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YOUtopia 2013

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Truckee, California - 10/13/2014
Leaving Truckee Wed morning and planning to get in the gates before sundown. I can pick you up any where along the way If I can help. I have an early entry pass, so if you do as well you can go in with me. If you don't, let me know how I can help you.

Send me a message if you would like a ride.
San Diego, California - 10/21/2013
I am leaving Youtopia/San Diego in an hour. Heading back to San Fransisco, if anyone needs a ride and can share gas. My number is 415 810 6438. Thanks. Sean
San Diego, California - 10/18/2013
My buddy was driving, now isn't going. Need a ride for one. Ready to go. Appreciate it and I have gas money.
Zip: 92122 - 10/18/2013
Hi beautiful people. Need a ride on Friday evening from UTC area in San Diego for two people, minimum gear. 858-245-2932
Zip: 91502 - 10/18/2013
need to get to youtopia I have a theme camp but they left early. please call 626 676 7857
Zip: 92024 - 10/18/2013
Leaving Encinitas 3pm. Returning to Encinitas/San Diego Sunday afternoon. Have room for 1 passenger.
San Diego, California - 10/18/2013
I'm leaving from North Park around 8:30am today (Friday). I can pick you up anywhere along the route to the campground. I'm staying till the bitter end on Sunday. :) I have a Scion hatchback, so I can take 1 person with moderate amount of gear or 2 people with little gear. Gas $ appreciated if you can swing it. :) Call 619-729-5715.
LA - 10/18/2013
Hey is there anyone leaving from anywhere around la on friday?? My friend and i are trting to ficd a ride. Can pitch in on gass and i promise a fun filled ride down! Contact me on 9095681492the thanks!
San Diego, California - 10/17/2013
Anyone headed up from San Diego Thursday night, my roomie left the tent poles at home and it would really be awesome to get those up to her! Please help if you can, many thanks.
LA Center Studios - 10/17/2013
Driving down Thursday (today!), ideally before traffic, but probably after. Room for one and a bit of stuff, but I tend to over pack so there's not a lot of room :P
Zip: 91773 - 10/17/2013
I'm driving down solo on Friday evening (around 6PM). I can pick up at least 1 other person (maybe 2) with their gear (I'm talkin' a tent plus bags) into my Mazda3 hatchyback. I'm planning to take the 15 south from my area.
Zip: 92107 - 10/17/2013
I have room for one person plus gear (lots of room). Leaving in about an hour from Point Loma. I can pick you up if the detour is not too big. We'll share gas, probably $23 each of us for the round trip (almost half tank; I drive a big engine van!) Give me a call: 678-325-9273.
Zip: 90064 - 10/17/2013
I have room for 1 plus gear (although I'm in a sedan so not a TON of gear) leaving on friday night and coming back sunday night.
Zip: 93546 - 10/17/2013
looking for a ride leaving thursday evening or Friday morning. please call text or email
Zip: 91423 - 10/17/2013
I have space for one traveling very light from LA (SFV area) to YOUtopia. Leaving around 2pm today and returning on Sunday. Call me at 818-266-0683. Prince
Zip: 90016 - 10/17/2013
Leaving today sometime before 2pm. Near La Brea and Adams Blvd. Coming back Sunday morning. Not much space for gear. If you travel light let me know.---Javier 323-979-1603.
Zip: 91945 - 10/17/2013
Friday Morning / Afternoon - One Way Ride from Lemon Grove or near any Trolley. No gear.
Zip: 94117 - 10/17/2013
Looking for a ride to YOUtopia leaving Thursday night or Friday early morning. Chill couple, happy to pitch in with gas - We would really really appreciate it, and would LOVE to get to YOUtopia. Please do let us know - we would be so grateful!
Zip: 92024 - 10/17/2013
Working till about 9 on Friday in Solana beach then can depart afterwards, also need to be back home By 2:30 p.m. On Sunday I live in Encinitas and can come meet at a near to somewhat far launching :)
Zip: 92648 - 10/17/2013
Leaving from work in Wilmington at 330pm friday. Might stop in hb at home
Zip: 92107 - 10/17/2013
I'm leaving today (Thursday) after lunch from San Diego, Point Loma. I have room for one rider with camping gear. Some gas $$ would be appreciated - share the love! I can pick you up if not too far from Point Loma.
Zip: 90250 - 10/16/2013
Im leaving from hawthorne CA friday night at around 11pm. I can pick anyone up on the way. I have about 4 spots and room for supplies. Reasonable amount of gas $ depending on your location would be awesome.
