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Spirit Weavers Gathering SUN SESSION 2018

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Tacoma, Washington - 05/30/2018
Hi beautiful ones:)

I am flying in to Medford at 9am tomorrow morning and looking for a ride to SW.

Anyone have room in their car?

With gratitude!!

Pleasanton, California - 05/30/2018
Ride from seattle
Medford, Oregon - 05/30/2018
Hi sisters! I got a last minute flight but the shuttles are no longer available so I am wondering if anyone is passing by Medford anytime after 11:30 am tomorrow. . . I would be SO thankful and help with gas too!

text me


if it could work!
Medford, Oregon - 05/30/2018
flying into Medford on Thursday morning and out Monday night! Need a ride for three!
Los Angeles, California - 05/29/2018
Hi all!

I have room in my car for two sisters and gear. Driving early Thursday morning (5am) from Oakland/San Francisco area to Sun Session. You're welcome to come back with me on Monday as well!

Ashland, Oregon - 05/29/2018
Hello! Am heading from Ashland to SW Thursday morning to arrive around 9 am. If you're in Ashland, Medford or anywhere en route and need a ride, can bring 2 people depending on rental car size and how much gear you have! Will know about car on Wednesday afternoon. Heading back to Medford airport Monday around 8 am, have room for return ride as well!
Medford, Oregon - 05/29/2018
Greetings! I’m an instructor looking for a ride from the airport at 1pm. If you’re driving through Medford and have room, that would be awesome. I have a suitcase and a duffel bag.
Cave Junction, Oregon - 05/29/2018
Hi everyone - I need a ride following Sun session to Medford Airport on June 4th, anytime early morning to catch a noon flight - will pay gas ! thank you...
Medford, Oregon - 05/28/2018
I am a Seva Sister arriving on the 30th at noon and looking for a ride to get to Cave Junction by 2pm !

I have a backpack with camping gear, but I don't need any comfort.

Please let me know if you have any room in your car / if you can give me a ride
Yucca Valley, California - 05/26/2018
Driving to Sun Session from Joshua Tree/LA on 05/28 and could pick up one or two people along the way. Depending on what time we leave there could possibly be a stop overnight. Could pickup in the Bay Area on the 29th. Plan to arrive on the land on the 29th latest.
Portland, Oregon - 05/26/2018
Hi loves! I am renting a car in portland and will be leaving the morning of the 31st. Can pick you up from somewhere too. Any help with gas/rental would be great. Only a ride down though as I'm staying on a friends farm Monday.
Nevada City, California - 05/26/2018
Hello ladies! I’m currently looking for ride from Nevada city area toward the gathering for sun session I could also make it to anywhere that would be easier to drive thru near the area, happy to share the expenses and some lovely company! Please contact me!
Cave Junction, Oregon - 05/25/2018
Hello beautiful Sisters, May here from Las Vegas, I need a ride back to Medford after Sun sesh. I fly out June 5 at 6am. Just need a ride back to Medford. Anyone have a space for me and my stuff? My mobile is+17022176379 looking forward to hearing from you. Namaste. Xoxo
Carlsbad, California - 05/25/2018
Sun Seva leaving San Diego 5/26, staying at a friend’s in Oakland and possibly another night in Arcata, arriving in the land 5/28. Looking to take the scenic route in my Prius.
Oakland, California - 05/23/2018
Hey all - I am looking for a ride back from Spirit Weavers to the East Bay area. I live in Oakland, and am happy to get transported back to anywhere in the area.... Hoping to hitch a ride back home on Monday. Thank you!
Cave Junction, Oregon - 05/23/2018
Anyone got two seats on june 4th from cedar song to Medford airport. Our flight leaves at 5pm shuttle is already full. Thank you
Zip: 97214 - 05/22/2018
A few Canadian lassies driving to Spirit Weavers first thing in the morning of the 30th from SE washington street portland. Room for 1... possibly 2 depending on gear
San Francisco Airport - 05/22/2018
Hi! I am coming from Brazil, flying to the San Fransisco area. I am looking for a ride up to Spirit Weavers Sun session, but I don't need a ride back. I am happy to share the gas money. It is my first time in the gathering and I am excited to go! Marina
Cave Junction, Oregon - 05/22/2018
Hi ladies! I was hoping to catch a ride to the Medford airport around 10 am ( flight is at noon ) on the last day of the gathering (Sun) on 6/4. Please let me know if anyone has a spot in a car available! I can chip in for gas.

