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Lightning in a Bottle - Team - 2017

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Los Angeles, California - 04/27/2017
Hello! Looking for a ride from LA leaving May 10th.

I will help out with gas, snacks and laughs.

San Francisco, California - 04/27/2017
My name is Tiffany :) I'm sweet and fun! Throw down on gas of course!
Zip: 91711 - 04/27/2017
Hello everyone!

I'll be leaving the metropolis of Claremont around 3pm on Wednesday 24th and leaving LiB on June 1st around 8pm to return!

I have multiple seats but don't want to drive all over SoCal to pick people up! I'd be glad to either meet you in Claremont or if you live along the way (i'll be taking the 210 to the 5) I'll swoop in and grab ya!

I don't bite, I like house music, my speakers are great, and my AC is cold! :)
Zip: 90036 - 04/26/2017
Hello! Hoping to catch a ride on the 25th and return on the 29th. Willing to contribute gas, snacks, camping supplies, and positive light!
Zip: 93111 - 04/25/2017
Going solo and looking to catch a ride up from SB, so if anyone else is trying to get there Wednesday afternoon and could grab me and some light gear it would be appreciated.
Los Angeles, California - 04/25/2017
Is anything leaving Wednesday afternoon? I can chip in with gas, bring snacks provide spotify premium.
California, United States - 04/22/2017
Hello lovelies!

I am looking for a ride from the Bay Area, on Sunday the 21st of May. Please let me know if you have any room for pre-event schedule carpooling.

Thank you! :)
Zip: 95064 - 04/22/2017
Need a ride! I am working on May 19-May 21.
Tahoe City, California - 04/20/2017
Hi I'm leaving from Tahoe and have 3 open seats! I can also pick people up on the way if you are not in Tahoe.
Zip: 95825 - 04/19/2017
Needing ride to LIB. Has Gas, treats and Good vibes. Greenteam and striketeam member working the festival.
Reno, Nevada - 04/19/2017
Hi I am one person looking for a ride, I am flexible and can meet someone anywhere around tahoe reno or sac. I travel light have gas$$ and goodies and can be a copilot if wanted.
Zip: 90005 - 04/17/2017
Hi there! offering a ride!

1 seat only

Leaving from ktown around 1pm on Tuesday May 23 and returning on May 30 to LA closer to 6pm
Reno, Nevada - 04/17/2017
Room for one! Coming from Reno/Tahoe, can pick up anywhere along the way -- Sac, east bay, etc.
Sacramento, California - 04/12/2017
Looking for a ride for two people! We are flexible with pick up location- anywhere near Sacramento or San Franscisco is doable.
California, United States - 04/11/2017
Just looking for a ride on the way up on Wednesday the 24th! Gas and food will be on me from there :)
Zip: 91910 - 04/10/2017
From San Diego for "during," shift event (Th-Sunday). Will contribute toward gas and snacks.
Montebello, California - 04/10/2017
I'd like to find a ride that leaves Wednesday the 24th early in the morning. I live just 15 minutes east of downtown LA but can meet you anywhere in the area. I'm a really responsible driver if you need a hand driving. Only taking the necessary gear. Need to be back in LA by Monday. Of course willing to split expenses.