92126 Mira Mesa - 10/16/2013
This is David Gulley. Leaving Mira Mesa Thursday afternoon. I have space for one other person plus gear (reasonable amount). Some Gas $$ would be appreciated. 619-952-6883
San Diego, California - 10/16/2013
Leaving North Park area in San Diego Thursday evening ... sometime between 5 and 8pm. I have room for one person and a small amount of gear. Returning Sunday early afternoon-ish. Contact me if that works for you! :)
92116/university heights - 10/16/2013
Looking for a ride on thursday from the northpark/university heights/hillcrest area. One person, small/medium cooler, sleeping gear/tent.....I'd be happy to cover gas. Call/txt me at 954-663-5377
Zip: 92504 - 10/16/2013
Car broke down, and friend may have flaked.
Zip: 91977 - 10/16/2013
My girlfriend and I live in East County, but can meet you ANYWHERE in or around San Diego. Wanting to leave between 3 and 4pm on Thursday (arriving at Youtopia before sundown, if possible). Returning anytime on Sunday. If you still have room for 2 of us, and a decent sized amount of gear, PLEASE get in touch. We're definitely willing to pay our share of gas. Show our gratitude with smiles, hugs, and stimulating conversation
Zip: 91411 - 10/16/2013
Im leaving Wed today!! Im hoping to be on my way by 2 PM I have alot of space if you have stuff you need to bring along. Call or text 845-642-7950
San Diego, California - 10/16/2013
leaving from PB around 8/830 PM thursday when i get out of class coming back sunday afternoon ish sometime. hit me up!
Mountain View Ca - 10/15/2013
Got my ticket to YOUtopia! Ride situation fell through it seems and I would be devastated if I had to miss it because of this silliness. I am in MOUNTAIN VIEW. I would appreciate any and all help
Zip: 92024 - 10/15/2013
Sassy DJ and sidekick monkey looking for a ride to Youtopia on Friday mid-day from Encinitas. Only one way, I have a ride back. Not too much gear either. Please email me? xox
Zip: 92107 - 10/15/2013
Leaving in a Transvan (?) thursday at about 10:30 and coming back Sunday afternoon. Might stop at Valley View for Lobster!
San Diego, California - 10/15/2013
Looking for a ride in Thursday morning from San Diego! I can meet you, and pitch in!! I am volunteering to work the gate so the sooner I get there the better, but beggers can't be choosers :0) Woo HOooooo let's do this!!!
Zip: 94117 - 10/15/2013
Need a ride to YOUtopia and back from they Bay Area! 2 of us - chill couple, happy to pitch in with gas - Please let us know!
Oakland, CA - 10/15/2013
Hi! I need a ride FROM youtopia to Oakland on SUNDAY -- anyone coming back to the bay on Sunday? Thanks!! Amy
San Diego, California - 10/15/2013
Hello! I'll be leaving Thursday evening around 5pm and I have room for one person who doesn't have too much stuff (I got an Accord), coming back Sunday. Send me a message if this matches your schedule :)
Zip: 90404 - 10/15/2013
I'm leaving Friday around 1p. I have room for two plus gear. coming back mid day Sunday. - Tony
Zip: 92117 - 10/14/2013
Hey illumined ones. Can anyone give me a ride up to Youtopia from Clairemont San Diego on Thursday afternoon/evening?
Zip: 93117 - 10/14/2013
Hey there, my name's Matt. Minimal Luggage (Bag/Tent). Ready to help with gas, and be a pleasant addition to the drive. Looking to leave Santa Barbara anytime after 1pm FRIDAY. (Alternative is to take a train to LA and catch a ride form LA later-)
Zip: 93101 - 10/14/2013
Looking to leave Friday evening/night after I get out of work from Santa Barbara. Get back on Sunday/flexible. Space in the car, would be cool to help contribute with gas.
93012 Camarillo - 10/14/2013
I am getting down to the party but need a ride back up to Camarillo, just south of Ventura north of Malibu.
san fransisco - 10/14/2013
I am offering a ride from the Bay area on Thursday evening. I have a van so i have a fair amount of space. I'm easy going and have a broad taste in music.
Las Vegas, Nevada - 10/14/2013
Was thinking about flying but now I may drive to YouTopia from Las Vegas. Anyone looking for a ride? Would be leaving Thursday afternoon from Summerlin.