Thank you!
Portland, Oregon - 05/22/2018
Warmest Greetings lovely sisters,

It would be so amazing if anyone is traveling to the gathering on the 28th who has room for 2 more sweet sisters in their vehicle. Can help pay for gas and add wonderful fun energy to the trip :)

Much gratitude! Thank you!

Zip: 97413 - 05/22/2018
Seeking ride to Spirit Weavers sun session!!!! Me, and my babies 8 mos and 4 years. Love.
Zip: 94606 - 05/22/2018
Hi! Driving up to Sun Session on FRIDAY early morning. Have a seat for one or two people (just depends on your gear!)
Zip: 90027 - 05/21/2018

I was in the US but unexpectedly had to return to the UK for a family emergency. I'm heading back and arrive in SEATTLE on SUNDAY 27TH MAY 2018 at 11.45am and I'm looking for a ride to Cave Junction.

Looked at flights to Medford = $250 ??? Train takes 31 hours???? Bus 17 hours???

Would be very grateful for any leads on women driving down on 27th or 28th May.

Much love

Jayne xx
Medford, Oregon - 05/21/2018
Hello there sunshine’s! Is there anyone here passing by Medford airport? I need a ride to the sun session, I get in the night before, at 10pm on Wednesday 5/30, I would love to be at the campground at 9am Thursday to set up and tour the land before our ceremony starts. Let me know. Will share fuel food, treats, and good vibes.


May Harris
Portland - 05/21/2018
Hello everyone!

I need a ride, from and back to Portland, on Thursday early morning returning Sunday late at night. I can help with gas and driving as needed. Thank you!
Portland - 05/21/2018
hello beauties~ i am looking for a ride from Portland to arrive at SW on May 30! i can help with gas money and company! xx
Medford, Oregon - 05/21/2018
Hello ladies,

Flying from Portland to Medford on the 31st, we arrive mid-day, 12pm. Hoping for a ride down from the Medford airport to the gathering for me and my 8mo baby boy. Happy to contribute in any way. :)

Sisters, Oregon - 05/20/2018
Driving to the gathering from Sisters!
Zip: 90277 - 05/19/2018
Aloha Sisters... I am in need of a ride up to the retreat from Redondo Beach a couple days prior to event start, due to working this event. If anyone is heading up Sunday or Monday even Tuesday I would love to speak to you about sharing a ride up on this amazing journey!
Oakland, California - 05/19/2018
Hello lovelies
Portland, Oregon - 05/18/2018
Looking for someone to share my rental car/gas from Portland to the Sun Session. We (me and my two girls,ages 11 and 16) will be flying in on Wednesday and would like to leave for the festival on Thursday morning.
Zip: 93023 - 05/16/2018
Have a few seats available to and from the gathering. Leaving 5/30 and returning to sounthern California 6/5.
Springfield, Oregon - 05/16/2018
Hi sisters --

I'm driving from Springfield/Eugene area, departing about 7am on May 28th. Returning from Ashland on June 5, probably departing mid-morning. Let me know if you'd like to ride along. I've got room for one additional sister.
Zip: 97219 - 05/16/2018
I'm looking for a ride from Portland, OR on the 31st and then back. Happy to contribute in any way I can (gas, snacks, laughs, good music). Also happy to split the cost of car rental. Looking forward to meeting you! Regina
Oakland, California - 05/16/2018
Hello beautiful ladies! I am traveling from Oakland to Spirit Weavers. I haven't decided if I'm leaving Wednesday & camping somewhere closer that night or just leaving early Thursday morning and doing the trek in one long drive! I would love some down to earth company. I have plenty of room in my Subaru!
Lufkin, Texas - 05/16/2018
Looking to catch a ride and meet some beautiful souls! Anyone coming from Texas?! I’m willing to fly in somewhere and split a rental car!
Zip: 90277 - 05/16/2018
In need of ride up to the gathering for Sun session... Open to travel days!
Bayside, California - 05/16/2018
I will be driving from Northern Humboldt County. I live a half an hour east on hwy 299, so ill go to the coast and drive north through mckinleyville and on up. I have room for one for sure. 2 might be tight but probably doable. I love the company and gas share!
Los Angeles, California - 05/15/2018
I need a ride to the gathering and must be there by the 28th! I can contribute gas money, dark chocolate, and lots of kombucha.
Zip: 97702 - 05/13/2018
I will be driving from Bend to the Spirit Weavers Sun Gathering. Let me know if you need a ride!
Zip: 94609 - 05/11/2018
Hi all! I'm attending Moon session but my company, Magic Carpet Yoga Mats, is sponsoring the entire gathering and I'm needing to transport 2 large tupperware style bins of mats from Oakland to Sun session for the yoga classes. Any sisters with room in their cars and willing to make the drop off for me are much appreciated! I can drop the mats off with you, and help with some gas $$ too. :)
Portland, Oregon - 05/10/2018
Hi Sisters,

