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Spirit Weavers Gathering MOON SESSION 2017

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Medford, Oregon - 06/08/2017
I decided to rent a car from Medford airport and I leave at 10:30 am. If you want a ride from the airport, text me at (917) 520-4268. My rental car is 140 total and would love for the person to chip in $35 to help me cover cost and gas! So excited!!
Medford, Oregon - 06/07/2017
I land at 9:38pm this evening (Wednesday 7th) and am looking for a ride to the spirit weavers site in cave junction

Thank you
Sacramento, California - 06/06/2017
Offering a ride up I-5 from Sacramento Airport leaving 6:30pm Weds June 7. Originating in Grass Valley (actually, San Juan Ridge), and can pick up along the way: Auburn, Roseville, SMF, Redding, etc. Planning to stay in an inexpensive more unless we feel inspired to drive all the way tomorrow night. 707-292-9718
Eugene, Oregon - 06/05/2017
I'll be leaving around 8 in the morning. I have room for one person + their stuff!
Medford, Oregon - 06/05/2017
This is for after the Moon Session. Driving from Medford to Los Angeles. Note we will be camping along the way over the next week. Would be great to find some sisters to join! Two spots open :)

Schedule will go as follows:

6/12 - Redwoods

6/13 - Mount Shasta

6/14 - Yosemite

6/15 - Tbd

6/16 - Yucca Valley

6/17 - Joshua Tree

6/18 - Joshua Tree

6/19 - LA
Zip: 97702 - 06/03/2017
Leaving Tuesday June 6th around midday for Moon Session....anyone want to ride with?

~Elizabeth (phone is better: # 541-977-4384)
Medford, Oregon - 06/03/2017
Hello! I am looking for a ride to and from the Moon session from Medford, OR. I am flying in the night before and staying at a hotel near the airport, so I am easily en route. I hope to arrive at the gathering early. Please let me know if you will be passing through! I surely need a ride!
Zip: 94619 - 06/03/2017
Hello sisters, I need a ride to moon session on 6th or 7th. I will not be needing a ride back.

Happy to contribute to gas money.

Please let me know

Thank you

Corvallis, Oregon - 06/02/2017
To cave junction June 8th & returning Monday the 12th.
Zip: 97202 - 05/31/2017
Hello dear ones! I have room in my car for two other sistars, depending on how much gear we collectively have. I will be leaving bright and early Thursday morning, and returning home Monday afternoon! Looking forward to connecting with y'all!
California, United States - 05/29/2017
I have a play pen and a back pack that I'd love to send up with someone

I will be flying with my son

Happy to pay for the space.
Olympia, Washington - 05/29/2017
Hello, I will be staying both sessions and returning on the 11th or 12th is anyone needs a ride to the Olympia area or in between! If you can pitch in for gas money that would be lovely!

Ukiah, California - 05/25/2017
Hi, can help with cost and driving. Packing light with one bag. Looking for a fun adventure with a sister companion.
Zip: 92663 - 05/25/2017
Hi ladies,

I'm driving up and am willing to pick someone up along the way. I'm a tintype photographer and have a lot of equipment so I need someone that packs light and can help with gas. Let me know if you're interested :)
Cave Junction, Oregon - 05/22/2017
Hello Lovelies!

I am serving as a seva sister and need a ride after Moon to San Luis Obispo or as close as I can get! I can share costs and driving. Look forward to connecting!

Eugene, Oregon - 05/20/2017
Hello! I am looking for a ride after the gathering up to Eugene. If anyone is driving that way I would love to hitch a ride and can pay for gas and snacks. :)

My timing is flexible

Thank you!


Boise, Idaho - 05/18/2017
I might be the only one from Boise going to Spirit Weavers!
Los Angeles - 05/16/2017
I am new to spirit weavers and looking forward to learning and being together. I just went to Shaktifest in Joshua Tree and remembered how much I love this stuff. I'll be driving up for Moon session and would love to share it with others.
Medford, Oregon - 05/15/2017
greetings, i am a seva sister, looking to get a ride from the airport on June 6th or around that time, i have not bought a ticket yet, and still finding my way there. just wondering if anyone is doig the same? thanks! xoxo, kiki love
Genoa, Nevada - 05/15/2017
Live in the Carson Valley, thinking about driving through Reno, so I could pick up anyone along the road.
Portland Airport - 05/15/2017
Hi! Im traveling with my 10mth old and am looking for a ride to the gathering and possibly back to the airport if it can be done. I can can provide gas money. Thanks in advance!
Medford, Oregon - 05/15/2017
Hi Everyone, I am looking for a ride to the Moon session from the airport. My flight arrives from LAX to Medford at 2pm. I am willing to rent a car or share expenses if anyone will be coming in around the same time!
Portland, Oregon - 05/15/2017

Looking for a ride to the gathering from Portland, and back to Portland after the gathering. Looking for myself and my friend as well. Happy to share gas/drivetime/snacks/road trip tunes. Thanks! Melanie
Eureka, California - 05/15/2017

I am offerig a ride to and from the gathering from Eureka/Humboldt. I will be driving along the 101 and 199, and can offer a ride to any sister anywhere along the way.

