into and out of YT. I am a bright beacon and will share hugs and light and love with you as well as gas funds to help me out. Your choice. Delivery to my Pink Heart camp. Thank you for the LIFT!
San Diego, California - 10/11/2015
Hi, Lovelies!

I'm looking for a ride from San Diego Thursday evening, any time after 6:30pm. I can pitch in for gas and/or pay for your general parking pass. I won't have a lot of gear, and I can meet you in your neighborhood if that makes it easier. Thank you!!!
Zip: 92617 - 10/10/2015
We have the front passenger seat of an SUV open. Leaving Wednesday early early and coming back Sunday after noon.
Zip: 94607 - 10/06/2015
Needing a ride to Youtopia. Wanting to be there by Thursday. So hoping to leave Oakland either Tuesday or Wednesday but I'm flexible if leaving that early from Oakland doesn't work. I can pitch for gas and I'm only bringing a back pack. Hit me up! Thank you, Annikah (646)575-5563
Zip: 92115 - 10/05/2015
Ride to Youtopia needed, please? Just bringing a backpack. I am a happy, loving, open, dry humored 25 year old named Joanna!

Zip: 98502 - 10/03/2015
Either offering a ride or hoping to carpool in some way, leaving from Seattle area so long trek need company... working as a volunteer so I need to arrive by Thursday at 3
Redding, California - 10/02/2015
Need a ride from the Redding area for one. I need to be there by 3 on Thursday :)

Much appreciated!
Zip: 94103 - 10/02/2015
3 humans in an ambulance driving from SF to SD. Room for 2-3 more. Seating might be a bench seat or a full size bed and single bunk bed. Lots of cargo space.
California, United States - 10/01/2015
Offering 1 seat + room for gear departing Friday morning from OC. I can get you there no worries. I can only stay Friday night though.
Zip: 92115 - 09/29/2015

I need a ride to Youtopia on Thursday. I finish at 6PM in SDSU. I can reach you in the surrounding neighborhoods and I will be happy to share gaz and nice conversations :)
La Jolla, California - 09/28/2015
Need ride to Youtopia from UCSD on Friday afternoon and back on Monday morning. Happy to pitch in gas, tunes, fun conversation!
Zip: 94542 - 09/26/2015
Hi, i need a ride to youtopia, I can share gas greens and good times. Im from India. I can speak enough english if not american.