I am traveling form PDX to Eugene on 5/30 and then from Eugene to the sun session on 5/31 I have space for 1 person. I will also be returning to PDX on 6/6 and have again space for 1 maybe 2 people.
Los Angeles - 05/09/2018

I need a ride from the LA area to the gathering. I will be staying for both sessions so I won't be needing a ride home. Thank you!


Portland - 05/07/2018
Hello Spirit Weavers! I am heading down for the Sun Session from Vancouver Island and picking up another sister in Portland the morning of May 31st. If you'd like to join us, please get in touch! Jazmin
Victoria, British Columbia - 05/07/2018
Hello Spirit Weavers! I am heading down for the Sun Session, leaving Vancouver Island on Wednesday May 30th and planning to be back in Canada on Tuesday June 5th. I will be picking up another sister in Portland and have room for others if you'd like to join us. Please get in touch! Jazmin
Portland, Oregon - 05/07/2018

I am trying to find a ride from Portland to Cave Junction. I am volunteering and need to be there by 2pm on Wednesday the 30th. Can contribute to gas,offer interesting conversation and tasty snacks for the ride down.

Sherwood, Oregon - 05/07/2018
I am traveling to the Sun session alone with plenty of room in my car. Planning to leave early morning on the 31st from Sherwood (just south of Portland) This will be my first time attending!
Zip: 98502 - 05/06/2018
I will be driving from Olympia to the sun session and back afterwards. I have space for someone to ride with us!
Medford, Oregon - 04/29/2018
Hello! I'm a Seva sister and my flight lands around 1:05pm on Tues 5/29 at Medford airport and I'm looking for a ride to Cedar Song sometime that afternoon! I'm happy to pitch in for gas $ and/or snacks! :) Many thanks in advance!
San Diego, California - 04/25/2018
I have a vehicle and gas money to supply! I just need someone to drive. I’m disabled and don’t have my drivers license back yet.
Las Vegas, Nevada - 04/24/2018
Anyone here from Las Vegas traveling to spirit weavers?
Zip: 90210 - 04/22/2018
Hola! I will be flying into LA, San Francisco, Portland or Seattle. Was hoping to find a ride for a sister passing through any of these places. Either that or splitting the cost of a rental car. I am leaving from my home 5/25 and need to be in cave junction 5/28. I can contribute to food and gas.
San Rafael, California - 04/21/2018
Aloha! I am coming from Kauai, flying to the San Fransisco area. I am looking for a ride up to Spirit Weavers Sun session, but I don't need a ride back. I am very happy to chip in for the gas money. I am a sweet car companion and I'm excited to find a nice ride! ~ Aletta
Los Angeles - 04/16/2018
I need a ride. I Am a loving chick that will help with gas, snacks and am fun to ride with. Willing to drive some of the way as wel. Let me know if you can pick me up from Los Angeles. I’m going for the sun session. Let me know if you need more info
Portland - 04/15/2018
Aloha Sisters! I am coming from Hawaii, looking for a ride from Portland! May 30 or 31 for the sun session. I am open to going early and camping near by sw. or just meeting the morning of. Thank you ! I look forward to meeting all of you beautiful souls!

