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Spirit Weavers Gathering 2024 * Sun Session

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Medford, Oregon - 06/12/2024
2 friebds looking for a ride from the airport at noon on Wednesday the 12th to cedar bloom!
Washington, United States - 06/09/2024
Looking for a ride to SWG sun session from Seattle area.

ideally an early arrival June 11th as I am working wellness den and Dream Den.


Beatty, Nevada - 06/09/2024
I can probably get a ride somewhere within an hour of here. I'm visiting my brother and we're driving up from california. I'm hoping to not have him drive 3 hours to the festival and then 3 hours back to his house and then the 11 hours back to California lol

I am a rose priestess and into consciousness studies and animal communication. I arrive up in Oregon sometime late on Wednesday and I'm hoping for a ride sometime on Thursday to get to the festival before the opening ritual but could also go a little bit later. I mainly trying to take pressure off of my older brother from driving me
Portland - 06/08/2024
Hi! I'm driving down from Seattle on Wednesday night and leaving from Portland for the gathering early Thursday morning. I believe I have room for one more.
Ashland - 06/06/2024
Aloha . I’m leaving Ashland around noon & will load up at the co op . I have plenty of room to offer a ride to cedar bloom
Oakland, California - 05/29/2024
Charna here, I need a ride for the Sun session from Medford airport on the 12th. the flight arrives 12:10 so I miss the shuttle and return 17th at 12 and again it's too early to take the shuttle. Happy to share the cost of gas.
Placerville, California - 05/28/2024
Hello all! Looking for a ride back to Northern California after the gathering for my niece who is attending moon maidens for her first time. Please send me a message if you're at all driving through anywhere within a two hour radius around Placerville California afterwards. Thank you!
Central Point, Oregon - 05/26/2024
Hi there, I arrive at MFR airport on 6/12, wed, at 12:10 and return on 6/17 and need to be there at 12. I'm looking for a ride-share. Happy to share the cost of gas. Thanks.
Williams, Oregon - 05/22/2024
Offering a ride from Williams to spirit weavers on Wednesday the 19th
Yucca Valley, California - 05/18/2024
I am available to drop off and pick up to and from palm springs Airport to festival in Joshua tree.
Medford, Oregon - 05/16/2024
Hi Seva here, Need a ride share from MFR to SWG on Tuesday 11June any time, Or EARLY Wednesday 12June to be on time @10am 12June. to suggestions... THANX

Port Townsend, Washington - 04/27/2024
I'll be coming down from the Olympic Peninsula, Washington. Staying over in Olympia and leaving for Spirit Weavers June 12th, passing through Portland and Eugene on my way south. Have room for 2-3 passengers and limited baggage. Would welcome company, driving help and contributions towards gas!
Portland, Oregon - 04/08/2024
Hey, I'm Gabby! I'm looking for a ride from Portland to the Sun Session. I'm hoping to fly into Portland early to spend some time in the city and look at Lewis and Clark College's grad program! So flexible on date/time departure! I'll be staying to do Seva during the moon session, so only looking for ride there! Thank you so much!!
Medford, Oregon - 04/04/2024
my flight departing from medford on monday (sun session) got moved to 9:40 am. looking to carpool with someone who's trying to get to the medford airport by 8:30am! this is for me & a friend. thanks
Medford, Oregon - 03/28/2024
I am attending the Sun Session June 13-17, and I will be flying into Medford OR. So I am looking for a ride from Medford to the venue, and then a ride back to Medford. Thank you.
Reno Nevada - 03/22/2024
I am going to sun session and have room to take 1-2 more people to spirit weavers