San Diego airport - 10/14/2013
Looking for a ride on Thursday evening from the Airport. I will pay for all of your gas (unless you drive a hummer). Don't need a ride back after the fest.
Zip: 89436 - 10/14/2013
Hello! I'm on the medical staff at YOUtopia and will be driving down from the Reno/Tahoe area on Wednesday, the 16th. If you need a ride and you're located anywhere along the 395, 15, 91, 241, 133 or the 5, South of Santa Ana, drop me a line, or send a call or text! I can happily pick you up along the way! -Angi 415.215.4641
San Diego, California - 10/14/2013
Leaving San Diego North Park/Hillcrest area EARLY Thursday morning to get to youtopia by 10am. I have a 4 door hyundai and probably have room for 2 people w/ gear (as long as you're not bringing your house with you ;) Send me a message and we can figure things out :) toss in a few bucks for gas works great too!
Zip: 92120 - 10/14/2013
I'm going to be leaving from Del Cerro by noon on Thursday and have room for one person with a minimal to moderate amount of baggage. I'll be coming back Sunday afternoon/night. Hit me up and we can discuss details.
Los Angeles - 10/13/2013
I'll be arriving via megabus from San Francisco with me, my pack, and maybe a box. Can you help me make the final mile home? I've got gas and great stories. -Randy
San Diego, California - 10/13/2013
Leaving Fri PM around 3 from Mira Mesa. Plenty of room. Email me ASAP to lock down a ride.
San Diego, California - 10/13/2013
Leaving Thurs PM around 3 from Mira Mesa. Plenty of room. Email me ASAP to lock down a ride.
Zip: 91977 - 10/13/2013
I live in Spring Valley, but can meet you ANYWHERE in or around San Diego county. Wanting to leave anytime before 4pm on Thursday (arriving at Youtopia before sundown). Returning anytime on Monday. Have room for me and a decent sized amount of gear. I'm definitely willing to pay my share of the gas.
Zip: 91910 - 10/13/2013
I live in Chula Vista near a trolly station and the 5 free way and I need a ride! I don't have a lot of stuff really email me info (at) jrizalmedia . com
San Diego, California - 10/13/2013
Hi everyone!! I will be leaving the San Diego area around 4pm. I work at the SD zoo, and would like to be completely ready to go then. If you could get dropped off at the zoo, that would be awesome. I definitely have room for gear. Send me a message we can work something out. Would really appreciate a few bucks for gas! thank u!!!
Zip: 92024 - 10/12/2013
Leaving on Friday morning, returning Sunday afternoon from Leucadia. Family already would have arrived day prior. I have room for one more passenger, along with their gear. Would love the company.
Zip: 92126 - 10/12/2013
Myself and a friend need a ride on thursday if possible. We don't have much except for a futon mattress that is folded up. We can pitch for if it helps :)
Zip: 92117 - 10/12/2013
i will be going up tuesday morning in a camper van. i have lots of room for you and your gear. i can take up to 5 passengers, depending how much stuff you have with you. i'm in clairemont mesa, and would like to get there by 1pm at the latest. a coupla bucks for gas would be sweet :-)
Zip: 92117 - 10/11/2013
Anyone headed back to San Diego sometime Saturday afternoon/evening? I will be needing to join one of you Illuminated beings if I can't switch out of my 6am Sunday work shift in time. (Offers: gas cash, smiles and hugs)
Zip: 95935 - 10/11/2013
i need a ride down from the north, i can meet by sacraento maybe? also, the night before is full moon desert party i am playing at. so coul be amazing ride down.... Willy
Zip: 92011 - 10/11/2013
Hi looking for a ride up thursday morning/day- One female with camping stuff (tent, shade tarp, table, chairs)!
Oakland Ca - 10/10/2013
Leaving Wednesday or Thursday one maybe two space available message me...
Culver City, Ca. 90230 - 10/10/2013
I'll be leaving in the AM on Wed. early arrival. Leaving the event Sat. morning to Las Vegas, NV
Zip: 85022 - 10/10/2013
Ranger Pele leaving North Phoenix early Thursday am. want to be their by 3 pm returning whenever likely Monday morning small PU have room for one. cell 928 310 0843
Zip: 92056 - 10/09/2013
Will be leaving from North County Thursday night at around 8pm. I can pick you up if you are nearby. I plan on coming back Sunday morning/afternoon.
