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Spirit Weavers Gathering MOON SESSION 2018

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Cave Junction, Oregon - 05/20/2018
Hello :) I'm seeking a 1-way ride to Portland on the 11th. Happy to contribute to gas etc, and will have just a medium bag and a backpack with me. Thank you!!
Cave Junction, Oregon - 05/16/2018
Hi there! Hoping to find someone who can give me a lift to the airport in Medford on the 11th. Happy to pitch for gas!

thank you

Oregon, United States - 05/16/2018
Headed to moon session, leaving morning of June 6!
Portland - 05/16/2018
Hi there! Me and another Moon gal are riding down in a compact rental car. We both fly into PDX late on the night before the gathering. If you are willing to share the backseat with some bags, come on down!

Looking for someone to chip in on gas!
Portland - 05/16/2018
Hi loves, my name is Jade, I am a Seva sister looking to leave Portland early morning on the 6th to arrive on site by 1 pm at the latest!
Cave Junction, Oregon - 05/16/2018
Looking for a ride from the Moon Gathering to Portland or Seattle. I will have a few bags with me.
Zip: 95501 - 05/16/2018
I am traveling in my truck and camper up to Cave Junction either on the 6th or early on the 7th. I have room for one sister and gear.
Central Point, Oregon - 05/15/2018
Looking for a ride to and from the gathering. My 6 year old daughter and I fly into Medford on Wednesday and have an AirB&B booked. Flying out of Medford Monday at 1pm.

I've got gas money, willing to help drive and share our accommodations Wednesday evening. Feel free to text me, 863-202-0179.
Zip: 97218 - 05/14/2018
Hello! I am looking for a ride from PDX on Thursday June 7 to Spirit Weavers Moon Session. I will fly in around 10:30am. Anyone? Thank you :)
Cave Junction, Oregon - 05/12/2018
Hi! I'm looking for a ride to the Medford airport from the land on June 11 around noon (flight would be around 3 but have not yet booked).
Zip: 97202 - 05/09/2018
Hi there! I just purchased a ticket after being on the waitlist. I am bringing my 3yr old daughter who is super sweet and independant. Anyone have room for us? I am willing help drive but I do not have a car (i can drive a manuel).

oor Maybe you're still looking for a ride and want to go in on a rental car?

Text works best for me :)


Zip: 95521 - 05/09/2018
Greetings :) I’m traveling from Arcata to Spirit Weavers MOON session. I room for two...
Zip: 97266 - 05/08/2018
Hi! I live in Portland and am interested in riding to the MOON session with others. I'm happy to contribute toward gas if you have a car, or going in on a rental car with others in the area who are going to the gathering. Let me know if you're interested! Thank you! -Megan
Zip: 91773 - 05/07/2018
Greetings sisters ! I will be leaving Los Angeles June 6th heading out to Oregon , I have 4 extra spots in my car if anyone would like to carpool with me :)
Zip: 80218 - 05/07/2018
Driving from Denver. Can fit two people plus camping gear. Will be driving though Salt Lake City and could pick up anyone along that route.
Cave Junction, Oregon - 05/05/2018
Hello! I am looking for a ride to Seattle after the Moon session. Happy to contribute to gas, and anything else that would make the trip more enjoyable!

Thank you xo
Medford, Oregon - 05/04/2018
Sisters, we are two dear friends looking for a ride to the gathering from the Medford Airport. Our flights arrive Wednesday night and we are prepared to depart any time Thursday. Happy to split gas costs. We come bearing fresh fruits.
Zip: 11206 - 05/03/2018
Hi! Looking for a ride from MFR Medford Airport to MOON on June 7th- anytime that morning I am available! I will be crashing at airport the night before : ) Will gladly chip in!
Santa Ana, California - 05/02/2018
Hello Spirit Weaver sisters, I will be in the moon session and live in OC, looking to carpool with someone one way. I can provide gas, snacks, and sweet vibes. June 6th.
Portland, Oregon - 05/01/2018
Hiya! Passing through Portland on their way and have a seat available for MOON session?? I am flexible on pick up time/day. Compassionate co-pilot, I swear. Or if just a ride back is an option, that's awesome as well. Lots of riders on here, I am happy to discuss splitting a rental car with lovelies. Thanks! JennaM
Zip: 92336 - 05/01/2018
Hello Sister ,

Looking for a ride to the Moon Session . I can travel to wherever you are located & help with gas & musical vibrations !