Portland - 05/14/2017
I'll be needing a ride from Portland on Thursday June 8 down to the campsite
Cave Junction, Oregon - 05/14/2017

I am looking to contribute gas money for a ride after Moon Session back down to the SF (Sonoma/Petaluma) area. I am a teacher and ideally would love to find a ride the day after the gathering ends, but am also happy to drive down earlier if need be. Looking forward to connecting!


Los Angeles - 05/10/2017
Driving day flexible.
Sacramento, CA - 05/07/2017
hey sisters! I'm in need of a ride post-gathering to the Sacramento amtrak station 6/14 or 6/15 (staying a little late to volunteer as a seva sister!) I'm 23, will sing with you, happily chat about farming and herbalism or whatever brings you joy... (~: help send me off to Vermont with a memorable car ride before my cross-country train sojourn! can contribute gas money. xoxo~ Anna
California, United States - 05/06/2017
I would love to ride with someone sharing the beauty of the road, magic, and of course expenses. I am a seva sister for moon session and should be there by 12pm on the 7th! Hopefully this works out. Thank you!!!
Zip: 97212 - 05/05/2017
Hi there!

I'm hoping to find a ride to the Moon Session from Portland. Can share gas money, snacks, driving and conversation!
Medford, Oregon - 05/03/2017
Hello Sisters!

I'm flying in from NYC on June 7th, and am searching for a rideshare from the Medford Airport that afternoon. I am free anytime after 5pm. Happy to help with gas! =]

With love,

Dallas, Texas - 05/02/2017
I am flying into Sacramento on Monday June 7th arriving at 12:27pm and I need a ride to the new property in Oregon for Moon Session.
San Francisco, California - 05/01/2017
Hi! i am a Moon instructor looking to share a ride from and to SF. I am willing to rent and split a car, would LOVE to stop at mt Shasta on our way up or down. bless!
Central Point, Oregon - 04/29/2017
Greetings sisters! I am seeking a ride to the gathering the morning of June 7th from Central Point near Medford and a return to MFR (Medford airport) on June 14th in the afternoon. More than happy to drive and contribute for gas! Much love and gratitude!

Portland - 04/29/2017
Flying into PDX from LV for the Gathering! Haven't purchased the ticket, I was hoping to connect with a sister to hop on board! Happy to share gas and snacks (both ways)!
Cave Junction, Oregon - 04/27/2017
Hi! Me and my 40pd tent are looking for a ride back to the Bay Area from the gathering after Moon is finished. Have gas money.


Cave Junction, Oregon - 04/16/2017
Hi Beautiful Ladies,

My name is Mariah Master, I am looking for a ride at the end of the Moon Session gathering to Portland Oregon. Thank you all, and I hope to meet you soon.

Medford, Oregon - 04/15/2017
Hello sisters! My friend and I will be looking for a ride from Medford Airport the morning of June 7th. We are very flexible in terms of timing and likely will not have very much stuff! We can both drive and would be happy to contribute!

Warmth and light,


Medford, Oregon - 04/12/2017
Hi Ladies,

My flight lands at 1:11pm in Medford and I will be picking up a rental car and driving from there. I should have 3 seats available if anyone is looking for a ride. Meagan.
Portland, Oregon - 04/11/2017
Hi sisters! I'm thinking of flying into PDX from San Diego and am looking for a ride from Portland to the gathering and back to Portland after. I haven't yet booked my flight, but I'm hoping to make a connection possibly before I do. With love xo
Ashland, Oregon - 04/11/2017

I need a ride from Spiritweavers to Medford airport or Ashland OR!

I will already be on the land from Sun session so this is just 1 way. I'll have a suitcase and some camping gear :)

All my love,

Portland, Oregon - 04/09/2017
Looking for a ride for myself and my friend heading to the gathering from the Portland area. We're two ladies from Toronto, happy to share gas and driving!
Portland, Oregon - 04/09/2017
Looking for a ride for myself and my friend heading to the gathering. We're two ladies from Toronto, happy to share gas and driving!