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MEC Race ONE - 5K 10K & Half Marathon 2019 - Apr 14 2019

Winter runners rejoice! Start the 2019 running season off right with a 5K, 10K or Half Marathon road X trail race through the friendly East St. Paul community. The MEC Race Series provides professional, fun and accessible races, working hard to inspire and enable all Canadians to lead active, outdoor lifestyles. The 5K event is strickly road, 10K and Half Marathon events involve both road and a small 1.5K portion of trail. Whatever distance you do, expect patches of ice and snow throughout.

Race Day Info

• Start Times
o 7:00am: On site bib pick up/registration
o 8:00am: Half Marathon start
o 8:10am: 10K start
o 8:15am: 5K start
o 11:00am: Course closure begins
• Medal Ceremonies
o 9:00am: 5K Medal Ceremony 
o 9:40am: 10K Medal Ceremony
o 10:30am: Half Marathon Medal Ceremony
o Medals will be only given to the top 3 runners of each distance in each gender in the 18 and under category and 18+ category. We do not provide finisher medals in the MEC Race Series.


MEC Race Three - Musquodoboit Trailway 2019 - Sep 29 2019

Welcome to the third race in the 2019 MEC Halifax Race Series! - Join MEC Halifax for a race along the old railway bed that follows Musquodoboit River, with great views and tons of fresh air. This route is flat and fast and you can definitely push for your new personal best. Afterward, you can pop over to the local farmers market or brave a dip in the ocean. - MEC Race Series Club Challenge! Please indicate the name of your running club when picking up your bib for a chance to win our glorious trophy. Can your group unseat the current champions, or will The Mountain View Runners win again? -


Metta Creative Labs pt.2 2019 - May 24 2019

Mett? Creative & Creative Labs present: - Mett? Creative Labs - micro-festival edition. - ----------------------------------------- - Mett? Creative & Creative Labs are collaborating for the first time ever, creating an event series designed to create deeper connections through art and strengthen the creative community in Baltimore, all while inspiring collaboration and sustainability in a fun way #partywithpurpose - 15% of Mett? Creative's proceeds will go towards helping Creative Labs make energy repairs to increase energy efficiency of their building and start constructing plans for a green roof & community garden!  - ----------------------------------------- - Superfoods & Juice Bar (vegan options!) - Coffee, Tea & CBD - Live Instrumentalists & DJ Performances - Flow Friendly (outside only) - Live Artists & Creative Labs' Resident Artists Displays - Collaborative Arts & Community Mural - Sound Bath & Meditation - Visual Projections - Photo Booth - Useful Workshops - Funky Games & Prizes - - SCHEDULE: - ---------------------------- - Coming Soon. - ------------------------------ - DETAILS: - ------------- - WHEN: May 24, 2019 - May 25, 2019 - (5:00PM - 2:00AM) - WHERE: Creative Labs , Baltimore - WHY: We are asking for an energy exchange of $30. This money is to raise funds for Mett? Creative and Creative Labs, to continue facilitating, connecting, facilitating and inspiring a mindful community. These funds go directly to necessary event costs such as tents, the artists, art supplies and food. Without your support, this would not be possible. Thank you ???? - TRANSPORTATION: Woodberry lightrail stop is SO CLOSE! Only a 5 min walk. Bus line 21 also takes you within 5 mins walking (Clipper Rd & Union Av. ) - We also encourage the new solar powered scooters & bikes (JUMP, LYFT, LIME, BIRD... there's so many!) Just download the app and enjoy a $2 solar power-assisted ride here! If you are driving, please consider sharing an Über, Lyft or park in the back parking lot if you can???????? - - ?Feel free to reach out with any questions, comments or concerns? -


Minnesota Threshold Network December Meeting 2019 - Dec 10 2019

It's holiday season. Loud messages of good cheer and celebration flood the shops and media airways. Holiday season can be a sacred time of deepening and solace, or it could be a time of stress and loneliness after the death of a loved one. Come join us to explore how you can make inner and outer spaces that support making room for feelings of grief and loss. We will explore how you can honor your own truth and the memory of your loved one throughout the holiday season and beyond. -


