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Spirit Weavers Gathering SUN SESSION 2017

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Oakland, California - 04/25/2017
Greetings all! I am looking for a ride with any Early Arrival Sun Session sisters and would be happy to share costs for gas money and bring yummy food for the long drive.
Medford, Oregon - 04/23/2017
Hey sweet sisters,

I'm coming from The blue ridge mountains in North Carolina, I will be at the Medford airport early on June 1st and would love to ride with you to the Sun session. Can't wait to share experiences and make memories, full circle, lots of gratitude and love!

Zip: 94611 - 04/19/2017
Hey sweet sistas! I'm Jasmine, looking for a ride from Oakland/Bay Area to the Sun Session and back. I would love to share with you gas money, good conversation and some homemade vegan dark chocolate. Looking forward to hearing from you :)
San Francisco, California - 04/17/2017
Hello, Sisters!

I would love a ride RT from San Francisco for SUN Session. I'll be landing in SFO May 30 via Hong Kong and would love to head out to SW on May 31. Would be more than happy to contribute for gas and food.

Many blessings from the East,

Olympia, Washington - 04/16/2017
Hi loves, I'm looking for a ride up to Washington AFTER the gathering. I will be visiting family for a few days and would love to find a sister to rideshare with rather than take a Greyhound. I'm headed to Olympia area.
Portland Oregon - 04/13/2017

We're Lis & Tiffany, flying in from Miami, Florida to explore the West Coast a bit before this wonderful gathering.

Ideally, we are looking to share a ride with someone driving down from Portland, Oregon for the Sun Session.

We'll pitch is with positive vibes, gas money, and great snacks!

Hope we can make a connection!

Lis (& Tiffany)
Medford, Oregon - 04/11/2017
Hi! I would love a ride from the Medford airport, on the 30th/31st or 1st.

I will be staying on the land for Moon session so won't need a ride back after Sun.

All my love,

Ashland, Oregon - 04/11/2017
Hi! I need a ride for 1 from Ashland OR or Medford Airport. I'll have a suitcase and some camping gear. :)

Thank you loves!

Angels Camp, California - 04/10/2017
Hello beautiful goddesses! I will be driving a land rover from a small town in Central California called Angels Camp. I should have room for a few ladies to join me. I am thinking of leaving Thursday, May 31st in order to be at the gathering bright and early on June 1st. I am not sure where I will be staying that night, I am going to reach out to the sisters at spirit weavers and see if I will be able to setup camp a day early since they moved the event. I would love to have someone join me on this journey since I have plenty of room in my car. All my love and light- Kristen
Corvallis, Oregon - 04/09/2017
Sisters of my heart, Momma and 1 year old adorable bear cub are travelling to Sun Session and want to offer a ride to a sister! We will be driving in a CRV, with Tent, baby gear and foods, so I hope we can all pack light and fit.
Phoenix, Arizona - 04/08/2017
Hey Ladies!

I will be driving my 1987 Toyota Sun Land Express RV up to the gathering. I am a Seva Sister and plan to be there at least a couple days early. Maybe more. I have no solid plans and things are subject to change but I wanted to post and hold space for someone who may benefit or resonate with this ride share.

Peace and Love - Kati
San Francisco, California - 01/15/2017
Hello beautiful goddesses! I am looking for a ride from San Francisco in time for the Sun session. I'd be beyond grateful to share a ride with you and will be happy to provide healthy snacks and gas funds. Thanks and much love. Anna
San Francisco, California - 01/14/2017
A l o h a HA divine sisters. May here hailing from Hong Kong seeking carpool ride from SF June 1 earliest or even late night May 31.

As well, return ride from SW June 5 after closing ceremony.

Will prolly be lil jet lagged, but promise to bring nothing but good vibrations from the East. Much much appreciation for your consideration.

Blessed BE give thanks all around