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Spirit Weavers Gathering SUN SESSION 2018

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Berkeley, California - 03/21/2018
Hello, I can drive. Coming from Berkeley with one precious passenger, my 6 year old. (Also happy to jump in someone else's ride). We are going to the SUN session.
Berkeley, California - 03/21/2018
My daughter and I need a ride, coming from Berkeley, CA. She is 6.
Medford, Oregon - 03/20/2018
Hello Ladies,

I will be arriving at Medford airport on the 31st around 11:30 and looking for a ride into Cedar Sanctuary for the Sun session. Happy to spilt gas and treats!
Edmonton, Ab - 03/15/2018
Would love to share a ride with anyone, can split gas and sweet roadie snacks and tunes!
Medford, Oregon - 03/15/2018
Sun Session Spirit Weavers Gathering looking for rides to take me to Cedar Song Sanctuary... my number is+17022176379

Wednesday May 30th or Early morning of Thursday May 31st
Portland, Oregon - 03/14/2018
Seva sisters! I am hoping to get a ride to the Sun Session to be on site May 28th (I believe). I will be flying in to Oregon, probably to Portland. If any of you lovely ladies are coming from that direction or could meet me somewhere easily accessible by bus/train, I would be so appreciative! Can chip in on petrol of course. Lots of love xo
Medford, Oregon - 03/12/2018
Hi sisters! My name is Aimee-Lee from Australia and I am looking to get a ride from my my airbnb or Medford airport to be at the grounds for when gates open so I can do a little exploring before hand. Also will need a ride back too. I am forever grateful for any help! Will contribute for fuel and a thank you tax :-) x
Bloomfield, New Jersey - 03/09/2018
Hey lovelies!!! Headed out to Oregon for the Sun and Moon sessions! I am located in North Jersey right outside of Manhattan! Offering up gas money/snacks/jokes...anything that makes the trip better! Hoping to hook up with some amazing people! Spirit Weavers or bust! Woot Woot!!!
Vancouver - 03/07/2018
Hello, I going for both sun and moon sessions, volunteering for both. Looking for a ride, happy to contribute gas $, provide interesting discussions and bring along tasty snacks for the journey.
Portland, Oregon - 03/03/2018
Hey sisters, Sofija here. I am seeking a ride to and from the sun session. This is my first year at SW and I am oh so excited to be attending. I would be happy to contribute money for gas, and offer my endless gratitude/blessings/offerings to whoever can help me out. So much love to you all- can’t wait to connect and transform with all you beautiful souls!
Portland, Oregon - 03/02/2018
Hello friends! My name is Rae Hart, and I will be attending both the sun and moon sessions. I will be needing a ride from Portland, OR to the sun session. I will also be needing a ride back to Portland after the moon session. I will be happy to contribute money and/or exchange energy healing, shamanic drum work, or tarot readings to help with gas expenses. Looking forward to meeting you lovely sisters! Blessings!
Medford, Oregon - 01/28/2018
Looking to car share from Medford airport either after 9am or 1:30pm. I'm still deciding between which ticket to buy. Just need room for me and my luggage. Thanks :)