Zip: 93003 - 10/09/2013
I am leaving for Youtopia Wednesday morning from Ventura. I will be volunteering for setup. I have room in my car for 2-3 others who can pitch in on gas. I can only stay at the event till Friday night. So i will be leaving at sunrise on Saturday. I cannot offer a ride back after the event but if you need to get back on saturday morning, I got your back.
San Diego, California - 10/08/2013
Hey, I arrive in San Diego airport on Wednesday night. I would love to get a ride with someone to go to Youtopia on Thursday, time doesn't matter, if it's late I will visit San Diego first. If anyone has a couch to offer in San Diego for Wednesday night, that would be great as well! Thanks in advance my name Noon phone 415-490-6672
92040 lakeside - 10/08/2013
If any one is heading up there Tuesday let me know
San diego/ ocean beach - 10/07/2013
Hey everyone! Im driving up to youtopia on thursday evening leaving right after work from ocean beach, its just me and my gear in a mazda i can fit two people comfortbly plus equipment. Gas share is much appreciated :) i would love to meet some new people and have a friend to ride with me.
San Francisco, California - 10/06/2013
Hi! I am looking for a ride from San Francisco to YOUtopia. I would love to see some scenery on the way, if possible.
93105 Santa Barbara - 10/06/2013
HEYO! Jules here, stoked for this burn, and seeking friends needing a ride with me in my truck. Fun time guaranteed, leaving from SB can pick up anywhere along the way. Gas $ contributions appreciated! I'm going to volunteer with the medical team, have a really good time, bicycle, dance, solar bake yummy foods, yada yada. Call me if you are interested: 805 570 1051.
Zip: 91325 - 10/05/2013
I plan to leave Northridge mid to late morning on Thursday; leave DeCom by Sunday noon (have a Valley commitment on Sunday early evening!!) I have a large truck and can take 1-3 passengers. Would appreciate gas contribution. >>>
Zip: 92126 - 10/04/2013
I have room for at least 2 people. Leaving thursday 7:30am, returning sunday 10am. I live in mira mesa area off the I-15.
Zip: 92007 - 10/02/2013
I have my own Camp at YT this year (yes with placement and everything:), its called Dakotas Gypsy jazz Menagerie, & it'll be next to the Gold's Gulch Super-chill Decom area and feature a real acoustic open jam area with lots of instruments for folks to play. I've got room to bring (and perhaps camp) for 1 or 2 people. Leaving Carlsbad CA Friday around 1PM in an '89 VW Westy, returning Sunday evening. If u can get near / to Palomar and El Camino Real in Carlsbad i can take ya!
Zip: 90019 - 09/25/2013
Hi! I'm looking for a ride... I can leave either Thursday or Friday and come back either Sunday night or early Monday. Can pitch in for gas :) elizabeth
Zip: 92117 - 09/24/2013
haya my names JayJay looking for a ride to YOUtopia yup yup. can probably get myself to another place in town, but pick up would be good. have very little stuff just one pack an mabe another for gifts of food an tings. peace xx
Zip: 92111 - 09/24/2013
I am looking for a ride, or I can drive someone Friday night. My flight arrives at 9:40, so I hopefully want to be on the road no later than 10:30. It's only me and a small bag. My husband is already there with all my stuff. If I drive, I only have a Prius, so it won't hold all your camping equipment, but I'd be happy to have a fellow passenger.
Zip: 92111 - 09/24/2013
I am looking for a ride, or I can drive someone Friday night. My flight arrives at 9:40, so I hopefully want to be on the road no later than 10:30. It's only me and a small bag. My husband is already there with all my stuff. I can meet you anywhere in San Diego too.
Zip: 92064 - 09/23/2013
I am leaving for youtopia on thursday evening. I am all by myself and have a honda accord. If anybody needs a ride in san diego message me.
Hillcrest - 09/20/2013
Want to leave Wednesday night or Thursday morning as I'm volunteering. I have 2 small hoops, a guitar, a small bag and a bike, if possible and gas money. Please e-mail me if you can help!
Hillcrest - 09/20/2013
Want to leave Thursday morning. I have 2 small hoops, a guitar, a small bag and a bike, if possible.
San Diego Air Port - 09/15/2013
Hello, I'm planning on flying into San Diego on the evening of Thursday, October19th and am looking for a ride to Utopia from the San Diego airport. I won't be needing a ride back. Will help pay for gas. Thanks!
San Francisco, California - 09/13/2013
Hi, we're 3 french interested in coming to Youtopia. We can take a bus to reach a place near the site, but the thing is that I've not find information yet about reaching the site without a car. Maxime