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Spirit Weavers Gathering 2024 * Moon Session

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Silverton, Oregon - 05/27/2024
I am leaving a family wedding in Silverton on Monday the 17th and slowly making my way to Spirit Weavers for planned arrival on the 20th. Likely stopping for nature spots and casual camping along the way, or may decide to keep it easy and head straight there to camp a few days on site as a Seva member before the gathering begins.
Williams, Oregon - 05/22/2024
Ride offer from Williams or to spirit weavers on Wednesday the 19th!
El Sobrante, California - 04/24/2024
Excited to meet some of you before the gathering :)
Cave Springs, Arkansas - 04/17/2024
Hi, I'd like a ride leaving Moon session from Spirit Weavers to Nevada City.