lots of love, Jessica Rose
Portland, Oregon - 04/14/2018
Hey sisters, Sofija here. I am seeking a ride from Spirit Weavers back home to Portland after the sun session. I have a ride there but my friend is staying the whole time so Id love to hitch a ride back to PDX. This is my first year at SW and I am oh so excited to be attending. I would be happy to contribute money for gas, and offer my endless gratitude/blessings/offerings to whoever can help me out. So much love to you all- can’t wait to connect and transform with all you beautiful souls!
Zip: 97212 - 04/13/2018
Ride and lodging from my Portland home! Cannot wait to connect with you lovelies!
Cave Junction, Oregon - 04/09/2018
Hey sisters, Sofija here. I am seeking a ride from Spirit Weavers back home to Portland after the sun session. I have a ride there but my friend is staying the whole time so Id love to hitch a ride back to PDX. This is my first year at SW and I am oh so excited to be attending. I would be happy to contribute money for gas, and offer my endless gratitude/blessings/offerings to whoever can help me out. So much love to you all- can’t wait to connect and transform with all you beautiful souls!
Zip: 97206 - 04/08/2018
Hi dear sisters! My name is Marissa and this will be my first time attending this gathering!
Zip: 97206 - 04/08/2018
Hi dear sisters!
Cave Junction, Oregon - 04/06/2018
I need a ride FROM the gathering on June 6th either to Medford or Portland in order to fly home.
Spokane, Washington - 04/06/2018
Hi. I will be driving down from spokane to portland maybe the 28th or 29th, staying with a friend (you will need to find your own lodging for the night) and leaving from portland maybe early the 31st or perhaps the 30th and camping nearby. Nothing is set in stone yet! But i have maybe 2 seats available (depending on how much baggage each person has) i may only have room for one. Thank you!
Dixon, Montana - 04/05/2018
First-timer driving from Missoula to Cave Junction--with a likely one-night stop through Portland both ways. Help with gas money appreciated. Let me know if you'd like to tag along :)
Portland - 04/05/2018
I can offer a ride to one person from Portland for the exchange for gas.
Corvallis, Oregon - 04/04/2018
I'll be offering a ride if someone wants to split the rental car fee with me. $120/2= $60 and we will trade off filling the tank. My first time to spirit weavers! Let's have a blast!

Love Amy
Medford, Oregon - 04/03/2018
Hello sisters! This will be my first time gathering at Cave Junction. I’m looking for a ride to Medford Airport on June 4th to catch my flight at 8pm
Durango, Colorado - 04/02/2018
Aloha sisters, I would be so grateful for a ride to SUN session from Colorado or any state nearby I can go meet you :) Gas money, snacks and good vibes!
Los Angeles, California - 03/25/2018
It will be me and my stuff. looking forward to riding with some amazing women.
Crescent City, California - 03/22/2018
I’m attending the Moon session For Spirit Weavers Gathering 2018 and I am happy to carpool. I have room for 1 person and their gear. I’m leaving June 6th.
Berkeley, California - 03/21/2018
Hello, I can drive. Coming from Berkeley with one precious passenger, my 6 year old. (Also happy to jump in someone else's ride). We are going to the SUN session.
Berkeley, California - 03/21/2018
My daughter and I need a ride, coming from Berkeley, CA. She is 6.
Medford, Oregon - 03/20/2018
Hello Ladies,

I will be arriving at Medford airport on the 31st around 11:30 and looking for a ride into Cedar Sanctuary for the Sun session. Happy to spilt gas and treats!
Edmonton, Ab - 03/15/2018
Would love to share a ride with anyone, can split gas and sweet roadie snacks and tunes!
Medford, Oregon - 03/15/2018
Sun Session Spirit Weavers Gathering looking for rides to take me to Cedar Song Sanctuary... my number is+17022176379

Wednesday May 30th or Early morning of Thursday May 31st
Portland, Oregon - 03/14/2018
Seva sisters! I am hoping to get a ride to the Sun Session to be on site May 28th (I believe). I will be flying in to Oregon, probably to Portland. If any of you lovely ladies are coming from that direction or could meet me somewhere easily accessible by bus/train, I would be so appreciative! Can chip in on petrol of course. Lots of love xo
Bloomfield, New Jersey - 03/09/2018
Hey lovelies!!! Headed out to Oregon for the Sun and Moon sessions! I am located in North Jersey right outside of Manhattan! Offering up gas money/snacks/jokes...anything that makes the trip better! Hoping to hook up with some amazing people! Spirit Weavers or bust! Woot Woot!!!
Vancouver - 03/07/2018
Hello, I going for both sun and moon sessions, volunteering for both. Looking for a ride, happy to contribute gas $, provide interesting discussions and bring along tasty snacks for the journey.
Portland, Oregon - 03/02/2018
Hello friends! My name is Rae Hart, and I will be attending both the sun and moon sessions. I will be needing a ride from Portland, OR to the sun session. I will also be needing a ride back to Portland after the moon session. I will be happy to contribute money and/or exchange energy healing, shamanic drum work, or tarot readings to help with gas expenses. Looking forward to meeting you lovely sisters! Blessings!