~ Love & Light ~ Emerald Faerie
Zip: 94110 - 04/30/2018
Hi sisters,

I'm looking for a ride to camp from Medford Airport on the 7. Many thanks! Olivia
Zip: 33139 - 04/30/2018
Hi sisters! I'm looking for a ride AFTER SUN to either Medford airport or Portland airport. I don't want to purchase my plane ticket yet until I find a ride so that our times may flow :) Please let me know if youll have any space for company!
Medford, Oregon - 04/29/2018
Aloha! I’m needing a ride to spirit weavers gathering - moon phase - 6-7-18
Cave Junction, Oregon - 04/24/2018
Hi there! I am looking for a ride back up into Bellingham (or as close as I can get) after the Moon Session gathering. I am happy to pitch in for gas and snacks! :)
Zip: 94117 - 04/20/2018
Hi! 2 sisters looking for a ride from San Francisco to Spirit Weavers Moon Session! We are little and pack light!!
Zip: 97218 - 04/17/2018
Hi, sisters, I'm going to the moon session and I'm looking for a ride from the airport to where we'll be camped! It will be a great pleasure to share this experience completely! I can help with gasoline and we sure will have a lot to share. Thank you in advance! Lots of blesses!
Seattle, Washington - 04/16/2018
Hello! I’m hoping to catch a ride to Spirit Weavers Gathering Moon session, and back. Im happy to pitch gas and talk about anything else that’s needed on the ride. Really looking forward to connecting with another Moon gathering person!
san fransisco - 04/15/2018
Going to both Sun & moon and would love to get a ride both ways :)
Olympia, Washington - 04/14/2018
Hello! I will be driving from Olympia, WA and hoping to leave early early in the morning on June 7th to beat Portland traffic. Takes about 6.5-7 hrs straight through from Olympia, but I can pick up anyone enroute and might stop to for a bit once I'm south of Portland (maybe in Eugene for lunch??)
Reno, Nevada - 04/04/2018
I would love to have someone join me from Reno or Tahoe area !
Zip: 94610 - 04/04/2018
Toyota RAV4 with two seats available. I'm planning to drive up with my child Wednesday June 6th and camping somewhere between Redding and Ashland then getting to the land Thursday morning. Anyone else with a similar plan? I could also pick up along the route!
Lethbridge, Alberta - 04/03/2018
Room for 2 passengers!
Jackson, Wyoming - 04/03/2018
Small car but ample room for a passenger and luggage/camping gear.
San Rafael, California - 03/31/2018
I will be driving to/from the Bay Area - either Oakland, Marin or Sebastopol for the Moon Gathering. I have a Pruis and can provide rides to two others and their gear in exchange for gas money. Thank you!
Zip: 97218 - 03/22/2018
Hi sisters! I am looking for a ride for Moon Session from PDX. I arrive late on the 6th and can spend some time sleeping in the airport before we meet. I leave around 5 pm on the 11th. I will help with gas, driving, etc. and would love to spend extra time with a sister!

I may be interested also in renting a car if there are a few more of you with similar travel plans.

Blessings! Courtney
Chattanooga, Tennessee - 03/20/2018
Two women flying in to Portland on the 6th who need a ride to and from Spirit Weavers gathering. Willing to split expenses.
British Columbia, Canada - 03/18/2018
Looking for a ride from Vancouver to the gathering and back :)
St. Louis, Michigan - 03/13/2018
Leaving STL June 4th

Stopping in Boulder on the 4th

Bryce Canyon on the 5th

and somewhere just outside Cave Junction on the 6th
Arcata, California - 03/11/2018
! I’ll be driving up from Humboldt County to be a Seva sister at the moon session. I would love to share my Subaru Forester with another sister or two!
Portland, Oregon - 03/02/2018
Hello friends! My name is Rae Hart, and I will be attending both the sun and moon sessions. I will be needing a ride from Portland, OR to the sun session. I will also be needing a ride back to Portland after the moon session. I will be happy to contribute money and/or exchange energy healing, shamanic drum work, or tarot readings to help with gas expenses. Looking forward to meeting you lovely sisters! Blessings!
Medford, Oregon - 02/28/2018
Hi! Looking to share a ride back to San Francisco from the Moon Session where I am Seva Sister'n- I am a 35 y.o. woman who is a photojournalist in Ohio :) Planning on spending a few days in SF before returning home to the midwest. Happy to share gas/snacks/time/music or even just silence if you want.
Portland, Oregon - 01/22/2018
Looking for a ride to gathering and back!

I am flying into PDX from Denver the night before the gathering, looking for a ride from Portland down on June 7th in the morning.

Also looking for a ride back to Portland on the 11th, I fly back on the 12th.

Any help is much appreciated, thank you
Zip: 97218 - 01/13/2018
Headed to Spirit Weavers Gathering ... Located in the Illinois Valley of Southern Oregon lies the home of our gathering. We are nestled alongside the Illinois River, just east of the Rogue River and Siskiyou National Forest.

Siskiyou National Forest, Oregon 97415