Minnesota Threshold Network January Meeting 2020 - Dec 31 1969

The next Minnesota Threshold Network Twin Cities meeting, "Working Respectfully with Trans and Nonbinary Communities," will take place on: - Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 7-9 PM - St. Peder's Lutheran Church - 4600 E 42nd St - Minneapolis, MN 55406 - Trangender and nonbinary people have existed for as long as human cultures have been creating genders, but some of the language and concepts may be new to you. Transgender and nonbinary individuals and communities may have different needs and face different challenges around end of life and after-death care than our cisgender peers. Join Minnesota Threshold Network on a journey through the wonderful world of trans and nonbinary terminology, current concerns, and what we in the deathcare field can do to ensure that our work respects this diverse and vibrant community. - Our guides on this exploration are: - •Root Holden, transgender podcaster and death educator - •Shannon TL Kearns, transgender playwright and theologian - •Eli Effinger-Weintraub, nonbinary MTN member and death radical - MTN facilitators: Eli Effinger-Weintraub and Anne Murphy - All Minnesota Threshold Network meetings are free and open to the public. Donations from the heart for space rental and printing materials are gladly accepted. - Accessibility info: - •Building is ADA compliant. There is no curb cut on the east side of the building (where we will be entering), but the entrance is accessible from the sidewalk. We will update later once we understand how to best access the sidewalk that leads to the door. - •Building has an all-gender restroom. - •Lights are either on/off, not dimmable. - •There is a furnace that occasionally will make one loud-ish hissing sound. It is unpredictable. - •Scented cleaning products are sometimes used in the space. Please limit your use perfumes, lotions, or other scented products as much as possible before the event. -


mother-daughter-grandmother retreat - Sep 29 2017

This purposeful weekend is designed for you to strengthen the bonds, connection and communication with the girls and women in your family, and to support you within your sacred female circle in an authentic and connective way. You can come together with your daughter, mama, grandma and spend the weekend having fun together, laughing, listening, bonding. Or you can come by yourself for inner work and healing, meditate and focus on the role and archetypal qualities of being a mother, daughter, grandmother, heal the “motherwound” and generational trauma, and work with power animals of the women in your family to strengthen the connection through spiritual work. ? Throughout the weekend we will have family and group circles and solo and group practices focusing on our sacred journeys. We will discuss, vision, journey, meditate, eye-gaze, communicate in peaceful ways and have fun together. We will sing, dance, hike, work with plants, make candles, paint, make a fire, cook together.


Moving forward together 2019 - Nov 5 2019

All are welcome !! This meeting will help us explore the actions we need to take forward in the network collectively and enable those who wish to do so to volunteer for some of these roles to help support the collective achieve its aims. - At this informal and welcome space conversation and sharing will be important but will be done in an informal and fun way. - Please remember there will be a mix of folk at this meeting from different backgrounds with different support needs and patience and humour and understanding are all very welcome. The person facilitating the day is fully PVG checked and has a lot of experience of supporting people with additional support needs so please don’t hesitate to contact us about anything you may need and ways we can make it more inclusive for you. - Refreshments and light snacks will be available on arrival. - The day will be broken down into: - A short recap of the story so far – including our collective aims and objectives, our values and how we will put this all into action with an opportunity to feed into these idea before they are signed off. - We will then have a chance to plan around certain actions looking at creating an action plan for each activity we would like to undertake and offering ways for people to become involved in these actions to take them forward. (This may involve small group work we will see with numbers during the day) - We will explore what we might need to be aware of when we visit a site for the first time. - We will then have a chance to have a wee celebration for all your efforts. - Anyone interested we will head for lunch/drinks/refreshments in a nearby pub to have a chance to get to know each other better once the day is complete. - - ¬es=scott