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Spirit Weavers 2022 Moon Sessiom

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Cave Junction, Oregon - 06/12/2022
A friend needs a ride from Spiritweavers moon session back to AZ. Or as close to AZ as possible. Let me know if you have space. Thank you.
Medford, Oregon - 06/08/2022
Heading to spiritweavers and need a ride! I land around 6pm today.
Ashland, Oregon - 06/07/2022
Headed to the land tomorrow morning with my little one!

Driving through Medford ~ timing is flexible.

Space for 1 maybe 2 if you’re traveling on the light side.

Text me 808-868-1483

Medford, Oregon - 06/07/2022
Space for 1 or 2

Text me

Cave Junction, Oregon - 06/06/2022
I am delighted to take 2 womyn from Spirit Weavers to MFR, Ashland, Yreka or in between.
grants pass, OR - 06/06/2022
I am delighted to take 2 womyn from Grant's Pass to Spirit Weavers
Medford, Oregon - 06/03/2022
Hi sisters! Coming for my first Seva :) Looking for a ride from Medford on the 7th or 8th, just have to be to the land by 1pm on the 8th. Fingers crossed! Thx~ feel free to text 845-494-8632
Olympia, Washington - 06/03/2022
Hello friends! Looking for a ride on June 7th or 8th to meet with a sister for the Moon Session in Salem on the evening of June 8th. You could even hop in with us and carpool from Salem and leave your car there during the gathering. Let's make something work! Happy to contribute to gas and share stories/songs/treats.
Cave Junction, Oregon - 06/01/2022
Hello friends,

I am looking for a one way ride to PORTLAND on Monday June 13th to Portland or Corvallis or Eugene.

Please let me know if I can ride with you. I will only have one small carry on bag.

Reno, Nevada - 05/30/2022
Leaving Reno early in the morning of the 9th or PM of the 8th… TBC
Portland - 05/27/2022
Looking for a ride from Portland (or Corvallis) on June 8th. I need to arrive by 1pm on June 8th for Seva. I am happy to purchase snacks, pitch in for gas, and drive.

My number is 3472170755 if it's easier to get in touch that way! - Lucia Modesto
Medford, Oregon - 05/21/2022
Hello, wonderful folxs! I am so excited to be returning to SPW for my 5th year this year as SEVA. I will be participating in the Moon session, arriving on June 8th in Medford at 1 PM local time. I would love to share a ride to Cedar Bloom with anyone else arriving around that time or passing by. Happy to contribute to gas and good vibes :) I am also looking for a ride back to Medford on June 14th at 11 AM (my flight is at 1 PM).
Cave Junction, Oregon - 05/20/2022
Hello sister weavers, I am looking for a ride from Spirit Weavers to the airport in Medford on Monday June 13th. I need to be at the airport by noon. I am happy to help with gas.
Williams, Oregon - 05/18/2022
Hello ladies!

I am cruising in my van to the moon session. Leaving from Williams on the morning of the 7th, & have room for a couple more :)
Cave Junction, Oregon - 05/15/2022
Hello friends,

I am looking for a ride from Spiritweavers to Portland on Monday the 13th.

Looking forward to connecting!
Medford, Oregon - 05/12/2022
Arriving at the airport at 12pm and looking for rideshare to the land that day, anytime after that. Also looking for a rideshare BACK to the airport from the land on June 14th.
Sebastopol, California - 05/11/2022
Hi! I’ll most likely be driving up from the Bay Area Wednesday afternoon and camping on the way- OR leaving early on Thursday morning :)
Santa Cruz, California - 05/05/2022
Aloha, my name is Elli looking for a ride out of the moon session ! Flying in from hawaii and wanting to go from gathering to visiting friends and family. Would love to split the gas and make some new friends!
Zip: 97214 - 05/05/2022
Hi sisters:) I am Seva and am looking for a ride. I need to be there before 3pm June 8th. Will happily share snacks and pitch in for gas
Portland, Oregon - 05/04/2022
Looking for a ride from Portland to the moon session of Spirit Weavers! Can chip in for gas and have tinctures and such to share!
Topanga, California - 05/04/2022
Hello there! I am attending the moon session of Spirit Weavers for the first time

I am very excited to finally be going

I am hoping to find a ride up and back and I am happy to drive to you if you’re close(ish)
Eugene, Oregon - 05/03/2022
Eugene->spirit weavers

Spirit weavers->Salem->Portland

Leaving Eugene on Monday June 30th for SEVA, worktrade.

I’ll be staying for both sessions and returning on the 13th to the Salem area, and eventually Portland on the 14th.

503 269 7492
Beaverton, Oregon - 04/29/2022
Hi sisters, I will be attending the Moon session, from DC. I arrive on June 8th at midnight and the idea is to head towards Cedar Bloom farm early morning on the 9th and come back to Portland on the 13th.

I am looking for 3 more people who need a ride and want to split the cost of renting + gas. I also will be camping and have an extra space with a sleeping bag in my tent for anyone who is in need of a place to stay.

Zip: 97035 - 04/19/2022
Hello:) My friend and I are Seva, we are looking for a ride for two! We would need to be on the grounds by 1pm June 7th and looking to head out July 14th.
Zip: 94110 - 04/19/2022
Hello:) My friend and I are Seva Moon session. We are looking for a ride for two! We would need to be on the grounds by 1pm June 7th and looking to head out July 14th.
Cave Junction, Oregon - 04/15/2022
Hi ladies I am working Teva for the event, both sessions and I am looking for a ride back to Santa Cruz California after festivities are over on the 13th. Let me know if you have space for a friendly companion.

Thank you!
Nevada City, California - 04/06/2022
My toddler and I are driving our minivan from Nevada City to the moon session and back. You're welcomed to hop in with us!
San Diego, California - 03/21/2022
Hi family! I am so excited to be going to the gathering for the first time. I am hoping to catch a ride on the way up from San Diego. We can meet up for coffee, tea, etc before to make sure we would like to spend so many hours in a car together. XD Thank you!
San Diego, CA - 03/01/2022
Hi there, excited to share a ride from san diego to spirit weavers this year for the moon session and make a new friend. we can split driving time and costs. I have a tucson with a rack so there’s enough space for both tents, camping gear, etc.
Oakland, CA - 02/18/2022
hi community! my name is abbie (she:her), a settler on huichin ohlone territory (oakland, ca). i’m considering driving up to the gathering and wanted to see if there was anyone in need of a ride. sending peace!